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    NOW'S Internship Program

    With over 500,000 contributing members, NOW is the largest feminist organization in the United States. Since NOW was founded in 1966, we have struggled to end the injustice and inequality women face daily. As an intern with the National NOW Action Center you will be on the front lines of the women's rights movement.

    An important element of our program is comprehensive leadership training. We hold a series of workshops to empower young feminists and give you the tools and knowledge to become leaders on your campuses and in your communities. You will learn the organizing skills from leaders of the most prestigious feminist organization in the world. Becoming a NOW intern is a commitment to apply the skills learned during the internship and to become, or continue to be, an activist leader.

    Each semester NOW interns participate in a wide range of activities which distinguish us from other Washington, D.C. based programs. These are just a few of the activities provided for interns each semester:

    • First-hand observation of how a sexist, racist, and classist political system impacts women in this country.
    • Frequent opportunities to organize and attend Congressional and U.S. Supreme Court hearings, press conferences, demonstrations and rallies.
    • Intern Lobby Day which includes a "how to lobby" workshop.
    • Training in our successful, time-honored grassroots organizing including workshops on campus organizing, coalition building and networking.
    • Weekly intern discussion groups and field trips on a wide range of feminist issues which are led by National NOW staff and officers.
    Please read the application and information. Your assistance in this fight is crucial. We must stop the backlash against women and regain total power and control over our bodies and our lives.


    • NOW offers volunteer, unpaid internship opportunities, both full and part time, throughout the year.
    • College credit can be arranged.
    • A minimum of 3 days/week is required. Full time interns are preferred.
    • Prospective interns should be hard working, enthusiastic and flexible individuals who possess or seek a working knowledge of women's issues and feminist organizing. Interns should also be committed to continuing to struggle for equality and justice once they leave the internship program and return to their campuses and communities.
    • Interns will work with one of the following teams:
      • Government Relations/Public Policy Team: Characterized by lobbying, legislative research and writing, and political campaign work.
      • Field Organizing Team: Get involved in the nuts and bolts of grassroots organizing for NOW's broad range of priority issues.  Work on pickets, campaigns, conferences/summits, speaking tours and materials development.
      • Membership Team: Excellent opportunity in information science, using large membership database and meeting extensive information needs for all other teams.
      • Direct Mail and Fundraising Team: If you're interested in working in the non-profit world, an internship with the fundraising team will provide you with highly marketable skills. Learn the secrets of writing copy and working with printers and mailshops to send out 5,000,000 fund raising letters per year.
      • Communications Team: Research and write articles for the National NOW Times, assist in maintaining press clips, draft press releases and field press calls.
      • Web Team: Be part of the team that maintains NOW's web site. Research, write and edit stories about women's issues, design graphics and build web pages.
      • Political Action Committee: Assist with NOW/PAC organizing, including meeting with candidates, processing endorsement requests, and managing Federal Election Commission materials.
    Projects and assignments in these areas vary based on the changing political and social climate in Washington and the nation.


    Interested interns should send the following:
    1. A cover letter that expresses why you want to intern for NOW and that details your ability to work in a fast-paced feminist environment
    2. A current resume
    3. A completed application form
    4. Two letters of recommendation
    5. A one or two-page writing sample
    If you have further questions please contact:

    Maureen Kentoff, Intern/Volunteer Coordinator
    Phone: 202-628-8669, ext. 103
    Address: National Organization for Women
    1100 H Street NW, Third Floor
    Washington, D.C. 20005

  • Deadline for Spring Internship: November 22
  • Deadline for Summer Internship: March 15
  • Deadline for Fall Internship: July 30

  • Information about Colleges and University Programs That Sponsor Semester in Washington Programs

