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 August 29, 2005

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Bank Robber May Not Be Perpetrator

There's new information Friday on the intense investigation into yesterday's bank robbery, in Summit Township, that led to the death of the Millcreek man who committed the robbery. 43-year-old Brian Wells, who lived in a nice Millcreek neighborhood, was described by neighbors as very friendly, very nice, almost child-like. A man who was looking forward to spending the evening with his family. Wells was the man who walked into the PNC Bank on upper Peach Street on Thursday. He told bank personnel he had a bomb strapped to his chest, and left with an undetermined amount of money. Moments later, he was captured by state police. Not too long, after that, the bomb exploded, taking Well's life. The Erie Bomb Squad was on the way to the scene, but didn't arrive in time. That started a nearly 15-hour investigation of the scene, and a probe, which continues today. After being handcuffed, Wells indicated that someone else put the bomb on him, forced him to commit the robbery. He also indicated the time on the bomb was ticking and that he didn't have much time. He was a deliveryman for a Peach Street Pizza Shop, and his last delivery was to Route 19 across from New Motors, the location of WSEE's transmitter and tower. Investigators talked with WSEE personnel about whether any of our employees were at the site on Thursday. None were. Investigators also searched Well's home, for any clues advising neighbors to leave the area, just in case explosives were found. Apparently, none were. Investigators appear to be going on the theory that Wells was abducted and was forced to rob the bank. So, it's likely that the real robbers, now murderers, are still at large.

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Bank Robber May Not Be Perpetrator
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