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Updated: 9th of May 2004

Added Shells, Underneath, Origin and Time Bomb.

Quite a lot has happened in the last 4 games that’s worthy of note.

Angel has seen an impressive run. Getting 3 Centuries (scores of 100 or more) in a row, this is the first time he has achieved such a feat (though Buffy has netted ten straight centuries before). More impressive though is Angel’s total score which at 1634 lines, is already 9 lines more than his past personal best in a season. A conservative estimate would see Angel net 1,850 lines.

Wesley’s meanwhile has seen an increase in form of late that has raised him from 4th to 2nd in just 4 games. He has set his best ever form between A Hole in the World and Time Bomb, with 291 lines scored in 5 games. Additionally he has only failed to win a medal once since Smile Time,  nearly doubling his medal tally to 11. Wes currently has a score of 812. His personal best in a season is 892 (Season 2), it’ll be close but Wes should beat this.

Spike’s form has tapered off somewhat. Although well ahead of his early Buffy Season 7 form, it is much lower than at the start of the season, indeed he has won only two medals in the back half of the season so far (compared to 5, in the first half), though silver is a certainty for the Girl in Question. Never-the-less Spike like Angel has already bested his personal best season score (711 lines for Buffy Season 6), taking an impressive 795 lines, a conservative estimate taking into account his presence in the already aired The Girl in Question, should see him yield at least 900 lines for the season, which will leave the race between Wes and Spike for second a very narrow call

Fred’s dead baby, Fred’s dead. So not much happening for her, still despite the set back she has managed to grab 4 lines in 2 games, through flash back and dreams, and is still sitting in fourth with a score of 614, which will make this her worst season since season 2. It is doubtful she’ll hold on to her position in fourth, and will likely end up in fifth, baring resurrection, and for the record Illyria’s impersonation of Fred counts as Illyria.

Gunn continues to have a difficult season, his highest score coming from Time Bomb at just 47, last season he averaged 40.86 lines per episode so its fair to say that Gunn is performing, and continues to perform way under par. His current score of 550 should be great enough to catch Fred and make fourth, and although matching Season 3’s 738  and season 4’s 899 is out of the question, Gunn will at least beat season 2’s 588.

Harmony became a regular, and immediately dropped off in form, In Shells (her last episode as a non regular) she scored 27, in the three episodes since becoming a regular she has scored a total of 20. With this kind of form it is easy to see how Lorne could catch her for 6th. Still a score so far of 298 lines means that she has already scored 60 lines more than she did in her ENTIRE Buffy carear (236 lines). If she nets 14 more lines (and with this form that is an If), over 50% of Harmony’s Career score will have come from this season (She scored 75 in the Angel season 2 ‘sode Disharmony.

Lorne’s form continued in the doldrums, though interestingly his 22 for Underneath, is his second highest score of the season. His current score of 271 lines makes it possible that this will be his worst season ever, he needs 41 lines to catch Season 3’s 312. Now that’s only 14 lines per episode average, but Lorne has only scored 14 or more lines in an episode seven times this season. Can he do it???

Finally new regular and character Illyria continues to climb the table, she has already reached 153 lines and Ninth, displacing Lindsey, Knox, and Cordy along the way. If she continues this style of scoring, a final tally of close to 250-280 looks likely, which should see her finish in Eighth.

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Updated: 14th of March 2004

Apologies for the humungous delay, software issues I’m afraid prevented me from updating. I’m still way behind, but in order to keep you updated on all the Line League fun I’m putting the results up for Why We Fight, Smile Time and A Hole in the World, and the results and write up for the 100th episode, your Welcome. Shells transcript is presently not available.

In other and arguably more important news, Angel’s fifth season will be its last. The WB announced the decision Friday the 13th of February 2004.

Updated: 2nd of February 2004

Added Soul Purpose and Damage

Updated: 21st of January 2004

The first results are in and up, and the standings updated. Also updated are the character profiles for Buffy, Cordy, Faith, Fred, Gunn, Harmony, Lorne, Spike, Wes and Willow, have all also been updated (some just by the matter of a placement). These are updated to Destiny rather than Harm’s Way.


