HIGH PERFORMANCE NIGHTSTICK SYSTEMS - From the most trusted name in safety flashers comes a series of versatile and upgradeable high performace night riding systems. Whether you're tackling a solo 24-hour race, commuting to work in the pre-dawn hours or just exploring the woods at night, Nighstick light systems allows you to dial in the power and run time you need, without adding a lot of extra weight or taking up space. Every Nightstick system is upgradeable, so you can reconfigure your lighting to meet your night riding needs, no matter what they are.

FLASHERS-The original flasher, and still the best there is. On any night you can see VistaLites in action---it's that red flashing light providing a beacon of safety for countless cyclists, runners, and even a dog or two. Weather-sealed and equipped with top-quality, long-life LED's and available separately or in a combo pack with our Road Toad headlight, VistaLite flashers bring maximum visibility and safety to people who keep going long after the sun goes down.

HEADLIGHTS AND COMBOS Road Toad headlights packs high-tech features and ample visibility in a AA-powered package, which makes it perfect for light commuting and dusk and dawn rides.

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