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   News Archive
Stratics: House of Commons Chat - Wednesday, August 24th
Character Transfer With Items is Now Available!
GU Comics Turns 5 Years Old, 1000 Panels!
Tech Support Closed - July 4th
Happy Anniversary Star Wars Galaxies!
The Latest Website Updates!
Julio Torres Discusses the Bounty Hunter Profession
Fan Fest Highlights!
All Hail the Emperor!
Account Security Notification
Multi-Passenger Vehicles!
Support and Live Chat Closed May 30th
Cross-game Chat for Star Wars Galaxies EverQuest and EverQuest II
Ship Storage Bonus With Purchase of "SWG: The Total Experience"
Episode III Beta Test Closing May 4th at 10AM PDT!
Rage of the Wookiees: In-game Event
Bloodfin and Chimaera Combat Upgrade Conversion Update
The SWG Team Announces Two More Fan Events!
Rage of the Wookiees: Cybernetics
Star Wars Galaxies™: The Total Experience...Coming Soon!
Blair's Blog on Combat Upgrades
Rage of the Wookiees: Space Mining!
SWG Dev Chat on Wednesday, April 13th!
Friday Feature - April 8th
Pre-Order Star Wars Galaxies™: Episode III Rage of the Wookiees™ Digital Download Expansion!
Galaxy's Most Wanted! Interview with Dallas Dickinson, Producer of Rage of the Wookiees
Star Wars Galaxies Vault Interview
Blair's Blog: April 1st
Rage Of The Wookiees: New Starships!
Blair's Blog
Gamespot Previews EPIII: Rage of the Wookiees
Alliance Briefing - Kashyyyk
Announcing Star Wars Galaxies™: Episode III Rage of the Wookiees™
Big Game Hunt!
Combat Upgrade and the Upcoming New Expansion Announcement
Episode III Trailer: On TV Tonight!
Weekly Feature Update!
Game of the Year 2004 Awards: Best Expansion
Check out the Latest Player Events Schedule!
Call to Arms!
Player Events Schedule Updated!
Weekly Feature Update!
SWG Studio Update
Families Who Play Together
Share Your Game Tips With Other Players!
Star Wars Galaxies Now Added to Station Access!
Stratics Chat Postponed
Stratics House of Commons Dev Chat
Game Vortex Raves About JTL!
Check Out Publish 11.3
See the Jump to Lightspeed Trailer!
Houston Chronicle Reviews JTL
Julio Torres and Kurt Stangl Interview on Hyperdrive Radio
HoC Dev Chat!
Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You!
Jump to Lightspeed with Julio Torres and Kurt Stangl
Check out Jump to Lightspeed on G4Tech TV's The Screen Saver's Weekly LAN Party!
Game Vortex Reviews Jump to Lightspeed
New SWG Knowledge Base
Jump to Lightspeed: First Impressions
SWGVault IGN Brings us two reviews of JTL
SWG Career Opportunities
New Ship Screenshots and Printable Keyboards
Combat Upgrade
Jump to Lightspeed Launches October 27th!
New Ships and Space Screenshots!
JustG Developer Diary
Star Wars Galaxies®: Jump to Lightspeed(tm) confirmed for October 27th release!
New Jump to Lightspeed Emotes and Desktops!
Jump to Lightspeed Pre-Order Now Available!
Friday Feature October 8th - Veteran Reward: SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000
Premiere Magazine Goes to the SWG Fan Fest!
GameSpot's JtL Preview
JtL Pilot Log Fiction
Star Wars Galaxies, BITS Technology and today's launchpad downloads
Star Wars Galaxies News
Developer Interview 2
SWG Character Transfer Service Available!
Meet Todd Davies!
Jump to Lightspeed: Getting Started as a Rebel Pilot
Servers Up After Temporary Maintenance
SWG Devs Chat at Stratics
SWG Artist Jason Minor's IGN PC Article
Want to Become an Imperial Pilot?
The Datacenter vs. The Tornado
All Servers Up!
*** Important Announcement *** Data Center Status
Introducing the Ithorians
Patching Difficulties?
Friday Feature: Skins, Screenshots, and B-Wings!
SWG Warcry's Character Bio Contest
GameSpy Interviews Todd Davies
Fully Localized Star Wars Galaxies Headed for Japan
Fan Fest Attendees Beta Test
Secrets of the Force
Publish 10 now live!
New Jump to Lightspeed Screenshots
The Village of Aurilia
Beta Registration Now Open!
Feature: JtL Quick-Start Guide
Publish 9.3 Updates
Gordon Walton's Team Letter
Dev Team Chat
Friday Feature for August 6th - Hutts in Space
SOE Career Opportunities
Friday Feature: Stat Migration
Publish 9.2 Updates
Fan Fest Puzzle #3
Jason Ryan's Team Letter
Badges Earned on Bria
Important Notice Regarding Activation Keys
GameInformer's Haden Blackman Interview
Space Ship Info and Beta Registration Opens!
