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MK Shaolin Monks

  Background Concepts
  The Fall of Shinnok
  The Fall Of Edenia
  The Rise of Shinnok in the Netherealm
  The Mortal Kombat Tournament
  The Rise and Fall of Shang Tsung
  The Lin Kuei Klan
  The Ninja
  The Reign Of Terror
  Earth's Last Chance
  Free Roaming Sorcerers Bargain
  Scorpion and Sub-Zero
  Earth's Chosen Warriors
  Slow Boat to Mortal Kombat
  The Elusive Reptile
  The Kombat Begins
  The Fall of Goro
  Life After Kombat
  Kahn Prepares His Forces
  A Rebellion Prepares For The Invasion
  The Forces of Outworld Built
  The Invasion
  The Remaining Survivors
  The Beginning of the End
  The Aftermath
  The War of the Heavens
  The New Defenders of the Realm
  The Battle of Good and Evil

Background Concepts
-Reality consists of many plains
-Free Roaming Sorcerers are able to travel the plains of reality without the detection of their gods
-In the heavens exist the elder gods, the true rulers of all realms; watching as worlds are created and destroyed, governing them with eons of untold wisdom
-In the living planet called the earth, there are many gods; most exist quietly without interfering with the everyday lives of the earth's inhabitants, others are appointed by their elders to perform certain tasks.
-A dead world called the Netherealm is used to keep unwanted spirits, it has been interpreted in many ways and referred to by many names by the inhabitants of earth, including Hell, Hades, Gehenna, and Pluto... It has had many rulers in the course of its existence, most born within its fiery pits, eventually overthrowing their masters mercilessly.

The Fall of Shinnok
-After the earth realm was formed, the elder god Shinnok gave in to greed and false illusions of power; he decided to take the earth for himself, to rule over it with unmatched power
-in order to enter the earth realm without the intervention of the other elder gods, he created a sacred amulet that could only be created once...
-upon entering the earth realm, Shinnok was faced by a young god who was appointed to defend the realm -- Raiden, god of thunder -destructive battles raged between Shinnok and Raiden, plunging the planet into centuries of darkness
-Raiden rose victorious... with the help of the true elder gods, he banished Shinnok into the Netherealm.

-After the great darkness that covered the land, humans were called together to create a massive temple in the Himalayan Mountains, it was to house the sacred amulet and keep it from falling into the wrong hands
-Raiden appointed four guards to protect the amulet, each representing one of the four elements that make up the earth realm: Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire
-known by many names, these are the four elemental gods who are necessary in balancing the earth's forces but can be extremely destructive to the earth's inhabitants...

-So long as the Amulet remains in the earth realm, out of Shinnok's reach, Shinnok would be trapped in his confines in the Netherealm
-Over the centuries, the stories and legends that were passed on from generation to generation, eventually died in man's unrecorded prehistory; these events were undocumented other than a single map, the Sacred Map of Elements
-this map tells of the great battle between Shinnok and Raiden and shows the way to the massive temple in the Himalayas

Shinnok Suffers in The Netherealm

-When the fallen elder god Shinnok arrived in the Netherealm, it was ruled by Lucifer
-the dregs of hell tortured and tormented Shinnok for thousands of years...

The Fall Of Edenia
-A civilized realm known as Edenia was once a living planet simular to the earth, it was ruled by King Jerrod and Queen Sindel
-Edenia used a fighting tournament to defend itself against invaders
-The dark emporer known as Shao Kahn managed to successfully invade Edenia and take the life of Jerrod, just shortly after the birth of Princess Kitana
-Kahn then sapped the realm's energies, causing Edenia to become a large wasteland known as The Outworld
-he took Sindel as his queen and Kitana as his step-daughter, the realm would remain in this condition until Kahn's reign over it would end...

