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New updates 10 /13/99
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  • Pamala's Fan Fiction Page....
    Once upon a time there was a woman who loved to watch The X Files and was searching for a way to express her creative side.

    A little bird flew up, landed on her shoulder, and whispered in her ear " Try writing fan fiction ". She didn't think about it - just let it fly and the next thing you knew she had written so much fan fiction she had to go out and get herself a home page...

    So.... Welcome to my X - files fan fiction page

    A Nice picture of a hot and passionate kiss for your enjoyment.
    Oh wait. Sorry, there are no pictures like that just just yet.
    Mr. Carter won't allow it :(
    You'll just have to use your imagination.


    My Brand of Fan fiction........... MSR

    Let me say right away I believe Mulder and Scully are in LOVE. Even the hand of Chris Carter himself will never change my mind on this point. That's the way I see it. That's the way I write it. No matter what else may happen in these works of fiction you will find true love between my two favorite characters.



    The Following stories are not connected to any episode. Just little things that popped into my head somewhere along the way.


    "A Night at the SleepEZ "

    Stuck for the night in a cheap motel on the look out for Alex Krycek Mulder and Scully sort out some things...


    "Don't Go "

    Scully comes to terms with Mulder's sudden death.
    Warning: Character Death


    Everyone has a first time ..........

    You write X files fan fiction you have to write the first time they ... Well... You know!!!! So here is a trio of stories to give you the set up
    Loving called by me..
    Tease, Talk and Touch TRIO

    "Pink Towel And Lavender Panties"

    Scully Is surprised fresh from the shower by Mulder who lets himself in bright in early for a little chat. A sexy game of chicken with a whole lot of tease follows.


    "Pink Carnations and Soft Flannel Boxers"
    Written with my dear hubby Mark.... The couple that fic's together sticks together

    After the morning tease, it's off to work for our heroes. Mulder makes the mistake of sending Scully flowers at work from "an Admirer". Later that evening they talk it ALL out at Mulder's apartment


    "Her love, His touch"
    Written with my dear friend and wonderful editor, Meg.

    Once they have talked it all out, will they find their way into one another's arms? Of course they will :o) This is Fan Fiction after all

    Post Episode Fan fiction

    Sometimes the episode ends and there is still something left to be said........

    Scenes outside the triangle
    Post Triangle

    What might have happened after that wonderful "I love you " in the hospital


    Something's Different
    Post Dreamland

    They can feel something happen in Nevada... something's different !! Together they WILL figure it out.


    What any mother would do
    Post Tithonus

    Scully and her mother have a little heart to heart about her feelings for Mulder.


    Wednesday 2 am
    Post Monday

    Scully comes to Mulder's apartment in the middle of the night after being plagued by dreams of the bank shooting for the last two days.

    The Instant Messages Series
    This is what happens when a fan fiction writer get one to many instant messages.

    All that aside , I love writing these, they are fun and quick to write. They make quick, easy, light hearted reads if your looking for something short. Some are post episode while others are just on the fly thoughts.

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    The Will Mulder Stories

    William Alan Mulder, the son of Mulder and Scully, is my original character that began in " My Name is William" and will go on in occasional Will Mulder stories.

    My Name is William

    Will Mulder learns the truth about his parents and his past with the aid of the Lone Gunmen and their familes


    Child of the Future

    Take a trip back in time to the time surrounding Will Mulder's birth.


    I mentioned it earlier .. The couple that fic's together sticks together :o)

    So in addition to the story we wrote together, I give you my hubby Mark's stories.

    Mark's Fan Fiction


    My Favorite places to go.......

    The Over 30 Philes
    This a group of Philes past the age of 30 that I helped to form in Aug 1998. Lots of fun stuff here including lots of other great fan fic from other O3P members

    Mulderclones R Us
    Every woman should have a Mulderclone around the house!
    Stop by this wonderful site, made by a dear friend of mine , Amanda and order yourself up one with all the options you like best in a Mulder..
    A proud an exhausted Mulderclone owner I am :)
    Chronicle X
    If your looking for nearly anything fan fiction you'll find it here. A really great, must visit, site! Well thanks for stopping by!
    It was nice to have you here. I'd love to hear your feedback be it praise or constructive criticism. ( really I'm not sensetive you can tell it like it is !)

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