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With SkypeIn, you can get your own, regular phone number. So if your friends who aren’t using Skype want to call you by dialing a regular number, you can still receive the call in Skype. No matter where you are.

So, if you have a Chicago-based SkypeIn number, but you’re living somewhere in the suburbs of Paris, your Chicago area friends - or anyone! - can just dial your SkypeIn number, and your Skype on the other side of the world starts ringing... and your friends are only paying whatever their phone company charges them for making a phone call to Chicago.

Of course people from everywhere in the world can call your SkypeIn number; but if your SkypeIn number is in the United States and they call from another country, they pay for the international nature of the call. And if you have friends in many places, you can get up to 10 SkypeIn numbers in different places and keep them guessing as to where you really are!

SkypeIn makes it much easier and less expensive for those of your friends, family and business contacts who are not necessarily connected to the Internet to call you and share that urgent news, or to just tell you that their cat had nine (9!) kittens.

To make it even better, SkypeIn comes with a free Skype Voicemail subscription, so when Aunt Jenny calls you about urgent pet-related matters, but you’re busy or even offline, she can leave you a voicemail message (and you know she will). And you can listen to it when you’re good and ready... but don’t forget to call her back to congratulate. And perhaps to help her use Skype so she wouldn’t have to pay for telling you about her cats.

Right now we’re just testing the service, so there might be some kinks and it might not be entirely stable all the time. You can get up to 10 SkypeIn numbers total from United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Poland and Sweden. We’re continuously working on having numbers available in many more countries around the world.

Buying a SkypeIn number

We’re still beta testing SkypeIn, so purchase is only available after you sign in to your Account page.

SkypeIn prices

SkypeIn numbers are sold on a subscription basis:
a 12 month subscription is € 30 and 3 months is € 10.

Free Skype Voicemail with a SkypeIn number

If you buy a SkypeIn number, you get a free Skype Voicemail subscription along with it.