-The thought of serving Shao Kahn eventually drove Queen Sindel to madness, she committed suicide at a young age
-Kahn was enraged by this, he withheld her soul from moving on to a higher existence and used it as a token for his victory over Jarrod, as well as a constant reminder of his power to Princess Kitana

-Over the years, Princess Kitana was trained as a personal assassin for Shao Kahn, working alongside her friend, Jade
-Another of the many assassins trained to serve Shao Kahn was Rain, the son of a general in Edenia's army who was killed by Kahn during his invasion

-Shao Kahn's next target was the realm of earth...
The Rise of Shinnok in the Netherealm
-Later in the millenia, a free roaming sorcerer named Quan Chi approached Shinnok, aware of his suffering for those thousands of years in the Netherealm
-Quan Chi agreed that he would free Shinnok from his confines and assist him in defeating Lucifer, in exchange for power and the position to rule at Shinnok's side when he escapes the Netherealm entirely
-The two waged a war against Lucifer and his monions, it lasted for centuries following

-Eventually, it came to an end as Shinnok viciously slewed Lucifer and took his seat as the new ruler
-but unlike the Outworld, the Netherealm has never been a living planet -- Shinnok had nothing to rule over but a desolate wasteland of fire and brimstone, inhabited by grotesque demons
-so he decided to create a physical world, he transformed the demons into as human a form as possible, and tried his best to emulate the realm he wanted so badly : earth... but the Netherealm was and always will be a dead world, only with its true form being hidden by its new ruler.

-Shinnok gave Quan Chi the position of arch-sorcerer to rule at his side in the now-expanded Netherealm, for freeing him and helping defeat Lucifer's forces
-if Shinnok could escape from the Netherealm entirely, they could rule over a much larger territory, but the only way that could happen is if Shinnok regained possession of the amulet
-Quan Chi went on to spend centuries making attempts at aquiring the Map of Elements, with one failure after another

-The Shaolin temples discovered the sacred Map of Elements and kept it hidden within their temples in China
-only a select few knew of the map's existence and the story it told, including a Shaolin monk named Kung Lao

The Mortal Kombat Tournament
-Soon after Shao Kahn's takeover of the Outworld, an order of the wisest men in the far east received visions of the dark emporer -In order to prevent such an invasion on the earth, they created their own tournament
-this tournament was known as Mortal Kombat, hosted by the Shaolin temples -- warriors from around the world are invited to compete in it, once a generation
-if Outworld warriors win 10 tournaments in a row, Shao Kahn would be allowed to enter the earth and do with it as he pleases.
The Rise and Fall of Shang Tsung
-Shang Tsung, an earth-born servant of Shao Kahn, soon gained the championship of Mortal Kombat
-in order to please Kahn, he not only took the lives of his opponents, but their souls as well

-After repeated victories in the tournaments to follow, Tsung became over confident
-before reaching ten victories, Tsung's over confidence proved to be his un-doing as he was defeated by Kung Lao, representing the Shaolin temples.

The Lin Kuei Klan
-For centuries, in the north eastern parts of China existed a secret clan of assassins and thieves known as The Lin Kuei, thriving on the evil intentions of those who would pay for their services
-its warriors are humans with special skills and abilities, chosen at birth to be raised apart from the workings of day to day civilization, stripped of their former lives and only the clan knows of their existence
-their abilities are passed on from generation to generation and honed throughout the experiences in their lives

-A fourth generation Lin Kuei warrior, known by the name of Sub-Zero, made himself a life in America, as a cover for his true identity and purpose
-he had a wife, with 2 sons and a daughter... his wife wanted a normal life for her sons, so she tried in vein to hide her sons from their father

-Eventually, the two sons were found and their father returned with them to China; their mother and sister were never seen or heard from again
-the older son would soon inherit the name of Sub-Zero

The Ninja
-During Japan's feudal period, a renegade Japanese-born Lin Kuei warrior named Takeda returned to his homeland and offerred his services to various lords and generals; many of his skills and techniques were soon copied and learned throughout Japan, eventually "evolving" into the art of Ninjitsu -unlike the Lin Kuei, the art of Ninjitsu involves the use of weapons and magics that can be mastered by any human with enough practice
-The ninja never existed as a single collected clan, but rather worked as a loosely connected spy network made up of several small clans; the first ninja clan was the Shirai Ryu, founded by Takeda himself, making them instant foes of the Lin Kuei and Takeda a target for assassination.

