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Featured Videodiscovery Products

  Videodiscovery Digital Library
After 20 years of development the full potential of the Videodiscovery visual databases can be realized using Internet technology. Subscribers can login to the Videodiscovery Digital Library (VDL) database and conduct an interdisciplinary query across 30,000 records in 10 different subjects. For example, a search on the concept of wave produces dozens of examples from oceanography, geology and physics. Each photo, diagram or movie is accompanied with a title and annotation and can be easily incorporated into a customized mediashow that is saved on-line. Use the Digital Library for full class presentations, student research, or individual tutorials. It is content that makes school network technology truly worthwhile.

A Short Animated Overview of the Digital Library
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Free 30 day trial of the Digital Library
Subscribers login to the Digital Library
More Information and full animated tour of the Digital Library

  Arctic Connections CD-ROM
Arctic Connections is an exciting new CD-ROM that integrates life, earth and physical science in the setting of arctic tundra of northwestern Alaska. It is a collection of stories set in a science research station. The primary focus is on arctic physical and biological science with interactive simulations, quizzes and problem solving that require interactive participation to keep each story progressing.
NSF Grant ESI-9818837

  Health Science Sleuths CD-ROM series
The Health Science Sleuths CD-ROM series uses humorous health mysteries to engage students in process of problem solving and critical thinking. The mystery episodes are fictitious but introduce important health concepts and human biology. Each CD-ROM contains one complete episode that students solve by investigating clues and evaluating the evidence. Students can access video interviews, conduct medical tests, and examine photos, articles, charts, graphs, and much more. An on-line lab book makes it easy for students to record and print out their findings. When students have solved the mystery, they can take the health review to test what they have learned.

  Science Sleuths® Elementary CD-ROMs
Science Sleuths® Elementary is an engaging, problem-solving program that makes science fun. Humorous characters introduce science mysteries that students solve with clues found on the CD-ROM. Teachers and students control each episode by selecting different clues to build a logical case. Interviews, lab reports, articles, and photos are only some of the resources available to research each mystery. The problems are fictitious, but use real situations that incorporate life, earth, and physical science concepts.

  Understanding Earth CD-ROM
Understanding Earth is the first of 4 volumes in the Earth Science Series that includes The Water Planet, The Atmosphere, and The Universe. Understanding Earth offers thousands of images, nearly an hour of full-motion video and lesson plans to support geology and earth science courses. From explosive lava fountains to the microscopic composition of a crystal, Understanding Earth comprehensively covers all the subjects addressed in a yearlong course. Visual material from NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, and internationally recognized museums and photographers help make this program a truly unique view of the planet. Also included are mini-documentaries addressing Science-Technology-Society issues, and stunning aerial footage from the acclaimed America by Air series.
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