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gh Through the Years
Yearly Summary
Viki shocked Clint when she told him that she was pregnant
Clint went on trial and was convicted of the murder of Dr. Marcus Polk, Viki's shrink. The murder was actually committed by one of Polk's patients, a psychotic young woman named Tracy James. After Tracy developed a crush on Dr. Larry Wolek, the former psychiatric nurse-turned-patient murdered Larry's wife, Laurel. Once again, Larry Wolek was a bereaved widower. When Tracy escaped the mental hospital, she held Larry Wolek prisoner in her basement guarded by a ferocious doberman named Illse. Tracy's reign of terror came to an end when she and her pal "Stick" were killed in an explosion. On the morning of their wedding, Viki delighted Clint with the incredible news that she was pregnant!

In Vienna, a dangerous escapade unfolded for David and Jenny Renaldi, who only a year earlier had left Llanview for a safe, new life in Europe. While living on the lam, they were captured by their enemies. Jenny temporarily escaped from her captors and managed to send a coded message home to Viki, Clint, Cassie, and Brad, who traveled to Austria to rescue their friends.

Instant chemistry sparked between Tina and The Banner's new photographer, Cord. Tina was charmed by the tall, handsome straight arrow. Cord confessed his love to her and Tina admitted that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. However, she told him that he was the wrong man for her. Tina wanted money and lots of it! That was something that Cord could not provide for her. But unbeknownst to Tina, Cord was actually Clint's son -- the product of his affair twenty years earlier with Cord's mother, Maria, when they were teens. Some twenty years later, Clint still knew nothing of his son, or of his father's involvement in Maria's disappearance.


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