Stephanie recap on Howard Stern, Vince concerned with UFC?, and more
    Submitted by Mr. Tito on Thursday, October 17, 2002 at 3:18 PM EST

    On the Howard Stern Show this morning, Stephanie McMahon was on hand, although she arrived late and was almost cancelled because of that.

    She refused to talk about Chyna, as Stern played various clips of Chyna talking about her and Triple H. Steph mentioned that Vince didn't want her to date a wrestler, but he did give her the OK to date Triple H.

    Stephanie would then blame the WWE's decline on the economy.

    If Triple H proposed to marry her, Stephanie said she'd say "yes".

    A caller argued with Stephanie that Triple H was ruining RAW because he hogs up all of the airtime. In a joking matter, she said she'll then write Triple H on all of the WWE scripts so that she could run the company into the ground.

    Howard Stern obviously egged her on to talk about her breast implants. Stephanie said she lost weight recently, thereby making her breasts smaller and saggier. She wants to get newer and bigger ones sometime soon.

    No mention of Smackdown, but she did plug Tough Enough 3 and No Mercy.

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    MMAweekly posted an article about the WWE, and of their reporters said they ran into the Big Show. The Big Show said he enjoyed watching UFC, but Vince McMahon was worried about UFC as competition. Vince said that if UFC were to have their own weekly television show, it could "damage the sport of pro wrestling". Click Here to read the aricle.

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    After Triple H's appearance on last night's Best Damn Sport Show Period on FOX Sports Net, Triple H got together with the show's co-host John Kruk to talk wrestling. Triple H was said to have explained the business and why some performers get over with the crowds and why some don't. Kruk said this as a guest of the Tony Bruno radio show this morning.

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