Updated: 28th of December 2003

Happy New Year. Here’s a late Christmas pressie, Character profiles for Jenny, Kate, Lindsey, Snyder, and in addition Writers Leagues for the current Angel staff. Since they are for the current Angel writers, they are written from the perspective of them being Angel writers rather than ex-Buffy writers (where such a definition applies). Buffy episodes are looked at, but only when relevant to Angel the Series. I will add more details about their Buffy style at a latter date, as well as gone but not forgotten writers. Updating the current profiles is ongoing, and I hope to have these done before Harm’s way airs on the 14th of January 2004, Angel’s is completed and updated with all the results up to Destiny, but also to incorporate an error spotted by BB (much thanks) in Angel’s Becoming Part 1 score. Essentially it seems I only included his lines as Angelus, forgetting to check for ‘Angel’ and ‘Liam’. Season 2 has thus also been updated (and the Buffy top 50). Also updated is the Angel and Jossverse top 50 (again up to Destiny)


Updated: 28th of November 2003

Sorry for the delay. The transcripts were later than usual, and then England went and won the world cup (sorry had to throw that in there, bad luck Oz J). Lineage and Destiny are now up and the standings updated. It looks like their may not be a new Angel till the new year, and its possible that episode 9 will air in January, with episodes 10 through to 13 not airing till Febuary. So they’ll be no new games for a while. However there will be some updates. For a start all the current Angel charcters need updating, as a number of them have scored some new records. Whilst 5 additional characters will be added (Snyder, Jenny, Warren, Kate and Lindsey). Hopefully I’ll also finally be able to get the writers profiles up. I’m going to get rid of the forecasts, simply due to my lack of accuracy, and the fact that I havnt had the time to update it as spoilers have come out.

Updated: 10th of November 2003

Added Life of the Party and The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco, plus the League is updated.

Updated: 2nd of November 2003

Apologies for the delay, a couple of issues with the FTP thingy prevented me updating sooner, its sorted now. Life of the Party transcript is still not available, will get this up as soon as I find one (or within a few days)

Updated: 19th of October 2003

Added Unleashed and updated the table.

Updated: 12th of October 2003

Results of game 2 are in, and there’s certainly some interesting results from the game. In addition the Season 5 table is now available, and the Forecasts have been updated. Finally I have provided a link to FreeKresge’s site. He has compared the quantity of the number of lines a character had in an episode, verses the polled quality of that episode, and extrapolated results as to how the presence of these characters effected the quality of an episode. The results are certainly an interesting read, though of course your mileage may vary.


Updated: 8th of October 2003

The season has started, and the first result is in. Conviction, game one of the 2003/2004 season is now up. I had been hoping to have it up Sunday, but have been too busy. In general however look for the game results on the Sunday evening after the episode aired. Also up finally are the character cards for the remaining players. The next update will be for Just Rewards, though the Season 5 forecasts also needs updating

Updated: 27th of September 2003

The New season is nearly upon us, and I was hoping to have the site fully up and running, but it looks like we’re lagging behind somewhat, and as the guest book testifies there’s still a few errors, I’ve set Northern Monkey to work on sorting these out, so hopefully they’ll be less problems soon. In the mean time and to look forward to the new season, the Season 5 Forecasts are back up, and vastly updated (Warning that section contains spoilers), and to look back the Buffy Season 7 reviews are also updated and back up (See Season 7 – Results). The next update should see the remaining characters finally get the character cards they deserve, and hopefully we’ll have the results of the first game of the season.


Updated: 15th of September 2003

Added character details for Drusilla, Harmony, Jonathan and Lilah. Also added the top 50 for Angel the Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the two shows combined (the Jossverse). I had planned to contain a listing for all the characters, but such files were too large to realistically put online. There’s a few errors from the previous character updates, that were spotted by Raidri (much thanks), I’ve fixed some of them but others are proving problematic to identify. There is a chance of other errors, so if you spot any please point them out to me in the guest book.


Updated: 7th of September 2003

Finally updated the Character cards (except Andrew), after the change in the definition of what a qualifying character is, including the Angel data. I still have the individual games to update (I’ve taken them down till their done), the overall series leagues(ditto), and the Season 5 Forecast also needs updating(and ditto). I’ve also added 8 brand spanking new character profiles, for Buffy, Darla, Dawn, Fred, Gunn, Joyce, Lorne and Wes, and will be adding others shortly (including putting Andrew back up).


