Thurbal, Captain-of-Arms and Warden of Shadowdale


� � � Re. Thurbal: owner of 2 potions of healing and a dagger +1 (carefully stored away), plus a mace +1 (carried everywhere, in the company of a normal longsword and dagger; he also used a battleaxe in prepared-for-battle-against-the-latest-Zhent-attack situations).

� � � Thurbal is a broad-shouldered, fiftyish, burly man with a hairy, burly, muscular body. Taking off his helm is his idea of undressing for the night. Which is to say, he was almost never seen outside of his plate armor. Tireless, alert, and diligent, he's famous for anticipating when guards were about to fall asleep or ahem, discover ladies when they were supposed to be on duty...and of dropping in on them to forestall such lapses. Children in Shadowdale see Thurbal as kindly and even playful; mothers trust their daughters alone with him overnight (and rightly, not mistakenly, so).

� � � Thurbal has a weathered face, a large nose, two long, drooping white moustaches, and white-to-gray hair. He's going bald on top, and has steel-gray eyes (a trifle green when he's really angry), which he uses to level very hard stares at people. He once stood alone in the Voonlar Road against a mounted Zhentilar warrior galloping at him with a lance...and lived (the Zhent died, and Thurbal didn't even allow the horse to enter the dale!).

� � � Mourngrym calls him "a good man...perhaps the best man in Shadowdale, bar none." When told about that comment, Thurbal laughed and shook his head, replying, "No...Storm Silverhand's the best man in Shadowdale. Trust me in this, and ask me no more about it."


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