The Reign Of Terror
-Soon came the mysterious death of one of the three Mortal Kombat tournament masters
-Shang Tsung returned, prematurely aged and weakened for his previous failure, and brought the half-human dragon, Goro, a member of the Shokan (a race of four-armed creatures from the Outworld) along with him... together, they were to unbalance the furies and tip the scales of order toward chaos

-In a brutal battle, Goro defeated Kung Lao and became the new Mortal Kombat champion
-Shang Tsung took Lao's soul, retaining the former-champion's thoughts and memories, he took control of the Mortal Kombat tournament; it was the beginning an era that alienated the Shaolin from their own tournament...

Earth's Last Chance
-Goro retained his title for nine generations, leaving the earth one last opportunity to defend itself against an Outworld invasion
-all it needed was one earth warrior who could defeat Goro and break the Outworld's streak...

Free Roaming Sorcerers Bargain
-Shang Tsung discovered the location of the sacred Map of Elements through Kung Lao's thoughts and memories
-Shao Kahn made him a free roaming sorcerer for devising a plan that could almost assure the Outworld's success

-About ten years before the time of the new tournament, Shang Tsung struck a deal with Quan Chi: in exchange for the location of the map, Shinnok was to take Sindel's soul, taint it with evil, and reincarnate it on the Earth realm itself
-it would take over a decade for Shinnok to accomplish this, giving Shao Kahn the ability step through the dimensional gates between the earth and Outworld in order to reclaim his queen
-so Kahn could overtake the Earth, and bar Raiden and the Elder Gods from intervening, whether Goro wins his 10th victory or not in Mortal Kombat...

Scorpion and Sub-Zero
-What Shang Tsung failed to tell Quan Chi was the fact that the amulet was being guarded by the four elemental gods
-the mere existence of these guards made it impossible for Quan Chi to enter the temple where the amulet rests, but if he could get a human to enter, one who could perhaps defeat the elements...

-the fifth Sub-Zero (the older of the 4th's two sons) learned of his abilities as a young adult -- the ability to harness the element of cold -the Lin Kuei's Grandmasters knew his skills had the ability to develop much faster than those of other Lin Kuei clan members

-among his first missions as a Lin Kuei warrior, Sub-Zero was to steal the sacred Map of Elements from the Shaolin Temples in the heart of China, Quan Chi realized the fact that he was one of the only humans with the ability to defeat the elements

-Takeda managed to elude assassination by the Lin Kuei until his elder years, when his life came to an end not from a vicious battle, but from poison slipped into his tea
-A modern member of the Shirai Ryu named Hanzo Hasashi (code name Scorpion) was sent on his latest mission
-he was to travel into the heart of China, home of the Lin Kuei and location of the Shaolin temples where he was also to steal the sacred Map of Elements to serve Quan Chi

-Sub-Zero and Scorpion both arrived at the Shaolin temples and soon confronted eachother
-Sub-Zero killed Scorpion in the battle and returned to Lin Kuei headquarters with the sacred Map of Elements, suspicious of Quan Chi for retaining the services of a Shirai Ryu ninja

-Quan Chi supplied the skeleton of Takeda -- the grandmaster was pleased
-Sub-Zero was then to go on a mission through the temple that housed the amulet

-Scorpion was given a chance by his demons to return to life in order to avenge his death, but in doing so, he would lose his memory of his wife and child forever
-he chose to return, bent on revenge against Sub-Zero

-Sub-Zero managed to defeated the elements just as Quan Chi had foreseen
-Quan Chi got the amulet and Raiden was enraged, he sent Sub-Zero into the Netherealm itself to regain the amulet back before Shinnok uses it to enter the earth realm

-Sub-Zero managed to get the amulet back into the hands of Raiden
-he prevented the destructive battles between Shinnok and Raiden from being faught once again, at least for the time being...
-he arrived back in Lin Kuei headquarters, and was then to compete in Mortal Kombat; he boarded the boat to Shang Tsung's uncharted island

-Scorpion, in the form of a reincarnated specter, soon learned of Sub-Zero's intentions and followed the Lin Kuei warrior onto the boat...

