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Trapped by a Murderer's Hate

by   Alan Sanderson

Alan Sanderson

Dr. Alan Sanderson MB, BS, DPM, MRCP, MRCPsych.
I decided to become a psychiatrist quite early in my medical training because of a fascination with the hidden roots of human behaviour. This led me, after a conventional psychiatric training, to a long period of research into the relation between facial appearance and personality. It was not until 1990 that I returned, with great enthusiasm, to clinical practice, as a consultant in the National Health Service.
In 1992 I met a hypnotherapist who was doing spirit release. I was so impressed with his work with one of my patients that I decided to specialise in this area. I trained in hypnotherapy and spirit release therapy, which has become an important part of my therapeutic approach.

Since then I have used spirit release with many hundreds of patients.
In 1999 I founded the British Association for Spirit Release, now the Spirit Release Foundation, of which I am proud to be chair. I believe that spirit attachment is responsible for much illness and aberrant behaviour and that bringing this to the attention of the medical and complementary health professionals is of profound importance for the wellbeing of humanity.
I regard myself not as a pioneer in this field, but as a populariser. My aims are to promote health through increased awareness of spiritual processes in both living and dying, to make spirit release therapy more readily available and to develop the therapy further, so that it may be of greater use to sufferers from severe mental illness.

How does one link repeated infidelity, recurrent obscure physical symptoms and an insistent memory of dying from a bayonet wound as a boy lama during the Chinese invasion of Tibet? Pete, a 50-year-old civil servant with a good work record and an unusually satisfying marriage, experienced all of these. He also had the conviction that he was possessed by an entity that lived in his colon and was steadily taking over his life.

It was Pete's wife, Joan, who got in touch with me. Joan is a top level university administrator and a skilled hypnotherapist, whom I had met at a professional gathering. Her lengthy e-mail gave an insightful description of the problem.

A long period of fidelity had been broken 5 years before, since when there had been three affairs, each lasting several months, the last only just ended. All had featured a yearning for unity with the perfect mate, and each had ended in disappointment and contrition. For 10 years Pete had been plagued by all sorts of physical symptoms: debilitating indigestion and continuous retching, extremes of bowel movements, aching in the smaller limb joints, sudden extreme rises in skin temperature, rashes, flushes, allergies total "wipe-out" and energy loss, severe headaches and dizziness, almost narcoleptic behaviour, hallucinations, etc. Sometimes these had been so severe that he had been admitted to hospital, where he has had just about every test for physical conditions available on the NHS, all to no avail. The symptoms developed rather suddenly 9 months after his mother's death, at a time when he had been under great strain, teaching a Taoist meditation and studying for a university degree, but there had been vague sensations in the left side 10 years before the acute onset.

During hypnotherapy sessions with his wife and others, Pete had several times experienced what appeared to have been a past life, as a Tibetan lama in training, murdered as a boy of 12 by Chinese invaders. The night before Joan's e-mail, Pete had had "an intense experience of this entity overwhelming him and he was rendered almost incapable - he described it as like having a 'hole blown through his head' and he was virtually unable to speak or explain what had occurred."

Pete also wrote, "It's as if I have an alien presence living inside my body, a parasite of some indefinable kind. This thing lives in my descending colon. This is its lair. I can show you the exact place. It can be small or large. When it's really at rest it's about the size of a big marble. When it's fully active it penetrates and permeates my entire body, including my brain."

When Pete came, I found him to be quiet-spoken and reserved, given to thinking a good deal about esoteric matters. Since time was short and I knew what was required, we went straight to the induction. I took him on an imaginary journey into a cave, where he was filled with light. Pete described a dark, misty, triangular shape in the left abdominal area.

I asked, "If it could make a noise, what noise would it make?"

"I've heard this before, like a screaming, a constant, intense, raging scream."

And what words might come? "Hatred… A feeling of being trapped… Nothing I can do just now… I shouldn't be in here."

The entity, named Askinra, denied being part of Pete or ever having had a human body of its own.

"If you focus on yourself, what do you become aware of?"

"A dark flame."

"Askinra, what is your purpose, being here with Pete?"

"To cause pain."

Through this Askinra hopes to achieve release.

When encouraged to make contact with the higher self, Askinra hears angelic voices saying, "Come out."

Askinra says, "If I destroy him then I can be free."

Encouraged to look for a way out, Askinra says, "It's like a pathway… a pathway that goes up through the heart... up to the top of the head...into another place that's very different from this one... it's outside this reality."

I ask, "This other place, is this where you wish to be?"

"It's the place I'm trying to go, but I can't get there, I can't get through. Every time I try to get out I can't get through."

"At what point are you stopped, Askinra? Try and get through and tell me what your experience is."

