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Tantra Articles:
Sex Education
by Dr. Corynna Clarke

The Business of Bliss
written by Goddess Bast

Can Men Become Multi-Orgasmic?
by Mare Simone

Uma's FAQ's
Actual questions answered by Uma Parvati

Tantra: A Goldmine of Sacred Enlightenment
 By Goddess Tora

Frequently Asked Questions
Answered by Dr. Corynna Clarke

Activating Energy and Amrita
Mare Simone

Tantra: An Overview
By Dinu Roman

The Most Sacred Spot
written Jade Beatty

Tantra, Men and Sexual Healing
Maryse Cote

Ejaculation Control Through Tantra
by Stephanie Stone

Sexual Choices for More Meaning and Expression
by Ramana Das and Marilena Sibley

Tantra: The Art of Liberation

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Tantra: A Goldmine of Sacred Enlightenment
When you hear the word "tantra", what comes to mind? A bubble bath for two, a candlelight massage, and a sensual escapade? Some forms of the media often present only Tantra (also known as Sacred Sexuality) as an exotic version of sex.

So, what's happened to the "Sacred" in Sacred Sexuality. No wonder people are confused.

The authentic Sacred Tantra approach empowers you to utilize your sexual energy, passion, and sensuality to ecstatically elevate your personal spiritual journey, as well as your shared relationship experiences. Your sexual energy is meant to be in service of your spiritual path, not the other way around. This is consistent with the way that Tantra was originally taught by the masters, and it still works wonders today!

Tantra involves quieting of the mind so that we can hear our souls speaking, rousing the sexual energy in the body not for a quick release but for slow movement of energy throughout the body causing deep relaxation, body-wide sensation and purging of too much "mind chatter."

The Old Masters guided students of Tantra in how to use the heightened states of sexual pleasure as spiritual fuel to expand beyond the sensual realm into higher consciousness and finer energy for spiritual purposes.

Traditionally until the mid 1960's, Tantra was taught as a spiritual journey enjoining with the Divine. Techniques such as meditaton, quantum touch, guided imagery, sounding and breath work were the foundation of Tantra.

Modern Tantra has morphed into a sensual practice with often little or no mention of the more evolved spiritual transformational aspects. In fact, most people that believe they know what Tantra is only know of the sexuality and sensuality aspects, and aren't aware in the primary spiritual orientation and teachings.

The main reason, perhaps, is that our culture is very focused on sex (especially in the media) and yet is very confused and uneasy with sex, and therefore has a compelling need for sexual healing. Because of this focus, the public is very interested in the sexual aspects of Tantra and for the teachers of Tantra, "sex sells!"

The result is that Tantra has become significantly misrepresented. Originally, sex was a small part of Tantra. Now it's the only thing that many think of when they hear the word Tantra. Originally the emphasis was TANTRIC sex; now it has become Tantric SEX. The essential elements of ancient authentic Tantra (meditation, daily practice, the philosophy and spiritual context, etc.) have taken a back seat to the sexual practices.

Tantra can help heal the past and free a person from old disappointments, offer tools for connecting deeply with others, inspire one to live each moment in a more conscious optimistic way, and shift vibration to magnetize more love and more miracles!

We can begin to tap into a wealth of information, practices and inspiration to explore, deepen and learn about our natural sexuality and how it integrates with our natural spiritual essence. This integration is the beginning of the inner alchemy that the ancient Tantric masters refer to; it can take your ability to love and be loved to the highest level, thus offering the possibility of experiencing more joy in life and deepening the connection with the Divine.

If practiced regularly the skills of Sacred Tantra will make life richer and enhance the ability to bring one's depth of being to the surface, for more self love and confidence, and for more loving, harmonious relationships. As we all know, most of the pain and suffering in our lives comes from difficulties with relationships and from a lack of love.

If learned and practiced in a safe, respectful, loving environment the teachings can provide valuable ways to fill this lack and offer a lasting remedy - a huge elevation in one's ability to create and sustain loving relationships!

Can we embrace the sacred in Sacred Sexuality? Are we truly ready for a level of Sacred Sexuality that goes beyond the desire for new, exotic sexual "kicks?" Or will the spiritual and sacred continue to be left out and the public be offered 'hot tub Tantra', because that's what sells.

Most people want what works, especially what will bring more love, pleasure, joy, and harmony into their lives, particularly their love life. Authentic Tantra can provide much more for those who are seeking a deeper, more profound experience of their sacred energies and consciousness.

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 Uma's FAQ'S

My name is E, I was on the internet and came upon the goddesstemple.com site and am totally interested in what "Tantra" truly is. 

Tantra is a body (books, oral and written traditions, asanas, techniques etc) of information originating in India somewhere around 4,000 years ago. 

I've heard about it, but never really knew what it is. I guess from reading a lot of the different goddesses' descriptions it is some kind of therapy or learning about the art of sexual enhancement ? ? 

Yes, it can be very effective for overcome "sexual dysfunction" "impotency" "pre-mature ejaculation" and is definitely "artistic" in it's approach to enhancement, as well as healing for the psyche, mind and physical body. But it is many, many things and has limitless benefits. Deeply relaxing, integrating sex and spirit, making intimacy and connection with another more profound, therapeutic/sensual and intuitive tantric massage are also elements I explore with students. 

So, I guess my first question is, what, exactly is it ? I mean I can't figure out if this is really therapy, which it sounds like it is, or just a front for (excuse me for saying this) prostitution. 

