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DVDBackup 1.3

DVDBackup is intended to let you exercise your "fair use" rights under copyright law to either "time-shift" or "space-shift" DVD content which you may have purchased legitimately. An example of time-shifting would be to temporarily store the data from a DVD you rented so as to watch it at a later time after you have returned the disc (and avoided late fees!). An example of space-shifting would be to copy one or more DVD discs to your laptop hard drive so as to watch them while on a long airplane flight. A final usage of DVDBackup would be to allow you to modify or excerpt sections of DVD video and audio to create your own movies.

This program is similar to DVD Extractor but is Cocoa-based and runs under MacOS X.

New version 1.3:
- Fixed bug where VIDEO_TS.VOB files were not getting scanned for decryption.
(This affected mainly Columbia/TriStar releases which encrypted the initial studio logo)
- Fixed size of text box for New Folder section of save dialog.
- Added localization for Italian (many thanks to Bruno Vella for his help!).
- Now compiled with GCC 3.1 and Mac OS 10.2 headers
- Updated web links in Readme file

(96 KB MacBinary)
(13 December 2002)

WARNING: Read the enclosed document before use. Try it at your own risk.

DVDExtractor 0.9b

DVDExtractor is using for DVD ripping on the Mac OS 8 to OS 9.x. To convert from the DVD format to the format that you desire you can use the utilities of your choice on the Mac, or use virtual PC with the dozens of available PC conversion utilities.
(none of the DVD ripping utilities work in Virtual PC, that's why you have DVDExtractor though)
0.9b has more powerful demuxing, a more detailed browser view, region unlocking, and more!

(35 KB MacBinary)
(19 October 2000)

WARNING: Read the enclosed document before use. Try it at your own risk.

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