BAWLS Big C Winners Announced

Jury Award


by Alter Ego Games

"Winning the jury award will surely do a lot for Revolved, but having the ability to observe the audience while playing and getting feedback from industry leaders was above and beyond the most rewarding aspect of the competition."
- James Gagnon, Product Manager, Alter Ego Games Studio

Audience Award


by Jackson Dunstan, Jonathon Bryant, Kevin Neece, Doug DaSilva, Eric Smith, Jemal Armstrong, Lolin Turner, Shane McIntire, and Ryan Hammond

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The ten finalists for 2005 were:

By Reactor Interactive, LLC

Reactor Interactive is an alternate take on the Space Sim game, in that it is not really a simulator at all. Rather, it takes all the appeal of a Space Sim while keeping the game simple and action-packed, with a depth of gameplay, sans the learning curve of a simulator. It seeks to give the Space Sim genre the feel, pace and gameplay of a competitive First-person Shooter. This gives players an easy-to-learn action game, while providing the depth and strategy that keeps serious players coming back for more. With this concept, the goal is to create the first truly enjoyable multiplayer space shooter.

By ClueTec Entertainment

Avencast is a 3D role-playing game in the classic fantasy genre. In the role of an apprentice wizard sent by the Academy of Avencast you seek to help the villagers of Aramelund who are menaced by a demonic creature. Finding mystic weapons, enhancing your character, learning powerful magic spells – Avencast combines classic game elements with a new, challenging combat system that demands skills in aiming and action based combat moves.

By the Behemoth

Your UFO has crash landed and the FBI is out to get you! It's them or you in this action packed rampage around the globe to get back your UFO and win your extra-terrestrial freedom. This new console title is an homage to the classic 2D games of yesteryear, as well as an evolution of the genre. Featuring luscious hand drawn art by artist Dan Paladin, you'll never know what to expect as you fight your way through level after level of this meaty blastfest.

StrangeBunny Team

In Shepherd of Dreams your job is to guide a herd of good dreams through the Dreamworld. The Dreamworld is also home to nightmares, however, which would like nothing better than to kill both you and your flock. Fortunately for you, at your disposal is a wide variety of weapons, quite effective at dispatching bad dreams.

Dragonfly Game Design, LLC

Your office is in chaos and there are two ways to fix the problem. Either you build a new office based on your manager’s goals, or you try to fix the office as it is, with everything already in place. An adaptation of the casual puzzle game, Q’Bicles pays respect to the every day office worker and life in a cubicle. With over 300 unique playing situations presented between the two modes and three difficulties, the game is a must have for any office humor or puzzle fan.


As predicted by his Branch Davidian followers, Vernon Howell (aka David Koresh) has returned to Mt. Carmel for final battle. Revisiting the 1993 Waco, Texas episode, gamers enter the mind and form of a resurrected David Koresh through custom headgear, a voice-activated, hard-plastic 3D skin. Each player enters the network as a Korech and must defend the Branch Davidian compound against internal intrigue, skeptical civilians, rival Koresh and the inexorable advance of governmental agents. Ensnared in the custom “Koresh skin”, players are bombarded with a soundstream of government “psy-ops”, FBI negotiators, the voice of God and the persistent clamor of battle. Players voice messianic texts drawn from the book of revelation, wield a variety of weapons from the Mount Carmel cache and influence the behavior of both followers and opponents by radiating a charismatic aura.

Iocaine Studios

Hyperbol is a fast-paced action-strategy game with both single player and multiplayer modes. The player begins with a Launch Pad which is used to launch projectiles of various types. These projectiles can apply direct damage in order to destroy an opponent (such as timed bombs) or may be used to enforce strategy (such as walls). In single player, the player is given various objectives to accomplish as they progress through the story, enabling more and more Launch Pad abilities as they go. In multiplayer, the player participates in various game types. Most game types involve destroying the opponent by any means necessary.

SCAVENGER HUNT Jackson Dunstan, Jonathon Bryant, Kevin Neece, Doug DaSilva, Eric Smith, Jemal Armstrong, Colin Turner, Shane McIntire, and Ryan Hammond Scavenger Hunt is a game where you become a kid in the 1950s, competing against a group of your friends in a race to be the first to complete your list of scavenger items. You can also pick up gags which can be used to slow your friends down. Consider taking a chance with Trick-or-Treats: after all, the worst that could happen is that everyone gets affected; at best, you might get some advantage.

Alter Ego Games

As an employee of Rotating Industries, your job is to maintain electrical equilibrium on the Power Grid. Harvest energy as you rotate vividly colored fuses that make up the grid to complete circuits! The best employees will find an almost limitless number of tactics to maximize their harvesting potential. Revolved boasts three riveting game modes. Practice mode provides all the warm up you could need. In Arcade mode players will progress as far as they dare into the world of Space City, and even into bonus rounds. Survival mode is a battle of endurance where the player will struggle to complete enough circuits to keep a draining power meter full for as long as possible.

Persuasive Games

Take Back Illinois, the groundbreaking political game by Persuasive Games, brings the future of politics and public policy to your desktop. The integrated four-part strategy game challenges players to play through key issues facing Illinois voters in the 2004 state legislative election. The game is comprised of four sub-games, each of which deals with a different issue, including Medical Malpractice Reform, Education, Participation, and Economic Reform.

One sub-game was launched every week between September 22, 2004 and October 13, 2004. The games are interrelated -- meaning your play in one affects your play in others. Local politics will never be the same.


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