April 26
Opera is included on ZTE's E3 mobile phone in China
April 20
Opera partners with Vulcan, Inc.
April 19
Opera releases Opera 8 which introduces voice input and output and native SVG support
April 15
Opera is included on the NTT Docomo M1000 3G phone in Japan
April 4
Opera is integrated with Adobe Creative Suite 2
March 18
Opera signs contract with Nokia to continue partnership
February 21
Opera announces voice-enabled home media technology
February 15
Opera enables Ikivo's SVG player capabilities in the browser
February 15
Opera is included on the WLAN-enabled Motorola A1010F
January 12
Opera offers the desktop browser for free to educational institutions
January 11
Opera is included on the ARCHOS Pocket Media Assistant PMA400


December 17
Opera on KDDI's BREW(R)-based Casio mobile phone is available in Tokyo stores
November 24
Red Flag offers Opera to Chinese users
November 23
Opera introduces Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA) technology
November 17
Opera and QUALCOMM launch mobile contextual shopping capabilities via BREW(R)- based Web browser
November 4
Opera partners with SlipStream Data
October 13
Opera mobile Web browser is delivered on BREW based Casio W21CA mobile phone
October 4
Opera is announced as default browser for UIQ 3.0
September 20
Opera Mobile reaches one million downloads from the corporate Web site
September 9
Opera introduces TV Rendering (TVR)
August 31
Opera begins developing its smartphone browser for Microsoft Windows Mobile
August 25
Opera partners with KDDI to provide full Internet for BREW
August 12
Opera reports a 20.5% revenue increase for Q204
July 26
Opera enables speech for IBM Multimodal Toolkit
July 19
Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. features Opera on the TD-SCDMA 3G Devices
June 30
Opera, Mozilla, Apple, Macromedia, and Sun Microsystems join to develop plugin technologies
June 17
Nils Rydbeck joins Board of Directors
June 10
Opera offered as default browser on Xandros Desktop
June 9
Opera Mobile Accelerator is introduced
June 4
Opera named best Web browser in 2004 by PC World Magazine US
June 1
Iacta's Games4TV(™) is included on the Opera 7 Home Media Software Development Kit
May 13
Opera launches version 6.20 for mobile
May 12
Opera 7.50 released for all platforms
May 7
Opera reports a 75% revenue increase for Q104
May 4
Opera 7 is included in new i3 Set-Top Box products
April 22
Opera 7.50 Beta released for all platforms
April 22
Kyocera's AH-K3001V is released in Japan with Opera-branded softkey
April 5
Telsey selects Opera for the WAVES product family
March 30
Opera announces mobileIPG offering
March 23
Opera announces collaboration with IBM to release a voice-enabled desktop browser
March 11
Opera lists on the Oslo Stock Exchange
March 9
Opera releases Opera 7 for mobile with DOM support
March 3
Opera embedded in Kyocera's Lucent LU PS-900 and ZTE V91 in China with Opera-branded softkey
February 11
Opera and Motorola PCS sign licensing agreement
February 6
Opera and Motorola GSG sign joint product offering and distribution agreement
January 30
John Patrick joins Board of Directors
January 27
Opera integrates the Opera Platform with Cognima Replicate™
January 20
Opera introduces Medium-Screen Rendering
January 13
Opera 7 is inside the Sharp's SL-6000 PDA


