Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy birthday Anzac. My other beautiful boy is 5 today - but still acting like a 2 year old.

What an amazing weekend. 15C both days, sunny and no clouds. What happened to Winter?

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

So Mr Carr has resigned. Is this a case of a rat deserting a sinking ship? Will it be a case of same crap, different Premier after next week with the trains still running late, highest state taxes, diabolical health system and a determination to push ahead with ridiculous water schemes?

And on another note, this doesn't really surprise me at all.

I've added my submissions to the We're Not Afraidwebsite.

These are they.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's no wind and the sun is out - what is with this weather?

I'm off to make leek and potato soup for lunch.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's cold and windy. I wouldn't be surprise if we had more snow.

Found this on Gaydar and thought I'd share:

Rich's Quick Guide To Gaydar For Beginners

1. The word "fun" in this context translates quite literally to "sex".

2. Your profile will at some point claim you are "up for a laugh" even though the whole planet isn't exactly collapsing in a heap of collective mirth.

3. You are obliged to refer to everyone online as "mate" even though you've never met them nor are you likely to.

4. There will be one person in your favourites who you physically disgust every time you send them one of your sordid, lurid and fantastically ambitious messages.

5. Your profile will include at least one photo that - while it isn't actually a fake - is taken at such an angle that it is so bizarrely flattering it may as well be.

6. You will inevitably end up masturbating to sexy photos of somebody you fancy while drenched with a deep inner sadness knowing full well that you look *nothing* like what they are after.

Rich's Five Uses For A Gaydar Profile

1. Anonymously fax your former partner's to their workplace in a cacklingly gleeful fit of revenge.

2. Adorn your bedroom walls with a bizarre and intimidating montage of purported successful conquests.

3. Spend months obsessively on the search mechanism playing "profile-tag" with somebody you fancy gutless and keep sending explicit messages to but who inexplicably never answers and repeatedly changes their user name.

4. Fill a folder with screenshots of your favourites and select it as the screensaver on your work computer at the primary school.

5. Become the inadvertent case study at a "breakout" meeting during a weekend symposium on sexual disfunction held for psychiatrists at the Hilton Hotel near Heathrow.

'Nuff said!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

I heard from everyone after the bombings and they're all okay. It's been an eventful couple of weeks with the goings on overseas and Matthew getting ready to move to the US. I got the wedding invitation the other day and have to reluctantly say that I'm not going. I don't agree with Matthew moving to the US and marrying Chanin as he's leaving his daughters, Marissa and Arianna who are 6 and 4. Since I became a daddy to Alexander, I couldn't imaging living in another country and not being able to see him often. Having said that, it's because of the expense that I can't go. Well over $2000 for a flight to Cleveland and I'd only be there for a week. But I feel that I should be there. We’re identical twins and there's only the two of us. Mum will be there, so that will make her the only one from Matthew's family who will be at the wedding. It's a bit hard!

We did have a day of snow a few weeks ago. It was weird and wonderful at the same time. Friends in London couldn't believe we had snow. Most people think that Australia is only hot and dry, but they don't realise that it’s such a big country that we have lots of different climates.

Gone back to the gym. Just doing some cardio work on the machines for a bit to loose some of the excess poundage I've got. Walking the dog in the morning is not enough!

The weekend saw the Swans beat the Eagles, who are top of the ladder. That puts us third on the ladder and now in a good position for September. Go the Swans!

The weekend also saw me pottering around, putting up a blind in the main bedroom, moving some things out to the shed and generally hanging around at home. More of the same this weekend – nice!

Have been spending a lot of time working, but also downloading my CD collection to my Mac - it's taken a couple of weeks so far, but I'm in the home stretch now. All I need is an iPod.

And I've finally got the business website up and running – Check it out!

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Friday, July 08, 2005

A lot has been happening, but at the moment I'm waiting to hear from my 'family' of friends who live in London - Peter, the paramedic; Rick, Lesley and Dean, the police officers; Julie, the top p.a.; Gail, the media guru; and Fi and Pete, the copywriter and techie. I hope you're all okay and I'm thinking of you.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Way too long and a lot happening.

