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IT: Cisco Flaw Opens Routers to Attack
Posted by CowboyNeal on Thursday September 08, @06:50PM
from the right-where-it-hurts dept.
Jack writes "Cisco is suffering from a serious flaw in its router operating system, which might allow execution of remote code: 'Cisco has warned of a new flaw in its IOS router operating system which might be used by attackers to launch denial of service attacks or take over IOS-based devices. The flaw causes to buffer overflow due to incorrect handling of user authentication credentials.'"

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Book Reviews: Brute Force
Posted by timothy on Thursday September 08, @06:00PM
from the gruntwork dept.
ijones writes "Brute Force, by Matt Curtin, is about an event that many Slashdotters will remember: the cracking of the Data Encryption Standard. In June of 1997, a 56-bit DES key was discovered, and its encrypted message decoded, by an ad-hok distributed network of computers, cooperating over the Internet. Four and a half months earlier, RSA had issued a challenge to the cryptography community, offering $10,000 to the first group to crack a 56-bit DES encrypted message. In Brute Force, Matt Curtin offers his first-hand account of the DESCHALL team's winning effort." Read on for the rest of Jones' review.

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Das Keyboard: Hit Any Key
Input Devices
Posted by timothy on Thursday September 08, @05:15PM
from the perfect-for-tech-hipster-tv-shows dept.
Black hardware just can't help looking cool (think TIE fighters, NeXT Cubes, and the hard-to-find black SE/30 case you might have lusted for in 1994), but have you ever wanted an all-black keyboard? Das Keyboard, from Austin-based Metadot, fills the craving for those so afflicted, and by "all-black," I mean something very nearly that: except a small white label ("Das Keyboard") in the upper left corner and labels for the three usual indicator lights -- num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock -- there's nothing but black to see. The keys are unlabeled in any conventional sense, though the index-finger keys of the conventional home row (F and J) are marked with the usual small bumps; theoretically, this should make typing more accurate after a time, just because cheating with one's eyeballs isn't a possibility. It's the aesthetic opposite of the recently announced Optimus keyboard; this is high minimalism applied to the modern keyboard. The truth is, I wanted to like Das Keyboard. It looks cool, and the concept sounds, well, sound. The thing itself left me a bit disappointed, though; I've outlined my reasoning below.

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News Corp buys IGN for $650M
The Almighty Buck
Posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday September 08, @04:33PM
from the thats-a-lot-of-psps dept.
Falconrath writes "News Corp has just aquired the gaming network IGN for $650 million Thursday. News Corp leader Rupert Murdoch said that this aquisition was one of many in order to become a "leading and profitable Internet presence." " Also here is a games section story from this morning.

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Science: Recent Solar Flare Could Disrupt Communications
Posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday September 08, @03:52PM
from the my-communications-have-flared-up dept.
w98 writes "CNN has reported that the 4th largest solar flare in the last 15 years may disrupt communications. "Significant solar eruptions are possible in the coming days and there could be disruptions in spacecraft operations, electric power systems, high frequency communications and low-frequency navigation systems," says the article."

( Read More... | 114 of 168 comments | science.slashdot.org )

IT: Ebay Rumored to be Buying Skype
Posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday September 08, @02:53PM
from the now-thats-a-really-strange-marriage dept.
JDStone writes "Rumor has it that trusted sources from The Wall Street Journal say Ebay is interested in buying Skype. Later after the announcment, Ebay Inc. shares fell 4.3 percent."

( Read More... | 116 of 161 comments | it.slashdot.org )

Hardware: Half-Terabyte Hard Drive Reviewed
Data Storage
Posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday September 08, @02:05PM
from the thats-almost-big-enough dept.
EconolineCrush writes "The Tech Report has posted an in-depth review of Hitachi's half-terabyte Deskstar 7K500, the largest hard drive available on the market. The drive is compared with five of the latest drives from Maxtor, Seagate, and Western Digital, so the review serves as a good round-up of the fastest Serial ATA drives on the market. Performance testing is quite extensive, covering desktop applications, load times, file copy tests, multi-user workloads, disk-intensive multitasking, and even noise levels and power consumption."

( Read More... | 296 of 380 comments | hardware.slashdot.org )

Google Hires Vint Cerf
The Internet
Posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday September 08, @01:17PM
from the now-that's-a-job-i-wish-i-had dept.
hsuwh writes "Google has hired Internet pioneer Vint Cerf away from MCI as its "Chief Internet Evangelist". "He is one of the most important people alive today," said [Google CEO Eric] Schmidt, who has been friends with Cerf for more than 20 years. "Vint has put his heart and soul into making the Internet happen. I know he is going to jump right in here and start shoveling out new ideas for Google.""

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Apple: A Review of the iPod nano
Posted by Zonk on Thursday September 08, @12:28PM
from the tiny-screen-big-sound dept.
Carl Bialik from the WSJ writes "Walt Mossberg has been testing the iPod nano for a few days, and he says he is 'smitten.' Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal, 'The nano has the best combination of beauty and functionality of any music player I've tested -- including the iconic original white iPod. And it sounds great. I plan to buy one for myself this weekend, when it is due to reach stores in the U.S., Europe and Asia.' Among other things, it has surprisingly good sound: 'Despite its small size, the nano sounded as good as any other iPod, and is packed with plenty of audio power. Plugged into my car speakers, it was able to belt out the new Fountains of Wayne rocker, "Maureen," loudly enough to be heard perfectly, even though I was going 70 mph in a convertible with the top down.'"

