Gemini Saga’s Personality Disorder Chamber

A Shrine…a demented shrine…well, almost

By: Millerna

Saga: I don’t understand! Why am I here? Who brought me here? What is this place? *touches padded wall*

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Millerna: …You’re such a thoughtful man…I love you! *drools*

Saga: Excuse me?

Millerna *shakes her head *: Ahm, never mind.

Saga: Well, why am I here?

Millerna: *blinks * What? Oh…you meant that literally

Saga * watches crest-fallen Millerna for a moment*: Indeed

Millerna: Well, the way I figure, Camus has a shrine/Interview, Shun and Hyoga have one, Shaka too, Aiolia and Aphrodite do and Milo has one! Even Mu managed to get one and he has no eyebrows! So now it’s your turn!

Saga *sweatdrops* : Ahm…but I’m evil!

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Millerna: No matter…so’s Aphrodite and still!

Saga: Just hurry up, Kanon and I have a baseball game to go to.

Millerna: A baseball what?

Saga: er…I have a date?

Millerna: This is serious!

Saga: *sigh* Well, you see, we’re trying to get to know each other…I mean the whole sunion cape thing sure didn’t help, if you get my drift.

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Millerna *clears her throat* : Indeed! Well…first let’s start with your royal good-lookingness…

Saga: I protest!

Millerna: To what?

Saga: You said good-lookingness!

Millerna *flush*: I know the word doesn’t exist…

Saga: NO! What you actually should have said was: GREAT-lookingness!

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Millerna: I can’t say that – it doesn’t exist!

Saga: But don’t you see! Are you blind? I am an excellent, remarkable, beyond beautiful specimen of the male species!

*insert show shower scene*

Millerna *gawks*: WOW! I’m in heaven! Ahhhh!

Kanon *teleports in* : Saga, we’re late! Milo is holding our seats- ! ACK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

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Saga *blinks*: Er…Kanon. What are you doing here?

Kanon: What did the doctor say about taking your clothes off to impress girls?

Millerna: Don't worry, Kanon-san – it's working!

Saga *infuriated*: Not true! I do not take off my clothes to impress girls! *turns to Millerna*, Why, thank you!

Kanon: Do, too, double-crossing freak!

Saga: I do NOT! You no-good, Athena-hating salamander!

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Millerna: Kanon-chan, I’d love to interview you too, but I can’t so I won’t – Go bother your first defender!

Kanon *evil smile*: But I never bother my fans…unless they ask me to BWAHAHAHA.

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Saga *looks sullen*: And then I’m the pervert…

Millerna *shrugs*: So, Saga, what do you think makes you worthy of your own shrine and club?

Saga: What? Can’t you see? Are you blind? I’m GORGEOUS! And evil to boot!

Kanon *looks bored*: Yeah, yeah, gorgeous and evil, blah blah!

Millerna: But what about personality?!

Saga: I’m evil!

Kanon: I tried telling you that years ago…

Saga *glares* : Will you shut up with that already?

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Saga: Well, my personality can best be described as…split. My evil nature is extremely evil, hey I killed the Pope, and my good nature is…angelical ( ? )

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Kanon: Yeah, angelical, only don’t ever take him scuba diving.

Millerna: Indeed…what about relationships? It seems to me you are the saint that has been most paired up in fanfictions and doujinshi…

Saga: What about it?

Millerna: Well, you know, how do you feel about it?

Saga: I don’t get it.

Kanon: She thinks you’re a male slut.

Millerna *sweatdrops*: Ack, that’s not what I meant!

Kanon: He is, he really is! BWAHAHAHA

Saga: WHAT?!

Millerna *hysterical as Saga’s hair turns gray*: Moving on, moving on! Tell me about your merits?!

Kanon: He has none, he failed fourth grade, blew up our father’s basement, Athena thinks he’s a cross dresser, he has an uncontrollable fear of small furry animals and he still sucks his thumb!

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Latter…in that bugger Sunion Prison…!

Millerna: Well, this was pretty pathetic, even for a first try…but not to worry, I will rise again and when I do –

Kanon *cutting her off*: Ack, talking makes you breathe more, stop hogging the air!

Millerna: Well, I can’t help it! Ack!

Kanon: Ack, stop it! Quit moving around. It’s very tight in here! Save your energy, and get off my feet!

Millerna: Sorry…er…It’s not my fault, I haven’t been locked up and left to drown before! When is he coming back?

Kanon: It depends, do you know how to swim?

Millerna: …

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Saga: Hm, I wonder how many drool drops they’ll give me…

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