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With Skype you can talk to anyone, anywhere for free. Forever.
Skype - The whole world can talk for free.
Download Skype
Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers. Download Skype now or learn more about Skype (incl. screenshots).

Other nice Skype ideas.

With SkypeOut, you can use Skype to call ordinary phone numbers all over the world.
SkypeIn is a real phone number your friends can call. You pick up the call in Skype.
Skype Voicemail lets you direct calls when you’re busy or offline to your voicemail.

Skype StoriesTell us your story

"The last two weeks I was doing a business hit and run visit through China, Hong Kong and Singapore. As we all know, hotels make a fortune of guests calling abroad. Well they didn't hit my wallet this time. I've made calls to the US, South Africa, Holland and even Oman (where my contact can only use a 56K-connection). It all worked even better then a land or mobile phone-line."