I left Makita on Friday, June 10 and have been working from home. It's great! I get up at around 7.00am and take Anzac for a walk and then shower and breakfast and into it by about 8.15am. Coffee break at 10.00am and then back into it before lunch. More work and then a walk about 4.30pm. I don't have the dark circles under my eyes anymore and I'm much more relaxed - maybe things are on the up! I did have a week off and now just need to motivate myself as I have a deadline of July 15 and it's unchangeable.

Winter has finally arrived here in the Mountains and the word is that we could have snow tonight - I'll keep you posted.

Not long before our walk now.

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Working from home has its ups and downs. Been doing it for years and miss the social interaction of working in an office.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Last Wednesday (that's last week) on the way home my arm went numb and I didn't feel all that well.

I saw my doctor today and it's not too good. I have rotator cuff tendonitis in my left shoulder - hence the pain and numbness. My blood pressure was 196/136 and has gone down to 167/106, which basically means I should be dead - for those of you who don't know, normal BP is 110/70. I now have an appointment to see a Cardiologist on June 27. If the BP keeps up like this, I'm going to have a major problem. I'm on meds for it, but the kicker is that the reason it's currently so high is below. I've also developed Osteoarthritis in my hands, which is fun, as I use them for my work - and looking at porn on the net! :o)

And to top it all off, I have severe sleep deprivation (I get up at 0430 to meditate and walk the dog before I go down to my contract - and go to bed at 2130) and extreme stress. All in all, I'm not particularly well.

Ben - my wonderful doctor and good friend - has advised a minimum of two days working from home a week, which went down really well at my current contract. They seem to think that you have to be there to be able to work - go figure! Anyway, I've brought work home and am doing that from here and then going back down to Makita on Monday.

Let's see how long this lasts.

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stumbled across your blog andrew. sorry to hear about your not being well. stress and exhaustion is a bastard of a combination. i hope youve managed to sort out the work life balance. look after yourself.
andrew sorry to hear youre unwell mate. take care of yourself and go for the work life balance thing. tripped across your site while i was surfing for blogs and am enjoying your posts and photos. keep it up.
Dude... you have to take care of yourself. Be careful.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Where does the time go? The last month has flown by and here we are almost 3/4 of the way through April.

Work has been fairly full-on with a National Sales Conference for Makita and three catalogues on the go. Still need more, better paid work though. I really have to “pull my finger out” and start some marketing, so if there are any gurus out there who can help someone who can sell other people but not themselves, let me know!

Alex is growing and running around. Almost 15 months now and has about 13 words – his favourite seems to be “woof woof” for a dog.

Matthew proposed to Chanin when she was out and so they’re now engaged. Personally, I think he’s a fool as he will be leaving his two girls to go to the US. I could never leave home now that Alexander is here. He’s also under the impression that when he moves to the US everything will be better – which is so far from the truth. Matthew’s always been overwhelmed by the US, I don’t think he realises that if he got on with his life and stopped worrying about what he doesn’t have compared to other people and got some motivation to improve himself, then he wouldn’t have the perception that his life was that bad. I guess he has to make this mistake before he gets it.

We have the Anzac Day long weekend this weekend, so I think I’m going to go to the Dawn Service in the village for the first time this year. It seems the right thing to do. For those of you who don’t know, Anzac Day commemorates the day that the Australian and New Zealand armies landed at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli. It’s a defining moment in Australian history, and although I don’t agree with war, I think that we should remember what the Diggers did in defence of us. You can learn more about it here.

Having said that, I will never condone what has happened in Iraq and the US foreign policy. Yes, I’m a closet tree-hugging hippie. Or as the olds say, I’ve gone herbal! Mind you, I sort of always have been.

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Look in to the Sandler sales method ( It works for some industries, but not all.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It was all the usual on the weekend. And then I went and did a full workout at the gym on Saturday afternoon for the first time in two years. I couldn't move on Sunday. I just sat on the lounge all day and knitted - well, I was able to move my hands and I wasn't going to let the opportunity go by.

So it's off to the gym again tonight, so we'll see how I fair tomorrow!

This weekend is painting! And lots of it. My brother and his shag - American woman he met on the net who arrives this Friday - are coming up the following weekend, so I need to get the guest room painted.

And it's the Swannies first game on Sunday, as well as being the end of daylight savings, so it's a sort of busy long weekend!

Oh, I've also resigned as Mardi Gras' Art Director - didn't go down too well, but, oh well!