I do not engage in prostitution or any illegal activities and my sessions are not for the purpose of sexual gratification but rather to expand your awareness of your body's inherent abilities to feel pleasure, to experience the power of the calm and centered mind, and overcome and release limits to bliss, such as fear, shame and guilt.

Being very sexual myself ( I think I am a sex addict with an enormous sexual appetite that gets me into lots of trouble) I am wondering if this would be a way to heal myself of this. . . or if it would just further it ? I'm not sure what to make of all this. 

Tantric sessions may prove very helpful in this regard because the focus is on relaxing, having no goals and communing with your partner rather than "getting them off" it is a place that we all knew when we were kids, but as soon as we adapted modern society's hang-ups and issues we denied ourselves full access to huge amounts of joy and ecstasy. 

Please visit Uma here at www.goddesstemple.com/uma
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The Business of Bliss
 The Relationship Between Tantra and Raw Food

written by Bast copyright 2002

Coffee, cold drinks, snacks.
Cocaine. Heroin. Hash. Speed. Crystal. Ecstasy.
Centerfolds, designer clothes, new toys, chocolate, fast red cars.

We are constantly seeking bliss, satisfaction, happiness. There is knowledge of this state of being planted in our hearts, in our every living cell. It is the magnetic, instinctive home we are always driven to return to in almost every waking moment.

Bliss is our birthright.
If bliss is our birthright, why then does it seem so far away sometimes? Why do we seem to need such synthetic and/or external things to just barely taste it for fleeting moments? We continue the chase, masterbating the hope that it can be achieved through our ever-elusive next conquest, our next fixation... and even then it seems that one fix only weakly medicates the side effects or come-down of the last.

Does the never-ending cigarette exist?

I am in the business of bliss... the brand of bliss that has no come-down, is sustainable indefinitely, carcinogen-free, and not externally derived. Is this a ridiculous claim? Maybe for some...

They come to me one by one in grown up clothes, full of questions rooted in determined logic, emanating from the conceptual mind. They have exhausted all the synthetic and external choices looking for bliss, and this has finally led them to my door. They have torn open all the shiny packaging and were left still hungry. They do not know how they know, but they know that there is a more exalted bliss than the one that is born from a double-mocha. They instinctively sense that this bliss, fueled by a deeper source, can live as a constant, inextinguishable flame, and it does not require any synthetic or external vehicle to access it. They come to me for the map leading inwards.

They come to me, these aspirants, and I stand guard as they let their armor melt away to become initiated into the mysteries. Eyes become soft and wet. They take on the smile of a newborn as they reveal that most guarded part of themselves that seeks to give and receive love in a state of transcendence. Ironically, as they learn to genuinely release self-gratification, they experience a profound new bliss that may have previously been beyond the scope of their imagination. These womyn and men leave cracked open, happy, and reconnected to their essential ecstatic nature. They have a new, yet ancient light in their eyes. (This has just been my experience thus far. If you ever seek out and find your special teacher, come naked... suspending both belief and disbelief... without expectations or attachments to another’s story. Come as soft as a virgin.)

The only other occasion I’ve witnessed such intense, prolonged, transcendent ecstatic and orgasmic energy (without even necessarily a conventional orgasm) is through the use of chemical ecstasy, the drug. It is beautiful to watch this energy in its pure and freely sustainable form, free from the grinding, synthetic chemical edge and subsequent crash.

There are many different paths to bliss and I am just one of many different kinds of teachers. I call myself a teacher, but in truth I only help someone to rediscover the answers and treasures that have always been inside their own ribs.

I serve as a human dakini, a complex symbol embedded within Tantric mysticism. The complete definition cannot be contained in words, so I will spare you the long-winded, yet ultimately insufficient esoteric babble. I will give you the oversimplified version: I am a guide, artist, and intuitive teacher, though not a guru. I facilitate a very personal journey deep into the heart of Tantric practice. To truly know the dakini, however, is to feel the warmth of her breath, to hear her whispered words directly.

What is Tantra? Contrary to popular belief, Tantra is not a religion with a set of dogmatic beliefs to adopt, nor is it a strictly sexual practice. Tantra is a yoga, spiritual path, and vehicle of self actualization that has stretched over many millenia into countless lineages which can have certain fundamental principles in common. It is an exacting science of harnessing and refining the raw creative force, or kundalini, inherent in the spirit, psyche, and physical body of human beings. In the same breath, Tantra is an organic, magical, and infinite art... ultimately surpassing any limiting definition. I can say, however, that the practice is founded on the motivation of expanding and nurturing our awareness, compassion, and joy for the benefit of all sentient beings. I know, I know... this sounds a little fluffy, but – hey, why not? The struggle for world domination gets so stressful and lonely, no?

Tantric practice and ritual can include pranayama, subtle-body yoga, yoga asana (postures), meditation, tummo (the practice of generating internal heat), physical connection, verbal communication, all forms of artistic expression, wild dancing and singing, feasting, and standing at the brink of madness, among many other fun activities. This path is the exact opposite of self-mortification (the denial or repression of the body and the senses), though it still is not a path of hedonism or wreckless indulgence. Tantra is a journey of divine transcendence by practicing meditative awareness in the face of artful stimulation and manipulation of the senses. Endorphins, seratonin, adrenalin, retinal photoreceptors, and patterns of brain and nerve activity are all part of the physiological palette with which the Tantrika paints... all the while with the realization that it is all just a painting.

Tantric practice is also known for its healing capabilities, especially relevant to modern Westerners. Fruit of the practice can manifest as profound healing emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and physically. Results vary according to each individual.