"It's like a closed door, like something that's locked."

"Describe the closed door."

"It's round and white, like bone."

"Ask the closed door, 'What must I do, so that you will open for me?' "


"Askinra, are you telling me that you are able to die? You are an immortal spirit, Askinra, how can you die?"

"That's what the door is for; it's for the time of death."

"Askinra, tell me, how old was Pete when you joined him?"


"Askinra, go back to the time when you joined Pete. Go back to that time and tell me what is happening. What is happening that allows you to join Pete? Where is he and what is he doing?"


"Describe how he is dying. What is happening to him? How is it that he is dying?"

"He has been stabbed and I come in."

"Where is he being stabbed?"

"In the belly."

"This stab that he's receiving in the belly - is it in this in Pete's present life?"

"It's before. I come in with him. I come in at that time."

"And you remain with him ever since?"

"Yes. Then I come through into the next life."

"Askinra, what is the reason for your entering Pete at the time of the knife thrust into his belly? What causes you to enter Pete? Is this your wish, your intention?"

"No, I don't want to be there."

"So, before you enter Pete, where are you? Just be aware of your existence before you enter Pete at the time of the knife thrust."

"I'm around."

"You're around?"

"Around that place where he…"

"What causes you to choose? You don't do it intentionally, but this little boy, this twelve-year-old boy who's having this knife thrust, is somehow drawing you into him, isn't he?"

"It's the hatred, it seems to push me in or pull me in."

"You're hating this boy?"

"No, I don't."

"It's the hatred of the act of stabbing him?"

"Hm…That pulls me in."

"So it's not your hatred. It's other hatred from outside?"

"Hm. Hatred pushes me in there and fixes me in there."

"Just become aware of the source of the hatred that's pushing you in."

"It's from the person that's doing the stabbing."

"Describe the person who's doing the stabbing."

"He's a soldier, a young, Chinese soldier."

"Thank you Askinra."

"Pete, I'm speaking to you, now. You've been aware of everything that's happened, haven't you?"


"To what extent do you feel that Askinra is actually speaking through you? To what extent do you feel that you're initiating the conversation? Does it come as a surprise to you when you hear these words? Or how do they seem to be coming? Are they coming fluently, easily, without you having to…"

"Yeah, they're coming easily, but I keep thinking that it doesn't mean anything, that it can't lead to anything."

"Yeah. There's a lack of emotion attached to them. Are you feeling emotion when Askinra is speaking through you?"


"I think it would be desirable to speak to the soldier who is thrusting in the bayonet, the one who Askinra says is feeling the anger. Would that be all right with you, Pete?"


"I'm speaking now to the soldier who is stabbing Askinra. I'm speaking to the soldier who is putting the bayonet into this boy of twelve; who feels so much hatred. You, the soldier, what do you have to say? You can speak to me. You can speak. And you're feeling anger aren't you?" Etc.
"What do you say to the little boy?"

"You have to be destroyed!"

"And you hate this boy."

"I hate everything he stands for."

"Soldier, what is your name?"

"Chen Ling."

"Chen Ling, you killed this little boy. Do you feel good about that?"

"Not afterwards."

"How do you feel now, Chen Ling? How do you feel now you've done it?"

"I feel I've done something I can never undo."

He would like to undo it. I point out that his act had unforeseen consequences, both for the boy and for Askinra. He can now help by withdrawing his anger, which will release Askinra.

"You can go back to the moment when you stabbed that little boy. You can withdraw your anger and you can wish him well as he leaves the body."

Chen Ling agrees. I ask for angelic help to assist Chen Ling.

"Let me know when the anger has gone."

"The anger has gone, but I still have the regret."

"That is as it should be, Chen Ling. You have the regret, but you have withdrawn the anger. Now that the anger has been withdrawn, is there something you can give that little boy that will help him? That will surely help the regret to become less."

"I ought to be able to be there for him, to help him."

I point out that he is helping him by what he has done today. He can help by his love.

"Perhaps you can help by giving him something to symbolize that love, something that will bring healing for you and healing for him, healing for both of you."

"It's a pearl, a tiny pearl."

I applaud this.

"Pete, is there something you'd like to say to Chen Ling?"

"I don't know what to say."

"Well, what is your inclination, having been released from the hatred, having found that your aggressor deeply regrets what he did? Is there something you can say to him that will help him to feel better?"

Long pause.

"I don't know. He seems stuck."

Pete feels unable to forgive.

"If you could forgive him, what would you say?"

"I'd say, 'I understand why you did what you did.'"

"That's a step towards forgiveness."

"Chen Ling, what would you like this little boy to say to you or to do for you?"

"I'd like him to forgive me."

"Pete, would you like to be able to forgive Chen Ling?"


