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Kwiki Powers O'Reilly OSCON

This week, Kwiki, the open source wiki framework on which Socialtext is built, was the official wiki of OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.

The latest version of Kwiki uses a highly modular and extensible design that development lead Brian Ingerson refined for Socialtext and released to the Open Source community.

Kwiki and Socialtext share a common plugin and formatter architecture. In the Kwiki community, the plugin architecture is catalyzing the creation of a profusion of useful and creative plugins, including SubEthaKwiki, which enables simultaneous editing with wiki history, and a plugin to integrate results from Technorati, the web service that discovers distributed conversations by finding weblogs that link to a site or discuss a topic. We wrote the plugin simultaneously for Socialtext and Kwiki.

Thanks to the Kwiki architecture, we're able to swap out modules with a single configuration setting. We can run beta features on the Socialtext Customer Exchange, and stable features on customer workspaces, simply by swapping out the changed modules. We will make this configuration available directly to customers in future releases. The Kwiki plugin architecture lets you add presentation, configuration, and business logic that draws on core system objects, and to register your plugin for optional inclusion.

Wikis often make their way into organizations from development groups, because wiki was invented to help agile development and is best known in the development community. When Kwiki developers are looking to upgrade to a larger number of users including non-technical users, we'll provide an upgrade path that preserves the ability to continue to develop public or private plugins.

Tim O'Reilly writes eloquently about how open source development is core to today's model of technology innovation and business. We think Tim's right - we are building the company drawing on the open source commons, contributing back to the open source, and including open source peer evangelism and DIY development into our business model.

You can read about Kwiki, find download links, and start installing and customizing your Kwiki at http://www.kwiki.org.

Adina Levin, July 29, 2004 | permalink