SOE Seeking Web Artist and Copy Editor
Live Chat Transcript Now Available
Jump to Lightspeed Previews
Ithorians Revealed!
Publish 9.1 is Live!
Thunderheart Promoted. Farewell, Q-3P0.
SWG Team Job Openings
Dev Chat at SWG Stratics - July 15
Friday Feature: New Fan Fest Puzzle
Publish 9 is Live!
GameSpot Interview with Cinco Barnes
Support Closed July 5th
Old Swoop Tracks Revealed
Veteran Rewards
Meet Jeff Dobson
A Year in Review
Star Wars Galaxies First Anniversary
Secrets of the Force Wallpaper
Tech Support Closed Thursday June 24, 2004
Highlights from the SWG Fan Fest!
Fan Fest Puzzle #2!
Exclusive Jump to Lightspeed Screenshots
Jedi Screenshots!
Cinco Barnes Talks About JTL
Bonus: Fan Fest Puzzle #1!
Friday Feature: Astromech Stats
June's State of the Game Report
Death Watch Bunker
Player City Stats
Friday Feature: Jedi Archives v.3
Kurt Stangl's Team Letter
SWG 14-day Trial!
Special E3 "Jump to Lightspeed" Trailer
Death Watch Bunker Feature
SWG Fan Films Wanted!
SWG at E3!
Report From E3
LucasArts' "Jump to Lightspeed" Trailer
Get a New Look with Image Designing!
New Image Designer Screenshots
SWG Wins Online Game of the Year!
Holocron Discusses MMO Economics
German Fansite's Dev Interview
Lead Designer Kirk Black Q&A;
State of the Game Letter!
Publish 8's New Droid Modules
Droids Rebuilt wallpaper and Jedi Archives Volume 1
Space Expansion Discussion at IGN
SWG Nominated for a Webby!
Shug Ninx Talks to Italian Fans
Hosting PvP Events
In Development update - Publish 9
Advanced Guide: Home Decor
The Corellian Corvette is Live!
Check Out Q-3P0's Team Letter
Galactic Home Shows
It's Your Community
Affect the Outcome of Act Three!
Adventure Update
The First Spaced-Based Adventure
The Droid Invasion is Here!
More Wookiee Armor!
Wookiee Armor Concept Art
The State of the Game
Chris Mayer's Team Letter
Political Intrigue in Bestine
Stratics March Dev Chat Log
The Next SWG Dev Chat
Publish 7, Droid Invasion, Now Live!
Check out Publish 7 Details
First Official SWG Fan Fest Details!
Becoming a Jedi
Jake Rodgers' Team Letter
J. Allen Brack's Team Letter
Political Intrigue in Bestine
Tech Phone Support and Live Chat Closed March 8th!
Nym's Scavenger Hunt
Advanced Guide to Skill Mods
Astromech Stats COA3
Imperial Crackdown
WarCry's Dev Interview Series
New Screenshots!
Geonosian Bio Lab Now Open on all Galaxies
Star Wars Galaxies Fan Fest Plans!
Geonosian Bio-Lab's Haden Blackman Interview
Dead Eye
Rich Vogel's State of the Game Letter
Promoting and Advertising Your In-Game Event!
You Can Now Communicate Across Galaxies!
SWG wins's Reader's Choice Award!
The Latest Game Publish Features
Find Out About Chef Profession Revamps!
Trick Out Your Ride
First-time players have a great new site to visit
Kirk Black's Team Letter
SWG Wins IGN's Best of 2003 Award!
Kill Stats
Start Your Engines
Tech Support Closed Monday, January 19th
SWG Named Cinescape's PC Game of the Year
Galactic Civil War Forum Q&A;
SWG Wins's MMOG of the Year!
Vote for Best PC Game of 2003!
Up for a Race?
GameSpy Chats With SWG Devs
Q&A; with Kevin O'Hara and Kirk Black
Letter From Haden Blackman
Vote For 2003's Best Persistent World Online Game
Tech Support and Live Chat Closed Dec. 12
New European Server
Customer Support closed for Thanksgiving holiday
Technical Phone Support Closed on Monday, November 17!
Big Game Update Day!
It's Happened: The First Jedi!
Friday Feature: The Legend of RIS Armor
Producer's Letter from Gary Gattis
Big Mount Giveaway on Test Center
SWGVault's New Bi-Weekly Feature
SWG Nominated for SpikeTV Game Awards!
Dev Team Interview at Star Wars Galaxies Core
Forum Maintenance, October 28th's Second Haden Blackman Interview
Stratics SWG Chat Log
Star Wars Galaxies: The Novel!
SWG 60-Day Game Cards Available!
