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Read Andrew Leonard's book-in-progress, and post your comments.

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Great Satan or big buddy?
"It feels really weird to be here, because I've been a hacker long enough to remember when IBM was the Great Enemy -- and now it looks like you're going to be our best friend" -- Eric Raymond recalls visiting IBM.

IBM's internal warfare
"One of the reasons [Distinguished Engineer] Jeff [Nick] met much conflict and push-back was people are scared by what they don't understand," says Mark Cathcart, a member of IBM's Academy of Technology.

Report from Ars Electronica
"Coming to you live from the Electrolobby at the Ars Electronica Festival, where I am both exhibiting the Free Software Project and reporting about the event itself," says author Andrew Leonard. Go to the video!

The intersection of the intentional and the unintentional
"Too often histories, whether written in the guise of "great men" or "great technologies," have overlooked the dimension of contingency and accident that factor decisively (though in unexpected ways) into the making of history," says Gabriella Coleman.


Did you know that algorithm comes from Abu Ja'far Mohammed Ben Musa al-Khowarazmi? You can also suggest new terms in Glossary fun.

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  Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005

How Big Blue fell for Linux
When open-source developers and IBM took gambles on each other, free software showed it can flourish in the heartland of corporate computing.
By Andrew Leonard 09/12/00


The kitchen is the receptionist at, a software start-up in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco. No one is present to greet an inquisitive visitor walking through the open door on the fourth floor of a nondescript building -- just stacked cases of Snapple fruit juice and giant bags of pretzels; a refrigerator and a sink; a coffee machine and a water dispenser.

The ambience screams of youthful coder necessities. On top of the refrigerator, huge boxes of Trix and Cap'n Crunch line up like crates of ammunition. Next to the sink sits a large jar of Twizzlers. From the large, open room stretching beyond the kitchen, a seductive slither of spooky trance music pulses -- inviting, and yet at the same time a little intimidating. People who work in this kind of environment are almost too cool.
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Illustration by Richard Sala


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Illustration by Melinda Beck


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The Free Software Project
Read Andrew Leonard's book-in-progress on Linux and open source -- and post your comments.

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