What is Sony Music Online and affiliated labels?
Sony Music Online is the home of Columbia, Epic, and associated labels. This site enables our artists and us to communicate directly with you. It also gives our artists a space to realize their endeavors in this new digital world.

Where is Sony Music located, and how can I get in touch?

The corporate headquarters for Sony Music Entertainment Inc. is located in New York City:

Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
550 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022-3211

You may also reach us via our Feedback page.

How can I find job opportunities and college internships?

Job Opportunites:
For employment opportunities at Sony Music, please check out our employment opportunities page online. You can find it at:

Or, if you prefer, you can mail your resume and cover letter to:

Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Recruitment & Placement
550 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022-3211

College Internships:
We offer a variety of internships in New York City and Santa Monica, CA each semester. Internships are available in many areas, including: Accounting, MIS, Marketing, A&R;, Promotions, Sales, Publicity, Business Affairs, Publishing and Sony Studios. Internships are for credit only (no pay). Accepted candidates must be enrolled at an accredited college or university and be registered to receive course credit for this internship. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.

To apply, interested students should forward their resume and cover letter to:

Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Attention: Intern Program, Recruitment & Placement
550 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022-3211

Can I get information on Columbia House?
Columbia House and Columbia Records are different companies. We suggest that any questions you might have regarding Columbia House (e.g., club membership, available titles, sign-up procedures, etc.) be sent to Columbia House. For your convenience, their email address is:

How do I sign up to become a street and/or college representative?

For Columbia Records, please send a note to the following address:

For Epic Records, please refer to our College Rep page at:

How can I get Sony financial documents?

Sony financial documents are available on-line at:

or you can contact the Sony Investor Relations Department at:

550 Madison Ave, 9th floor
New York, NY 10022

I am interested in licensing music for my project. Who do I need to get in touch with?

You should check out our licensing site. It should answer most of your preliminary questions.

I am part of an organization seeking corporate sponsorship. Who can I submit a proposal to?

Please send a formal proposal - (state organization, amount required, etc.) to:

Vilna Joven
Sony Music Entertainment
550 Madison Avenue
20th floor
NY, NY 10022

How can I submit my demos to Sony Music?

Sony Music does not accept unsolicited submissions of any recorded materials. All submissions received will either be returned to the sender unopened or destroyed upon receipt. Sony Music takes no responsibility for returning any such materials to the sender.


How do I get in touch with the artists or set up an interview?

We are pleased to hear from all of the loyal fans, and we welcome all your questions and comments. If you have a specific artist-related question, we recommend that you first visit this artist's website - perhaps the answer is there waiting for you or they may have included a specific email address for questions like yours. In order to find an artist's site, just go to:


If you do not find the information that you are looking for on the artist's website, please send your question via email to:


Requests for interviews and reviews are handled by that artist's label publicity department. Established publications should direct inquiries appropriately.

You may also email your REQUEST to the artist's record label's general email address--our Feedback page is an easy way to do so. Requests sent to the general email address will be handled on a discretionary basis.

How can I get fan club info?

Fan Club information can be found on the artist's website. You can find all Sony Music artist websites from the following page:


Can I use music and photos of Sony Music artists on my website?

Sony Music's general policy is to permit artist fan sites to link directly to Sony Music's website in order to avail themselves of the copyrighted materials featured on our site, but only for purposes of promoting the artists and their records and not for commercial purposes. Due to the complex legal issues surrounding the duplication of copyrighted materials, Sony Music generally does not permit the duplication of our music or artwork (including photos) on individual websites.

Can I get permission to use lyrics and/or sheet music for a Sony Music artist's song?

Please contact the artist's publishing company directly, as Sony Music does not administer those rights. Contact info can usually be found on the packaging of the album.

Where can I find sheet music?

We do not sell sheet music at this time. You may want to do a search on the Internet for other sites that can help you.


I encountered a server error or an error with a page, image, media file, etc. What should I do?

Please tell us about it. We are constantly working to improve Sony Music Online and we appreciate all feedback. Therefore, if you have had problems accessing anything our our site, please contact our Webmaster via our
Feedback page so that we can resolve the problem right away.

Please specify "Website Technical Problem" as the subject, and tell us:

* the URL you were trying to access when the error occurred,
* the sequence of events that led up to the error,
* what browser/version you were using, and
* what operating system/platform you were using.

We will look into the problem to ensure that you and other visitors do not encounter the same difficulties again. We always appreciate feedback, even when it is negative, and we hope that you will revisit that area of the site after we have corrected the problem.

May I put a link on my site to Sony Music Online?

Yes, you may link to Sony Music Online as long as Sony Music Online will not be positioned within a frame from your site.

Which technologies/plug-ins do you recommend to fully enjoy Sony Music Online?

