David B Hoyle
  David Hoyle
Another long-standing member of the team and vice chairman of the council with much experience to offer. David is our 'Israel expert' having travelled to the Holy Land over 70 times and has strong links with the Israeli Embassy. In this area he is a unique asset to the team and is able to speak with knowledge and authority on the subject.

Brought up in a Brethren assembly and converted at the age of 28 at the last night of the Billy Graham crusade in Manchester, David is now retired from full time work and is an elder in the Starbeck Mission Church in Harrogate.

David first took an interest in Bible Prophecy after hearing a talk on “Daniel’s 70 weeks” by Dr F A Tatford and shortly afterwards visited Israel for the first time. These two events drew him to a study of Biblical Prophecy in general and Israel in particular and for the last 40 years he has majored in those aspects of the faith, feeling that the message should be “shouted from the rooftops” in view of the almost certain near return of the Lord.

David exercises a wide ministry in the above field and has a burden to see the church recognising we are in the last days and living and witnessing accordingly. David has been involved with PWMI for many years and has also given time to the Chinese & Overseas Church Mission. He worked for 10 years with the Vietnamese Refugees and still has strong connections with the community.

In recent years opportunities have come to him in Jewish circles and he has built wide connections in the community seeking to assure them of the love of Bible-believing Christians. He also feels very strongly as regards the current replacement theology and seeks to confront “The Church is Israel” heresy that is sweeping the church. The rise of Islam is also prominent in his ministry.

Located in Yorkshire he can be contacted on Tel. 01423 881803 Fax. 01423 818787 or