Earth's Chosen Warriors
-Shang Tsung issued a personal invitation to Raiden
-Raiden accepted the invitation and took human form to take part in Mortal Kombat
-Liu Kang, a former Shaolin monk, was a member of the super secret White Lotus Society
-strong in his beliefs, he despised Shang Tsung
-after receiving an invitation to the tournament, he quit the White Lotus and received permission to represent the Shaolin Temples in Mortal Kombat
-he boarded the boat in hopes of returning the tournament to the Shaolin temples

-Johnny Cage, real name John Carlton, a skilled fighter trained by martial artists from around the world, used his talent in Hollywood
-on a personal mission to prove that he isn't a "fake", he boarded the boat to the tournament

-The Black Dragon was an organization of feared and respected men in the inner circles of crime on earth
-Black Dragon member, Kano, was being chased by a unit of Special Forces agents led by Lt. Sonya Blade
-they chased him until he had no choice by to jump onto a boat that was leaving the shore
-little did he know, the boat was headed to the site of the Mortal Kombat tournament; Sonya's unit slowly followed the boat...

Slow Boat to Mortal Kombat
-Johnny Cage and Kano ran into a small querrel aboard the boat -- it was quickly ended by Liu Kang, who helped Cage and became acquainted with the American martial arts actor

-watching these events as they unfolded was none other than Sub-Zero
-Scorpion spotted him and confronted him, telling the Lin Kuei warrior that he will die in Mortal Kombat

The Elusive Reptile
-Beneath a bridge in the Kombat Zones of this tournament, lived a reptilian creature of a near-extinct race from the Outworld
-Known to humans only as Reptile, he hid under a disguise that covered his reptilian form, serving as Shang Tsung's personal protector

The Kombat Begins
-When the boat arrived at the island, Shang Tsung's personal army captured Sonya's Special Forces unit, and forced her to compete in the tournament; he promised her that if she performed well in battle, he would free the other members of her unit

-Scorpion defeated Sub-Zero in Kombat and took the life of the Lin Kuei warrior, but he must then exist forever under his secret curse -- he would never again know the family he once had

The Fall of Goro
-Liu Kang eventually defeated Goro and took the title from the Shokan prince
-Goro disappeared from the scene shortly after as Kang went on to defeat Shang Tsung himself

-Shang Tsung returned to his emporer, Shao Kahn, facing execution; he begged for another chance
-Kahn granted him a second chance and restored his youth, his new plan was to lure the earth warriors into the Outworld to fight and meet certain death by Shao Kahn himself...

Life After Kombat
-Liu Kang returned to the Shaolin Temples to celebrate his victory, only to find them in ruins -- his brothers murdered by a group of Outworld nomads led by Baraka
-Liu Kang travelled into the Outworld to locate those responsible for the destruction in his temples, he was joined by Kung Lao, a descendant of the legendary former champion

-Johnny Cage returned to Hollywood and filmed a movie based on his actual experiences, believed by its viewers to be pure fiction -he soon learned of Liu Kang's journey into the Outworld, so he followed his comrad

-Lt. Sonya Blade and Kano were both captured by Outworld forces after the first tournament
-Jackson "Jax" Briggs, originally a member of Sonya's unit, travelled into the Outworld in search of Sonya and helping capture Kano

-Raiden soon ventured into the Outworld alone to help battle Kahn's forces

-Lin Kuei headquarters sent a new assassin, this time into the Outworld
-this new assassin is the 6th Sub-Zero, the younger brother of the previous one
-a close friend of his, known as Smoke, followed along
-Scorpion learned of Sub-Zero's intentions and followed him into the Outworld, believing it may have been the one he had already defeated in Mortal Kombat

-Princess Kitana and Jade continued to serve as assassins under Shao Kahn
-In an attempt to stop Kitana if she would betray him, Kahn ordered Shang Tsung to create a grotesque clone of the princess, known as Mileena

Kahn Prepares His Forces
-Reptile was to serve as Tsung's protector once again, remaining in his human form
-Baraka, recruited into Kahn's army for his fighting skills, joins the Kombat as well
-After the defeat and disappearance of Goro, another member of the Shokan race was assigned to lead Kahn's forces, his name was Kintaro, a half-human tiger

The Outworld Tournament Begins...