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Monday, March 07, 2005

It was a good weekend. D came for a roast chicken dinner on Saturday night. A bit chilly, so I had a fire going, which was great. He stayed until about 10.30pm then went home. I went to bed and dealt with the dishes on Sunday. Dog walked, breakfast had and chicken stock on the stove. Sunday afternoon I finally tackled the mowing, which I haven't done for weeks. Then I attacked everthing in the garden with 'Zero' - a type of glyphosate weed killer. If the holy, ivy, weeds and unwanted plants don't die from that, then I don't think anything will kill them off! A nice quiet dinner last night of lentil soup and tackling the ironing. All in all, a great and fairly productive weekend.

Then I had to go to work today. After this morning, I now know that you can't say anything to anyone at this contract without it a. being taken out of context and b. being twisted or misunderstood. In a way I'll be glad to get out of here in a couple of months when my contract ends, so I don't have to deal with the arseholes I work with - especially the lazy bastard that I share an office with. But then, I also like the money, so what's the compromise? The life of a freelance designer/art director. Give me strength!

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Guess who's having dinner with D on Saturday night? I just casually suggested he come over for dinner and maybe bring some wine and he is! Woohoo! No expectations, but, woohoo!

After my bit about not going to Mardi Gras on Saturday, I've really started to evaluate my life and where I'm headed and what I'm doing. I want to live more simply and be able to do the things I want to do. One of them is planning the garden at the new house. It's Autumn (Fall) now and it's the time to plant natives. And as most of my garden will be, I need to get a move on. I have an idea of how I'd like it all to look, but I think I need to put all my plans down on paper so I can see if they need revising. I'll also have a couple of vegie patches to keep me in carrots and beans and things.

We'll see how things pan out.

And I'm going to freshen up the site a bit. Nothing drastic, just some minor surgery.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A good weekend. Shopping, as usual. Then down to Sydney to get some things and on the way home a stop at the Bonds factory outlet in Penrith. 25% off all menswear, so it was a stock up on undies! Sunday afternoon I met D from Gaydar at a pub in Katoomba. Nice drinks. Great guy. Hope to see him again soon.

This weekend is Mardi Gras and guess who's not going? It's taken me a while to think about it, but the more I do, the more I think I've sort of outgrown it. I go to the party on my own, have a wander around the different spaces, go to the guest bar for a drink, see a few people I know - but not friends, have a couple of pills, forget the entire night, go home and sleep all day and then feel like crap for a week. What's the point? I'm going to have a nice night at home instead. And who knows, I could have dinner with D.

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I heard Mardi Gras Down Under can be a blast.
It is Johnny, I'm just not into it any more. There's more to my life and what I want to do with it than Mardi Gras. Make sense?
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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm now in my 34th year of being single. Sort of. Well, not all the time, just at the moment, but I'm open to offers! Just so you know, I'm a bit sick of mind games, arrogance, liars, timewasters, bigots, racists, misogynists, people who put a 'Z' where an 'S' should be, wannabes, closed minds and people who think 'straight acting' is a lifestyle choice! Nuff said!

Birthday celebrations will commence tonight with me cooking dinner for one of my Buddhist teachers, Renate - a chicken and pumpkin rissotto. Celebrations continue tomorrow night with dinner with the family and then Miss E comes up with a couple of friends for the weekend. All in all, a busy celebration.

And in case you didn't realise, it's all about me!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A quiet weekend prior to 'partying' this week. I'm 34 on Thursday and it's not as bad as I thought. I've taken time to look back over the last 34 years and there isn't much I'd do differently. One thing I would do is try to stay with Peter from London. We got back in contact after losing contact about 10 months ago when my hard drive died and I lost all my email addresses. Well, I grabbed the bull by the horns and phoned him a few weeks ago and we had a great chat. It brought back a lot of memories and wishful thinking. Now all I have to do is find someone like him over here.

To celebrate the birthday, I'm having dinner on Thursday with friends, dinner with the family (and my identical twin, obviously) on Friday as well as seeing Alexander and then Elizabeth and a couple of her friends are coming up for the weekend.

And if my Grandmother (the Grandmothership - Shauny, is that trademarked yet?) were alive, she would have been 95 today. She's been gone three and a bit years and I still miss her a lot.