( Read More... | 392 of 493 comments | apple.slashdot.org )

Science: First Results From Deep Impact Mission
Posted by Zonk on Thursday September 08, @11:27AM
from the smash-and-learn dept.
jdoire wrote to mention a Physicsweb piece revealing some of the first bits of data from the Deep Impact mission. From the article: "Based on data from the flyby spacecraft and the impactor, Michael O'Hearn of the University of Maryland and colleagues say that Tempel 1 belongs to the Jupiter family of comets, although its overall shape and surface features are quite different from the nuclei of the two other comets that have been studied in detail -- Wild 2 and Borelly. They also report that Tempel 1 consists largely of extremely fine particles that seem to be very loosely bound together: in other words, the comet is more like a pile of powder than a solid rock." Looks like the Electric Universe folks were a bit off.

( Read More... | 138 of 164 comments | science.slashdot.org )

Politics: Iraq TLD In Legal Limbo
The Internet
Posted by Zonk on Thursday September 08, @10:40AM
from the can-i-borrow-a-cup-of-domains-please dept.
tcd004 writes "FP Magazine is reporting that despite the fact that Iraq has been a sovereign nation for some 15 months its top-level Internet domain, .iq, has been in a legal limbo. Until now, ICANN has refused to hand over control of the TLD due to the nation's instability." From the article: "But one Baghdad political insider says that the imbroglio is likely to end 'imminently'--possibly by the time this magazine hits newsstands--with ICANN handing over .iq to the new government. It's unclear why ICANN may reverse its earlier decision, whether it be from mounting political pressure or a different position on the legitimacy of the new Iraqi regime. The organization refused repeated requests for comment. But officials affiliated with the Iraqi government indicate they expect the domain's return soon."

( Read More... | 180 of 232 comments | politics.slashdot.org )

BSD: Solaris DTrace To Be Ported to FreeBSD
Sun Microsystems
Posted by Zonk on Thursday September 08, @09:37AM
from the new-toys dept.
daria42 writes "It looks like Sun's famous Dynamic Tracing tool - one of the best features in Solaris 10 - is getting ported to FreeBSD. Sun open-sourced the code back in January and it has been picked up by FreeBSD developer Devon O'Dell. The tool provides insanely great advanced performance analysis and debugging features for server software. Good to see some result come out of the Sun open-sourcing process." From the article: "O'Dell told ZDNet Australia the aim of the project -- which commenced a month ago -- was that all scripts and applications that utilised DTrace under its native Solaris environment should be able to run in FreeBSD with no changes. While FreeBSD's existing ktrace function was similar to DTrace, it was limited in scope, according to O'Dell. 'FreeBSD implements a somewhat similar facility for dynamically instrumenting syscalls for any given application,' he said."

( Read More... | 77 of 126 comments | bsd.slashdot.org )

Politics: FEMA Demands Use of IE To File Online Katrina Claims
Internet Explorer
Posted by Zonk on Thursday September 08, @08:51AM
from the small-but-annoying-details dept.
WebHostingGuy writes "As reported by MSNBC, if you survived the hurricane and are a Mac, Linux or Firefox user you cannot file a claim online. Further, you must have javascript enabled or face rejection. From the site: 'We are sorry for not being able to proceed your requests because you have failed our tests.' Opera and Netscape don't work either." Also reported at InformationWeek. From that story: "To file a claim online at FEMA's Individual Assistance Center, where citizens can apply for government help, the browser must be IE 6.0 or later with JavaScript enabled. That cuts out everyone running Linux or the Mac operating systems, as well as Windows users running alternate browsers such as Firefox or Opera. When TechWeb tested the site using Windows XP and Firefox 1.0.6, the message 'In order to use this site, you must have JavaScript Enabled and Internet Explorer version 6. Download it from Microsoft or call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) to register' popped up on the screen." Update: 09/08 13:48 GMT by Z : Added word 'Online' to title to clarify story.

( Read More... | 768 of 998 comments | politics.slashdot.org )

GTA: San Andreas to be Re-Released Next Week
Posted by samzenpus on Thursday September 08, @08:08AM
from the now-suitable-for-children dept.
404Ender writes "According to GameStop and EB, the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will finally be re-released without the controversial "Hot Coffee" content and clean of anything that might demand an AO rating. Will this be the first game in a series of many to come that will be pulled off the market to be changed due to questionable content? How long before a Hot Coffee replacement mod is produced?"

( Read More... | 193 of 250 comments | games.slashdot.org )

Logitech Unveils Smart Mouse
Posted by samzenpus on Thursday September 08, @05:23AM
from the can-it-make-coffee dept.
Rob writes "Computer business Review is reporting that Logitech International, one of the world's largest makers of mice and keyboards, has added to its already large range of peripherals with a new mouse that can receive and process wireless communications from a PC. The new fangled mouse is capable of two-way communication with the PC, it can inform users when their mouse battery is low, and notify them when they receive an email or instant message. Other features include laser tracking, 10 buttons, volume control and probably too many other things."

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Your Rights Online: Secretaries Sacked After Flamewar at Work
It's funny.  Laugh.
Posted by samzenpus on Thursday September 08, @12:21AM
from the you-are-all-fired dept.
ross.w writes "Two legal secretaries in Sydney have been sacked after a flamewar over a ham sandwich got circulated throughout the cities financial district. The insults about figures, boyfriends and jobs flew thick and fast and ultimately resulted in the dismissal of both of them for mis-use of the email system."

( Read More... | 431 of 591 comments | yro.slashdot.org )

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