"Yes. That's something, Chen Ling, that Pete would like to be able to do, but he's not at the stage where he can do that yet. It's been very good to talk to you, Chen Ling, and we will talk again."

"Askinra, I'm talking to you now. Askinra, you've heard what has passed. The soldier has removed the hatred. How do you feel now, Askinra?"

"It's different now."

"Good. Now that the hatred has been removed, Askinra, try that white, circular door, the door that looks as if it's made of bone. Try it. Ask it to open for you."

The door opens. I ask him to continue along the road out of the door and report on what happens. It leads to a place of mountains and light. I call on spirit guides to accompany him. I have him check them out and go with them. The hand of the guide feels like a cool stream. The guide confirms three times that he is from the Light. Before leaving, Askinra removes any influence that he still has over Pete. There is a long pause. Askinra, when asked, says that Pete is holding onto him. Pete says he can feel changes occurring in his body, but he is not convinced. He doesn't trust the procedure, that it will be the case.

"I think you can only let it happen in the hope that that will be the case. I'm speaking to Pete's Higher Self. Higher Self, please give Pete whatever help he needs." Etc.

Pete reports that it feels good. Askinra is able to leave. He is asked if he wants to say a parting word.

"Sorry, I never meant to be there. Come and find me in the new place."

Pete: "Yes, I will come and find him."

"Askinra, you go with our love and blessing, and may your future path be straight and beautiful, in the Light."

Pete feels Askinra leave. He feels much lighter. He experienced some parting spasms in the area of the bayonet thrust. Healing spirits are called in to cleanse and heal the whole subtle energy system. Pete reports feeling good.

Note on the session The dialogue is as spoken, although the account is much shortened.

I saw Pete again a month later and he reported a great improvement. Here are the notes that I made:

Follow-up Summary at 5 weeks

When seen again a month later, Pete reported a great improvement. Here are the notes that I made:

Q. What was the experience of entity release like for you?
A. There was a dual consciousness throughout - a sceptical awareness. There was one part of me that was concerned with observing and analysing, while the part that wasn't concerned with analysing was just being carried away. Carried away in a direction that to the rational mind was very kind of fanciful, romantic, unrealistic, superstitious.

Q. Did you have expectations?
A. I don't think I did really. I know it exists, but that's all. The rest of me really was carried away by this thing. It was a funny mix of things. The Tibetan thing has always been very, very strong for me.

Q. Being killed by the bayonet?
A. That was a recent experience that I had through another hypnotherapy session, when we had regression and that experience came forward. One tends to dismiss it because, of course, everybody's had a previous life, haven't they?
The idea that there was some kind of nature spirit that somehow accidentally got caught up in the process and was really nothing to do with it, was like finding a £100 note in a tree or something, you know. The wind and the tree have no connection with the £100 note at all - they're from a different world.

Q. How do you feel it has affected you, doing this work? Are you aware of changes having occurred?
A. The vast majority of the physical symptoms have just disappeared, completely disappeared.

Q. Has it been gradually lessening?
A. No. It was from that moment. It was just as distinct as if you were carrying something and it weighed a certain amount and it had a certain texture and a certain feeling to it and that thing was removed from you. You would know. The texture and everything about it would not be there any more. It was exactly that kind of feeling, that there was some thing present there, which had certain characteristics and none of those characteristics are there any more.

Q. How about the extra-marital liaisons?
A. It's as if I had my own feelings back. The compulsion isn't there. There's no longer a sense of something making things happen.

    This statement is independently confirmed by Joan who finds Pete completely different in some ways. The marital relationship has benefited greatly.

Pete comments: "This thing has stood between me and a certain degree of clarity. With that thing out of the way, I'm free to think and feel and to be aware in ways that I wasn't before. I has made a huge difference."

Card from abroad, where husband and wife have taken up joint employment.
Wife writes: We really seem to have come through to a completely new phase, which continues to delight us both. Thanks again for everything.


The sudden cessation of physical symptoms from the session when the spirit was released is striking confirmation of the effectiveness of the treatment. So far as the marriage is concerned, there is nothing definite, although both partners feel there has been a deep change in Pete's emotional engagement. Certainly he is much happier. In this matter, of course, only time can tell.
Whether Askinra was a non-human entity as he maintained, is uncertain. It is quite common for earthbound entities to have no recollection of a physical existence, when first engaged, but later to recall one. Two unusual features are (1) the spirit attachment occurring at the time of death in a previous incarnation and (2) the way in which an apparently uninvolved spirit was drawn in by the violence of the attack on another person.
It is worth noting that when a spirit is trapped in another's body against its will, it may be necessary to call upon the spirit of a third person, in this case the Chinese soldier, to secure the release.



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