Tantra is the cultivation of our selves into more loving beings. It is the weaving of contradictory aspects of our selves into a harmonious whole. I will stop... these are just more half-empty words that do not do the experience justice. These words and the words of all books on the subject are, to some extent, riddles and euphemistic dry seeds that will only spring to life behind the metaphoric doors of the teacher’s temple. Ultimately, the essence of Tantra can only be truly known by direct, raw experience, initially with another experienced practitioner.

The entire being is a conduit for the transmission of Tantra. Here enters the relevance of raw food: I find that I am the most effective, sensitive, and powerful conduit when I am nourished by raw, organic, vegan food.

So how then, when I am eating exclusively raw, organic food, does it help me to be a better conduit? Eating 100% raw has certain side effects, but this information does not come from the results of any extensive clinical studies as the idea doesn’t seem to be too popular with the pharmaceutical companies that generally fund such endeavors. These side effects, however, are well known to many who have experienced the diet in a well balanced way for any sustained period. In other words, raw food (especially in combination with yoga and any amount of naked time in the sun) is the best high on the planet. But please, don’t take my word for it. Conduct your own experiment. These lovely side effects can include...

intensely heightened senses (even colors get brighter)
vastly increased energy
decreased anxiety
increased creativity, mental clarity, attention span
diminished unhealthy cravings
decreased need for sleep and better sleep
increased patience and sense of calm
glowing skin
a far more delicious, yet less compulsive, sexuality
a stronger, faster, leaner, more beautiful body
a more delicious natural body smell/taste

Raw food is also known for its own healing properties. I know personally numerous individuals who had suffered various physical and mental/emotional ailments who were either deemed hopeless or completely failed by mainstream Western medicine and psychology. They now attribute their recovery to a raw food life style.

Raw food nourishment adds a new dimension to my existence. My whole human experience becomes dramatically more lucent. In addition to the above listed benefits, there are many more for which no words can do justice.

This diet also supports certain spiritual functions. Meditation becomes almost effortless due to the increased mental clarity and tranquility. Practicing yoga asana becomes more of a natural and constant drive rather than a discipline. Ever see a freak holding their leg over their head and breathing deep while waiting for the bus? Chances are it’s a raw food junky. Compassion and altruism grow and deepen naturally, without pretension. I am less attached to my own self-gratification as I am so deeply nourished and, thus, not unconsciously engaged in the vicious cycle of constantly seeking some kind of food stimulant/depressant or mental distraction to medicate the last poison I may have ingested. I am far more aware of the welfare of others, as I have the increased mental and emotional energy for it. I consider myself a scientist and skeptic, but I have found that “living in the raw” actually nurtures what could be called psychic abilities. This may sound far-fetched to the uninitiated and must be experienced first hand to truly grasp. I get sensitive beyond anything I’d previously known, to the point where it feels as if I become somewhat of a human x-ray, and can peer through another’s skin into their very heart and mind. Ordinary human interactions become more rich and luminous.

Raw food is the greatest drug. Raw food feeds my practice and helps me to be a better teacher of these beautiful, ancient arts. Both Tantra and raw food are vehicles that can bring the body to new levels of extreme sensitivity, awareness, and experience, thus creating a powerfully synergistic combination.

I do not claim that the path of raw food and Tantra is the answer for everything. I believe that there is no one answer for everything that’s right for everyone. It’s a human drive to take a moment of perfection or a blissful discovery and make a religion or set of rules out of it. This is one manifestation of attachment. It is also dogma. Dogma is so seductive, to think that it will excuse us finally from the cumbersome task of having to think, to be fresh and fluid in gauging what the right course of action is in the ever-organic present moment. But then again... maybe having no answer is not the answer! All I can give you is the story of my own experience and the discovery that raw food and Tantra are my own personal never-ending cigarette. If it resonates with you, then take something from it.

As I am struggling to concentrate on this piece of writing, trying very hard to say something profound and intelligent, my three year old son is becoming a distraction. He is gnawing on his third apple, and is tenaciously demanding hugs, kisses, cuddling, and my participation in one of his favorite sports... eye gazing. He is standing with his arms wide open and chanting his new favorite phrase that he picked up from some girlfriends today... “I want to be one with you.” I was getting frustrated and kept trying to refer this warm little guru to his crayons and coloring book.

I’m done. Good luck in your own grand experiment, fellow beings. I’m going to cuddle and eat apples with my baby, and nurture bliss now.

Recommended Reading:
Introduction to Tantra by, Lama Yeshe
The Art of Sexual Ecstasy by, Margo Anand
Sacred Sex by, Jwala
Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy by, Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger
The Dakini’s Warm Breath by, Judith Simmer-Brown
Raw by, Juliano
Nature’s First Law: The Raw Food Diet by, Arlin, Dini, & Wolfe
Survivor by, Chuck Pahlaniuk
Ha! by, Fernando Elvira

About the author: Bast currently works as a Tantra educator, Dakini, artist, and writer. She has been trained as a facilitator of the Tantric arts by many venerable Western teachers including Margo Anand and Jwala. She is an advocate and activist for the raw food movement and hosts related events and feasts in her community. She will be opening a raw food restaurant in San Francisco this year with the renowned former head chef of Organica, Laci Fairless.

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Sex Education
by Dr. Corynna Clarke

The actual act of bringing a child into creation is almost as significant as being there for them, providing for them, and ultimately being their first teacher about sexuality.

It is imperative we begin treating children like the capable adults we want them to be. In a "civilized" culture, how ignorant is it to believe that by not educating our youth honestly about sex that they will ever have the tools to behave responsibly?

