The Eucharist and the Sacrifice of the Mass

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The Eucharist: "This is My Body" (now included only in my book A Biblical Defense of Catholicism) 37K

"Is This God?" (Treatise on the Blessed Eucharist, including Critique by Protestant Polemicist Jason Vanezia, and Counter-Reply) 52K [Cover Story for Envoy Magazine, Jan/Feb 2000]

Questions and Answers on the Holy Eucharist 41K

Fictional Dialogue on the Real Presence in the Eucharist 7K

Why Are Non-Catholic Christians Excluded From Receiving the Catholic Eucharist, or Communion? 31K

The Philosophical Theology Behind the Eucharist 14K

History of the Doctrine of the Eucharist: Nine Protestant Scholarly Sources 12K

St. Augustine's Belief in the Real Presence 22K

"Man-Centered" Sacramentalism: The Remarkable Incoherence of Dr. James White: How Can Martin Luther and St. Augustine Be Christians According to His Definition? 42K

A Eucharist Bibliography 4K

The Protestant Sacramentarian Controversies (Calvin vs. Luther vs. Zwingli) (see also additional comments on BlogBack)

Dialogue on John Calvin's Mystical Eucharist (+ Part II) (vs. Josh & Michael S. Horton & John Calvin) (blog; see also additional comments on BlogBack)

Agreements and Disagreements With Reformed Protestant Alastair Roberts' Series: Some Thoughts on Transubstantiation 77K

Second Dialogue With Alastair Roberts (Reformed) on Transubstantiation

Answer to a Counter-Reply of Lutheran Josh S., Concerning Transubstantiation

Dialogue With Chris Atwood (Lutheran) on Transubstantiation and Church History 106K

John Calvin and St. Cyril of Jerusalem: Comparative Eucharistic Theology

Reply to Joel Garver and Kevin Johnson on Calvin's Eucharistic Theology Compared to St. Cyril of Jerusalem's and the Fathers (Generally-Speaking) (blog)

Dialogue With an Evangelical Protestant on the Philosophical Theology Behind the Eucharist (Dave Armstrong vs. E.L. Hamilton)

Reflections on the Holy Eucharist

Reflections on the Eucharist, the Incarnation, and Reason


Eucharist in the Fathers (Phil Porvaznik)
Evangelical Critics of the Eucharist (Phil Porvaznik)
Symbolical and Allegorical Language in the Fathers on the Eucharist (Phil Porvaznik)
St. Augustine on the Eucharist (Phil Porvaznik)
But What do we Mean by the "Real Presence"? (Dwight Longenecker)
Transubstantiation (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)
On the Real Presence (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)


The Sacrifice of the Mass: "A Lamb . . . Slain" (now included only in my book A Biblical Defense of Catholicism) 22K

Biblical Overview: The Sacrifice of the Mass  11K

Comparative Exegesis of Hebrews 8 / Sacrifice of the Mass (Dave Armstrong vs. James White) (see also additional comments on BlogBack)

Dialogue With Tim Gallant on Whether the Mass is Similar to Jeroboam's Idolatry (Dave Armstrong vs. Tim Gallant)

Dialogue on Current Evangelical Anti-Catholicism, Whether Luther & Calvin Were Anti-Catholics, & on the Mass (is it a Christian Service?) (Dave Armstrong vs. Tim Enloe) + additional dialogue in BlogBack

Reflections on the Sacrifice of the Mass


Whether the Last Supper was a Passover Meal (Jimmy Akin)
Christ's Sacrifice "Once For All" (Jimmy Akin)
The Office of New Testament Priest (Jimmy Akin)


Fictional Dialogue on "Vain Repetition," the Mass, and Liturgy 8K

How to Receive Communion: Tradition, Abuses, Symbolism, and Piety 13K

My Traditional Novus Ordo Parish 16K

"How Do Catholics Hear The Gospel?" (Gary Michuta) 14K


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