I am a thrift store vinyl junkie.  I am proud of this fact.  I search thrift stores for music, good and (often times) not so good.

This page will become the place where you can find out about my Thrift Store Adventures.  Some of you may have read them on mailing lists, others may have seen a few articles scattered here and there on the web.  Since I've never really compiled them in one place, I have decided to do so here.  While this section is called Thrift Store Adventures, it will be the home for all of my vinyl searching trips.  Funk, soul, religious puppets, school records, Recordios, they will all be featured here.

This page begins with my current adventures, with an archive of all my thrift store visits from the last three years, and a few links to previously published accounts of record searching.  Feel free to browse.  If you are someone who has a site with similar interests, or would like to comment, e-mail me at johnbook9@yahoo.com.

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2004 Thrift Store Adventures Archive
2003 Thrift Store Adventures Archive
2002 Thrift Store Adventures Archive
2001 Thrift Store Adventures Archive
My Vinyl Junkie Adventures Parts 1-16 (yikes)
This page is a collection of record digging stories by my elitist pals on the Hindsight Mailing List.  Besides my ventures in the summer of 1999, It contains record finding tales from
Mark Yen, PJ Gray, and others.

I've bought much crap over the years, but there's nothing like that one single record that makes up for everything.  Here are a few of the records that has made my vinyl addiction worse.

8's FROM THE 808
This is something I've always wanted to do. Hawaiian 8's will be a section featuring a gallery of Hawaiian 8-track tapes. I am looking for any and every Hawaiian 8-track tape that has been created. If you have a tape and a scanner, I would like to include it in the gallery. I am looking for some of the mainstream fare such as Don Ho on Reprise and Cecilio & Kapono on Columbia, but am also looking for any and all 8-tracks that were released on Hula, 49th State, Panini, Poki, Makaha, Lehua, Trim, and other Hawaiian labels.

Soul Sides (Oliver "O-Dub" Wang's search for the funk)
Bowl-A-Thon (Peanut Butter Wolf & Egon's cross country funk trip)
World Of Beats (Soulman digging deep in Philly)
Crate Digging Parts 1, 2 & 3 (compiled by DJ Stef, via Vinyl Exchange)
Record Check (series of articles from Turntablelab.com)
People Under The Stairs interview (from express.com)
The Anonymous Beatdigger (Digging down under)
Extra Rare, Please (courtesy Grand Royal)
Excursion Through The Big Easy (Egon and Cut Chemist in Bo-land, courtesy 360hiphop.com)
Aqualoop Disc-overy (digging in Japan)
Mitosis  (interview with owner of Amoeba Records on the state of vinyl in the 21st century)
Doug Payne (looking for a complete CTI discography?  looking for more?  check here)
Rehash (excavation at its best)
BeatDigger.net (more digging for you!)
Cool And Strange Music Magazine (yes!)
45 RPM Record Label Design (yes yes!)
Vinyl Vulture (the twisted world of vinyl culture)
Vinyl Vulture UK (twists and turns galore)
Sharpe World (not all about music, but definitely worth a visit)
How Shellac Records Are Made (download a short film, courtesy of archives.org)
K-Tel Classics (an ode to those albums with over 20 artists, over 20 songs, from the original artists)
QuadraphonicQuad (a public board where quad freaks can discuss their love of 4-channel sound)
Funk The World (internet radio dedicated to that dusty, crusty, that funky stuff)
Long Tall Simon (online dealer with updates every month)
Record Geek (an online blog by a self-proclaimed record geek. Some choice finds here)
Lost Jukebox (CD series featuring forgotten songs from the 60's and 70's. If you're looking for something a bit more obscure than Creedence Clearwater Revival, you will find a lot of music here)
Wayne Francis Album Cover Psychosis (Hilarious debate over what are the worst covers of all time, not just for albums, but singles as well. Half record critique, half diary.)
Swamp Rat: 8-Track Fanatic (great page from a fellow tracker in Massachusetts who collects 8-tracks and other celebrated "dead" media)
Basic Hip Digital Oddio (further oddities of vinyl's long lost glory days can be found here)
Record Weirdo (one's journey into the pretty much unknown, and Don Ho too)

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