If we allow our own sex-negative upbringing to run our lives unchecked, we are unconsciously choosing the messages we convey to our own children. Early on most children adopt some mixture of guilt and shame around sexuality. They compensate with tension and fear as they embark on their first self-pleasuring experience. Imprinted with these emotions, they are affected even as adults. Although mentally they know pleasure is not bad, yet because of these emotional blockages, it remains difficult to reclaim the potential that is naturally accessible.
              So what now? Examine you own sexual issues. How are they manifesting in your life and in the lives of your children? Are you committed to transforming your own limitations and belief systems? If you have children, or plan to it is imperative that you seek guidance in order to break the chain of dysfunction. Our hang-ups are handed down from generation to generation unconsciously. The first step is being conscious of their existence and the next is to take responsibility and seek out a qualified professional or appropriate form of therapy.
               Communicate with your children openly when they ask about sex. Be straight and you don't need to volunteer more than is appropriate. Be honest when telling them the pros, cons and the responsibility that comes along with sexual contact. If you know you have unresolved issues call on God/Goddess or your angels for guidance when speaking.
                   Educate, especially your younger children, on how to set boundaries and limits. Share about the alternatives to sex that can be energetically fulfilling without removing clothes. Teach them safe ways to start exploring like breathing, sounding, yoga and meditative connection. Most importantly, let them know their own bodies are like divine sanctuaries and should always be treated with reverence. 
                    Be a positive role model. You don't need to be sexual while your children are watching. But show them the loving affection that you share with your partner. Don't let your own inhibition stop you from allowing them to hear your deep breaths and pleasurable sounds at night. Show them love is not a dark secret to be ashamed of but a part of life to be celebrated. If we do let sex and sexual energy remain a dangerous mystery, its darkness will be even more alluring to the naive seeker. 
Finally and ultimately the most critical is to talk to school boards, officials and any educational programs to which you have access. Get together with other conscious parents and demand classes that go beyond bodily functions and really deal with the psychological and emotional aspects of sex. My vision is that we can enlighten our children and empower them to make right choices.  

All cultures and religions have some form
of mystic sexual teachings. By embracing this worldview, we can teach them about the sacredness and significance of sexuality without excluding any religion or god. In our history, we have spent hundreds of years trying to keep minorities, women and social reformists down by attempting to hide knowledge from them. Now we see the great contribution and empowerment these very people add to our society. Our children are sages, for they lack all the limitations and misconceptions that we have for years adopted as the truth. It's us that should be asking them about sex.

Tantra: An Overview
By Dinu Roman

     Tantra Yoga is the oldest known religious science, it comes from the primitive lore of the Indian spiritual tradition, a foundation deeply connected to universal philosophies. The Tantric philosophy itself includes in it’s theory all the levels of the universe and gives a paramount importance to meditation, music, astronomy, biology, parapsychology, anatomy and sexuality. In fact, the sexual experience, considered to be a unification of everlasting male and everlasting female principles, has a very important place in Tantric technique and procedures.
     Tantra is a beautiful, complex discipline, an accurate method, and a profound analysis based on rational foundations; it is a meta science dealing with the different aspects of the supreme consciousness and ways to experience it. Here, sexuality forms only the basal prima facie of its techniques. It is subjected to rigorous discipline, because it is known that the secret of life lies in controlling the sexual energy.
     Understand the Tantric attitude towards sexuality requires a totally open mind and a reversal of perspective. We are accustomed are by a puritanical mentality to seeing sexuality as a "sin " to be avoided, ashamed of or,  to keep it secret because of its impurity. We have all the chances to consider Tantric love as being a defiant assault on conventional morality and thus to miss completely the tremendous spiritual value of such a perspective. 
     In order to understand it, we must first come to view the human form as vibrating in identity with the sacred, divine aspects of creation. From this sacred perspective, sexuality is seen as re-producing, at a smaller scale, the continuous and beautiful interaction of a cosmic process which is manifesting the entire universe from the absolute reality. In this new vision sexual "sin" disappears (it never existed anyway), being replaced by pure beauty and total love. Sexual union is thus a form of meditative discipline with profound psycho-mental and spiritual effects. Therefore there is no obscenity or pornography but only sublime symbolism and refined beauty.
     The figure of a man and woman coupled in sexual union is not thought impure or sinful. On the contrary, it is considered to be a veritable sacrificial rite. The male worshiper has an attitude towards the woman, which is different from that of an ordinary person performing the sexual act. The woman is transfigured into a living symbol an earthly manifestation of the divine mother of the universe (para Shakti). Likewise for the woman, man represents a vital embodiment of the Everlasting male principal (Shiva). The sexual beauty raised at the transcendental level of an extraordinary psychic experience with a spiritual character reflects, then, the ineffable happiness of a subtle cosmic nature, known in yoga as Ananda (i.e. Cosmic beatitude) and in Tantra as Samarasa (i.e. the savor of equality).
     It is important to emphasize that Tantra Yoga substantiates its techniques of  Spiritual development on the perfect yet effortless control of the sexual energy (semen retention). Traditional texts say semen contain consciousness as the ova contains primordial creative energy. Here the point is to return to the practitioner the enormous amount of raw sexual energy contained in semen and in the correspondent female orgasmic emanations in such a way that this subtle energy may be sublimated and its efficiency used for higher purposes : i.e. psycho-mental and spiritual. The Science of the ancient Sage (Siddahs) teaches that the sexual power (the life force) can be transmuted into superior forms of energy called ojas and tejas.
     In Tantra Yoga , one uses sexuality for completely transcending it. Even at the level of ordinary sexual experience, the couple sometimes has the strange and powerful feeling that sexual intercourse releases a tremendous energy inside the human psyche. Frequently superior and nostalgic truths can be inferred in this state.
     Pedro McGregor in his book Psychosexual Synthesis confirms the Tantric teachings concerning sexuality. It is logical to consider that a Conscious change in our sexual behavior and in our most intimate attitudes could Act as a magical spring, releasing truly super-human energies in the same way that a controlled mutation in the intimate structure of the atom can release a tremendous amount of nuclear energy In the act of lovemaking the couple embodies the wholeness of the supreme. Tantric sexual union resonates with the very foundational energies of the universe. It captures, magnifies and re-directs the essential cosmic power of life. It is therefore not by chance that sexual intercourse brings the most intense emotional experience that the human being can have while in the flesh. Therefore Tantra uses this energy predominantly to create that overwhelming unifying energy. The erotic impulse stirs up the Kundalini energy so that it can rise, through the subtle duct of power along the spine, to the highest center of power above the head.

