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Worst of the Week

November 13- November 19, 2003

By Carl Monaco

Any crime series is bound to deal with dark, disturbing themes, but this week's episode of NYPD Blue was particularly disturbing in its treatment of sex crimes committed against women.  Rather than simply catching the killer and informing us of the person's motives, viewers were given graphic a graphic description of the awful torture the victims were subjected to before they were murdered. 

Detectives Sipowicz and Clark are on the case of a serial killer who is seemingly stalking women who frequent the Time Bar. The victims are raped with a dildo and then strangled to death. During the investigation, the detectives discover that a woman who claims she was nearly murdered by the serial killer turns out to be the perpetrator of these heinous crimes.

In the final scenes of the episode, the woman is arrested in a potential victim's apartment. The killer's briefcase is opened, where the detectives find a rape kit including industrial rope, syringes, and the dildo. The murder then tells Clark that, "I knocked them on the head, sedated them, and inserted the dildo with the condom on it, then strangled them." The killer then admits that she was motivated by revenge because the owner called her a "no tit pig."

It is bad enough that dramas depicting the lives of police officers delve into the violence of every day crimes, but a story about a woman torturing other women in such an alarming way is too much.  The nature of the crimes committed, and the appalling description of the way they were committed makes NYPD Blue this week's Worst of the Week. Comment on this Review, Click Here Now!

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