Ricky shares the cover of the Radio Times

Inside, Ricky seems to have won-over the toughest interviewer in the business.

Read John Humphry's verdict on their meeting here

Ricky tops another poll

Talk of Live 8 and Extras as Time Out names its number 1 London-based comedian.

Read the whole thing here

How does Ricky rate other comedy shows?

Uncut asks Ricky to list his Top 10 TV sitcoms.

Read the whole thing here

Ricky lists his Top 5

Zoo magazine asks the all-important questions; 'What's your favourite film?' and 'What's your favourite album?'

Read the whole thing here

The News Of the World interview

Nice and short, this one. Straight to the point and no long words.

Read the whole thing here

Ricky gives reality TV a reality check

What does Ricky think about Big Brother, The Farm and the X Factor? 'Heat' investigates.
Read the whole thing here

George Michael's champagne nets Ricky 76 gay points

This month's 'Attitude' carries an interview with Ricky in the form of a 'How gay are you?' questionnaire. Ricky scored particularly well when asked about the contents of his fridge.
Read the whole thing here

Ricky's no angel

The Sunday Times catches up with Ricky to talk about Politics.

Read the whole thing here

Q magazine Q&A;

In its regular 'cash for questions' feature, Q magazine puts a selection of readers' questions to Ricky covering such important topics as teeth, ringtones and darts.
Read the whole thing here

FHM interviews Ricky

FHM's December Comedy Special probes Ricky about his new Politics DVD
Read the whole thing here

Tabloid journalism

Ricky reflects on fame, money and racism in The Mirror

Read the whole thing here

- This symbol means that if you read on you may encounter filthy language. Ricky is over 21 and really ought to be able to express himself without swearing quite so much. As it is, his oral cavity remains a stranger to the benefits of soap and water and a decent-sized vocabulary.

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Walk of Fame UK
Ricky is soon to see his name in concrete as one of the first 100 stars to be immortalised on the Avenue of the Stars in Covent Garden
Read more here
Extras - Take 2
The BBC and HBO have commissioned a second series of Extras. Extras has doubled the regular BBC2 audience while HBO is giving the go-ahead before it has even shown Extras in the US.
Read the BBC statement here
We have the preliminary sketches
Ricky gets the Simpson over-bite treatment for his appearance on the show.
Take a look here
Office Specials Win Award
The US Television Critics' Association has given The Office Christmas Specials its award for Outstanding Achievement In Movies, Mini Series & Specials. Lucy Davis (Dawn) was on hand to receive the honours.
Extras viewing figures
Early ratings show nearly 5 million viewers tuned in to watch the first episode - an average of 4.62m equating to an audience share of nearly 24% - making it the most watched show in its time-slot.
The Office has been nominated for an Emmy
The Office Christmas Special has been shortlisted in the category of 'Made for TV Movie' for this year's Emmy Awards (the US equivalent of the BAFTAs). Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday 18 September 2005
Live 8 Clips
Watch Ricky's selfless and thought provoking contribution to the weekend's Live 8 concert.
Now including Ricky's introduction to REM and Madonna offering to hoover Ricky's carpets.click here
Exclusive Extras teasers
Always first with news about Extras, there are two new teaser trailers online exclusively at rickygervais.com
one here
and another one here
Export - Import
The American version of The Office is showing on British TV."The remake is great. I hope fans of the original watch the new one with an open mind. Particularly previewers" - starts Tues 14 June at 9.30pm on BBC3 for six weeks.
read more at the NBC site
Win a Homer original
On his recent visit to Springfield, Ricky asked Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons to draw a special signed Homer. You can it win it by listening to Ricky's show on Xfm.
more details here
More Flanimals
Hot on the multiple heels of the bestselling Flanimals comes a second volume with newly discovered creatures such as Fud Dumpton. Flanatomicallly correct illustrations provide a fascinating insight into the evolution of these troubled life-forms.
Order More Flanimals from Amazon UK now.