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2005 Conference Presentations and Papers
Windows Driver Foundation - WDF

Interrupt Architecture Enhancements in Windows

Updated: August 13, 2004

Interrupt Architecture Enhancements in Windows

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Updated: Aug 11, 2004

Microsoft has made several enhancements to the interrupt architecture of the next release of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system, code-named "Longhorn." This paper provides an overview of those enhancements. Also included is programming information to allow driver developers to use these enhancements to create products for Windows Longhorn.

Included in this white paper:

New Interface for Connecting to Interrupts

- Using The CONNECT_LINE_BASED Version of IoConnectInterruptEx
- Using The CONNECT_MESSAGE_BASED Version of IoConnectInterruptEx
- Using the CONNECT_FULLY_SPECIFIED Version of IoConnectInterruptEx
- Using IoConnectInterruptEx on Legacy Systems

Message-Signaled Interrupts

- Message-Signaled Interrupts: The Basics
- Advantages of Using Message-Signaled Interrupts
- Introduction to Supporting Message-Signaled Interrupts
- Supporting Message-Signaled Interrupts in the Driver
- Best Practices for Supporting Message-Signaled Interrupts

Interrupt Affinity

New Interrupt Registry Parameters in Longhorn






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