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d o m a i n

 Launched  : Oct 1st, 2002
 Current Host  : Netrillium

I suppose the whole 'domain' thing started, for me at least a few years ago when the whole 'media domain' trend started. I wanted a domain to have some cool mp3's and videos, that kind of stuff, needless to say I didn't 'stick' with the idea for much longer, it became a job I had no interest in making or working on. So I dropped the idea, and the domain I had back then and switch to another to try and have a clean start. That's where KC.net took over. I think it's safe to say, that up to this day it's the longest I've worked on any project of mine. The 'media trend' kept coming here too, from PSDs to random mp3's I uploaded, but after realizing that once you get good at something and everyone knows it, instead of saying 'god, thank's for doing this, thanks for putting so much time and work into this', they steal you stuff and basically spit in your face. I had enough, bowed out and took the PSDs and mp3's sections down. It's a road I ain't taking again. So there you have it, KC.net a personal/collective domain, at it's simplest, purest form.

b e h i n d t h e n a m e

Took me a long time to actually stick with a domain name that I loved, the ones who know me, know that I'm so fickle at these things I can drive my own self crazy. But at the end I went for a 2 words combination from one of my favorite songs. Depeche Mode's Dream On:

".. Blame it on your Karmic Curse
Oh shame upon the universe
It knows its lines
It's well rehearsed
It sucked you in, it dragged you down
To where there is no hallowed ground
Where holiness is never found.."

c u r r e n t l a y o u t

Version 31 . Point . Oh, launched on Jun 17th, 2005 and titled "[Not A] Fairytale". It features Eva Longoria and the lyrics of "Without You" by Lucie Silvas.

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d i s c l a i m e r

Karmic-Curse.net is a personal based domain. It's the location and home of Kay's fanlistings (collective). Like said in each and every fanlisting page, I'm not affiliates with any of the celebrities that featured (and will in the future) any of the layouts or mentioned in any of the content sections.