WarCry Interviews Kevin "Q-3P0" O'Hara
Former Beta Tester Joins the Empire
SWG October 8th Network Status Interviews Haden Blackman
SWG Game Cards Go On Sale Soon
Friday Feature - SWG Realty Updated
IGN Interviews the SWG Team
SWG Stratics Developer Chat
SWG European Release Date Set
Developer Structure Viewer
Creature Mount Trailer
Technical Phone Support Closed on Monday September 8th!
Friday Feature: The Big Hunt!
Friday Feature - More Player Cities
SWG 60-Day Game Cards!
275,000 Registered Players For SWG!
The Galactic Civil War Forum
SWG and Customer Service
Introducing the New SWG Events Manager!
Friday Feature - Info on Galactic Civil War
Quid's Comic
UnderGroundOnline's Interview with Raph Koster
Billing Server Maintenance, August 19th
Dragon Clan Interviews Ronda Scott
Two New Galaxies Announced!
Join the Test Center!
SWG Team On the Radio!
SWG Exec Producer Report
The First Monthly Story Begins
Lord Vader Questions the Rebel Scum, Community Mangager Kevin "Q-3PO" O'Hara
ISPs to Conduct Emergency Maintenance
Star Wars Galaxies at San Diego Comic-Con
Lead World Designer Visits SWG Forums
Introducing Tuesday Tips
Unification Day Celebration
SWG Is GamePro's "Game Of The Week"!
Network Status
Server Status June 26th
Game Registration Issues Resolved
Welcome to the New Website
New to Launch Tomorrow
SWG in USA Today!
Q Vs. The Forum Monster
The NDA Has Been Lifted!
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
Pre-Order Star Wars Galaxies™: An Empire Divided™ and Get Free S&H;!
LucasArts Announces Release Date
An Interview with Kevin and Ryan's Diary
Q's Query
Star Wars Galaxies™ "Pet Tricks"
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
SWG Stories From Beta Testers
Team Comments: Jeff Sanders
Friday Feature!
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
Q's Query
Holocron's Player Stories
Shug Ninx Hosts the Friday Feature!
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
The Forum One Hundred
Forums Temporarily Down
SWG Nominated for E3 Award!
SWG Is Gamers Depot's "Best Of E3 2003"!
A New Holobits!
Team Comments: Aaron de Orive
The Latest Friday Feature Visits SWG At E3!
Beta Update #44.5!
Q's Query
Devs Talk About E3!
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
New Game Trailer
Team Comments: Ronda Scott
Holobits Returns!
Friday Feature!
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
SWG Nominated For International 3D Award!
Friday Feature: Brawler Skill Tree
Three New Screenshots
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #42
Q's Query
Team Comments: Scott Snopel
Artisan Skill Tree
Warcry Interviews Q-3P0 And Shug Ninx!
Star Wars Kids!
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
BoShek Back on the Boards
Q's Query - Default Chat Rooms
Friday Feature: That's Entertainment!
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #40
SWG Guide: New Chapter Three!
An In-depth Look at Dantooine
Q's Query
Team Comments: Ryan Bond
Warcry Interviews SWG Dev Team Members
Dantooine: 10th SWG Planet Announced
PC Gameworld Interviews Haden Blackman
SWG Narrative Footage: Director's Commentary
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
Exclusive Gameplay Footage at IGN Insider!
Q's Query
Friday Feature: Marksman Skill Tree
Beta 3 Officially Begins!
Team Comments: Matt Sivertson
Blade's Battlestation Interviews Kevin "Q-3P0" O'Hara
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
Q's Query: Archetypes
Friday's Creature Feature
Q's Query #27 - Next Playable Species
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
IGN Insider Interviews Haden Blackman
SWG Special Edition Premium Package!
Q's Query
Team Comments: Ben Hanson
Release Date Change Announced
Interview with Lead Sound DesignerTodd Davies
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update talks to SWG team members
Q's "Freaky Friday Infoleaks"
New Tech Support Hours
Q's Query: Combat Length
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #34
Jake Rodgers interview
New 360-degree shot!
Team Comments - Michael Farone
Friday FAQ Update
Q's Query #24: Image Designers
Q's Query: All About Image Designers
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update
Massive Online Gaming Plans for Publication
Q's Query: The Entertainer
Q-3P0 on Hyperdrive Radio
Holobits goes to the movies
Kevin O'Hara interview
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #32
Shug's Latest Expedition
Team Comments: John Buzolich
Friday FAQ: Surround Sound
Q's Query #22: No Phat Lewt
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #31
Skill Tree Update
Shug's Latest Expedition Interviews Cinco Barnes
Dev Chat #7 transcript
Mondo Mondo Holobits!
Friday FAQ: Crafted Item Example
Q's Query #21: Releasing a game
The Latest Beta Update
New Screenshots!
