Rep. Matthew Good was elected to serve the Third Legislative District in Erie during a special election on July 22, 2003, and was re-elected to a two-year term in November 2004. The Third District includes parts of Fairview and Millcreek townships, as well as Franklin Township, McKean Township, Waterford Township, McKean Borough and Waterford Borough.

With community safety as one of his top priorities, Good was instrumental in the House passage of his anti-terrorism legislation that provides tougher sentences to those convicted of committing acts of terrorism. This legislation also permits the forfeiture of funds and property used in terrorist activities be turned over to the Commonwealth.

The lawmaker also is working on legislation that limits the sale of over-the-counter medicines containing pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient in meth production, to nine grams or three boxes per transaction. Meth labs are a rising problem in Northwest Pennsylvania. This legislation makes it harder for meth manufacturers to purchase large amounts of this precursor for illegal use without restricting public access to the medicine.

Property tax relief, public education funding, prescription drug assistance and stronger driving under the influence laws have also earned his support.

Good was appointed to serve on the House Commerce, Game and Fisheries, Intergovernmental Affairs, Judiciary and Transportation committees for the 2005-06 legislative session.

With job creation as another of his priorities, Good has already played a key role in the passage of landmark legislation designed to boost economic development in all areas of the Commonwealth. The new law creates a Keystone Innovations Zones (KIZ) program designed to foster business-education partnerships that encourage development of high-tech jobs and research and development. The law also requires the state Department of Community and Economic Development to report to the General Assembly the level of success of the state’s various job creation programs as well as how those programs fit into the state’s overall economic development plan.

The lawmaker was also appointed to the House Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Economic Development, which is charged with assessing emerging technology and the role of the state in providing funding and incentives to bring those jobs and industries to the Commonwealth.

Good has sponsored two pieces of legislation aimed toward supporting community volunteers. His "Good Neighbor" initiative would offer a 5 percent discount on homeowners insurance for volunteer firefighters and neighborhood watch volunteers. He also sponsored a resolution, passed by the House, calling on the Public Employee Retirement Commission to study the cost and feasibility of a state-administered retirement benefit plan for long-time volunteer firefighters. Good believes these incentives could encourage more people to volunteer, thereby strengthening our communities.

Good graduated from Gannon University with honors. His commitment to public service and people of all ages is clear both through his work and his volunteerism. Prior to serving as state representative, Good worked as legislative aide to the late Rep. Karl Boyes.

Latest News
Friday June 24, 2005
So far this session, my colleagues and I have passed several pieces of legislation in the House that, if signed into law, will provide added personal security, job opportunities, and in general, make life a little easier for everyone, no matter if you are starting out on your own, in the midst of a busy career, or enjoying the relaxing benefits of retirement.
Tuesday May 24, 2005
If you visit a local Target store within the next few months to pick up some cold or allergy medicines, you may have to find them in a different location. Recently, the Target Corp. moved medicines containing pseudoephedrine, an important ingredient in the manufacture of the illegal drug methamphetamine, behind the pharmacy counter.
Tuesday May 10, 2005
Friday April 15, 2005
Recently, the struggle over the decision of life or death for Terri Schiavo has raised public concern about a subject many of us do not tend to think about -- the importance of a living will.
Monday March 21, 2005
Rep. Matthew Good (R-Erie) awarded three grants totaling more than $132,000 to McKean Borough and McKean Township organizations. The funding will be used to improve various aspects of the neighborhood from park enhancements to improving emergency response time to rural households.
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