I've started doing some t-shirts, so go and have a look and buy one. I'll be adding to them all the time, so keep checking. The prices are standard at the moment, but I will be charging a little more for them soon, so get in quick!

Buy my t-shirts

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It doesn’t rain, it pours. Anzac decided to get himself into strife on Saturday and slice himself open, which resulted in an emergency trip to the vet on Sunday, seven stitches and $197. He’s okay, but has to be kept quiet, so I’ve had to lock in the back of the house while I go off to clients during the day. So far, so good. Although I’m still waiting to get home and find he hasn’t gone to the toilet on the paper on the balcony, but the kitchen floor.

Amazing storm last night. Lightning and thunder for a good three hours before the rain came. And then, did it come! It rained all night and dumped a much needed 50mm in the Mountains. Hopefully it’ll raise the dam levels a bit.

Apart from that, it’s all quiet on the Western front. Apart from amazing and unexpected sex on Saturday – I’ll leave it to your imagination!

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ouch! (that'll be the sliced dog, not the weekend sex... probably...)
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Friday, January 28, 2005

It’s been way too long.

The move to Blackheath went off without a hitch. I lost one glass out of everything, so that wasn’t too bad. The first couple of weeks were cold and I had a fire going most of the time. Now it’s warmer, but not stifling like Sydney and it’s great sitting out on the veranda at night having a drink and looking at the stars. I absolutely love it and am definitely staying put!

Currently doing a 6 month contract which may extend to 12 months, depending on what happens. It’s a well known company and the work is interesting, but the money leaves a lot to be desired – half of what I usually make, but it came at the beginning of December, which is the worst time of year as a freelance, so I took it. Look, it’s a guaranteed income for 6 months and it will give me some good projects to work on, so why not!

Alexander turned one last Friday. It’s amazing. It’s still sometimes hard to take in that he’s here and I’m a daddy.

And there is nothing in the way of relationships heading my way soon I think. Between work, Vajrayana Institute – the Buddhist centre I belong to and who I’m now doing all their design work pro bono – and Mardi Gras, another pro bono job, I don’t have time to blink, let alone anything else. Ah, the price of being wanted!

Apart from that, it’s been pretty quiet. How about you?

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Very cute indeed!
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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Full steam ahead on the move. Things in boxes and some moved this weekend. Then it's only a few days until D-day!

For those who love Macs, this from Garry Barker, the MacMan at the SMH:

Unheralded, apart from the odd sneaky web rumour, Apple last week announced upgraded iBooks: three models as before, with faster processors and, praise be to the gods of computing, with Airport Extreme cards fitted as standard and included in the unchanged prices.

So, iBook akimbo, let us head for the nearest wi-fi coffee shop, log in and surf while we suck on cafe latte.

Get on to, say, the ABC Classic FM website and tune in to Clive Alexander Robertson grumbling about life and Vivaldi. Then, with the volume up, lift your iBook and, music and words still playing, amaze the denizens by moving wirelessly around the cafe.

The really cool might even have an iSight camera perched on the screen and be talking, via iChatAV, with someone in, say, London, as they table-hop. Or you could try a Skype internet phone call. Getting rid of the wires is a liberating experience, akin, my Great Aunt Maude assures me, to release from one's corsetry after a long day at the shops.

It's really the bit about Great Aunt Maude that I love!

And to piss off the ultra hot Darp* and others, it looks like the arse that was re-elected Prime Minister has now got control of the Senate, giving him carte blanche to do whatever he wants to without hinderence.

At the moment, Australia sucks!

*Yes, I actually think someone in the blogging world is hot. He's hotter than hot. He's hot, hot, hot! And he's so cute. And he's straight. Sigh!

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

What a week! After the hottest October day for 150 years, it's been pouring with rain. Some has hit the catchment areas of the dams, but the levels have only risen 0.4%, so we're all still in the poo. This is the sight from my car on the way into the city - the building that you can't see the top of is Centre Point Tower, the tallest building in Sydney.

Alexander is growing fast. And with so much hair. He's also a real talker and always smiling. It's hard to believe that he's now nine months old.

The move to the mountains is on track and the date's been set for November 4. The house is great and I'll be painting next weekend, in between packing and moving up as much as I can myself. It's a great old house and I'm really looking forward to living there. For those of you who've asked, this is it!