    • American University: The American Politics Semester is a program specifically for students who want to spend a semester in Washington. AU accepts applications from students around the country. Students choose from two specialized areas: National Government and Public Law. There is a seminar (two courses/eight semester hours) and an internship. Students intern two days per week. Finally, there is a research project or elective course (one course/three or four semester hours). For more information contact Washington Semester Program, American University at 202-895-4900 or 1-800-424-2600. Visit the American University web site or send an e-mail.
    • State University of New York at Brockport: Interns work 4 days/week and attend classes one day/week. A major research paper is required. This is a 15 week program and accepts students from around the country. For more information contact John Fitzpatrick at 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Suite 702, Washington, D.C. 20036, 202-659-4320.
    • University of Oklahoma: Accepts students from around the country. A student internship is required. For more information call 202-223-9147.
    • Institute for Experiential Learning (IEL), The Capital Experience: An educational nonprofit organization that provides internships and educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Students work at the internship site 4 days per week. Students also take the Experiential Education Seminar and one elective course. For more information contact IEL, 1735 I Street, NW, Suite 716, Washington, D.C. 20006, 202-833-8580.
    • The Washington Center: An independent, nonprofit education association which provides comprehensive learning opportunities in the nation's capital for students from colleges and universities throughout the country. The Center offers two kind of opportunities: full time academic internships and academic seminars which are one-to-three week colloquia focusing on national and international issues. The full time internship program is offered for both semester (15 weeks) and quarter (10 week) students. Full time interns work 4.5 days per week and attend class one half day every week. For more information contact The Washington Center, 1101 14th Street, NW, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20005, 202-336-7600.
    • Cornell University: Open to Cornell students only, this program aims to offer students an opportunity to take advantage of the rich resources of the nation's capital. Students from all of Cornell's colleges are eligible to earn full academic credit for a semester in Washington. Students take courses from Cornell faculty, conduct individual research projects and work as externs. Students work 3 days/week at the externship and carry a course load of 12 to 16 credits. For additional information contact Linda Jarschauer Johnson, Executive Director, or Prof. Steven I. Jackson, Associate Director, at the Cornell Center, 2148 O Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20037, 202-466-2184. In Ithaca, contact Prof. Stuart Blumin, Director, M-101 McGraw Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853, 607-255-4090.
    • Stanford University: Open only to Stanford students. For more information call 202-332-6235, or visit the Stanford in Washington web site.
    Also, inquire about a semester in Washington at your own college or university. If academic credit cannot be arranged, contact the Washington, D.C. area colleges and universities about the possibility of spending a semester studying there and incorporating an internship into your studies. Below is a list of the area schools and phone numbers for their admissions office:


    • Trinity College: Residential Life Office, 202-939-5103. Call for an application. Single rooms with common bathrooms and air conditioning. $100 per week; one month minimum stay.
    • Capitol Park Apartments: 800 4th Street, Sw. This housing service is through The Washington Center Intern Program. Prices range per semester. Call 202336-7559 for an application and more information.
    • YWCA Housing for Women: 235 Second Street, NE, 202-546-3255. $134 per week, includes daily breakfast and dinner. No drugs, alcohol or men allowed. Space is limited and fills quickly.
    • Quick Search Apartment Finders: 8383 Leesburg Pike, Northern Virginia, 1-800-486-3279. A free service for finding apartment housing.
    • American University: Off Campus Housing Resource Center, 407 Butler Pavilion. 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, 202-885-3270.
    • George Washington University: Off Campus Housing, 202-994-1000.
    • Georgetown University: Office of Off Campus Housing, 202-687-8467.
    Summer Only:
    • Gallaudet University, $16/night/double, or $22/night/single, 202-651-6090.
    • Georgetown University: Georgetown Housing, 100 Harbin Hall, 202-687-4560. Availability: Double rooms July 10-August 6 at $16/night; Single rooms July 15-August 6 at $18/night.
    • George Washington University: George Washington Housing, 202-994-6688. $20, $23, and $30 per night. Call for an application.
    • Howard University: 202-806-5661. $18/night for air-conditioned room, $14/night without air-conditioning. $5 linen service offered. Available June 1- July 31. Call for an application.
    • Mount Vernon College: 202-625-4629. $15/night. Call for am application or reservation.
    Spring and Summer
    Most students choose to sublet an apartment or room in a group house during their NOW internship. Listings can be found in the Washington City Paper, The Washington Blade, or off-campus housing offices.

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