Updated: 26th August 2003

I’ve re-evaluated the definition of what a qualifying character is. This is due to FreeKresge coming up with a way for me to measure one-off guest stars who win medals, namely count those characters who appeared in one episode played by guest stars, but exclude those played by co-stars (there is far too many of these). The necessity for this is that there were several characters who actually had more lines than medal winning characters, but they were not being counted due to only appearing in one episode, which is unfair to both the character who should have won the medal, and to the character that did. Actors credited as guest star, and not co-star either have a much larger role in the episode than a typical co-star, or the actor portraying them has more acting experience. So this should include every incidence of a character who scored high enough to win a medal. The only time this new rule has been ignored is when the actor could not successfully be identified with a character. Which has happened in less than 10 instances.

All this changing of the rules means every page needs updating and is in the process of being updated. However its taking longer than I thought, so I’m updating the Buffy and Angel Seasons now, the character profiles will follow shortly. But some of the info on this site will be incorrect for the next week or so.

Finally I have included Angel Season 4 in the update. I have faced enormous difficulties in judging how to measure Cordy and Jasmine, which is explained ion the page. If you feel my decision is incorrect, I am open to changing my mind, so please place any comments or opinions (about this or anything else) in the guest book.


Updated: 7th August 2003

Added Angel Season 3, and added forecasting upcoming games results (how well characters will do in unaired episodes). The section contains Spoilers for Angel season 5. Apologies for the delay, I’ve been on vacation, Buffy and the rest of the Summers family character cards will be in the next update. There is also the characters Mrs Harris and The Lunchlady who need to be added to the Buffy tables, they will also be in the next updates

Updated: 18th July 2003

Updated the character cards, and added Angel, Spike and Riley. Also added Angel Season 2. Next update will focus on the Summers family Buffy, Dawn and Joyce, and I’ll also add Angel Season 3.

Updated: 14th July 2003

Updated the Buffy Season results with some new and funky graphics (also known as I just realised I don’t have to program everything myself, and can just use MS Word), and more importantly updated to add new characters (thanks to Celebithil for spotting those), and correct an error in Giles’ Welcome to the Hellmouth score which was originally credited as 20 lines and is in fact 50 lines and the silver medal (again thanks to Celebithil for spotting that), the error is most likely caused by a typo. The result of this change is that Giles came second, not third in season one. It also means that Giles, Xander and Willow’s (who was originally credited with the silver) character cards need updating. They will be done soon. The Complete Line League (every qualifying characters performance throughout the series) can now be found on a separate page.

Updated: 9th July 2003

Added Angel The Series Season One League and more detailed information on Willow, Tara and Oz. Next update will include more information on Buffy's Blokes Angel, Spike and Riley. Writers Line League will be also be coming shortly

Updated: 29th June 2003

Added more detailed information on Giles, Anya and Andrew. Next update will include more information on Willow, Tara and Oz. Writers Line League will be coming shortly and Angel the series lineleague will be coming before the start of the new season.

Updated: 22nd June 2003

Added more detailed information on Xander, Cordelia and Faith. Next update will include more information on Giles, Anya and Andrew. The top ranked 15 will each get their own page. Also coming soon individual ME writers Line Leagues. Look out for further updates.




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Frequently Asked questions

What is This Crap?

The Line League is a tallying of the total number of lines characters have in Buffy the vampire slayer. Initially it was focused on 10 characters in season 7. Now it is a lot more inclusive. Any character to appear in 2 or more episodes and spoke was included in the analysis, as was any character portrayed by a guest star (as opposed to co-star), provided said character could be identified from the actor (scenes are sometimes cut, and actors credited). If you realise that I’ve made a mistake and left out a character that appeared in 2 or more episodes either in a season, or the series as a whole, please let me know. Remember the character must speak at least once during the series, so Noodles (the Ubervamp) doesn’t qualify.

How Can I Let You Know If I Spot Something

There’s a guest book at the bottom, please post your queries here and I’ll try to answer them as soon as I can.

Why are you doing this?

