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The Scout Movement in Kazakhstan was founded in 1991 after the fall of communism. The first Scout Troops were organized in 1991 by Victor Deimund and Oleg Mozheiko. Later that year, Scout troops were organized in many towns and districts in Kazakhstan. The official founding date of the OSMK is 1992.

In 1993, the first training courses was held to train scout leaders. Later in the summer, the first All-Republic Camp (National Jamboree) was held at the National camp, Jasybay.

in 1994, the first handbook, "Scouting For Everybody" was published and distributed. The representatives of Kazakhstan took part in the informational meeting on Scouting of the former Soviet Union. This meeting was held in the Crimea and hosted by the World Scouting Committee.

In 1995, a small delegation of the Scouts of Kazakhstan participated in the 18th World Jamboree in the Netherlands. There is an exchange program with the German Scout Association, BdP. The BdP provides the OSMK with financial assistance and with organizational support.

Today, there are many Scout groups in in the different regions and cities. There are 1,300 registered members of OSMK.

The fundamental principles of Scouting in Kazakhstan are adherence to spiritual values, loyalty to the country, the practice of the Scout Oath and Law, voluntary participation in community service and various program activities.

Scouting in Kazakhstan is for all boys and girls of all religions and ethnic background. Scouts take part in a variety of activities. They help handicapped children, they clean up public areas and teach children first aid and other outdoor skills. They are active in the environment and nature conservation. All of these activities based on the Scouting principles, are aimed to provide growth in moral strength and character, to enhance the development of physical, mental and emotional fitness.

General Information About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located in the middle of Asia. Kazakhstan borders Russia, China, Kirgiziya, Usbekistan and Turkmenistan. In 1993, the population was 17,000,000 people. Kazakhstan is a unique state with its multi-ethnic structure. There are more than 100 nationalities represented in Kazakhstan.

Program Sections:

 Junior Scouts- ages 7 to 10

 Scouts- ages 11 to 15

 Senior Scouts- ages 16 to 18

 Scout leaders are over 18.

Scout Motto:

Dayyin Bol……….Be Prepared

Scout Oath:

On my honour I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and the Motherland, to help other people and to obey the Scout Law.

Scout Law:

 A Scout is devoted to the Motherland.

 A Scout is honest and truthful.

 A Scout's duty is to help others.

 A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout.

 A Scout is courteous.

 A Scout is a friend to nature.

 A Scout obeys orders of his parents and leaders without question.

 A Scout is thrifty and he respects others property.

 A Scout smiles and never gives up.

 A Scout is diligent and persevering.

 A Scout is restrained.

 A Scout is clean in thought, word and deed.

Information provided by the International Commissioner, Oleg Mozheiko.

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 Last updated on November 4, 1999