The Dave Barry FAQ Is On Hiatus!

After keeping the FAQ alive for 12 years, first as a Usenet posting and later as a web site, I've decided its time has passed. Why?

  • Dave Barry now has his own website, with its own FAQ which has all of the same info I was posting.

  • Dave's own site is more up-to-date and accurate. I thought about updating my FAQ, and realized the answer to most of the questions would be, "See".

  • Dave's own site is younger, prettier, and sexier. It also drives a nicer car, owns a bigger house, and wears more expensive jewelry than my site did. Plus, it makes use of web technology that was created after 1997. (I know you'll all miss my cutting-edge use of HTML frames...)

  • Since Dave Barry is on hiatus from his weekly column, it seemed like a good time for the FAQ to go on hiatus too.

  • I've changed Internet Service Providers, and since I'd have to move the web site to my new ISP anyway and have everyone update their bookmarks, it seemed like a good time to let the site take a break.