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November 9, 2000



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 ForMen > stories > Weird Wild Web: Off the Hook

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Weird Wild Web: Off the Hook

Unravel the secret mysteries of your phone number and your name.

November 9, 2000

Are you easily distracted, like me? Then you’d probably better not look at today’s Weird Wild Websites. I’ve found two sites that are practically guaranteed to suck up precious minutes, if not hours, of your life. Firstly, have you ever been jealous of friends who were somehow able to transform their telephone numbers into clever words or phrases using the letters on the phone keypad? I know I have. But this is a time-consuming project.

Well, you no longer have to spend hours fretting over your telephone number, because Phonespell will come up with words and phrases for you. Just plug your phone number into the blank, and you’ll be presented with a variety of possibilities. Unfortunately, most phone numbers convert into random words that make no logical sense when put together. That’s what happened to my number, so I decided to turn to a more fruitful form of time-wastage: The Internet Anagram Server.

Some say that an anagram formed from the letters in your name will reveal your ultimate destiny. So I plugged my first and last name into the form and hit the submit button to receive a lengthy list of anagrams. Apparently there are Arabs in my future, because two of the results were A ARAB SIGH and I SHAG ARAB. Now that’s just weird. A little more confusing was the anagram AHA SIR BAG; god only knows what that means.

Things only became more confusing when I decided to throw my middle name into the fray: I got results such as AHA JIM IS ARAB GAL, MALARIA ABASH JIG, and LABIA SHAG AIR JAM. I think the last one’s my favorite. I sure hope none of these mean anything. Well, except maybe BAHAMA LAIR AS JIG; I could use a lair in the Bahamas.

Rikki don’t lose that number.

Hi, my name is…

--Sarah Baig does have real work to do…just as soon as she’s done plugging all her friends’ names into the Anagram Server.

Weird Wild Web Archive

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