Finally have a pic of the new tattoo. It's in Tibetian and is the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum", which translates roughly as "Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus". It's funny how many people think it's in Arabic! Go figure...

And finally. I've seen it done elsewhere, so here's what's in my wallet - without the money or receipts!

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Still in a state of shock/denial, I thought I'd put up this from Alan Ramsey at the SMH:

A small book turned up last week entitled How to Kill a Country. It was written by three Sydney academics about our "free trade" deal with the United States. They could as easily have been writing about what, spare us, happened on Saturday.

How on earth could we have put this scheming, mendacious little man and his miserable claque back in office for another three years? Worse, how could we have brought them to the very brink of absolute control of the nation's entire parliamentary process and authority?

Very easily, as things turned out, to the cost of the rest of us and our national self-respect.

For almost nine years this Government, incompetent in most everything except mediocrity, debauched its word and the people's trust, along with voters' gullibility, their ignorance, their taxes and, in the end, their greedy self-interest.

It deceived and dissembled about joining us with Washington's military adventurism in Iraq, and it went on deceiving and dissembling, irrespective of the heightened threat to our national interest, to keep our minuscule presence there purely for the political pleasure of George Bush and his cronies.

Then when we reached the one time every three years of a people's audit, 4.6 in every 10 of us turned round and said, thank you, gimme the money and flog us for another three years. Most times, despite the thick and the avaricious and those who feel it's just all beyond them, we get it right as a nation.

Not this time. This time we've really buggered things. A politically immoral man who, by any civilised measure, disqualified himself from public life, has been given a pat on the back and even more power. This time the people's will has got it dreadfully wrong.

Now we all have to pay for the comfortable idiocy of the manipulated minority. And it is a minority: the 46 per cent who voted for the Coalition, or 4.6 in every 10. The other 5.4, in the main, wanted something better, and were denied by a lowest common denominator system in which all the spoils go to a degraded 50 per cent plus one.

I thought we had more brains, more self-respect. I was wrong in thinking enough voters "just might" see through the confidence trickery of John Howard, master illusionist and toad of a human being. I apologise for nothing.

However, don't get snowed by the spin merchants about the size of the Government's win. Howard's real achievement is the Coalition's Senate victory. In the House of Representatives, Labor went into the election with 63 seats, the Government 83, with three independents and one Green MHR.

By midday yesterday, with a bit over 10 million votes counted in an electorate of 13 million, the most likely result, after the doubtfuls are finally sorted, is that Labor will have a net loss of between one and three seats, no more.

Labor's loss was great in votes, not seats. It's primary vote (38.3 per cent) is only marginally better than under Kim Beazley's losing leadership three years ago (37.8 per cent). What is different this time is the Liberal Party (40.3 per cent) out-polling Labor in primary votes (as distinct from a joint Coalition vote of 46 per cent).

That happens rarely: twice only in the Liberals' 60-year history, the last time, ironically, in the Fraser victory of 1975 that buried the government of Latham's political father figure, Gough Whitlam.

Still, Latham's time will come. Believe it.

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And I thought our political situation was confusing. Come to think of it, this whole "red state" and "blue state" thing is making it easy to follow. Though, have you seen how our country is becoming so polarized?
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Sunday, October 10, 2004

I'm devestated. This says the kind of things I want to say.

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Friday, October 08, 2004

It's been a while! Time flies when you're busy. Work has been flat out and I'm booked out until the end of October, so that's a pretty good thing. The Little Man™/Mini Me (otherwise know as Alexander) is growing so fast! He's really talkative too and always smiling. It's the pulling of my chest hair that I can't get the hang of. It hurts. A lot! So when he's 21 and I do it to him, I'll let him know I'm just getting him back for all the times he's doing it to me. Maybe!

I've found a house in the mountains! I'm just waiting to hear if it's mine, then I can start planning the move.

We have an Federal election tomorrow. So if you want a little help deciding how to cast your vote, think of this.

An above-the-line vote for either the ALP and the Democrats in NSW could end up electing Glenn Druery from Liberals for Forests or Fred Nile ahead of The Greens' John Kaye.

The Democrats also preferenced religious fundamentalists Family First ahead of The Greens.

The Greens preferenced the Democrats ahead of the ALP and put Liberals for Forests, the Coalition, Family First and Fred Nile below these parties where they will not collect any Green preference flow.

