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I am 30 years old and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My avatar is my Labrador dog called Brida (smarter than many people I know). I am married for two and a half years now and my wife hates when I spend too much time at ESO.

I fist started playing Norse Wars when I met some of the NW clan guys like Mike, Rook, Steel, Sombros, Skyline, Smurf, Gh0u1, Conq. I came from mythodea scenario, which after a while, got boring as it was too simple.

While I was still playing mythodea, together with Canaman, we founded the mythod clan. We specialized in Norse Wars when other players started joining us. More than 20 players joined mythod.

Then, together with the NW and mythod clan, Drunky and Ko, we began putting NorseWars.com in shape. We would be nothing without Mike, our programmer and software developer. I helped out moderating and creating this Web Site. Almost a year after NW.com, I received an invitation for creating HiC. Together with Ko, Drunk, Dienasty, Banana, Alawarz and Karak, we created the best norse wars clan. We soon recruited HiC_Mona_Lisa. Today, we are a community with more than 600 members registered and more than 50 active ladder players.

I am very greateful to Matei for having created Norse Wars and to Mike for putting this community in practice.


Well...I guess I started playing norsewars after a random game or two online with some friends. I playing minorly with the older versions and became truely the player I am during the spring and summer of 2002, during these great times I was playing under the name of CMA_SmUrF and was one of the few in my clan leftover.

That summer I met some of the best norsewars players I would know, players including Steel, Skyline, Gh0u1, Conq, Q, Mike SanitariumFR and many other players. During this time I also helped teach and aid many other players such as jack and many people I just played with for fun in 1v1's. Shortly after this I remember jack starting to recruit members..bolton (then known as boltonmania!) was one of the first members to join up.

Near the end of the summer I had been playing with Gh0u1 for a while and then he joined NW so...I followed suit and joined in on the action with the others, from then on I was known as NW_SmUrF. I was surprised to find that by the end of the summer I had become a "known" player or some people thought I was an "expert". Now the norsewars community has taken another step by making its own website, an honour which I am sure many scenarios lack. Hopefully we will continue expanding our site and training the newer players so we will have a large friendly community. Much thanks to Mike and Matei for making norsewars as it is today.


I'm Mike, and I'm still looking for that special someone (preferably of asian descent) with whom to share my life. I like long walks on the beach, cuddling by the fire, spooning, and reading Danielle Steele novels out loud to all my friends and family.

I started playing Norse Wars to escape from the drudgery of my day-to-day life as a guard in a maximum security all-male prison. The hours are long and the pay is terrible, so I really need an outlet. Mother says I should find a new job, but I think I'd really miss the bi-monthly "shower duty". Who knows, I may even meet "Mr. Right" right here at work!

At any rate, I'm happy to be the back-bone of the site, and I'm even more proud to say that I have a fantastic sense of humor - I really know how to take a joke!

NOTE: This bio has been 100% fabricated by Ko_in_DK


Thanks for the warm intro Ko.

My days as a lowly prison guard are in fact over, and now I am a warden. I wouldn't go into how this allows me to satisfy my urges of beating up muscular asian guys...


Well im RoOKie im livin with my girlfriend and i have 2 kids. I wok in cigaret factory so i got enuf smoke. I luv smokin weed/hash wutever and like drunk im mostly a bit drunk and stoned when playin.not beer tho i drink bacardi with coke. My gf dont have any problems with it owell sometimes she does,but then i tell her to shut up then i go play.

I was playin dm rated in aom at first till the first scenario came out it was an archers scenario after rape all ppl in it, many diffrent archer map came out. After gettin tired of beatin ppl in it i saw matei with norse war 1.0 the very first 1.soon after that came 1.1 well, as u can imagine i pwns all, even matei well alot nw maps came out and i was pwnin in all.

I think it was in 2.3 when i met steel sombie mike davo and i forgot the ass name. neway then i met skyline and conq and this guy Q still dont know him but we agree to start an nw clan us 4 soon after the others came.

Then i played jack someday aw such noob lol well i teach him how 2 upgrade and look at him now hes a real good guy always polite and shit. 1 day these KS guys ks_general and teddy ruxspin start buggin jack so me and skyline rape them 2v2 .after i took teddy on 1v1 owell. let me say he was very quit after the game ... bitch.

b4 i played aom i was playin AOE AND AOC (AGE OF EMPIRE AND AGE OF CONQUERORS). ALL SCENARIOS well i dont wanna brag but mayb thats why i good at scenarios i had like 20 names there and all were 1800+ by playin scenario

I specialy like granny blood and archers blood so i was use to scenarios not that buildin stuff ,thats why i played dm rated not much building shit but kill fast i luv that. hmm im on my talkin chair time to get of ,if i forgot somethin or some 1 im srry but i always can edit this lol

SO wanna play A cool game im always yr man im not a sore loser,coz ppl who lose think they sux but if u reverse it u can say ive learn some new things.U NEVER 2 OLD 2 LEARN.


Hey guys. My real name is Erwin, I am married and have three kids. Two girls and a boy who are 5, 10 and 4 years old respectively. Yeah... 3 nice and lovely kids ! Aren't they nice, jack ? (I have sent him pictures) I've got two jobs. The first is in my own company together with 2 brothers. We make bathrooms, kitchens, carpenter work, plumbing and so on. We have twenty-five people working for us. My second job is working as an undertaker at night, so if u want a coffen u can order it to me (hahahahaha... just kidding I only have one job).

