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Software BuffetLadies and gentlemans - we got it (KH..19447mahen
2005/8/25 19:08
MorphOS for PowerUPMOS for PowerUP033VooDoo
2005/8/25 18:27
The Silicon GrillRADEON9250-256Mb (128Bit)381tarbos
2005/8/25 17:26
MorphOS for PowerUPWho has the Mediator HAL for MorphOS?13391mdma
2005/8/25 17:12
MorphOS for PowerUPRegarding Mediator A1200 support3159mdma
2005/8/25 17:11
The Silicon GrillRadeon 7200 To Upgrade Or Not to Upgr..232shedroveme2
2005/8/25 16:57
MorphOS for PowerUPAnybody know the MUI Theme278shedroveme2
2005/8/25 16:24
MorphOS for PowerUPStartup does no RESET2110Red_Radler
2005/8/25 16:05
The Silicon GrillMPC8641D Dual Core7130tarbos
2005/8/25 15:40
MorphOS for PowerUPWelcome to the PowerUP users!13561AmigaMancer
2005/8/25 15:29
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MorphOS and Software : Five Year Anniversary - MorphOS 1.4.5 for PowerUP
  Posted By: Targhan. on 2005/8/25 16:51:11 (Reads: 388)

Five Year Anniversary - MorphOS 1.4.5 Free Edition for PowerUP Available
24th August, 2005 - The MorphOS development team would like to celebrate the five year anniversary of the first ever publically available MorphOS release by announcing the immediate availability of MorphOS 1.4.5 Free Edition for PowerUP accelerators by phase5 & DCE.

By releasing the latest end user version of MorphOS for PowerPC-equipped Commodore A1200, A3000 and A4000 computers, the OS is brought back to its origins. Prior to creating versions for the bPlan PEGASOS and various embedded hardware platforms, development started out on the forementioned computers by Commodore Business Machines and resulted in a first beta version to be released in August 2000.

For information about supported hardware configurations, installation instructions and the actual download location, please visit:

Please note that the MorphOS Development Team is unable to provide direct end user support for this specific version of MorphOS. If you encounter any problems, please use the PowerUP forum on MorphZone to ask for help and support.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the Free Edition of MorphOS 1.4.5 and would like to welcome you soon as regulars on a MorphOS community website.

Thank you for your interest,
The MorphOS Development Team

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Announcements : KHTML on MorphOS
  Posted By: Targhan. on 2005/8/25 16:50:40 (Reads: 3)

Marcin "Marcik" Kwiatkowski, polish programmer,prepared first screenshots, movie and a bunch of informations about his port of KHTML to MorphOS.



MorphZone Announcements : WebMail, POP3, and MorphOS Users
  Posted By: Targhan. on 2005/8/24 20:05:26 (Reads: 27)

With the help of GGS Data, a primary sponsor at MorphZone, we are very close to opening the email service for the general MorphOS public.

The service will include two web-interfaces, and the ability to use a local POP3 client. The basic requirement will be a MorphZone membership, which usually implies a MorphOS user.

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Announcements : Feelin 050824 : MorphOS Port
  Posted By: Gofromiel. on 2005/8/24 18:51:44 (Reads: 29)

Announcements Thanks to Guillaume ROGUEZ, the first MorphOS port of Feelin is finaly available here. Enjoy !

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Announcements : Tamar needs new land VI
  Posted By: PressTamar. on 2005/8/24 18:51:24 (Reads: 6)

Announcements For the sixth time, we start our event 'Tamar needs new land!'.

Once again, all of Tamar has been settled, and new land has to be found for new realms.

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MorphOS and Software : Dragon - Screendragging makes a return
  Posted By: Gelb. on 2005/8/24 18:51:04 (Reads: 431)

MorphOS and Software AmigaZeux is proud to announce a breath-taking *surprise* - DRAGON. DRAGON is a CyberGraphX accelerated screendragging utility combined with a GUI.

  Read More... | 1066 bytes more | 9 comments

Announcements : Amiga Future 56 Preview and tryout online
  Posted By: AndreasM. on 2005/8/24 18:50:45 (Reads: 2)

Announcements Since today you can find the preview and tryout for the Amiga Future issue 56 (September/October 2005) online. Again we have many interesting reports in this issue for you. But look yourself at the preview:

Reviews: Pixel32

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Announcements : and Genesi in LinuxUser Article
  Posted By: ironfist. on 2005/8/20 18:51:46 (Reads: 78)

Announcements In the latest edition of the Brittish magazine LinuxUser there is an interview with Bill and Raquel about the Pegasos and the PowerPC. is also mentioned:

... See ReadMore!

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Announcements : Runesoft Entertainment at Games Convention
  Posted By: LT56. on 2005/8/16 16:31:15 (Reads: 67)

Announcements Runesoft (formerly EPIC Interactive) at Games Convention

Runesoft Entertainment will be presenting games at this years edition of Games Convention in Leipzig, which will last from 17.8.-21.8.

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MorphOS and Software : VNC Server 1.0RC2 released
  Posted By: Piru. on 2005/8/14 18:03:54 (Reads: 214)

MorphOS and Software This is the VNC Server for MorphOS. The VNC Server allows remote access to the computer. The current visible screen is displayed on the connected clients, and clients can control the mouse, keyboard and clipboard.

Download it from

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