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This is my webpage. It is also the library where you can access my many fanfics and stories. Instead of being all fancy and such, I'll just get down to it and link you to my stuff. (All these stories are copyright Tomm Hulett...although the characters may not be. Please retain your own honor and don't steal my stuff.)


"Final Fantasy 3, Generation 2"
-This was my first fanfic, and one of my most acclaimed. My style of writing has changed a LOT since then.

"Forever Rachel"
-This was published in my School's Literary magazine in 1997!

"Final Fantasy 7: Epilogue"
-Make sure you've seen the ending of the game first.

"Final Fantasy: Warrior's Lessons"
-A little fanfic I wrote loosely based on FF1.

"A Final Fantasy Christmas"
-A Christmas story featuring the cast of all the Final Fantasy games.

"What's With These Moogles?"
-A guide to inform you how to tell the gender of your moogles.


"Chronicles of Zeal"
Chronicle 1
Chronicle 2
Chronicle 3
Chronicle 4
Chronicle 5
-Chronicle 5 added 4-6-98

"Chrono Trigger: Another Time"
-Another of my 'after the game' fics.


"Megaman: Twilight"
-This one's in progress, too.

"Castlevania: Schneider's Diary"
-Explains the Belmont family tree, and makes a neat prologue to Castlevania64.


"The Scroller"
-Last year in English we read Poe...so......

"The Lie"
-Here's another story I wrote last year for English.

-Yet another one from last year. This one is a true story.

-We read "1984" in English and wrote an essay. This one's mine. One of my favorite pieces of writing yet.

"A Country Drive"
-I got an itch to do a satire one day. This is the result...it's about road rage.

-This is one of my papers for my Senior Portfolio, which is themed "choices".

-This is my second original offering for the "Choices" portfolio. It features Yavin from "Warrior's Lessons".


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