-The violent battles of the Outworld tournament began -- earth forces battled the Outworlders with great effort
-Kitana took the life of Mileena, and she was accused of treason by the high courts of the Outworld
-Jax found Sonya and Kano chained to posts where Shao Kahn faught his opponents... he freed them both, and Kano escaped capture again

-By this time, Shinnok was just about finished with the process of Sindel's resurrection and Shao Kahn was then ready to enact his plan...

A Rebellion Prepares For The Invasion
-Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs and Lt. Sonya Blade returned to the U.S. and reported these recent events to the American government -After supplying them with details on Kahn's plans, the two were considered insane
-they were left with no choice but to prepare independently for the invasion; Jax equipped himself with bionic arms

-Liu Kang returned to the earth realm with Johnny Cage and Kung Lao, as they prepared to take on the forces of Outworld

-Sub-Zero and Smoke returned to Lin Kuei Headquarters only to find that members of the clan were being automated
-they were building cybernetic ninjas to take the place of human services, the first two being Cyrax (Unit LK-4D4) and Sektor (Unit LK-9T9); Sub-Zero and Smoke refused to be automated so they tried to escape
-Sub-Zero succeeded in doing so, but Smoke was captured by the clan and became a heartless cybernetic assassin, with only a fraction of his true self left in him
-Sub-Zero went on to prepare for the invasion... he removed his mask to signify his quitting Lin Kuei as he joins the rebellion against Shao Kahn's forces
-So the Lin Kuei sent Cyrax and Sektor to assassinate Sub-Zero

The Forces of Outworld Built
-Kano, having escaped capture from the U.S. Army, remained in the Outworld and made a deal with Shao Kahn: he would teach the emporer's forces to use Earth weapons, in exchange for sparing his life...

-Sheeva, a female member of the Shokan race, was appointed as Sindel's personal protector
-Motaro, a Centaur (a race that opposes the Shokan by nature) was assigned to lead the attack on earth, Sheeva grew suspicious of Kahn's loyalty to her race

-Shang Tsung remained at the position of Kahn's lead sorcerer...

The Invasion
-A large portal opened in the sky and panic filled the streets
-The elder gods chose a lineup of earth's warriors, and protected their souls from Kahn, but not their lives

-Shao Kahn entered the earth realm, merged it with the Outworld, and took the souls of earth's inhabitants... slowly turning the earth into a part of the Outworld
-knowing that the Chosen Warriors would survive, he also knew that only their souls were protected
-he sent out extermination squads led by Motaro to eliminate the survivors
-Johnny Cage was one of their many victims.

The Remaining Survivors

-After the attacks of the extermination squads, only eight chosen warriors remained: Sub-Zero, Jax Briggs, Sonya Blade, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and three fighters who were not involved prior to the invasion, Curtis Stryker, Kabal, and Nightwolf

-Curtis Stryker was an American riot cop who worked the night of the invasion

-Kabal suffered severe beatings by the extermination squads, living only with the aid of an artificial respirator, he is believed to have once been a member of the Black Dragon organization

-Nightwolf was a native American historian, preserver of his people's traditions, he used the magics of his Shamen to protect his tribe's sacred land during the invasion

The Beginning of the End
-Ermac, a life force that exists by the spirits of extinguished warriors of the past, joins the battles between earth and Outworld
-by participating, Ermac proves his existence and intends on showing the world his abilities