Basically, I'm praying that Labor get across the line and vote out this homophobic, right-wing, Bush-loving government. Otherwise we're all screw.

As someone else has said: I shave my balls and I vote Green and preference Labor.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

First things first. Geoffrey ended up having five bypasses on Friday. Five! Now that's something I've never heard of. Apparently he was very close to dying if they didn't operate, so I'm glad they did. I"ve been warned now and am seeing the Doctor on Friday. It seems that this heart problem runs on both sides of my family and only in the males. And it's been both the parents and their children, so I think this is the wakeup call I need to get my act together finally.

The film festival on the weekend was great. Some of the films were funny and others confronting, but all in all, brilliant!

And then last night I saw my friend Julie in the opening of her one-woman cabaret "In her 40th year". It was brilliant! Gosh that girl can sing.

posted at 13:17
Glad to hear Geoffrey had the surgery he needed in time and happy to hear that you are taking steps to ensure you are around to blog for a long time!
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Thursday, September 16, 2004

I spoke to 'Nunky'™ this morning (we couldn't say Uncle when we were little, so it became Nunky). He said he's s*** scared. I would be too. The operation starts at 0800 on Friday and goes for about 4 hours, so we'll be hanging out until then. I plan to go and see him on the Sunday if he's up to it. He'll be in Intensive Care for a couple of days and then about a week in hospital and then six to seven weeks recovery before he can go back to work. I think we'll have to rally around Mum and Dad too to give them a hand at the shop until Geoffrey is back on his feet.

I was going to blow $649 today and buy a shiny new iPod (40Gb) but decided to start an iPod fund instead and spend the money on things I need, as opposed to things I want - like a new compressor for the aircon in the car, bills, shirts, that sort of things. I guess I also need to put aside as much money as I can for the move and the Christmas period when there's no work.

But I want an iPod!

And think about this… What if the Hokey Pokey is really what it's all about?

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Another day at the coalface. The sun is out, although it was cold for the lunchtime walk. And it was a zoo in the centre of the city as the final hero-worship of the Australian Olympians took place today. I only went to Gowings to get a new wallet, as my old one finally gave up the ghost after another large latte was emptied on it this morning, and it took a lot longer than I thought it would trying to get through the crowd of about 100,000.

My uncle went for an angiagram today and he has to go into hospital tomorrow for a (minimum) triple bypass on Friday. And he's only 54. It makes you think. It's also made me more determined to stick to the exercise thing and try and do a bit more, as well as trying to do more meditation. And kick the ciggies once and for all - not even occasionally, like now. And cut down on the drinking. And keep eating right.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Gosh I've been busy. Too busy to put any thoughts down, at least. So far in the last three weeks I've redesigned a magazine, worked on a new magazine and am in the middle of doing a report for the State Government to be tabled to Parliament in the middle of October. Add to that the usual New Mardi Gras stuff, Discovering Buddhism course and what-not and I don't have any time for anything else!

The move is still going to happen and I hope to be having a look at some places in about two weeks, when I have a couple of days off.

The weekend is already planned with a movie-fest. Celluloid Buddha is playing at the Valhalla this weekend and looks to be a good festival, so I've decided to put everything else on hold and go to the movies for the weekend.

The days have been absolutely beautiful and great for walking during a lunch break. I really look foward to getting out into the sun and having a walk and the effects are now noticeable, so you've got to be happy with that!

I finally got the new tattoo! It's in Tibetian and it's the mantra 'Om mani padme hum'. I'll put up a pic when I take one.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I gave notice on the house yesterday, so the move to the Mountains is happening! In a little less than a month I'll start looking and then hopefully I should be moved by the end of October.

Any why is it so hard to meet someone nice in this town? You'd think that having the largest gay population in the world per capita would make it easy. Are you joking? I'm not unattractive - well, that's what my Mum says. I'm solvent, successful and sane. And losing the extra poundage. Where are all the takers? Already with boyfriends, I'd say.


posted at 14:05
Hi, Andrewf
I'm just visiting your blogger.
May I know about you. I'm Indonesian.
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The largest gay population per capita? Really? Time, my dear, time. Sooner or later someone is bound to discover you, poundage losing and all!
Being gay and single is tough! One starts to wonder if the right man is out there. Sucks worse when you think you had the right man and lost him :-( Turns out he probably wasn't the right man. Now if I could take his good qualities and find someone with all of them and none of the bad ones, then I would be happy.