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Can a Man Really Become Multi-Orgasmic?
By Mare Simone

     I get asked this question a lot. For the record, the answer is Ohhhh Yes!!! From the tantric perspective, orgasm is not a goal or completion of sex, but rather an aroused physical and emotional state that literally can be experienced throughout one's entire being. The longer one lingers in this aroused state of excitement, the more energy and life force they can absorb and radiate. A man may have multiple orgasms without ejaculating and yet actually feel energized in the afterglow. As a woman, I can only tell you that it's extraordinarily satisfying to be with a man who can continue to ride wave upon wave of pleasure with me. It creates a deeper and profound feeling of union.
     The techniques that assist one in developing these skills can be learned and mastered with practice. Physiologically, it is possible for a man to have orgasm without ejaculating. Sadly, it is also possible for a man to ejaculate without much physical pleasure at all! Orgasm and ejaculation are functions that are activated by separate parts of the nervous system. Although they often do occur simultaneously, each of these functions can be experienced independent of one another. To a man this means prolonged and multiple orgasms are possible without an ejaculation.
     During ejaculation, sleep hormones are produced and released in the brain. An immense amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids as well as vital energies are lost in the ejaculate. Although austere Taoists such as Mantak Chia, author of the best selling book, "The Multi-Orgasmic Male" may disagree, I believe that this depletion factor does not mean that a man should never ejaculate except to procreate; but rather to do so with consciousness and wisdom. When a man ejaculates, if he plants his seed along with an intentional thought or vision, it becomes a conscious conception; whether it's for a baby or an empowering state that one can conjure and imprint, it is infused with the creative life force.
     A non-ejaculatory type of orgasm for a man can occur repeatedly without him feeling exhaustion. Once a man comes and "spills his seed" he's usually spent; especially if he is past the age of 35 when his hormone production begins to slow down. Tantric practices offer a man the ability to maintain a level of heightened arousal with numerous peaks and multiple dimensions of exhilarating pleasure. Many men find this to be more satisfying. The key is to be able to be excited and relaxed at the same time. On the "pleasure scale" of one to ten, a man must learn to maintain a level seven (which is heaven) for as long as he desires. Breathing and movement exercises can assist one in opening up to feeling fabulously aroused while calm and centered at the same time. Orgasm is deep like the ocean, we cannot control it, yet we can learn to ride the waves and experience great pleasures and the immense benefits that it brings.
     Depending on a man's health, his age and other conditions, frequent ejaculation can be depleting. With tantric methods he can learn to actually re-absorb his vital essences and become empowered by them. When a man doesn't ejaculate during orgasm, he is able to effectively move the energy and fill his body with a highly charged and oxygenated life force. Through the simple techniques that Tantra teaches, a man can reach an orgasmic state that satisfies on a deep and peaceful level. In fact, men who don't release after sustaining high levels of pleasure often feel energized and rejuvenated afterwards. This expanded state can last for days and can lead to a more refined sensitivity towards pleasure. This profound experience can be enjoyed solo, or with a partner. With proper guidance and practice, men often find a tantric orgasm more pleasurable and satisfying than an orgasm with release.
     When a man experiences multiple orgasms it awakens him to feel a very similar experience to a woman's sensations. Men have often reported to me feelings of pleasure that rise to their heart with a lightness and glowing warmth that radiates throughout their body. Men who are multi-orgasmic have the potential to become more emotionally intimate and able to join with a woman in conscious sexual bliss. When a man discovers his ability to relax into pleasure, it takes him to a new level that can only be understood through direct experience. Relaxing into pleasure is a gateway that can open him up to realizing his full spectrum of orgasmic states.
     As a Certified Tantra Educator I can assist you to discover what is possible and appropriate for you. Ultimately it is your choice - Do you want to lose the power of this dynamic force or cultivate it and discover the full range of what's available to you as a multi-orgasmic man?

Mare Simone

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      Frequently Asked Questions
                     answered by Dr. Corynna Clarke

Q: What is Tantra?

A: Tantra is a body of information that comes from ancient India during a period of time when people understood the power of sexuality and regarded their sexual energy as just another powerful force to be used in daily life. It was just as important during those times to be versed in that art as it was to be good at your career, to raise children, play sports, or to go to church. The techniques I use help people to integrate their sexuality with the rest of life, so the sexual aspect is no longer something to be ashamed of but a force to heal yourself and bring more creative, spiritual, sensual, magical energy to your daily life.

Q: How many sessions will I need and how often should I come in?