A Sneak Peek at the SWG User Interface
Professions List
The FAQ Gets Revamped!
The Definitive SWG Feature List
Team Comments: John Guentzel
Two new FAQs
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #29
Q's Query and the Fun Factor
Default Controls, a FAQ Update
Q's Query #18: Advancement
HomeLan interviews Haden Blackman
New Screenshots!
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #28
Stratics Interviews Raph Koster
The Latest Holobits
Art Director Jake Rodgers Answers Your Questions
Team Comments: Matthew Higby
Friday FAQ: Size Matters
Interview with producer Haden Blackman
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #27
Cast Your Ballot at Voodoo Extreme
A New Holobits
Friday FAQ: Windows
Q's Query #18: Public Forums
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #26
SWG is IGN's most anticipated game of 2003!
Team Comments: Dan Borth
SWG Tops IGN Gamers Wishlist 2003
Game Masters and a Volunteer Program for SWG?
New Wallpaper!
Team Comments: Tim Webb
Tim Webb: Animator
Release Date Announced for Star Wars Galaxies
What Features Will Player Associations Have?
Q's Query #17: Dueling
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #25
Q's Query #16: Balancing the War
Friday FAQ: Profession Skill Tree
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #24
Holocron's "longest post ever"
Friday FAQ: Match Making Service
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #23
Q's Query #15: Travel Times
Happy Second Birthday, SWG Website!
Friday FAQ: Determining Accuracy in Combat
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #22
Holobits and the Dev Chat
November Dev Chat Transcript
The Latest Team Letter
Friday FAQ: Creature Training
Q's Query #14: Newbie Tutorial
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #21
Ten Non-exclusive Screenshots Posted
Shug's Expedition Outpost #6
Q's Query #13: Professions
What are the Names of the Galaxies (Servers)?
Holobits on Bug Day!
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #20
All About Matt Kwid
Friday FAQ Update
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #19
Q's Query #12: The Price of Death
Q's Query #11: Spooky Q
Friday FAQ: Respawning and Alarm Clocks
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #18
Meet Bernie LeCarte, Interface Artist
Q's Query #10: Default Keyboard Settings
Everything You've Ever Want to Know About Grouping
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #17
Three New SWG Screenshots!
What's Your Favorite Star Wars Fan Site?
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #16
Q's Query #9: MMO Demo
Action-packed Screenshots
Holobits Goes to the Movies
SWG Team Letter From John Watson
The Marketplace
Q's Query #5: Jedi
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #15
The Latest Holobits
FAQ Update
Shug's Expedition Outpost #5
Q's Query #7: Bounty Hunters
Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About PvP
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #14
Team Comments: Nick Zuccarello
Shug's Expedition OutPost #4
The Latest FAQ Update
Jeff Freeman Talks About AI
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #13
Past Star Wars Galaxies Contests
SWG Character Species
Shug's Expedition Outpost #3
Q's Query #6: Live Events
Player Association Poll
The Return of Holobits!
FAQ: Character Starting Locations
Q's Query #5: Random Missions Downtime Saturday
Shug's Expedition OutPost #2: Tusken Conga
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #12
Where Have You Been, Haden Blackman?
Meet Sound Designer Michael Frayne
"He's Holding a Thermal Detonator!"
Weekly Wednesday Beta Update #11
Q's Query #4: Skill Teachers
Stare Down a Pair of Scout Walkers
Friday FAQ: Ranger and Jedi
Beta Update #10
Q's Query #3: Corpses and Loot
The Star Wars Collector
Friday FAQ: Two New Professions
Beta Update #9: Beta Feedback Info and More Tester Comments
Q's Query #2: Main Star Wars Characters in the Game
FAQ Update: Will There Be a World Map?
New Weekly Feature: Q's Query
Beta Update #8 - More Feedback
From the Trenches with Shug Ninx
Todd Bailey vs. "Lil Darth"
Merchant and Combat Engineer Professions
Beta Update #7 - Day 1
The Ishi Tib
A Discussion on Crafting Skills in SWG
What are the Farmer and Miner Professions?
New Send-off Screenshots
Beta Update #6 - Q&A;
Focus on Resource Mining
The Latest Team Letter
Smith Professions
Ninth Planet and Panoramic Shots
New Alien Species Silhouette
Sweepstakes Round 3 Alien - a Quarren!
Architect and Teras Kasi Artist
Beta Update #4 - Beta CDs and Beta Site
He Wanted an AT-AT...
Chef and Creature Handler
Beta Update #3 - What Beta 1 is All About
Mods Play 20 Questions with Slicer HQ
Alien Species Sweeps Round 3
First Beta Emails Sent, Plus More New Screenshots!
Round 2 Alien Species Revealed!
FAQ Updated!
E3 Dev Chat #6 May 28
New Intro Flash Movie & Screenshots