Good luck with the move!
G'day Andrew,

Hard to met someone nice in this town? Yeah, I hear ya, I know the feeling. Like your blogg, drop by my homepage sometime.

Sydney, Australia
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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

We've got rain! It started yesterday and has been falling relatively steadily since. Winter seems to have arrived late as well, with the temperature not getting about 16C for the last couple of days. Pity there's only about 13 days until spring!

The knitting is going well. I have two scarves on the go at the moment. The first one I had to unknit twice, so this is my third attempt and there are no dropped stitches and it looks like I've only added one extra stitch, so it's not too bad. The other one I started with bigger needles and a bigger ply and there are no dropped stitches and no extras, so I'm really pleased. Another ball of wool will finish that one off and probably another two will finish off the original scarf. Who knows what I'll do next!

The diet is raging along too! Another three kilos this week, with another eight to go, so I'm extra happy!

Alex is changing so rapidly! He's been sitting up on his own for a month now and he's seven months next week. It's truly amazing how quickly he's changing! I'm still amazed that I got the chance to be able to bring him into this world.

posted at 09:59
How sweet! Knitting, dieting and babies. You go gurl! LOL!
I'm a big poof! Who knew? :-)
There ain't nothin' wrong with a little poof now and then.
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Monday, August 09, 2004

a good and bad weekend. a quiet friday night followed by a lot of running around on saturday. reregistered the car - but a lot of hassle and i wonder if it's worth it. helping mum and dad at the shop and then home for a while before going off to the swans game. it was a fantastic game up until the last quarter, with the swans 40 points up. then, about 15 minutes into the last quarter, the head trainer wally jackson, had a massive heart attack on the sidelines and the swans crumbled. we ended up loosing by six points - one goal. it wasn't a very good ending to the night. wally was eventually pronounced dead at the hospital later that night. sunday was a sleep in and a bit of shopping. down to the essential ingredient for a look around and i bumped into b, who works there. it was good to see him and have a chat. then back home to crack on with some work and a bit of a mooch around at home last night. it's a nice looking week, albit a busy one! bring on the weekend and partying!!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

the australian labor party have just agreed to support the fta with the u.s. we've just been sold down the river! no local content for films and tv, no exports of sugar, beef and dairy, no price control on drugs, changes to our quarantine and copyright laws. what do we get out of the deal? nothing. what do the us get? everything. here's what the smh webdiary had to say, which pretty much sums it up.

"he was a shining new hope. now he's proved what we all knew, deep down, that the big parties are slaves to america, salesmen for big business, frightened of big media, and scared of representing the australian people, either through avarice (big donations) or a simple failure of courage.

opposition to the fta could have won latham an election, if he'd had the guts to go for it at a grassroots level. what a shame. instead, he wants to use taxpayers money to help the losers, and there will be many. that's us paying for american profits. cool.

maybe both latham and howard figure the disasters to follow from the agreement won't worry them because they'll be medium term. that's the lack of quality of our leaders today.

you only have to read john garnaut's piece in last saturday's smh news review to understand the extent of the capitulation to the mighty power of american multinationals and howard's pure self-interest in being seen to get something for taking us to war against I\iraq against our will. garnaut reported that trade minister mark vaile went to the u.s. after saddam's statue fell with five top priorities - including ending us protection on sugar, dairy and beef, which would "account for the majority of benefits australia might hope to gain".

the u.s. said no to all of them, and demanded a loosening of australian controls on drugs prices, local media content and quarantine, all previously ruled out by howard.

howard then gave in on just about everything to secure the deal. canada and other nations exempted culture policy from their deals - we didn't even do that! this from the man who blathers on about not giving away our sovereignty to foreigners on human rights, and has now stopped future governments from protecting local content in new media!

latham didn't have the guts to say no immediately - he would have been supported by australia's top economists had he done so - and begin fighting the case for australia by communicating with australians. now, he's doing a beazley. like beazley after tampa, he'll tell caucus today to fall into line or risk losing the election. latham is ushering in an era of australia as 51st state, except without voting rights. hurrah."

there's only one thing to do now: pressure the labor party into withdrawing support for the fta. join the greens or democrats and tell the bastards here and in the u.s.: no way, no how!

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