A: There is no set number of sessions that you should have. You will learn techniques that  will benefit you and that you can incorporate in to your life after the very first session. It depends on you personally. I don’t ever tell people they have to come a certain number of times. Some people experience it out of curiosity and find they love it, but it isn't a path for everyone. I love my dedicated students, they become my teachers and friends. It always has to be people who are committed to transformation and open to really experience all of life's emotions. Some clients come every week, because they really get the value of this work, and they want to be masters.
    I have a few clients that I've been seeing for years and years. Those are the relationships that are especially wonderful, because we are truly learning from each other and watching tremendous growth take place, both in us individually and as a Tantric love team.

Q: Is this counseling?

A: Counseling only addresses one level the mind. You can go around in your head all day and you will still have the same issues, all you will get is maybe a better understanding of them. This works on a body and spiritual level as well as the mental. So it addresses the physical imprints, and communicates directly with your soul to find out what action needs to occur in order for a healing to happen, as well as finding out how to support that opening after the revelation.

Q:Is this full service?

A: I am not a gas station. And I don’t make any promises to people as far as what is or isn’t going to happen during a session, because I honestly never know. Each session is different because I tune into each person's body to find what their individual needs are, which can often be very different from what their expectations are.
    I'm interested in working with people who have open minds and can release their self limiting picturess. Tantra is about sharing love and energy without goals or agendas. I do what feels good and appropriate to me for each individual session, and I can’t say what that looks like until afterwards.

Q: What do you wear during a session?

A: I have no hang ups about my body. I may in various states. Either topless or nude or in sensual clothing, a bra and sarong. Again, I just go by my intuition, and what feels appropriate. 

Q: Should I work with several different goddesses or should I just stick with one?

A: There are definitely advantages to both. Working with several teachers and attending a variety of workshops and events gives you a broader perspective of what Tantra really is. Every single teacher I have studied with has a completely different approach and focus and a unique way of presenting it. When you find a teacher you like you'll want to stick with her because there is a depth and richness in the intimacy that is an essential part of Tantra. If you find yourself wanting to flit around to lots and lots of different Goddesses, it could be because you don't feel you are ready for that level of deep connection.

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Tantra, Men and Sexual Healing   
by Maryse Cote