November 7
Opera is inside Sendo X
November 4
BenQ to include Opera on the P30 Smartphone
October 27
Opera's 6.1 series 60 browser available for download
October 14
Opera delivers 7.21 for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris
October 10
Opera introduces the Opera Platform
October 7
Optimus reports record-high GPRS data traffic on Opera installed phones
September 30
Opera announces strategic licensing agreement with Adobe
September 25
Opera 6.2 is inside the Sony Ericcson P800
September 2
Final for Opera 7.20 for Windows released
September 9
Opera announces new business model for Home Media: Opera + Linux set-top boxes = 75% savings
September 3
Opera is included in Motorola's new phone for UMTS networks: the Motorola A920
September 2
Opera delivers 7.20 Beta for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris
August 28
Opera 7.20 Beta for Windows released
August 20
Opera 6.03 for Mac released
August 5
Record-high desktop browser downloads reported at 10 million for 2003
June 25
Opera 6.01 for Series 60 released for Nokia 7650 and 3650
June 4
Optimus announced as the first operator to offer full Web on Nokia phones with Opera
May 22
Opera releases Opera 6.02 for Mac in French, Japanese, German, and English
May 19
Opera 7 for Linux released
May 12
Kyocera picks Opera for their mobile product range.
April 29
Opera for Series 60 phones released.
March 26
Opera chosen for the Plat'C2 Broadband Terminal Box (BT Box).
February 11
Sony Ericsson licenses Opera for their new P800 smartphone.
January 28
Opera 7 for Windows released.
January 13
MontaVista Software, Inc. partners with Opera.


December 12
Opera 6 for Mac OS 8.6-10.2 released.
October 31
First version of Opera for FreeBSD released.
October 15
Opera brings the full Web to mobile phones with Small-Screen Rendering™. More »
September 5
Opera selected to star in Kaii PDA. More »
September 4
First Opera-powered Asian PDA. More »
July 8
OperaMail premium service introduced.
July 5
NXTVInc. sign with Opera Software for use in luxury US hotels.
July 4
MandrakeSoft to distribute Opera.
July 3
Opera 6.02 for Linux released.
July 3
SuSE to distribute Opera.
July 1
Opera 6.04 for Windows released.
July 1
Opera signs agreement with Chinese RedFlag.
March 12
Nokia 9210i Communicator with Opera as default browser released at CeBIT.
June 17
Opera and Macromedia join forces in the embedded space.
May 15
Opera 6.0 for Linux released.
March 12
Nokia 9210i Communicator with Opera as default browser released at CeBIT.
January 9
Final version of Opera 5 for Mac released.


November 29
Opera 6.0 for Windows released.
November 5
Sharp goes for Opera in embedded software solution: Embedix Plus PDA.
October 24
Opera for Linux reaches global desktop audience through Ximian Software management solution.
October 9
Canal+ Technologies includes Opera in its set-top boxes.
October 4
Opera 5 for Windows reaches a record five million downloads.
June 4
Opera announces a joint solution with Lineo, Insignia, Trolltech and Embedix Plus.
May 29
Symbian Ltd. signs agreement to incorporate the Opera browser in its reference designs for Communicator devices.
May 15
IBM goes for Opera.
Final version of Opera 5 for Linux released.
January 15
Opera Software and QUALCOMM sign distribution agreement
January 9
Opera Software reports 2 million downloads in first month.


Opera signs strategic agreements with IBM, AMD, Ericsson, Psion, Qualcomm, PalmPalm and Screen Media, as well other confidential deals.

Opera released for the Linux, EPOC, and BeOS platforms.

December 6
Opera 5 for Windows released as a free ad-sponsored browser. More »
September 25
Opera joins PalmPalm and Trolltech for Linux solution for the Asian market.
August 24
Opera signs with AMD.
July 6
Opera 3.62 for EPOC released.
June 28
Opera 4.0 for Windows released.
March 31
Psion chooses Opera for their Internet devices.
February 25
Ericsson chooses Opera for cordless screen phone HS210.
February 17
Screen Media chooses Opera for Linux-NanoX in Screen Media's FreePad Web terminal.


OperaMail is complemented with an Opera portal, MyOpera.

First strategic alliance for Internet device market: Opera teams up with Be Inc.


Opera's vision of the emerging Internet device market materializes in a project to port Opera to a multitude of platforms.

OperaMail is launched. More »

Opera is honored with several international awards. Major press coverage follows, including the New York Times.

Opera 3.0 for Windows released. The 3-series of Opera expands the user base multiple times over.


First award for excellence from a computer magazine in Sweden.

The first Opera
Opera 2.1 for Windows released.


The first Opera browser, Opera 2.1 for Windows, is launched on the Internet.


Opera Software ASA is founded in Oslo, Norway.


Jon S. von Tetzchner and Geir Ivarsøy develop a Web browser while working for Norwegian telecom Telenor.

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