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Dave's Restoration Files
These files describe various foreskin restoration techniques which do not require placing any adhesive tape on the skin.

The files have adult content, but there is no porn.

Multiple O-Rings with Keeper
Size: 354 KB
Recommended as a starting point. This technique got me about half way through restoration.
Adjustable Stretcher
Size: 581 KB
My current technique. This will take you right up through complete restoration. File is compressed.
Adjustable Stretcher (large)
Size: 5.1 MB
Uncompressed version of the Adjustable Stretcher, if you can read the other you don't need it.
Leather Stretcher
Size: 724 KB
An alternative to the Adjustable Stretcher. For me, it is not as comfortable.
Angus' O-rings
An Austrailian variation of Multiple o-rings.
Gary's Elastic Stretcher
Size: 176 KB
The precursor to the Adjustable Stretcher.
Dave's Home-Made Tugger
Size: 2.4 MB
A home-made tapeless tugger. About $6 Now available as a commercial item, the TLC Tugger.
Cone Template
Size: 6 KB
Some guys can't find the paper cups for the Home-Made Tugger. This lets you make them.
Pressure Tugger
Size: 478 KB
An air-pressure assisted version of the Home-Made Tugger.
Tugger-Glove Finger
Size: 221 KB
A second type of pressure assisted tugger.
Tissue Expansion Abstracts
Size: 30 KB
Abstracts of articles on skin expansion & cyclic stretching.
Frenar Delta
Size: 106 KB
The anatomy of what was stolen from us.
Manual Restore
Size: 703 KB
Part 1 of Doug Ward's description of manual stretching.
Manual Restore 2
Size: 541 KB
Part 2 of Doug Ward's description of manual stretching.
Ebb's Devices 041023a
Size: 6.4 MB
Homemade devices from Ebb Brady. Some require tape, but they are all very interesting & inexp...
Mike's Ballons 050113
Size: 510 KB
Water or air-filled balloons as an expandable cone. Very nice.