    Two years ago I wrote an article on women and sexual healing which was published in the Kali issue of the Tantra magazine. Men responded very warmly to the article, echoing women in feeling disenfranchised and sexually unfulfilled. I felt moved to write about men out of a sense of personal responsibility in furthering our common healing while cultivating an awareness of mutuality between genders. My purpose is to explore how men have also been wounded. I am aware of the dimension of the subject matter and that I can only barely scratch the surface yet that’s a start.
    Although I have worked privately with over a thousand men as an instructor of basic Tantric and Taoist practices and as a sexual healer and that I ;have loved many men in my life including six younger brothers, I also must admit that it is with a limited confidence that I approach the subject of male sexual woundings because I am not in a man’s body. I can’t access the same cellular memory that I do when I talk about women. Nevertheless I have seen, felt and heard men’s woundings and the unnecessary suffering that results from having a penis.
    Attempting to understand how a man experiences himself as a sexual being requires that we take a closer look at how we’ve all been wounded. We’ve all been victims of a socialization and discrimination process which defines our sexual identities and roles. We are seen only as either a "man" or a "woman". Eventually I came to understand how gender roles hurt everyone. Before being seen as a human being with very individual characteristics and choices, we are being labeled by our genitals as a male or a female and treated accordingly within our culture.
     To be a "man" in most cultures requires the "person with a penis" to be a performer and provider. Men are trained and conditioned for these roles from an early age. The core of this macho training is a denial of the full range of emotions and body feelings. As Robert Bly says: "Contemporary business life allows competitive relationships only, in which the major emotions are anxiety, tension, loneliness, rivalry and fear. Having no soul union with other men can be the most damaging wound of all. Much personal power is given away in the process of denying one’s true feelings."
    Competition, success, ownership and external rewards become the foundation of Superman pseudo power.
    Since emotions are categorized as "something for girls" the young boy learns very early that:
A. it’s not okay to feel like girls
B. that there must be something with being a girl
C. to be a man must mean to be strong, to be in control, to not show feelings and to see himself as superior to women - misogyny becomes identity.
    This conditioning insidiously crystallizes the male role of performer, hero, macho, provider, achiever, doer. That’s how we transform a human being into a human doing. From that place of isolation from his true self, he becomes an easy prey to a system that only values external rewards such as success and ownership. Competition becomes the rule and the way to relate to other men. The degree of his denial of emotions and bodily feelings may lead him to extreme abuse of power, greed, destruction and violence. Wars and the destruction of our natural environment are just examples of such denial.
    An interesting study of Warren Farrel Ph.D. further points out that "men are socialized to want sex as long as one condition is fulfilled - physical attraction. Women are still taught to be sexually cautious for two, three or all four conditions - attraction, respect, emotions and intellect - are met. Many women add a fifth and a sixth conditions - singleness and status/success. Many add a seventh, eighth and ninth - the man must ask her out; he must pay; and he must risk rejection by initiating the first kiss; be the first to hold hands, and so on. Men feel as if their expectations are so much lower than women’s, which is only one condition, and they can’t even meet that. And so men feel sexually powerless.
    While men are focusing on physical attraction and external rewards, internal rewards such as communication, intimacy, love and commitment remain unsatisfied. Lack of sexual fulfillment results in powerlessness for both men and women. Rarely do we think of men as sexually powerless mainly because we associate the male phallus as the symbol of sexual power. I see this powerlessness manifested in many ways. In my work I constantly encounter premature ejaculation, difficulties with erections, lack of sexual feelings, and lack of skills and confidence in their sexual expression.
    During sex, a phenomenon that Western psychologists call premature ejaculation happens to 75% of men, preventing them from experiencing a deep union. What this usually means is that the man has not allowed his partner to develop her energy into an orgasm. As a result, in normal sexual relations the percentage of women experiencing frustration and no orgasm may be as high as 80%.
    Can you imagine when this situation persists? The results are performance anxiety, lack of self confidence, feelings of embarrassment, frustration and shame, lack of sexual fulfillment and deep suffering. I am a firm believer in ejaculation control as a solution to World Peace staring at home by creating more sexual fulfillment. My personal contribution to this is a beautiful 60 minute audio tape, a step by step Sexercises Training which teaches total ejaculation control and how to prepare the body for male multiple orgasm.
    The absence of a rite of initiation into malehood with proper sexual training also contributes to male sexual wounding. Men are not trained to know how to love women. A man’s first experience of female love is with his mother. This relationship will determine a man’s capability to love and trust a woman. Most men have been severely wounded from deeply unfulfilled mothers who projected their own needs, dreams and expectations onto their sons. The son often became a substitute for an absent father and lover. A man’s fear of women’s control affects how willing he is to surrender to women’s sexual power. His unconscious fear of women’s inexhaustible sexual power confronts him with his vulnerability, especially if he fails to meet his own expectations as a sexual performer. His desire for control is challenged by a temperamental male phallus which can let him down at any given moment without notice. We call it "cumming" while it should be called "going". Because, unless a man learns to transmute his energy before he ejaculates, once he "cums" he is gone. His energy, his interest in his partner are gone. The man who repeatedly experiences this lack of control over his sexual energy will often end up feeling powerless.
    Such experiences of powerlessness may tap into a man’s earliest experience of having his genitals mutilated by circumcision. "No one is aware of the deep implications and life-long effect of circumcision. All that takes place in the first days of life on the emotional level shapes the pattern of all future reactions. How could a being aggressed in this way, while totally helpless, develop into a relaxed, trusting person?"
    "Could the trauma from this event have anything to do with our later feelings of shame about our bodies, our concern about the size of our penises, our anguish over sexual performance, our frozen feelings, or the male ability (liability?) To ignore pain? In order to begin healing our wounds we need to remember what happened to us and name it correctly. Cutting the genitals of newborn male babies is child sexual abuse. I encourage all men to join in ending this practice.
    The more I read on the subject the more upset I become. A more recent factor which unfortunately has also contributed to men’s woundings is feminism with its often times vehement objectification of men. In the spirit of retaliation there isn’t much room for discernment. The more sensitive men took on the hard blow, right under the belt, in their power center. While the male power structure was actually the object of attack, many receptive men’s personal power got blasted. On top of not having adequate male role models, now simply being a man was a cause of shame, blame and discrimination!
    Finally I am suggesting a last yet certainly not the least important factor of sexual woundings. It is the fear around sexuality which men have also inherited at a cellular level from patriarchal religions. Indeed patriarchal religions throughout the ages had people killed off for being sexually alive. The human body and its erotic power became a source of evil. What if instead, it would have been considered a source of divine embodiment?
    Perhaps the phenomena of the New Age man is a natural response to these woundings. I think it’s a rather creative one. These men have opened themselves to their intuitive and receptive side. They know how to be gentle and sensitive. Which is exactly what women had asked from men. The problem is that through this process they have often lost the more bold, active and penetrating qualities required for personal power. In that way they’ve compromised their maleness! And of course, it’s bound to affect their sexual power.
    Whether or not modern man is in touch with his emotional pain, his body can’t lie. The most striking way that sexual woundings is affecting him is through the disease of his prostate. In this country, over 50% of men experience prostate difficulties beyond the age of 50 while prostate cancer is the second leading cause of male death. The medical establishment seems to ignore the cause of it. Aside from the immediate physical causes shouldn’t we pay closer attention to the more obvious which is the surrounding environment; the quality of the air, water and food? The chemical substances present in the environment get most particularly concentrated in the sexual organs.
    At another level, the significance of the disease of the male sexual organ reflect the difficulty to convert this tremendous testosterone power used for wars and destruction of the planet into a creative, peaceful and sacred source of energy. It is time to collectively give birth to the peaceful warrior, to the wise man who can meet the wise woman in true power and equality, mutually supporting our freedom of being divinely human.
    So here is the same question I asked women in my previous article. How can men begin to reclaim their sexual power?

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Sexual Choices for More Meaning and Expression
by Ramana Das and Marilena Sibley

