Hwangnam bakery
Hwangnam bread of Kyung-ju
Hwangnam bread of Kyung-ju (July 21st, 1999)
It has been the 2nd generation, since the late Choi,
Young-hwa made the hwangnam bread in 1939 on his own.
One piece of hwangnam bread is full of Korean traditional red beans. That's the real attractive part. Even a sweet hatred person is not sick of the taste of hwangnam bread. When it just got out of an oven, it's hard to tell apart that it's a snack or a steamed bread. The main office of this bread is always crowded with visitors and foreign travellers, trying to purchase it for their souvenirs. Sometimes you have to wait in line for half an hour to buy it. Choi, Sang-eun, the present president of hwangnam bread, says, "The taste of this bread has never changed, even though the price of it has done." It's sold 400 won for one now. Not long ago, this bread has been chosen to be the special product of Kyungsangbukdo. There are only a couple of tables in the head office and branch shop where stand across the 'Chunmachong'
10,000 won for a gift containing 25 pieces of bread.
Possible to order through the internet
(http//:www.hwangnam.co.kr) and telephone (054-749-7000) as well.
Working hours : 8 A.M ¢¦ 11 P.M
Sunday, closing in main office.
Open throughout the year, the branch office.