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Cross Media Lab - Max Giovagnoli


Nome: Max Giovagnoli
I'm an italian researcher for cross media in Rome. PhD in Italian Literature and Lecturer in Emotional competence for University of Malta in Rome, I work as editor for books and short films, I'm chief writer for the web-tv and unique responsible for the cross media project "Proiettiliperscrittori" (radio, narrative, web-fiction). For any further info, find my name on google.


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Supportive and Competitive Cross Media Models

From my recent interview with Salvatore Cotogno, Interact Department / Endemol Italy, the definitive confirmation of the presence of two different cross media models in TV Entertainment: a supportive/proactive, and a competitive/defense one. The difference is in the use of the same contents, you see, but also in the dialogue with the audience, in the use of dramatic structures of the narration, in the emotional skills and, of course, in the contract formula with the broadcaster and the mobile/web partner of the project. But we ought to use more, and better, the competitive/defense model, to enpower the interactive dimension of the cross media storytelling, I believe.

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Cross media modeling

One of my last attempt is to create a cross media model using some recent theories built up for the shape of the universe. There's a strong connection between shape, movement and result in the curving of the universe and the same concepts in the crossmedia project's structure and living. Here in the images three 3d models for the universe. Try to connect'em with three different cross media habitat you lived, expecially with narration and techniques. Personally, it really seems positively working in one of the first chapters of my next book (Image, from left to right: neuter curving, positive curving and negative curving model).

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Hegel, cows and the media attack!

We get in touch with 100 different communicational habitat each day, we are object of 3000 pub spots and ads 24hours a day and our collective imaginary is built up by cross media messages with a sort of individual, passive inference at the end. As Ken Auletta (The New Yorker) says, we have to get in touch with a message 125 times a week, nowadays, to keep it in our memory. Media convergence is working strangely in our emotional intelligence, but in the darkness cows are all the same black, isn’t it?

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Spelling cross media, correctly





Let's take a look to the remarkable cross media report written by Mr. Jack Bouman for the Acten group some months ago ( After 10 years of cross media activities is truth, for many of us it isn't still a question of terms the need of distinguishing between interactive media, multi-platform media, Integrated media, converge media and hybrid media. But, is it really a matter of remediation?

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Crossing media with a (unique) story

Tonight at 21 pm the public reading of my last novel, Fuoco ci vuole, at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome. The reading will be held for the celebration of the 700 anniversary of the foundation of the atheneum. After radio (as a format on storytelling), cinema (it was a screenplay, before achieving the literary asset) and web (I published it as a web fiction in 26 epishodes, in my blog,  last summer), Fuoco ci vuole will encounter the press and the event's formula al last. It's time to start thinking to a resolution of the project? I wouldn't. Crossing media with a story is a way to learn a way to re-desing future, as I read a pair of years ago.

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Christy Dena: hearing Cross Media

Let's say a word about the studies lead in Australia by Christy Dena, one of the most referred cross media researcher in these last days. Here two rows imported from her amazing blog,  "The notion of cross-media storytelling is creeping into academic and art. A sibling concept, 'distributed aesthetics', is being bandied about at a few 'spaces'. " I can say that Italy is a strange field of studies, in this sense. Academy anc university are not so positive with cross media discipline, in fact, either in their teaching activities that in their authoring labs. I'm trying to modify - considering my little role - this sense of march, but it's not so easy, believe me.


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Fare cross media - November 2005

This is the first post of the lab dedicated to cross media after some months, and it is referred to the publication of my next book, focusing on cross media authoring. As some of my collegues at the University, here in Rome say, it is a paradoxe having it published here in Italy (on next november, as it seems), but it is just the fact, the nude fact, folks.

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My work, my books


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My Blue Heaven: tonight

Another night editing manuscripts, and thinking to far friends hearing of me in different parts of the world. John Pizzarelli playing his jazz guitar in the stereo, a good glass of Primitivo di Manduria on the desk and the works of some jyoung authors waiting to be analized, soon. In the meanwhile, I'm receiving the first email from the readers of my Fuoco ci vuole. It is the first cross media novel never published in Italy, and...

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Proiettili report at ANSO day, in Tuscany

Tomorrow my brief report at the National Online Press Association Anniversary (ANSO) in Grosseto. Theme of my issue:  Communication, journalism and cross media. We'll talk about augmented reality in online storytelling, emotional imaginary and the new asset of media convergence related to the emotional marketing. After the conveign, the presentation of the book of my mentored friend Luca Lorenzetti, Fare un giornale online (How to create an online newspaper) which I appreciated and edited two months ago.

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