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We specialize in tools for changing consciousness.

Our products use the same technology that professionals of medicine & psychology have in their practice. But our affordable and easy to use machines allow anyone to experience them at home - and our light & sound machines are even portable enough for a quick refresher while travelling.

We invite you to explore our light & sound mind machines and biofeedback technology!

Light & Sound Mind Machines

Mind Machines can change your mind state. Your brainwaves shift and follow certain patterns as you perceive them. Our machines gently shift your brainwaves where you want them by stimulating your senses with beautiful patterns of light & sound.

Brainwave frequencies are linked to mind state and mood. When light & sound Mind Machines entrain your brainwaves into the states where meditation, dreaming, or concentration take place - you experience and feel them.

And to top it all off, while your eyes are closed you see the most extraordinary kaleidoscopic patterns of color and geometry.


Biofeedback Technology

Biofeedback teaches you to alter your brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and other bodily functions by allowing you to see, hear or feel them directly.

What you learn during a biofeedback session stays with you throughout your day. The knowledge you gain becomes second nature when multiple sessions allow you to train new positive habits. And... It's FUN!

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