The Line League grew out of a dispute between me and a Willow fan over whether BtVS was now the Anya Show. Finding the arguments presented laughable (given that Anya had missed 2 out of the first 7 episodes of season 7 (and has now missed 3), I attempted to show the arguments were flawed, by showing just how little Anya actually got, Lines were chosen not only for simplicity (A simple program was written to count the number of lines in a transcript), but also due to it being one of the main arguments of said Willow fan. The Line League's first post (a count of the number of lines of 9 charcaters and the Potentials, during the first 8 episodes of season 7) took place at the Cross&Stake, where it was well received. Having used the data obtained make my point I was encouraged to continue collecting the data. However after episode 15 I felt that the big picture could not be seen by focussing solely on one season and 10 characters, so the Line League was expanded to encompass all characters who appeared in two or more episodes, and all seasons. This entire study took approximately 10 to 12 hours for Buffy, the website has taken a lot longer, and since its launch Angel results have been added, and additional characters added for those characters portrayed by a guest star (as opposed to a  co-star), due to the fact that several episodes had seen characters win medals when guest stars had been more focused on.

What exactly is a line?

A Line is a section of dialogue that a character has, in general before another character speaks, or there is a long pause or action sequence. Action sequences arn’t only fight scenes, things such as taking off a coat, entering a new room, standing up etc, can also count. It is however defined exactly how it appears in a popular Buffy transcript site. I do not decide what is and is not a line, I have tried to keep my subjective decision making out of this entire project where possible.

What exactly is a character, is Liam a separate character from Angel and Angelus?

This is a difficult call. However unsouled vampires, souled vampires and the human they once were are all the same character. Aud, Anya and Anyanka are also the same character. Buffy and the Buffybot are not the same character. Willow and vamp Willow from the Alternative Universe are the same character. Willow and Willow/Warren are the same character, but Willow/Warren is not Warren. The Uber Buffy in primeval is Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles. In Season 4 of Angel Cordy is only Cordy in episodes one to seven, and also through dream in Awakening, the story arc of season 4 makes quite clear that Charisma Carpenters character is the Beasts master, Inside Out makes it quite clear that the beasts master is Jasmine. Thus from the moment Lorne’s memory spell takes effect on Cordy, Charisma Carpenter is playing Jasmine until Inside Out (except in the dream segments of Awakening). A Character is also only counted as appearing if they are conscious (so Coma Cordy doesn’t count). This is a very difficult call, and judgements have been made on a case by case analysis. I reserve the right to amend this decision.

What does this prove, its seems like a sad exercise to me

This is just Raw Data, all that it proves with certain is the number of lines a character had (which is what it set out to do). Conclusions can be made based on the data, but they will be open to interpretation. If anything I think it proves that screen time is not that important to a characters overall story. Quality is not something that can be measured.

What Crazy Ass Stuff Counts As A Line?

Lines that occur in dreams, telepathy, fantasies and flashbacks, even to a point earlier in the episode all count. Fantasies also count this is a decision I have had to make due to not only Storyteller but episodes such as Normal Again and The Weight of The World and to a certain extent even Nightmares. Flashbacks themselves can be subjective due to the character telling the story, and at some point they become a fantasy of the storyteller. Rather than work out what this point is I have decided to include all fantasies, since there is also the issue of fantasies and dreams only being separated by sleep.

What about stock footage, I noticed Buffy is credited with appearing in Just Rewards, but Joyce is not credited in her stock footage for Him?

This was actually a difficult decision. Since stock footage Buffy actually spoke, she impacted on the episode, and that time could have been used for lines of other characters. Therefore it counts as an appearance. However counting every use of Stock footage could and would result in a lot of characters appearing with in an episode with no lines at all, simply because they were in the background of some stock footage. This mucks up their results (averages for example), and since they don’t speak they aren’t impacting on the episode, and with the vast number of characters Buffy and Angel have had, 5 year old stock footage has a lot of characters who are no longer part of the show. Therefore Stock footage only counts for the participants who speak a credited line.

What is this Gold, Silver, Bronze, crap? Why cant you just say what you mean?

A Gold episode for a character is when a character had the most lines in an episode, Silver is when a character had the second most lines in an episode, Bronze is when a character had the third most lines in an episode. Simple. Played means the number of episodes in which said character appeared. The Line League is a tournament every game needs a winner.




Line League

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