August 24, 2005

google talk it here

it took some time, but now after a boatload or rummors google talk is out. with any luck it will work just as well as IM.

yet alread i've noticed it doesn't have all the options of IM. yet who uses all of those. i just want a nice small talk client and this seems to be it. now all i need is to get people to use it with me.

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August 22, 2005

i'm worried about podcasting

i know it's new to most people, in fact it's mostly new to me as well. i may have known about this craze for a few months more then most, but that's just me. much of the info out there on podcasting is....shall i say wrong.

it might not be the future of radio. at least i don't think it is, yet what the hell do i know, i haven’t listen to my car stereo since i got my ipod. so maybe i'm not a go judge, but i don't like Milwaukee radio. (on a side not: Milwaukee radio sucks. always has)

yes i enjoy podcast. more then talk radio, which i've always had an affinity for, but they are not for the masses. maybe that's what makes them great, and i'm sure that will help them, but now that the mainstream media is jumping on the bandwagon i see a few problems.

first and foremost. CNN has a podcast? what the hell. it sucks. what are they thinking? i guess it's earily it could get better, but there is nothing different on it then your morning talks show....except it's not local as well.

that is one of the problems. another is that just like blogs there are a lot of good and a hell of a lot of bad ones. (i know this is one of the bad ones so let that slide) it takes a lot of time sifting though and finding one you can listen too. i've personal put up with a few really bad podcast on my ipod just because i wanted to like them. i like the description, but i hated the rest of it.

yet now i have a few i like. yet since they are small and growing every podcast is different. they tweak it here change it there until they change....and i don't think the mass market can handle that kind of fluidity. the public in-mass can't handle that kind of change. most won't even give them a try since they are so amateur.

hell i like amateur. i like all thing amateur. amateur singing, amateur radio, podcast, sex, porn, cooking.....i'm a big fan of the little guy. yet most people don't enjoy it as much. that is a problem.

with that follows the idea of money. yet money. many of these people don't make any money... minus adam curry. (which i still can't stand) he might not be the only one, but i'm sure he gets paid more than the people at most of these people get donations, but who many people donate. maybe ten purcent. that's where the small numbers will kill them.

so in most cases podcasts will always be amateurs. i don't think that's a bad thing, but that just means more crap i'll have to sift through. (....and yes it's all about what i have to do)

what these will all become is nothing more the audio blogs. like dawn and drew and nate and di. both on my listen to list.

yet none of my friend's have ever enjoyed any of these two shows. well none of them really have a clue about podcasting or blogs for that matter.

what does that say about the public? what does that say about the future of this mediaum? (hell that's my point)

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August 17, 2005

PS3 preorder?

look look....\

the PS3 is an amazon i find this kick ass. only because it is less (not much less then three hundred bones. ($299)

all the rumors pointed to just under five bills. ($500)

looking at the specs they say nothing about a hard drive, but that could come later, just like the one i didn't buy for my PS2. yet what do i care. i was just hoping for a next gen gaming system that fell under three hundred dollars.

did anyone else notice it comes in three colors.

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the past is haunting me

things in my past are about to cause me trouble. i have no prof yet, but rumors are flying around and i don't like it.

i hate rumors. i hate that most of the time there is some truth to them. i would hate to think i might have to be looking for a new job sooner than i might, but i might.

yet that is saying too much. it all might be just that a rumor. an unsubstashated rumor. i guess as always i have to wait and see, but this on has me worried.

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August 16, 2005

cryptic post

i hate tests.......

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August 12, 2005


now on to new games like KOTOR2. what do i have to say about it. yes i've played it and mostly beat it. (my computer died when i was on the last level. i haven't decided if i want to go back to it. now i might.

i just found out that in the final days of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2's production, much of it's content was removed in order to release it on time and a group of people have joined together to create a mod that might put this content back in.

no really go there their site: KOTOR 2 Restoration Project. they even say there are actual ending. not the brible that was the only ending.

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apple IIe goodness

what do we have here. old apple IIe games? and i can play them through my browers? sweeet. now i can play the cool old games i enjoyed as a kid.

like: Oregon Trail sweeet.....

who would have guessed that the top of the line games of my youth would turn up again in my future.

this should give me a good four and a half minutes of entertainment.

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August 11, 2005


come on take a look at this little game, but don't get caught looking at your friend's sister's breast. it's kind of fun for a short bit of time.

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August 10, 2005

what i know about coffee

truth to be told i know nothing about coffee. i know what i like. i know what tastes good. i don't know why or how it tastes like it does.

i know my coffee machine (Krups Il Café Bistro Coffee Maker) is crap, but i only now this now. i didn't know when i bought it. i didn't know that not a single Krupps coffee maker brews coffee hot enough. they all brew under two hundred degrees. they all brew too cold.

that means i don't get the creama. from what i gather that is a sweet frothy part on the the coffee. my machine doesn't create it vary well.

then i have a espresso machine as part of it. that too is not good. it's steam based. i guess i don't want steam based. i want pump based. ok again i know that now and in the future i can change that.

how do i know these things? how did i find out i know nothing? and the associated podcast.

i do know enough to use locally roasted beans and how to grind for a good coffeepress, but after that.....

just don't come over for a good cup of coffee. it will be strong, but it might not be as good as it should be.

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August 09, 2005

daylight-saving time?

now i know how some of use don't realy like daylight-saving time in the first place, but now it would see we are going to have an extra month of it.

Another month of daylightDAILY NEWS WASHINGTON BUREAU

i guess that's not all bad. we could use a little more day light. yet the reason congress is extending daylight-saving time is odd. they day it will save energy.

that's right this little measure is in the new energy bill that was signed yesterday. i know this is going to just confuse the fuck out of people. already people use it as an excuse to be late. now most people won't even now what the right day to change over is.

this time technology will be against us. most of our tech will have to be retaught how to tell time. they won't change as they normaly do. they'll change on the wrong day.

what a small little mess that will be.

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