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Busy Buses - New DVD releases in the UK

On July 11th, Metrodome Video will release two BUSY BUSES DVDs - 'Sammy Wins The Day' and 'Sammy's Midnight Adventure'. Each DVD is competitively priced at just £5.99 and features 13 episodes from the series. BUSY BUSES will be on sale in HMV, Virgin, MVC, Woolworths and Borders, and will also be available online from Amazon, and Silverscreen. The third volume, 'Sammy in the Snow', will be released in October.



Crystal Maze - New SWP kit from JPM

Following the launch of their CRYSTAL MAZE SWP (Skill with Prizes) coin-operated machine in January, JPM International have now released CRYSTAL MAZE kits for existing IT Box and Gamesnet pub machines.

In both versions of the game, charismatic presenter Richard O’Brien guides players through 41 exciting challenges to reach the Crystal Dome at the end.




Busy Buses Japan  

Busy Buses on TV

Throughout July 2005 a double bill of BUSY BUSES will air every week day at 07.20.