I started playing NW in the summer of 1940 until 1945... hehehe... when I met mythod_adolf and NW_churchill, but nowadays they aren't playing any more. No... if my memory is good I started playing in 2002 and first met jack in mythodea, and smurf (cma_smurf) who was into Norse Wars. In my first NW game I thought.. "Damn, were do suddenly these guys come from ?" It was the Shifting Sands power... hehehe

I started to play NW because my rating at supremacy reached defestating 1298, hehehe. After a few weeks playing with jack he asked me to join the mythod's. If I can recall correctly, there were only a few of us, like jack, canaman, dienasty, bacon and ham. But i only knew jack. After a while, I got bored, played other games at the ps2, and waited for Titans to came out . As I started playing NW again, I realized how rusty I was. Now, I could say I can manage it very well but I'm still learning to become a better player. It is thougher now because of all the new versions and different strategies used.
Last couple of weeks I learned a lot from steel and rook, playing against them!

Ok thats all for now and I hope to see you online very soon. Btw ko, was it funny enough?


Hello, I am Ko, Ko DK. People sometime say I am stupid but I think I am smart. My momma always said "Stupid is as stupid does", and I always do smart things.. I think. Yes I didn't do too good in school and the people laughed at me but I always thought it is fun. College did not went too good, because I failed every single class I taken except for "Politics of New Zealand" in which I got a C+. That little lake always excited me. I heard they made a big movie right in that lake!
I would post my picture here because I am very beutifull and cute but every time I take my own picture, the camera is covering my face. I think the mirorr does not work throoh the camera.
After I got expeled from colege I started working in burger king. But it was very hard and I always confused what goes on top, the onion or the tomato. And so I quitted my job and started traveling the world. Some people might call me a bum, but I am not sure what bum is.
If you try really hard you can succed I think - look at me now, at the ripe age of 76 still a virgin, moderating the forums for the Norsewars game. I am very proud of myself.

I am Sombros, I am Asian, Mike stay away. Som in chinese means 3, I am 1 of 3 brothers, hence SomBros (3 Brothers). Thats the story of my life.

Well Im Dienasty. The name?? Well it came a long time ago in this other online game (forgot what it was) and I was called "The_Dynasty". I typed my name in wrong one day and it looked good, so I kept it ever since.

I am 21 years old and I live in New Jersey with my moter and father, 1 brother and a girlfriend of 5 years. (hopefully a fiancee after this year) I am a manager at a clothing store in Irvington NJ. Not as fun as bartending, but better money. I attend a community college also. I coach a little league baseball team hence thats why Im really not around that

much anymore. I recently got into weight lifting and am enjoying it a lot. I got into norse wars one day when I got my ass wiped by mythod_jack and mythod_queen (i think it was her) Jack then gave me the 2 hour "noob speech" that Im sure most of ya have gotten before. I stuck with it and played hard and have not played another type of map since. Well thats my story.


HiC_Banana, (originally banana_hammocks, mythod_banana)

Hey all, right well I thought it was about time I wrote a little something about me. Well I’m from London, England and I’m 18 years old. Have a younger brother (Alawarz). At the moment I'm looking to go on to University in September. Work wise, i've not done much to speak of unless anyone happened to go to the marquee at Silverstone for the MG Cars, where I would have served you. Interests apart from NW: Sports (mainly hockey and cricket), Red Dwarf, Binge Drinking.

I started playing Norse Wars because I sucked incredibly at Supremacy so decided to play some scenarios. I suddenly found out that I was fairly good at it when I and Dienasty won a 4v2 in one of my first matches. Since then I have never looked back. I started playing against some of the best (was given the patented “noob speech” by Jack) and holding my own. Was one of the founding members of the Norse Wars ladder, however was late to upgrade to titans so actually started playing late. Since then I became the first Norse Wars Champion in a 4 way battle. Unfortunately I also introduced my brother Alawarz to the ladder (big mistake, now I never get the chance to challenge for Champion as he always has it).

Along the way I have made many friends from playing NW and hopefully continued to adapt and improve my game.

There are a couple of people I would like to thank for helping me enjoy NW. Jack and Die, where would I be without you? Probably playing FFX-2 all day every day. You introduced me to the game and have always greeted me with a virtual smile. Matei, for creating the game I have made many friends on. KO for giving me a laugh almost every day with your great sense of humour. There are others who have made my time here fun, the many others who have instantly said "hey" or "yo" the moment I come online, or "good luck" if i'm in a game. Phoenix_Titans, NW_LedZepplin, Phoenix_PS2man, The_Mafia_Man, Wos_Ldr, Electric_Sheep, CFC_Coolguy, choppyman to name but a few. Finally I would like to emphasise a big thank you to Mike for setting up the ladder in the first place. (I've even mentioned this website on my CV)

Unfortunately as of September 28th I will become a rare occurrence on the active Norse Wars scene as I am going to Warwick University to read Maths. I am having to leave the disk at home for Alawarz. I hope that I will be able to keep in touch with many of you, and will hopefully be able to keep visiting the forums. I promise i'll try to play as many of you as I can when I come back during holidays.

Hi this is WoN_SNoW, my real name is Adam and i live in America. i am 16 years old and have several siblings who are always fighting me for the computer (luckily im the oldest). I love Snowboarding, Basketball, and playing norse wars. i found out about this site after playing a game and looking at the banner. when i first joined the ladder i was the biggest n00b ever to play the game of NW, but then one called NLC_andrew let me into his clan and trained me up a bit. andrew got old and annoying lol so i moved on and became Snowman10 and shortly after recieved an invite from the best clan ever WoN. i also have a cousin on the site oWn_ShAdE he is younger than me and is a complete n00b at the game lol. we try hard to stick together though. I love this site and all the people in it. im glad i became a mod and i thank you all especially the founders. you guys made it happen

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