In order to make the most of your visit to Sony Music Online, we recommend that you have the following technologies/plug-ins:


Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or higher)
Netscape 4.0 (or higher)
In-Line plug-Ins For Netscape Navigator
Components For Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4
The Opera Browser

Plug-ins and Add-ons:

Apple Quicktime 5.0 (or higher)

RealAudio/Real Video

Windows Media Player

Macromedia Shockwave and Flash Plug-Ins

America Online users should also take a look at our Note to AOL Users.

How can I change my email address for a mailing list (e.g. Wiretap Weekly, The Daily Dish, Genre mailing or Artist mailing list)?

To change the email address at which you receive any of our e-zines, you must first unsubscribe with your old address and then resubscribe with your new address:

1. Unsubscribe with Your Old Address:

You can do this one of two ways. At the bottom of each of our e-mails is a link to unsubscribe. This is the best way to unsubscribe from a newsletter. One click and you are done. Even if your e-mails are being sent to one e-mail address and forwarded to another, you can easily unsubscribe this way.

Also, you can visit the Sony Music ID Web site at http://login.sonymusic.com where you can control your profile, account, and subscriptions. However, if your e-mail messages are forwarding from one account to another, you�ll need to log in using the first account to which the e-mails are sent.

2. Subscribe with Your New Address:

To subscribe to any of our e-mail newsletters, just visit http://www.sonymusicemail.com/join to sign up a new e-mail address.

Or to add new subscriptions to a current e-mail address, you can edit your Sony Music ID account at http://login.sonymusic.com

Sony Music Registration FAQ

How do I use the Sony Music Discussion Forms (Bulletin Boards)

Click here for the complete BBS FAQ


Can I purchase Sony Music products online?

The best place to purchase Sony Music products online is at:


There you will find the best selection of Sony Music products, including CD's, cassettes, vinyl, video, minidiscs, SACDs and DVDs.

If you are unable to find your favorite Sony Music products in the store, or if you would like to provide feedback about the store, please email your questions and suggestions to:


At this time we only ship within the US.

To purchase Digital Downloads, go to our Downloads Store
To purchase Ringtones for your cell phone, go to http://wireless.sonymusic.com/

Can I purchase CD's that are released in other parts of the world?

At this time, we sell US releases only. We hope to carry imports soon.

What do I do about defective CDs, tapes or vinyls?

Please direct all of your questions/comments regarding defective merchandise to our Quality Control Department. You can reach them at the following toll-free number:


Who should I contact with questions about Sony Electronics?

You may want to check the Sony Electronics website for more information:

You can also check out the Sony Electronics feedback page for questions on products:

What is CD EXTRA?

CD EXTRA is another way of experiencing music. It is a traditional audio CD that can be played in any audio CD player AND it is also a multimedia CD-ROM that can be played in your computer's CD-ROM drive. When played in your CD-ROM drive, the audio portion and the multimedia data can be accessed. Multimedia elements can include music videos, photos, interactive lyrics, band interviews, animated stories and so much more!

For more information on CD EXTRA, including technical support, please visit our CD EXTRA website at:


Is there a catalog of current releases available in print that can be mailed to my home address?

At this time, the best way to search our active catalog is to check out The Vault:

The Vault contains up-to-date information about all Sony Music Compact Discs, cassettes, MiniDiscs, SACDs, DVDs, LPs, VHS cassettes and Laserdiscs that are currently in U.S. production.


Where can I read the Privacy Policy?
Please visit our privacy policy

What are "cookies" and does the Sony Music site use them?
The Sony Music site utilizes cookies in several instances: (i) in the Sony Music Store [
sonymusicstore.com] for user convenience of keeping their shopper ID active; (ii) the Sony Music Store [sonymusicstore.com] for maintaining standard shopping cart functionality, (iii) for monitoring certain age restricted activities that limit registration and participation to those users who are at least of a certain required age, (iv) for points tracking rewards programs and, (v) generally, for navigational aids in certain areas of the site.

Cookies are bits of information that are generated by a web server and stored in a user's computer for future access. Cookies are embedded in the HTTP (not HTML (Hypertext Markup Language, the general format of the web)) information that travels back and forth between the user's computer and the servers. Cookies allow automated user customization and personalization, and, for example, may be utilized to assure that a contest applicant enters any given contest only once, or to store session preferences such as number of posts to view on a Bulletin Board. The Sony Music site utilizes cookie technology to track an underage user's attempt to re-register for an age restricted activity (e.g., Bulletin Board or chat room) after he or she has already been initially rejected for being underage. The Sony Music site also uses session cookies for navigational aid in the BBS; a "session cookie" stores and saves particular information only while the browser is open). In addition, the Sony Music [sonymusicstore.com] utilizes cookies in order to keep the unique shopper ID active (eliminating the need to re-enter such information upon each return visit), and for standard shopping cart functionality.
Under normal circumstances the shopper ID cookie does not expire from the user's system.

I have other questions, not addressed on the FAQ page, how can I get them answered?
Please contact us via our
Feedback page.

Last Revised: 25 April 2003

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