Skype Screenshot

1 Contacts & events

Your home base gives your a handy overview over your contacts and if they're online or not. The little panels tell you if you missed a call or received a voicemail. Next screenshot »

2 Making a call

To call someone on Skype, just find that person in your Contact list, and click the big, green button. Next screenshot »

3 Talking

Calls to other people on Skype are crystal-clear — some people says it feels like the person is right next to you! When you don’t feel like talking any more, just click the red button to hang up. Next screenshot »

4 Conference call

Talking on Skype is more than just 1-on-1. You can make conference calls with up to four other people, and you can all talk to each other at the same time. Next screenshot »

5 Call regular phones

With Skype, you can call other people even if they don’t have a computer. It’s called SkypeOut, and lets you call any phone number in the world at pretty low rates. Next screenshot »

6 File transfer

Need to send an important document to your colleague? Downloaded a cool picture from the web that you want your friends to see? Just send it over with Skype file transfer. It’s secure and encrypted like the rest of Skype, and handles files of any size. Next screenshot »

7 Chat

You can type in addition to talking and you can invite up to 48 other friends to join in and make it a group chat. Chat is great for sharing gossip or organizing your next party!