Jerry's Nugget

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Card Name: Jerry's Nugget
Size: Standard Poker Size
Availability: Mostly unavailable
Miscellaneous: Up until about mid-1999, these cards could still be bought in large numbers at Jerry's Nugget casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Shortly after that, the entire remaining stock (estimates run as high as 40,000 decks) were purchased by a magician from Europe for his private use. Many top guys still use them, and they can usually be found in the hands of noted card expert Lee Asher. (He wasn't the person who purchased the entire stock by the way.) They were a tough deck to break in, but they lasted for a long time as they were stiff and durable. If Jerry's knew what was good for them, they'd print another run of these great cards. This deck is also a rather subtle one-way back design.
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