-Scorpion was enlisted by Shao Kahn to aid his forces in the elimination of chosen warriors
-Jade was sent to capture Kitana and to bring her back alive, she had to decide between betraying her long-time friend or her emporer -Reptile received instructions from Kahn to assassinate Kitana regardless; Kahn promised him the resurrection of his race if he could succeed in this mission
-Mileena was brought back to life by her creator, Shang Tsung
-Rain was assigned to aid the Outworld forces against the earth warriors
-Baraka served Kahn once again by helping out with the invasion

-Noob Saibot, having been a passive observer during many of the recent events, was soon ordered by Shinnok to join the extermination in order to gain the trust of Shao Kahn
-he did so and was to turn on Kahn when the emporer let his guard down

-Kano was defeated by Sonya near Kahn's fortress
-Noob Saibot received orders from Shinnok to join the earth warriors against Shao Kahn

-Johnny Cage's soul was on its way to a higher place, but the merger of the earth and Outworld realms allowed his soul to remain in the earth realm
-he returned to his body on earth, to once again fight alongside his comrads, for the last time, or so he intended...

-Shao Kahn saw his once-powerful army slowly crumble before him
-he was strongly overpowered by the earth's forces and their new allies...

The Aftermath
-The end of Shao Kahn's reign as the emporer of both Outworld and earth caused both realms to return to their original forms, the Outworld once again exists as the living planet known as Edenia...
-Johnny Cage is free to move on to a higher existence in the heavens of reality
-The Lin Kuei clan is disbanded
-Queen Sindel realized her past, and took her rightful place ruling Edenia
-Jax and Sonya returned to the USA and formed the Outworld Investigation Agency
-Sonya went on a mission to capture the last surviving Black Dragon member, Jarek

-Shinnok was ready to enter and confront the elder gods once again...

-Reptile was banished to the Netherealm for committing genocide on many species; responsible for the death of millions; he becomes a general in Shinnok's Army of Darkness, along with Reiko

-Quan Chi made Scorpion an offer he could not refuse: life, in exchange for his services as a warrior against the elder gods
-Tanya, the daughter of Edenia's ambassador to new realms, invited refugees fleeing their own world into the safety of Edenia
-Queen Sindel welcomed them into her realm, but soon realized that one of them was none other than the fallen elder god, Shinnok, accompanied by his Army of Darkness, led by Quan Chi... the portal led not to another living planet, but to the Netherealm itself

-Quan Chi then held Princess Kitana captive so Liu Kang ventured into Edenia in hopes of rescuing her

-From Edenia, Shinnok waged a war on the true elder gods...

The War of the Heavens

-Quan Chi led Shinnok's Army of Darkness in the attack on the heavens
-Reiko was thought to have been killed during this battle, but he soon resurfaces to return to his position as a general

-Raiden returned home to celebrate the victory over Shao Kahn, only to find his elders under attack
-he now exists as one of the last surviving gods of earth

The New Defenders of the Realm
-The thunder god is then joined by another of the few surviving gods of earth, Fujin, otherwise known as the god of wind, who was once one of the four elemental gods who guarded the amulet

-Liu Kang failed in his mission to free Kitana, so he returns home... he reunites with an old friend he met in America a few years back -- Kai, a fellow former member of the White Lotus Society, trained by great masters throughout Asia.
-and with the heavens in disarray, Johnny Cage observed these recent events from above -- he asked Raiden to help by resurrecting his deceased soul, allowing him to fight alongside Liu Kang again, this time against Shinnok's forces

-Sonya continued to chase Jarek and eventually found herself in the middle of the war against Shinnok; she must now survive long enough to warn the American government
-Jarek agreed to fight alongside her against Shinnok's forces

-Jax soon headed after Sonya but eventually finds out what Sonya's mission had led her into...

-Sub-Zero again dons the Lin Kuei uniform once worn by his older brother and joins the attack against Shinnok's Army of Darkness -with his late brother having defeated Shinnok years ago in the Netherealm, secrets from his brother were passed down to him; ones that may hold the key to Shinnok's destruction

The Battle of Good and Evil
-The destructive battles between Raiden and Shinnok are now being faught once again... it can now be won by mortals and only time will tell what other familiar faces will join the fray...

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