Ljungbyhed airport - ESTL

Ljungbyhed airport is one of the oldest airports in the world, still in use. The first flight took place here in 1910. The first flight school was founded by the legendary Enoch Thulin, a pilot and aircraft constructor.

The Swedish Air force started their flight training at Ljungbyhed in 1926 and trained pilots at Ljungbyhed until 1997, when the military school was moved to the nearby Ängelholm F10 Wing.

In the late 80's, when especially TFHS was peaking, Ljungbyhed was Sweden's busiest airport. The all time high , more than 1400 take offs and landings during one day, is still valid!

Ljungbyhed airport is well adopted for flight training with its 4 parallel runways, an effective system with taxiways and equipment for instrument approaches. Within the former air force base area there are many available hangars and aprons.

At the airport there is also a maintenance shop, SAAB NYGE Aero and an aircraft maintenance collage.