Adrenaline sex, liquid sex, hard sex, flowing sex, expanded sex, tantric sex, soft sex, extended sex, wet sex, slow sex, ecstatic sex, long-distance sex, quickie sex, more sex... we want it ALL!
    In expressing sexual energy, we experience the divinity and diversity of the human body’s potential for awareness and feelings! We are inspired, we are alive, we channel the creative life force flowing through us, either by ourselves or to be shared with others.
    Whether we make love three times a day or three times a year, it’s our choice to hook into this life force energy, superficially or deeply. In this age of diversity, when we can tune into hundreds of video channels, radio stations, even web sites, there’s just about everything available for everybody. Alternatives abound! Choices are ours for the taking. The decisions... and resulting experiences... are ours to make. Responsibility rests with us... each of us. No regrets, no blame, nobody in charge of our pleasure destiny except us! Choice involves levels of consciousness in one’s erotic focus, desires, partners, situations. The question is whether we are in a conscious state of alertly and sensitively being in the moment, or are we acting automatically, unconsciously, out of past habit patterns.
    The bottom line for us in getting for most out of this life force energy we call sex is to select a path of loving consciousness, wherein self responsibility, empowerment, self-esteem, sensitive spontaneity and clear communication rule. Are we not worth the best possible experiences, adventures, encounters and relationships? Yes, yes, yes! We opt for less stress and more fun. We experience healthy consensual sexual activity as a vital expression of overall health and vitality. We do what we feel to do, separately and together, rather than follow a preconceived idea of what is acceptable. This is our time, this new millennium... an age of diversity, acceptance and exploration of possibilities. It is an age of sexual/spiritual empowerment... living as Gods and Goddesses in the flesh.
    For us, first there were the sexual freedom days... all kinds of sensate experimentation. Mmmm good. Then we began to explore deeper ways to relate, as well as new ways to raise, focus and play with the sex energies. We began to include the entire body as a divine field of pleasure. We felt the sexuality of touch, massage, dancing and drumming... even merely gazing into each other’s eyes, or breathing together in simply rhythms of inbreaths and outbreaths. Feelings of aliveness began to spread into every waking moment that we chose to connect with that creative vital frequency. Our relationships felt deeper and more intense. We met each other. Lust and love, passion and consciousness, all blending into one integrated whole. We married. Five years passed. It got pretty esoteric... and yet we never forgot that we are in bodies, that these bodies are here to feel pleasure, to raise and share energy, to harmonize and merge into a oneness that can’t really be written about.
    So what can we write about... even advocate in this turning of the ages? One of our mottos is: "expand your envelope of pleasure!". When communication between lovers is easy, trusting and frank, all roads that lead to the oneness of orgasm are worthy of exploring. It could be a "gee whiz" innocent curious vibe, maybe a sweaty physical test of body stamina, or a dissolution of individual identities into a sea of pulsing psychedelic bliss. It’s all up to the most sexual of all organs: the brain! After all, first comes thought, then comes action! So within our fairly loose boundaries, we intend to stay open to as many choices as appropriate. We listen to what our bodies are telling us, and if it feels okay, we explore. After all, in order to know the boundaries of pleasure, we surrender to the possibilities that sexual diversity offers. Each of us has that choice to make. That’s where the ‘muscles’ of consciousness need to be exercised! For some, there will be many choices, for others, just a few.
    New ways of communicating, keeping the dance of energies passing back and forth between bodies and hearts, have been some of the most exciting discoveries for us. Giving each other breath and hair massages, for example. This involves first slowly breathing over the entire body, front and back, in rhythm to sinuous playful music. Then, we repeat the entire process using one’s head of hair, stroking the skin with many different kinds of head motions. Another example, in the spirit of non-verbal vibratory communication, is rhythmically drumming on each other’s in turn, in time to hypnotic trance dance music. There are so many ways to make sounds by forming one’s hands and then slapping the willing thighs and ass of one’s willing partner! (We call this activity "body drumming"... it really gets the appropriate skin areas awakened and juiced up!) In our workshops, video and music, we explore many different paths to "vibrational engorgement", where every cell of the body is aroused and excited, rather than only the primary erogenous zones. It’s kept us looking and feeling young... and it’s fun! (We’re slim and trim and in our fifties.) Sex doesn’t have to be so serious! For us, although sexual expression is sometimes geared to emotional or physical ‘release’, most of the time it’s in the pleasuring of the other... then the pleasuring of the self, and finally dissolving into Pleasure itself! For us, this has been a path of breath, sound, touch, body positions and movement... as well as lips, nipples and genitals. It’s become the yoga of sex! (Some call this ‘Tantra’.)
    In the spirit of diversity, we’ve seen that contacting, exploring, balancing and celebrating the male and female energies in each of us, whether we are in a male or a female body, is a wonderful arena of investigation and play. There are many techniques to taste, fill and share these energies with one another. When both partners have options of undulating and/or penetrating, receiving and/or giving, being the passive and/or the active one, not only does this lead to delightful variations on all the basic sexual moves, it also develops a sense of playful partnership where supportive intent replaces competitive intent... we call it ‘interplay rather than powerplay’. A perfect example of this perspective is in our video INTIMATE SECRETS OF SEX & SPIRIT, where we demonstrate ‘horizontal dancing’. One partner lies prone while the other uses his/her body parts to move around the prostrate body, sliding, rubbing, wiggling, pressing and undulating... again in rhythm to erotically arousing music. Another example, from the video, is where we demonstrate ‘joys of the languid lingam. Here, the male partner is totally relaxed, surrendered to being played with by his partner, and she handles the aforementioned member as her own tool for pleasure. No performance anxieties for the male, lots of relaxed pleasures for them both! Finally, in the spirit of sexual health and wellbeing, we show how to give and receive prostate massage for the male and g-spot massage for the female. We are of the firm belief that lack of stimulation in these intimate locations blocks vital energies and breeds decay in the entire body vitality. One might compare these techniques to the need for flossing the teeth... to keep the mouth and teeth happy and healthy!
    Finally, we have found that utilizing fantasy together, creating different erotic sets and settings, acting out and being channels for ‘larger that life’ energies, brings new dimensions in which to experience familiar sensual and sexual positions and activities. It may mean the creating of a harem setting, a bordello, a monastary, a divine temple, military barracks, a pirate’s cave... or whatever turns one on. It may mean taking on the energy roles of: the planets Venus and Mars; the elements like fire, water or earth; or gods and goddesses from different historical and cultural traditions. The point is to explore and expand the boundaries of loving expression... and have FUN!

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