The Bentley's

JOHN BENTLEY appears in Henderson Co., Ky 1810 census with 4 sons 191-16 yrs old, one son under 10 7 3, dau under 10. His wife was in the 26-45 yr category and a female under 45 was also in the household.

In the 1820 census another female & only 2 sons were in the household, one under 10 and one 10-16. John Bentley purchased 142 acres (Lot 41 of Henderson Co survey) from Samuel Hopkins in Henderson Co., Ky on April 12, 1812. On February 1, 1813 he purchase d part of lot 36 from Fayette Pasey, on Jul 31, 1817 purchased lot 37 (150 acres) from James Powell. On Aug 11, 1842, John E. Bentley deeded, along with Napoleon Ferrell, Curtis Fields & John Miller 75 acres on Otter Creek in Madison Co., Ky by Richerd Dozier.

He appears in Madison County. census of 1850 with wife Salley. John could have moved to Madison Co., in 1842 with some of his grandchildren, probably Ann Catherine, since a year later she married Andrew Jackson Wood. Apparently all of John's sons had di ed while he lived in Henderson Co. Is possible he was related to some of the Bentley's living in Madison County.
by 1860 census he had moved back to Henderson Co., and his 2nd wife had died. The dates of the births of children of John and Kessiah Bentley were taken from his Bible which was published in 1831 by White, Gallaher and White at No 108 Pearl St. This inf o was obtained from genealogy literature on Family bibles from Owens Co., Ky. It was last owned by William F. Mcgibney, a Baptist Minister.

Bentley Database of Western Kentucky - compiled by Jane Sellers McBroom - Betty Sellers