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»  Catherine Crier’s New Book Distorts Battle Over Judicial Activism   »  Help TVC And Sandy Banning Defend The Pledge of Allegiance!   »  TVC Plays Leadership Role In Judge Roberts Confirmation Battle   »  Liberal Senators Push Roberts To Commit To Leftist Cultural Agenda   »  Republican Senators Support Constitutionalist Principles For Supreme Court Nominees   »  Quotes From Judge Roberts On Role Of Judges   »  San Francisco Federal Judge Rules ‘Pledge Of Allegiance’ Unconstitutional   »  TVC Reports Detail Left/Right Clash Over Role Of Courts And Judges   »  Another Federal Judge Wrongly Rules ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ Is Unconstitutional   »  Judge John Roberts Deserves Fair Up Or Down Vote In The Senate!   »  Key Quotes From Opening Statements By Republican Senators In Judge John Roberts’ Confirmation Hearing   »  Judge John Roberts Prepared Statement For Senate Judiciary Committee, September 12, 2005   »  Assemblyman Mark Leno Credits TVC Lobbyist Benjamin Lopez for Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Planned Veto of Same-Sex Marriage Bill   »  Katrina Hurricane Victims Flooded With Compassion   »  Hearings Begin On Monday For Judge John Roberts   »  TVC Reports Detail Importance Of Constitutionalists On Federal Courts   »  Native Hawaiian Sovereignty Act Must Be Defeated!   »  Katrina Disaster Exploited By Liberals For Political Gain   »  ‘Southern Decadence’ Was Slated For Labor Day Weekend In New Orleans   »  Academics Offer Absurd Solutions To Fighting AIDS At Homosexual Orgies   »  Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Offices to be Target of Pro-Homosexual Marriage Rallies Tonight.   »  TVC Lobbyist Applauds Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Decision to Veto Homosexual Marriage Bill.   »  California State Assembly Barely Passes Homosexual Marriage Bill in Late Night Session.   »  TVC Chairman to Announce Support for Parental Notification Initiative, Prop 73.   »  Gulf Coast Decimated by Hurricane Katrina   »  TVC Reports Outline Fight For Constitutional Government   »  No Surprise: Alliance For Justice Opposes John Roberts Nomination   »  What If People For The American Way Had Written The Bill Of Rights?   »  Senator Ted Kennedy Hires Political Assassin To Trash John Roberts   »  Tens Of Thousands Of Documents Released On Roberts—Democrats Never Satisfied   »  Future Of The Supreme Court At Stake In The Battle Over Judge Roberts   »  California State Senate Barely Passes Homosexual Marriage Bill.   »  California State Senate Poised to Vote on Homosexual Marriage Bill   »  Rev. Sheldon Speaks Out On The Latest Attack Against Judge Roberts   »  Senate Judiciary Committee Leader To Focus On Judicial Activism   »  TVC Fights For Constitutionalists On The Court   »  Supreme Court Radical Justice Stephen Breyer Supports Judicial Activism   »  Progress For American Posts Ginsburg Hearing Videotapes   »  Supreme Court Refuses To Reconsider ‘Kelo’ Private Property Decision   »  Homosexual And Anti-Christian Groups Oppose Roberts’ Confirmation   »  California Supreme Court Redefines The Traditional Family   »  ‘Fetal Pain’ Study Included Abortion Clinic Director And Former NARAL Employee   »  BarnaFilms Preview Night Scheduled   »  Of Liberals, Toads, And Growing Up In Middle America   »  TVC Battles To Take Back Our Courts!   »  Progress For America Publishes ‘The Ginsburg Precedent’   »  Senate Committee Urges Ethical Questioning Of Judge John Roberts   »  New Attack On Roberts Is On ‘Civil Rights’   »  Judge Roberts Memos Reveal Respect For Pro-Life Views; Voluntary Prayer In Public School   »  Homosexual Leader Fears Roberts’ Confirmation To Supreme Court   »  Senator Durbin Shades Truth On Judge Roberts; Senator Leahy Claims Roberts Is ‘Radical’   »  Rev. Sheldon’s Book THE AGENDA Is On Sale!   »  Rev. Sheldon Commentary On Judge Roberts Appears In The Church Report   »  TVC Primer Explains Judicial Process   »  TVC Battle Plan Center On Judicial Tyranny   »  Congress Can Reign In Renegade Federal Courts   »  NARAL Launches Lying Ad Campaign Against Judge Roberts   »  New Book By Rev. Louis P. Sheldon Is Released!   »  Anti-Religious Bigots Target Judge John Roberts   »  TVC Report Details Dangers Of Kelo Supreme Court Case   »  Judge John Roberts Action Center   »  Liberals Gone Wild!   »  Online Textbook Details Constitutional Principles On Rule Of Law   »  Dennis Prager Publishes Series On Judeo-Christian Values   »  NEW BOOK UNMASKS HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA OUTLINES ACTIONS FOR CHRISTIAN FAMILIES   »  Liberal Senators Impose Religious Test On Bush Judicial Nominees   »  Rev. Sheldon Supports Nomination Of Judge John Roberts   »  TVC Publishes Primer On Selecting Judges   »  Ted, Toads And Judge John Roberts   »  Senator Schumer Doesn’t Understand Our System Of Government   »  Federalist Society And Senate Committee Publish Reports On Judicial Nomination P   »  Action Alert for John Roberts - With Talking Points   »  Americans Must Reject Senator Pat Leahy’s Abortion Litmus Test   »  Judge John Roberts Deserves Up Or Down Vote In Senate   »  POST GOES FOR THE JUGULAR OF ROBERTS’ CHILDREN   »  Judge John Roberts Biographical Information   »  Abortion Lobby/Anti-Christian Forces Condemn Roberts   »  TVC Special Reports Detail Battle Over Courts   »  SUPREME COURT NOMINEE TAKE ACTION CENTER   »  TVC Pleased With President Bush’s Supreme Court Pick!   »  President Bush Must Nominate A Constitutionalist...   »  COALITION URGES TWO SAN DIEGO SEX OFFENDERS: SURRENDER TO AUTHORITIES   »  Celebrate Freedom July 4 th: The Declaration Of Independence   »  U.S. Supreme Court Attacks Religious Freedom And Private Property   »  Legislation And Policy Update For June 26-July 4, 2005   »  StemPAC Spreads Disinformation About Embryonic Stem Cell Research   »  New Book On Psychology Exposes Politically Correct/Homosexual Agenda   »  ‘Washington Blade’ Editor Wants Ex-Homosexuals Imprisoned   »  ACLU Defends Polygamy   »  Battle Rages To Protect Children From Homosexual Recruitment   »  The Supreme Court Appears To Suffer From ‘Church/Separation Anxiety’   »  Supreme Court Continues Its Attack On Religious Freedom...   »  TVC Exposes Phony ‘Rev. Sheldon’ Quote On Leftist Web Site   »  Combating Trafficking in Persons: An International Perspective   »  Juvenile Diabetes Group Pushes Embryonic Stem Cell Harvesting   »  TVC Is Effective In Stopping The Homosexual Agenda   »  Legislation And Policy Update For June 19-25, 2005   »  Homosexuals To Flood Cable With Perverse Programming   »  Homosexual Activist Views Sodomy/Gender Confusion As Spiritual Gifts   »  Featured TVC Special Report: ‘The Overhauling Of Straight America’   »  SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER REPEATS FAKE BRESLIN QUOTES...   »  Stubborn State Assemblyman to Resurrect Homosexual Marriage Bill...   »  John Bolton Filibuster Vote Tentatively Scheduled For Tonight At 6 P.M.   »  TVC Chairman, Rev. Louis P. Sheldon’s Book Is Available In July   »  HHS Releases Report On Abstinence Education   »  Legislative/Policy Update For Week Of June 11-18, 2005   »  DNC Chairman Dean Says Republican Party ‘White, Christian Party’   »  Canadian Christian Teacher Loses Free Speech Battle Over Homosexual Agenda   »  U.S. Must Not Fund Groups Supporting Coercive Abortion Policies!   »  Gay Straight Alliance High School Leader Threatens School With ACLU Lawsuit   »  New Jersey Court Rules In Favor Of Traditional Marriage   »  TVC Chairman Supports Constitutional Restoration Act Of 2005   »  Support Passage Of HR 2318 And HR 2388   »  John Bolton Needs To Be Confirmed   »  ’Support Our Scouts Act Of 2005’ Deserves Support!   »  She-Male Bill Pushed by Senator Ted Kennedy   »  Stem Cell Battle Looms   »  Justice Janice Rogers Brown Confirmed To Federal Bench   »  G-Rated Films Do Better Than Other Ratings   »  Wilberforce Forum Hosts Speech By Father Richard John Neuhaus   »  TVC Featured Report Of The Week For May 9th   »  America Is Still A Religious Nation!   »  HOMOSEXUAL “MARRIAGE” MAY SUFFER DEFEAT   »  TVC’s Executive Director Discusses Condom Ads On Fox News   »  Has the American Psychiatric Association Gone Insane?   »  Department Of Labor To Preview ‘Born Into Brothels’ Film   »  Spanish Pro-Family Group Condemns Adoption By Homosexual Couples   »  Indiana Judge Rules Against Planned Parenthood   »  FactCheck.org Exposes Lies That Abortion Rates Increased Under Bush   »  ‘Parental Empowerment Act Of 2005’ Offered By Rep. Jones   »  Italian Author To Face Charges Of Defaming Islam   »  TVC Featured Report Of The Week   »  Has The American Psychiatric Association Gone Insane?   »  Transgender Madness Goes Prime Time & Gets A Boost From Radicals In Congress   »  Honor Our Armed Forces On Monday!   »  Senate Votes To Confirm Priscilla Owen To Federal Bench   »  Good And Bad Stem Cell Bills   »  TVC Featured Report Of The Week: Two Branches Of Government?   »  New Hate Crime Bill To Include ‘Transgenders’   »  Maryland County Drops Controversial Sex Ed Program   »  Life Dynamics Offers ‘LifeTalk’ Resource   »  Ron Luce Announces ‘The Battle Cry’   »  Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act of 2005   »  Assemblyman Bill Maze & TVC Chairman to Rally in Support of Traditional Marriage   »  Senate Leaders Confront Democrat Filibusters Of Judges   »  Traditional Values Coalition Urges Muslim Clerics To Condemn Terrorism   »  Rev. Sheldon Speaks Out On ‘Newsweek’ Bogus Koran Story   »  John Bolton Nomination Goes To Full Senate For Vote   »  TVC Urges Investigation Of NIH   »  WARNING: ‘Little Black Book’ Exposes Children To Vile Homosexual Sex   »  H.R. 810 Stem Cell Legislation Must Die—Cord Blood Holds Promise   »  Attorney General Issues Guidelines On Fighting Child Porn   »  TVC Featured Special Report Of The Week   »  Life Dynamics Offers ‘LifeTalk’ Resource   »  NIH FUNDS QUESTIONABLE RESEARCH INVOLVING FOSTER INFANTS AND CHILDREN   »  TVC Asks America’s Muslim Clerics To Sign Statement   »  PARENTAL WARNING: Little Black Book Exposes Kids To Vile Sex Practices   »  Federal Judge Overturns Constitutional Amendment Protecting Marriage   »  Liberals In California Legislature Reject TVC Marriage Amendment   »  Senate Leadership To Act On Judicial Filibusters   »  John Bolton Still Being Trashed By Liberal Smear Merchants   »  Taxpayers To Foot Bill For Embryo Stem Cell Research   »  Head Of Gay Straight Alliance Fakes ‘Anti-Gay’ Hate Crimes   »  Nickelodeon Tells Kids The Battle At Alamo Was To Defend Slavery   »  ‘Kingdom Of Heaven’ Is Revisionist History   »  NARTH Publishes Report On Same-Sex Parenting And Children   »  TVC’s Featured Report Of The Week   »  Is John Bolton Being Subjected To The ‘Mr. Rogers’ Litmus Test?   »  California Must Pass Marriage Protection Amendment!   »   Hearings Begin On TVC’s California Marriage Protection Amendment   »  Marriage Amendments to be heard by Legislature May 10   »  Wall Street Journal Commentators Debate Religious Right Role In Culture   »  Janice Rogers Brown, In Her Own Words   »  Judge for Yourself   »  Faith War Rages in U.S., Judge Says   »  Marriage Protection Resources   »  NIH EXTENDS ITS QUESTIONABLE RESEARCH TO FOSTER CHILDREN   »  TVC Victimized By Phony Press Release Criticizing First Lady Laura Bush   »  Blue Finger Campaign Supports Bush Judges!   »  John Bolton Still Smeared By Liberals   »  Montgomery County School District Sued Over Homosexual Propaganda   »  Leftists Organize Against Alleged “Theocratic” Conservatives   »  Rutgers University Sex Web Site Encourages Teen Promiscuity   »  HOAX PRESS RELEASE ATTACKS FIRST LADY   »  TVC Lobbyist Testifies Against Prison Condom Distribution Plan   »  Key Legislation And Political Maneuvering To Watch   »  ‘Washington Post’ Publishes Skewed Poll On Judicial Filibuster   »  Senator Frist Stands Strong On Ending Democrat Obstructionism   »  ‘Washington Times’ Finishes Three-Part Series On Religious Freedom   »  Abortion Group Targets Black Churches   »  California Assembly Passes Anti-Free Speech And Homosexual Marriage Bills   »  Leftist Web Site Writer Blasts Traditional Values Coalition   »  Rev. Sheldon Speaks Out On War Against Bush Judges   »  TVC Mentioned In The Enduring Revolution By Fox Reporter Major Garrett   »  Senator Boxer Would Force Hospitals/Health Clinics To Perform Abortions   »  New Pope Is Strong On Traditional Values   »  Homosexual Group Attacks New Pope   »  California Democratic Party Officially Endorses Homosexual Marriage!   »  Mother Arrested For Trying To Stop Daughter’s Abortion   »  Democrats Must Stop Filibustering President Bush’s Judicial Nominees!   »  Letter from Mitch McConnell to Harry Reid   »  Leftists Launch Full-Scale War Against Rep. Tom DeLay   »  President Bush Discusses Faith In Christ   »  House Committee Passes Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act   »  ‘Day Of Truth’ Counters GLSEN’s ‘Day Of Silence’   »  TVC Urges An End Judicial Filibusters Action Needed   »  9th Circuit Court Sides With Convicted Killer   »  Religion Under Secular Assault   »  Colorado Governor Vetoes Emergency Contraception Bill   »  TVC Credited With Firing Of Bisexual From YWCA Leadership Post   »  TVC Calls To End Judicial Filibusters   »  Remembering Pope John Paul II   »  Kansans Pass Marriage Protection Amendment By 70%   »  Christian Counselor Suspended For Defending Traditional Marriage   »  Good News From Massachusetts   »  Microchips May Be Added To Passports   »  Ladies Restrooms: Who is That Male-Bodied Woman In the Next Stall?   »  Pope John Paul II: A Legacy Of Fearlessness And Faith   »  Terri’s Death Will Not Be In Vain   »  TVC Urges Californians To Rally For Marriage   »  URGENT: Defeat Homosexual Civil Unions In Connecticut   »  Terri Schiavo On Death Watch From Court-Ordered Starvation   »  New York Times Writer Fearful Of Pro-Life Religious Extremists   »  Boy Scout Leader Arrested On Child Porn Charge   »  Department Of Justice Launches Obscenity Prosecution Newsletter   »  HHS Publishes Abstinence Aids For Parents   »  Maine Columnist Warns Of Attacks On ‘Heteronormative’ Thoughts   »  Dr. Robert Spitzer Speaks About Reorientation Therapy   »  Surveys Shows College Faculties Dominated By Liberals   »  Fishy ‘GOP’ Memo Story Continues To Unravel!   »  Sen. Roy Ashburn, Public to Rally in Support of Marriage Amendments   »  "GOP Memo" on Schiavo Case Labeled "Dirty Trick"   »  Federal Appeals Court Panel Rejects Terri Schiavo Appeal   »  Mainstream Media Coverage Of Schiavo Case Biased And Inaccurate   »  Hitler Targeted The Handicapped First   »  Confronting The Judicial War On Faith   »  Leftists Exploit Rosa Parks For Homosexual Agenda   »  Be Wary Of U.N. Proposals For Change   »  Advice Columnist Promotes PFLAG And Transgender Confusion   »  The Religion Of Planned Parenthood Exposed   »  Christians Denied Permit For National Day Of Prayer Observances   »  Help Save Terri Schiavo’s Life!   »  Activist ‘Republican’ Judge Says CA Marriage Law Unconstitutional   »  TVC Chairman Speaks Out On Irrational Decision On Marriage   »  Christian Legal Groups Vow Appeal Of Renegade Judge Ruling   »  Filibuster Of Bush Judicial Nominees Must Be Defeated   »  TVC Reports Expose Judicial Activism And Legislative Solutions!   »  Boy Scout Protection Legislation Introduced By Senator Frist   »  CA: TVC Chairman Louis Sheldon Condemns Ruling Sanctioning Homosexual Marriages   »  TVC Outraged By California Judge’s Decision On Same-Sex Marriage   »  GIVE TERRI SCHIAVO SAME LEGAL RIGHTS AS DEATH ROW INMATES   »  S. 539, The Incapacitated Person’s Legal Protection Act of 2005   »  Key Events in the Case of Theresa Marie Schiavo   »  TVC Urges Connecticut Churches To Defeat Homosexual Civil Unions Legislation   »  Federal Legislation Proposed To Save Terri Schiavo’s Life   »  TVC Executive Director Speaks Out On RU-486 Suspension Bill   »  Abortion Clinic/Statutory Rape Report Available   »  Bust The Filibuster Of President Bush’s Judicial Nominees!   »  Majority Leader To Introduce Boy Scout Legislation   »  Teen Mania Ministries Helps Teens   »  NY Times/Boston Globe Push Transgender Agenda   »  Homosexual Civil Unions: A Stealth Tactic To Impose Same-Sex Marriage   »  TVC SENDS ALERT TO CONN. CHURCHES: BLOCK CIVIL UNIONS   »  Abortion Industry Hides Statutory Rape   »  TVC Chairman Interviewed On CNN On Ten Commandments Case   »  Senators Announces CARE Anti-Poverty Legislation   »  Are Abortion Clinics Hiding Rapes Of Girls?   »  TVC Publishes Special Report On Statutory Rape And Abortion   »  TVC And Life Dynamics, Inc., Expose Clinic Protection Of Rapists   »  California Assemblyman Offers Statutory Rape/Abortion Legislation   »  Kansas Late-Term Abortionist Claims Privacy Defense ...   »  Senate Plans Passage Of RU-486 Legislation   »  National Geographic Special Features Ultrasounds Of Preborn Babies   »  Kansas Attorney General Seeks To Prosecute Statutory Rape   »  Roe V. Wade Challenge Rejected By Supreme Court   »  Abortion Coalition Includes YWCA   »  Judge Extends Stay On Starvation Of Disabled Woman   »  Pope Paul II Says Homosexuality Part Of Ideology Of Evil   »  MOVIEGUIDE To Hold Faith & Values Awards Ceremony   »  Supreme Court Considers Ten Commandments Case   »  From Mental Disorder To Civil Rights Cause   »  Prepaid Porn Cards Available To Children   »  Stem Cell Funding Challenged In California   »  The Right Decision: Judge Drops Charges Against Philadelphia 5   »  Watch For The Religious Left Sock Puppets On TV And Radio!   »  TVC Lobbyist Takes On The Anarchist Mayor Of San Francisco   »  Supreme Court Critic Mark Levin Appears At Heritage Foundation   »  White House Supports Broadcast Indecency Act   »  Bush Resends Twenty Judicial Nominees To Senate For Confirmation   »  Terri Schiavo Faces Certain Death From Starvation Unless Appeals Granted   »  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Wants Federal Funding For Embryo Research   »  Corporations Punish Boy Scouts For Policy On Atheists/Homosexuals   »  Annenberg School For Communication Sets Up Sexual Orientation Center   »  Swedish Pastor Acquitted On Appeal In Hate Crime Case   »  NAMBLA Members Arrested By Authorities   »  Homosexual Former Priest Paul Shanley Sentenced To Prison   »  Blogosphere Politics: Breaking The Mainstream Media   »  Rev. Sheldon on ABC "World News" This Weekend   »  TVC’s California Lobbyist Continues to Challenge San Francisco Mayor   »  The Religious Left: Sock Puppets For Atheist George Soros?   »  TVC Publishes Comprehensive Citizens’ Briefing Paper On The Homosexual Agenda   »  BRIEFING PAPER On The Homosexual Agenda   »  RELIGIOUS COALITION LEADER “DISMAYED” BY FBI QUESTIONING OF PASTOR   »  SANTA CRUZ PARENTS MUST ACT TO PROTECT PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILDREN   »  ACTION NEEDED ON FCC CHAIRMAN APPOINTMENT   »  TVC Chairman Encouraged By G-Rated Super Bowl Half Time Show   »  Homosexual Activists Target Secretary Of Education   »  Virginia Passes Marriage Amendment Banning Civil Unions   »  TVC Lobbyist Takes On San Francisco Mayor   »  It’s Back: Federal ‘Hate Crimes’ Legislation   »  BOND/Heritage Foundation Sponsor New Black Vanguard Conference   »  American Counseling Association Supports Freedom Of Choice In Therapy   »  Pastor Randy Steele Explains FBI Visit Over Pro-Life Sermon   »  Parental Notification Law Reintroduced   »  Homosexual activists are targeting Margaret Spellings   »  TVC Lobbyist Takes On San Francisco’s Pro-Homosexual Mayor   »  No ‘Wardrobe Malfunctions’During Super Bowl Half Time!   »  TVC And Crenshaw Christian Center Host African-American Summit   »  Rally in Support of California State Constitutional Marriage Amendment   »  Church Bulletin Insert Available On “Philadelphia 5”   »  Canadian Parliament To Legalize Homosexual Marriage   »  Parents Television Council Targets MTV Smut Peddlers   »  Saudis Distributes Anti-Christian/Jewish Materials In American Mosques   »  Sundance Film Festival Mimics Adult Film Distributors Convention   »  Adelphia Cable Begins Offering Triple-X Rated Films   »  Homosexual Researcher Claims Genome Scan Of Sexual Orientation   »  Swedish Pastor Under Fire For Hate Sermon On Homosexuality   »  Constitutional Lawyer Urges Bush To Pack Supreme Court!   »  Regent University Law Review Report Details Transgender Agenda   »  TVC Urges Prayers For Pope John Paul II   »  Canadian Parliament To Legalize Homosexual Marriage   »  Rally in Support of State Constitutional Marriage Amendment   »  TVC Takes On Homosexual Agenda In ‘Postcards From Buster’ Cartoon   »  TVC’s Christian Inaugural Gala A Huge Success!   »  The Next Battle Against Abortion: U.S. Supreme Court   »  TVC Publishes New Report On Homosexual Civil Unions/Domestic Partners   »  ACTION ALERT: COLUMBIA HOUSE PORNOGRAPHY CLUB   »  TVC Chairman Urges Dissolution Of Transgender ‘Marriage’   »  PBS Lesbian Cartoon Condemned By New Education Secretary   »  Senator Arlen Specter Hires NAACP Counsel And Democrat For Committee   »  Senate Majority Leader Lays Out Legislative Priorities   »  Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Urges Christians To Live Courageously   »  Federal Judge Uses Sodomy Ruling To Legalize Violent Pornography   »  Study Shows Religious Americans Less Likely To Compromise   »  Terri Schiavo’s Appeal Rejected By Supreme Court   »  TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty On ABC World News Tonight At 6:30 EST   »  The Next Battle Against Abortion: The U.S. Supreme Court   »  Religious Gala Foretells Conservative Agenda   »  TVC Calls Upon Justice Department To Investigate   »  Atheist Attempts To Block Inaugural Prayer   »  You Can Help Tsunami Victims!   »  United Nations Sends Condoms To Tidal Wave Survivors   »  More Details Emerge On U.N. Sex Abuse Scandal   »  Tsunami Tragedy Exposes Child Sex Trafficking/Tour Networks In Asia   »  President Bush Outlines Role Of Faith In His Life   »  State Department Signs Sudan Peace Agreement   »  Illinois Legislature Passes Cross-Dressing Protection Bill   »  Silent No More Campaign Hits DC During Right To Life March   »  Children’s Television Shows Unite To Push Homosexual Agenda   »  Columbia House Creates Subsidiary To Sell Pornography   »  COALITION REQUESTS DOJ INVESTIGATION OF ITS ATTORNEYS AT HOMOSEXUAL EVENT   »  An Overview Of Major TVC Achievements In 2004   »  ATHEIST GOES TO COURT TO BLOCK CHRISTIAN PARTICIPATION IN INAUGURAL   »  Rev. Sheldon Appears On CNN’s “Crossfire”   »  Gay marriage "rights"   »  Hey, Governor, the GOP Won   »  TVC Debates The IRS Sex Change Decision   »  TVC Urges IRS To Reverse ‘Sex Change’ Deduction Decision   »  Rev. Sheldon Defends Christmas Displays   »  House Holds Hearing On China’s Human Rights Abuses   »  ACLU Attacks ‘Intelligent Design’ Materials In Pennsylvania   »  Massachusetts Homosexual Couples Already Divorcing   »  Homosexual Males Have High Rates Of Human Papillomavirus Infections   »  Christian University Is Deemed Too Religious!   »  Heritage Foundation Publishes 50-State Marriage Analysis   »  Leftists Target Abstinence Education   »  Catholics Protest Discrimination Against Pro-Life Doctors   »  TVC Calls Upon IRS Commissioner To Overturn Tax Deduction For ‘Sex Change’   »  IRS Gives Tax Deduction For Sex Change Operations!   »  Homosexuals Win IRS Decision To Give Tax Deductions For ‘Sex Change’   »  TVC Chairman Announces California Marriage Amendment!   »  TVC Rallies Opposition To Homosexual Marriage   »  TVC Publishes New Church Bulletin Insert And Special Report   »  School Principal Bans Declaration Of Independence   »  North Carolina Rep. Chosen To Head Congressional Black Caucus   »  House Condemns Attack On Boy Scouts   »  Abstinence Education Under Attack As Congress Increases Funding   »  Massachusetts Liberals Shift To Senate Minority Leader’s Office   »  Atheists Sue To Stop Funds For Christian Mentoring Program   »  ABC ‘20/20’ Reveals New Facts About Matthew Shepard Killing   »  Alfred Kinsey: Smut Peddler   »  Ex-Homosexual Reaches Out To Fellow Strugglers   »  Walden Media Prepares Launch Of Next Film, ‘I Am David’   »  TVC to Introduce State Constitutional Amendment Preserving Marriage   »  Principal Thinks Declaration Of Independence Violates Church/State Separation   »  TVC’s Andrea Lafferty Appears On MSNBC’s ‘Hardball’   »  President George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation--1789   »  ‘Save Our Boy Scouts’ Bill Fails In Senate   »  Senator John Cornyn Blasts Judicial Obstructionism   »  Experts Urge Senate Action On Pornography Plague   »  Brazil May Push Again For Homosexuality As A Universal ‘Human Right’   »  Homosexual State Senator Weds Al Gore Advisor   »  National Gay And Lesbian Task Force Holds ‘Creating Change’ Conferen   »  Air Force Academy Discourages Christian Evangelism   »  House Seeks Suspension Of RU-486—And A Conscience Clause Survives!   »  Mental Health Group Publishes Guide On Sexual Orientation   »  Jeb Bush Is Wrong On Need For State Marriage Amendment   »  TVC Condemns Pentagon/ACLU Settlement On Boy Scouts   »  Arlen Specter Must Be Stopped!   »  Johns Hopkins Magazine Credits TVC With Exposing HIV Funding Scandal   »  TVC Chairman To Appear On ABC   »  Assyrian Christians Need Protection In Iraq   »  Study Highlights Pro-Family Accomplishments In 108 th Congress   »  Protest ‘Kinsey’ Film!   »  George Barna: Born Again Christians Played Major Role In Bush Election   »  Boston Mosque Leadership Has Questionable Ties   »  Silenced Priest Warns Of Homosexual Crisis In Church   »  Target Bans Salvation Army Bell Ringers   »  ACLU Continues Attacks On Boy Scouts!   »  Department Of Defense Caves To ACLU’s Anti-Boy Scout Agenda   »  Rev. Sheldon Pays Respects To Attorney General John Ashcroft   »  TVC Executive Director Speaks At Regeneration Conference   »  Rev. Sheldon Speaks At African-American Church In Alaska   »  African-American Churches Played Key Role In Election Victories   »  Mrs. Lafferty Interviewed On Senator Arlen Specter   »  Arlen Specter Should Not Chair Senate Judiciary Committee!   »  Nine States Line Up To Ban Homosexual Marriage   »  SIECUS Plans To Battle President Bush Over Abstinence Education   »  ‘Tolerance’ In Holland Has Reached Its Limit   »  ‘Kinsey’ Film Honors Sexual Pervert   »  Senator Arlen Specter Should Not Be Chairman!!!   »  Can We Trust Senator Arlen Specter To Treat Bush Nominees Fairly?   »  SPECTER LITMUS TEST BARS CATHOLICS AND EVANGELICALS FROM COURT APPOINTMENTS   »  Christians Gave President Bush A Mandate To Promote Traditional Values!   »  Christians Gave Margin Of Victory To Bush   »  Republicans Win Big!   »  11 States Ban Homosexual Marriage   »  New Homosexual-Transmitted Disease Expected Soon From Europe   »  Hollywood Loves Marxists, Abortionists, And Child Molesters   »  Critic Of Muslim Extremism Shot To Death In Netherlands   »  Islamic Leader In Canada Probed For Hate Speech   »  University Diversity Program Leader Arrested For Child Porn/Molestation   »  MUST SEE AD FROM MEL GIBSON!!!   »  If You’ve Not Voted Early, Be Sure To Vote On November 2 nd!   »  TVC Publishes Voter Scorecard   »  Rev. Sheldon Challenges Liberal Historian’s Distortions   »  African-American Pastor Decries Civil Rights/Homosexual Comparison   »  Kerry Wrong On Flu Shots And Missing Explosives In Iraq   »  ACORN Leftist Group Under Investigation For Voter Fraud   »  Massachusetts Legislators Face Homosexual Activist Threat   »  Kerry/Edwards Refuse To Sign Ex-Homosexual Tolerance Resolution   »  Georgia Supreme Court Tosses Hate Crimes Law   »  Committee Publishes Breakdown On Same-Sex Marriage Votes By State   »  Bishop Harry Jackson To Appear On ‘O’Reilly Factor’ Tonight!   »  TVC Publishes Voter Scorecard   »  New York Times Attacks President Bush’s Faith   »  America For Jesus On Friday   »  Bush Highlights Traditional Marriage In Final Debate   »  TVC Publishes New Report On Alfred Kinsey Film   »  Wynonna Judd Feels Heat From TVC Campaign   »  Teresa Heinz Kerry Insults Stay-At-Home Moms   »  John Kerry’s Wife Would Focus On Gay Tolerance As First Lady   »  Tennessee Democrats Spin Their Way Out Of Controversy   »  Paraplegic Speaks Out On Death Of Christopher Reeves   »  County Officials Refuse To Bow To ADL Demands   »  Homosexual Child Abuser Faces Sentencing   »  Cover Story Says Bush’s Faith Makes Him “Just Like” Al Qaeda   »  TVC Chairman Quoted In ‘Los Angeles Times’ On Abortion Issue   »  Lynne Cheney Outraged By Senator Kerry’s Comments About Daughter   »  Senator Frist Lists Conservative Victories This Session   »  Prayer and Marriage Rallies Scheduled This Month   »  ABC’s Leftist Media Bias Exposed   »  Accuracy In Media Premieres Documentary On Iraq   »  ‘Stolen Honor’ Documentary To Air On Sinclair TV Stations   »  Minister Role Intensifies In Elections   »  NARTH Challenges AMA To Correct Misinformation In Medical Encyclopedia   »  TVC Condemns TN Democrat For Distributing Flyer Belittling Special Olympics Kids   »  TVC Praises Congress For Defeating Kennedy ’Hate Crimes’ Amendment   »  Congressional Black Caucus Member Attacks African-American Pastors   »  African-American Pastors Back Bush   »  Constitutional Lawyer Sees Polygamy As Next Victory Over Marriage Today’   »  ‘Greeley Tribune’ Writer Attacks TVC And Rep. Musgrave   »  Judicial Tyranny Once Again In The News   »  Congress Still Dealing With Kennedy Hate Crimes Bill   »  House Holds Hearing On Religious Freedom   »  Conservatives Urge Passage Of Foster Child Care Act Of 2004   »  Administration And House Increase Abstinence Funding   »  Our House is Burning!   »  St. Louis Bishop Says Voting For Pro-Abortion Candidate A Sin   »  Homosexual Marriage: A Wedge Issue This Year   »  Liberal Congressman Faces Tough Challenger In Virginia   »  Terri Schiavo Case Appealed By Gov. Jeb Bush   »  Constitutional Attorney Sees Polygamy As Next Stage Of Sexual Revolution   »  America For Jesus Calls Nation To Prayer   »  House Holds Hearing On Post-Abortion Stress   »  Millionaire Homosexual Seeks To Defeat Rep. Marilyn Musgrave   »  Kennedy Hate Crime Bill Included In Defense Authorization Legislation   »  Terri Schiavio’s Life Still Hangs In The Balance   »  Teens Who Make Virginity Pledges Have Improved Life Outcomes   »  Clinton Era Judge And ACLU Block ‘Choose Life’ Plates In Tennessee   »  Dan Rather’s Liberal Bias Is Nothing New   »  Child Pornographer Gets 100 Years In Jail   »  Homosexual Pedophile Arrested In Utah   »  Perspective Needed On ‘1,000 Dead Soldiers’ In Iraq   »  Black Faith-Based Group Defends Values In Politics   »  Homosexual Millionaire Seeks To Defeat Courageous Christian Legislator   »  Colorado Legislator Under Attack From Homosexual Activists   »  California Governor Signs Drag Queen/Hate Crime Law   »  Rev. Sheldon On ‘Your World With Neil Cavuto’   »  Louisianans Overwhelm Homosexual Activists On Marriage Vote   »  Church Of God In Christ Issues Proclamation Defending Marriage   »  Massachusetts Is Key Battleground For Homosexual Agenda   »  Homosexual Teachers Teach Children About Lesbian Sex Toys   »  ‘Lesbian’ Mom Beats Partner’s Toddler To Death   »  Mary Mapes At Center Of CBS National Guard Memo Scandal   »  Leadership Institute To Hold Activism Workshop In Cajun Country   »  African-Americans Gaining New Political Vision   »  Justice Department Files Religious Discrimination Suit Against LA MTA   »  Senator Urges Suspension Of Sudan From U.N. Human Rights Commission   »  Islam Makes Inroads Into Public Education   »  Insurance Billionaire Funds Democrat Causes And Marijuana Legalization   »  ACLU Attacks Free Press In Nebraska—Defends Library Porn In Arizona   »  Cross-Dresser Makeover ‘Reality Show’ To Air On TBS In October   »  Louisiana Voters Overwhelm Homosexual Activists To Amend State Constitution   »  TVC SEEKS TO INFLUENCE VOTER TURNOUT WITH CA VOTER’S GUIDE!   »  African-American Marriage Summit Sponsor Exposes Homosexual Agenda   »  Pope Denounces Cohabitation As Equal To Marriage   »  New Film Promotes Polyamory   »  House Committee Takes Aim At Activist Courts On Pledge Of Allegiance   »  Church And Colleges Giving Scholarships To Homosexuals   »  African-American Leaders Urge John Kerry To Refocus   »  CBS Stonewalls On Forged National Guard Memos   »  Borders Union Employees Brag About Hiding ‘Unfit for Command’   »  Father Of Teen Who Died From RU-486 Travels To DC   »  Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Domestic Partners Legislation   »  Jihadists To Meet In Germany On ‘American Zionism’   »  Film On Abortionist Wins Venice Film Festival Prize   »  PBS To Air Series On Freud and C.S. Lewis   »  Entertainer Wynonna Judd To Sing On Homosexual Cruise   »  New Films Will Push Pedophilia And Polyamory   »  Distribute TVC’s Church Bulletin Inserts This Fall!   »  African-American Pastors Denied Meeting Congressional Black Caucus   »  Poll: Religious Groups Oppose Gay Unions   »  African-American Pastors Attend Marriage Summit   »  Federal Judge Rules Against State Defense Of Marriage Act   »  Federal Judge Strikes Down Partial-Birth Abortion Law   »  GOP Leader Warns Of Coming Vicious Attacks   »  Jimmy Carter Lambastes Senator Zell Miller’s Speech To GOP   »  Al Gore Calls Bush’s Faith Equal To Islamic Extremists   »  Homosexuals Target Massachusetts Legislators For Defeat   »  Belgium And The Netherlands Want To Legalize Euthanasia For Children   »  Child Molester Sentence Overturned Because Judge Evokes Religion   »  Study Says Explicit Sex On TV Encourages Early Sexual Experimentation   »  Time For Girlie Men To Get Serious About Islamic Terrorism   »  Nicole Kidman’s Pedophilia Movie ‘Birth’ Booed By Film Critics   »  Republican National Convention Scores Big With Electorate   »  V.P. Dick Cheney, Senator Zell Miller, And Michael Reagan Inspire GOP   »  Florida Senate Race Heats Up   »  Thune Pulls Ahead Of Daschle In South Dakota Race   »  HRC Wants To Silence Republican Speakers   »  Catholic League Calls For IRS To Revoke Tax Status Of Liberal Church   »  Rev. Sheldon Quoted On President Bush   »  New York Times Displays Anti-Christian Bigotry   »  California Governor Signs TVC-Endorsed Parental Notification Bill   »  Pedophile Protection Act On Schwarzenegger’s Desk   »  Nip/Tuck At It Again   »  Two Teen Wiccans Commit Suicide   »  Former Log Cabin Republican Leader Kills Sheriff   »  Christian Warns Of Islamic Threat In U.S.   »  GOV SIGNS CONSERVATIVE TVC-SPONSORED BILL RESTORING PARENTAL NOTIFICATION   »  TVC Praises GOP Platform Statement On Marriage   »  Michigan Democrats Block Vote To Protect Marriage   »  Judge Permanently Bars Enforcement Of Partial-Birth Abortion Law   »  Atheist George Soros Funds MoveOn.org   »  TVC’s Executive Director Criticizes Senate Candidate’s Record   »  Article 8 Alliance Lists Pro-Homosexual Mass. Legislators   »  Japanese Remove Male And Female From Government Forms   »  Black Conservative Christians Organize 527 Group   »  Iraq Christians Face Ethnic Cleansing   »  Depo Provera Puts Women At Risk Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases   »  Judge Roy Moore Seeks Reinstatement To Alabama Supreme Court   »  Teens Sexually Socialized By Dominant Culture   »  Exodus International Launches Third Ad In Newspaper Campaign   »  NARTH Plans Conference In Washington, DC   »  Republicans Endorse Ban on Gay Marriage   »  TVC PRAISES GOP PLATFORM ON MARRIAGE   »  Important primaries coming up - Sept. 14!   »  TVC Chairman Speaks Out On Jim McGreevey And The APA   »  Michigan Governor Appoints Open Homosexual As Judge   »  President Bush Discusses Faith On ‘Larry King Live’   »  Liberal Religious Leaders Ask ‘How Would Jesus Vote?’   »  WAR ON TERROR: Saddam’s Hussein’s Agents Guarded Trucks Into Syria   »  Conservative Columnist Questions ‘I Am A Gay American’ Defense   »  Attack On 1913 Law On Marriage Rejected By Mass. Judge   »  ACLU Outlines To Overturn Traditional Marriage State By State   »  Female Homosexual Girlfriends Kill Mother In Japan   »  Canadian Scouting Dies At Hands Of Government Thought Police   »  Canadian IRS Tells Churches To Shut Up During Election   »  Conservative Groups To Watch Liberal Church Sermons   »  New Zealand Opponents Of Homosexual Marriage Called Hate Group   »  Salman Rushdie Becomes Advocate For Pornography Industry   »  Christian Fraternity Cut Off From Funding At North Carolina University   »  Jim McGreevey's Promiscuity And The APA   »  TVC URGES NEW JERSEY LEGISLATURE RECONSIDER NEW DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP LAW   »  Congress On Recess Through September 6, 2004   »  California Supreme Court Rules Against Renegade San Francisco Mayor   »  Battle Rages Over Pulpit Politics!   »  Homosexual Magazine Reprints Kerry Article Against DOMA   »  NEA Joins Forces With Leftist MoveOn.org   »  Rev. Jerry Falwell Wins Legal Victory!   »  Lawyer Group Proposes Rule To Stifle Traditionalist Judges   »  Homosexual ‘Christ’ Actor Arrested On Child Sex Charge   »  Papal Authority Shuts Down Seminary In Child Porn Scandal   »  Catholic Bishops Published Q&A On Stem Cell Research   »  New Student Rules In New York Ban Sex In Stairwells   »  ‘I Do Exist’ Video Features Ex-Homosexuals And Experts   »  Canadian Homosexual Gets Slap On Wrist For Jewelry Theft   »  California Supreme Court Overturns Illegal Same-Sex Marriages!   »  Walden Media, WGBH Present Lewis/Freud Series ''The Question Of God''   »  The Passion Inspires CD Album Of Songs   »  Congress On Recess Through September 6, 2004   »  Missourians Pass Marriage Protection Amendment   »  Kerry’s Second Religion Advisor Has Resigned   »  Frequent Worshippers More Likely To Vote Republican   »  President Bush Uses Recess To Appoint Officials   »  Washington Judge Rules State Defense Of Marriage Act Unconstitutional   »  Institute Publishes Summary Of Senate Marriage Debate   »  TVC Takes A Hard Look At APA’s Endorsement Of Homosexual Marriage   »  NARTH Speaks Out On APA’s Homosexual Agenda   »  Two Homosexual Teens Stab Grandparents To Death With Butcher Knife   »  Joni Eareckson Tada Opposes Embryonic Stem Cell Research   »  ACLU Leader Exposed For Ignoring Federal Policy On Terrorism   »  Editorialist Warns Against Swedish/Canadian Persecution Of Christians   »  Joni Eareckson Tada Opposes Embryo Stem Cell Research   »  Has The American Psychological Association Gone Mad?   »  Congress On Recess Through September 6, 2004   »  TVC Joins African-American Church For Marriage Summit   »  TVC Chairman Rev. Sheldon Quoted In Press   »  TVC Publishes Report On Anti-Christian ACLU   »  Indiana Legislator Speaks Out On Christianity Versus Universalism   »  Tom Coburn Wins Oklahoma Senatorial Primary!   »  Republican Candidate In Tennessee Favors Eugenics To ‘Fight’ Poverty   »  Group Analyzes 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Record   »  American Psychological Association Endorses Homosexual Marriage   »  Wisconsin Right To Life Challenges McCain-Feingold Law   »  Justice Department Shuts Down Terrorist-Aiding Muslim Foundation   »  Pat Buchanan Speaks Out On Marriage Protection Act   »  Michael Reagan Challenges Brother Ron Reagan On Stem Cell Debate   »  Joni Eareckson Tada On ‘Larry King’ To Discuss Stem Cell Controversy   »  Liberty Counsel Scores Big Win Against Transgender Agenda   »  GLSEN Rebukes NYC Mayor Bloomberg Over Veto Of Bullying Act   »  NEA Ex-Gay Caucus Faces Discrimination And Hate Speech At Conference   »  Transgendered ‘Father’ Loses Custody Case In Florida   »  House Passes Marriage Protection Act   »  Another Bush Judicial Appointee Defeated By Liberal Senators   »  House Holds Hearing On Child Custody Protection Act   »  Education Secretary Takes On The Leftist NAACP   »  TVC Publishes New Report On Next Phase Of Homosexual Agenda   »  Canadian Homosexuals Get First Divorce   »  Concordia Seminary To Hold Theological Conference On Homosexuality   »  CSA Asks Justice Department To Investigate Harassment Of Churches   »  Ron Reagan Gets It Wrong On Stem Cell Research   »  9th Circuit Court Overturns Idaho Parental Consent Law   »  Massachusetts Legislators Seek Support To Remove Radical Judges   »  Homosexuals Attempt To Stifle Evangelism Efforts   »  It’s Time To End Judicial Tyranny   »  Squishy Senate Republicans Help Undermine Traditional Marriage   »  House Considers Bill Limiting Federal Court Jurisdiction On Marriage   »  House Committee Passes $30 Million Increase In Abstinence Programs   »  Abstinence Attacked At AIDS Conference   »  Sen. Tom Daschle In Tough Race Against Conservative   »  British Homosexual Psychologist Favors Multiple Sex Partners   »  Critics Claim Senatorial Candidate Failed To Fight Terror Network   »  United Nations International Court Is Run By Judicial Tyrants   »  Gay Sex Orgies Exposed At Austrian Catholic Seminary   »  Reaction to Senate Defeat of Federal Marriage Amendment   »  DUTCH SCHOLARS ON SSM: Interview with two signers   »  Pro & Con: Should Congress ban gay marriages and civil unions?   »  Defend Traditional Marriage—Contact Your Senators!   »  TVC Publishes New Report On Psychiatry And Homosexual Agenda   »  Judges Create ‘Psychological Parent’ And Lesbian ‘Dad’   »  Homosexual Group Pleased With Kerry/Edwards Ticket   »  Leon Holmes Approved By Senate To Federal Bench   »  Professor Sues His College Over Anti-Catholic Bigotry   »  Southern Baptist Leader Tells How Homosexuals Gained Power   »  Homosexual Urban Legend Report Exposes ‘Sexual Orientation’ Scam   »  Swedish Pastor Sentenced To Jail For Preaching Against Homosexuality   »  Exodus International Launches New Ad Campaign   »  Lawmakers Warn Against Kinsey-Based Laws   »  Thomas More Law Center Wins Nativity Scene Lawsuit   »  ACLJ Publishes Voter Guidelines For Churches/Non-Profits   »  Liberals Plan On Trashing Another Bush Judicial Nominee   »  Defend Traditional Marriage—Contact Your Senators!   »  Democrats Are Aborting Their Future   »  President Issues Statement On Violence In Sudan   »  ‘Drudge Report’ Speculates Hillary Clinton As Kerry VP Pick   »  Evangelical Leaders Warn Against Excessive Nationalism   »  Gay Pride Parade Features Obscene Act   »  Heritage Foundation Publishes Major Report On Sex Education   »  Mona Charen Says Liberals Hate Americans More Than Islamists   »  Traditional Marriage Ballot On Track In Michigan   »  ACLU Sues To Protect Teen Nudist Camp   »  Millions Of Children Abused By School Employees   »  GLSEN Complains About Lack Of Sexual Orientation Laws   »  Pennsylvania Pastors Seek Liability Insurance Against Hate Speech Prosecution   »  Supreme Court Protects Pornographers Instead Of Children   »  Senate Holds Hearing On Marriage Amendment   »  Participate In Protection Of Marriage Sunday!   »  Same-Sex Marriage Will Aid Islamic Terrorism?   »  Michael Reagan Opposes 'Embryonic' Stem Cell Research   »  Black Pastor Questions Blind Loyalty To Democratic Party   »  Atheist/One Worlder Fuels John Kerry Campaign   »  Franklin Graham Discuss Faith And Sexual Sin On ‘Hannity & Colmes’   »  Fornicators Bible Now Available In Britain   »  Senator George Allen Betrays Pro-Family Movement On Hate Crime Bill   »  Canadian Homosexual Legislator Charged With Theft   »  Homosexual Activists Target Age Of Consent Laws In Hong Kong   »  Psychoanalysts Meet To Redefine Gender   »  Sleazy ‘Nip/Tuck’ Show Back On FX   »  Nicole Kidman/New Line Cinema Film Features Pedophilia   »  Men Raised In Non-Traditional Families Wary Of Marriage   »  Senate Passes Dangerous Hate Crime Law   »  American Medical Association Votes For Same-Sex Adoptions   »  ‘Time’ Magazine Analyzes Role Of Faith During Election Year   »  Senate Holds Hearing On Religious Freedom   »  Atheist Continues Battle Against Pledge Of Allegiance   »  President Bush Resists Stem Cell Policy Changes   »  Republicans Push For Vote On Federal Marriage Amendment   »  John Kerry’s Religion Outreach Director Has Strange Ideas   »  New Porn Service Offers Three-D Virtual Environment   »  TVC Updates Transgender Report   »  TVC Condemns Passage Of Pro-Homosexual 'Hate Crimes' Bill By U.S. Senate   »  Kennedy/Smith Hate Crimes Bill Is Recipe For Social Chaos   »  President Ronald Reagan At Rest   »  President Bush Honors A Fallen Leader   »  President Reagan Proclaims Sanctity Of Human Life Day, 1988   »  President Reagan Supported The Traditional Family   »  Nancy Reagan Remains Steadfast During A 10-Year Ordeal   »  Michael Reagan Pays Tribute To His Father   »  Peggy Noonan, Former Reagan Speech Writer Honors The President   »  Patrick Buchanan Pays Tribute To Reagan   »  Biographer Mary Beth Brown Describes Reagan’s Faith   »  Reagan Ranch Web Site Honors Ronald Reagan   »  Reagan’s 1964 Speech Launches Conservative Movement   »  Web Sites Archive President Reagan’s Speeches   »  Health Care Screening for Men Who Have Sex with Men   »  Bishop Paul Morton On America’s Black Forum This Weekend   »  TVC Wins Victory Against Wasteful AIDS Funding   »  Andrea Lafferty on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ To Debate Anti-Christian Bigotry   »  Let’s Defeat The Kennedy/Smith Hate Crimes Bill Again   »  Philadelphia Uses Tax Dollars To Recruit Homosexuals To Visit   »  Liberal Group Threatens Tax Status Of Church   »  Memogate Figure Hailed As ‘Bright Light’ To Liberals   »  Courageous School Officials Targeted For Recall   »  Sexual Immorality Foundation Joins Forces With Homosexual Group   »  Did Massachusetts Judge Collude With Homosexuals?   »  African-American Pastors Organize To Fight Homosexual Marriage   »  TVC Announces Boycott Of Homosexual TV Channel Advertisers   »  TVC Publishes Two New Reports On Homosexual Diseases   »  Parents Beware: 'Shrek 2' Features Transgenderism And Crossdressing Themes   »  Kennedy/Hatch Hate Crimes Bill Is Back   »  Same-Sex Marriage Effort Dealt Set Back   »  Mass. Towns Stop Issuing Marriage Licenses To Out-Of-State Homosexuals   »  Democrat Takes On Judicial Tyrants In Massachusetts   »  Law Professor Pushes Consensual Polyamory As New Marriage Option   »  Rosie O'Donnell To Start Homosexual Parenting Magazine   »  Psychologist Challenges GLSEN On Fox's 'O'Reilly Factor'   »  Web Site Promotes Underage Homosexual Sexual Activities   »  African-American Pastors Urge Black Caucus To Support Marriage Amendment   »  African-American Leaders Launch Effort to Combat Homosexual Agenda   »  CA State Supreme Court must respect Marriage Law   »  African-American Pastors Defend Traditional Marriage   »  Homosexuals Marry In Massachusetts On May 17th   »  Article 8 Alliance Updates Drive To Remove Renegade Judges   »  Battle For Marriage Simulcast Scheduled For May 23, 2004   »  Canadian Homosexuals Have 'Open' Marriage   »  President Defends Traditional Marriage In Statement   »  Oregon Politicians Conspire With Homosexuals To Redefine Marriage   »  TN,AZ,and OH Work To Defend Marriage—California Shelves Homosexual Marriage Bill   »  National Mental Health Association Rejects Ex-Homosexual Ministry   »  Olympic Committee Permits Transgenders To Compete In Sports   »  A Family Business   »  STAND UP FOR THE HOLY UNION OF MARRIAGE!   »  The Missing Governor   »  Mass. Becomes First State to Legalize Gay Unions   »  On Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education:   »  TVC Schedules Press Conference On Monday   »  Massachusetts Faces Looming Same-Sex Marriage Threat   »  Article 8 Alliance Works To Remove Renegade Judges   »  House Holds Hearing On Defense Of Marriage Amendment   »  Connecticut Pro-Family Activists To Hold Rally   »  Methodists Uphold Ban On Homosexual Pastors   »  Here's 50-State Rundown On Laws Dealing With Homosexuality   »  Prominent Psychiatrist Explains Homosexual Thought Reform Efforts   »  Same-Sex Partners In Sweden Have High 'Divorce' Rates   »  Canadian Christians Threatened By Homosexual Activists   »  The War On Christians Begins   »  Mother's Day Corrupted By Homosexual Organization   »  Gonorrhea Infections Spread In Homosexual Populations   »  "GAY MARRIAGE IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHT"   »  Our Nation's Leaders Need Prayer!   »  Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, M.D. Testifies In Massachusetts In Defense Of The Family   »  Senate Holds Hearing On Traditional Marriage   »  Massachusetts Same-Sex Marriage Decision Under Attack   »  Prominent Psychiatrist Testifies Against Homosexual Marriage Before Mass. Leg.   »  Civil Unions Equal To Homosexual Marriage In Mass. Amendment   »  Virginia Clergy Unite Against Homosexual Marriage   »  Children In Homosexual Homes Become Sexually Confused   »  Poll Shows Same-Sex Marriage Issue Influences Voters   »  Psychiatrist Explains 'How America Went Gay'   »  Australia Moves To Prohibit Same-Sex Marriage   »  Transsexual Admits Lying to U.N. Commission For 'Right' To Marry   »  Los Angeles Times Pushes Intersex Agenda   »  Canadian Parliament Passes Anti-Christian, Anti-Free Speech Bill   »  The Battle To Save Traditional Marriage Continues   »  Massachusetts Activists Target Judicial Tyrants   »  Christian Student Denied Right To Protest During Homosexual 'Day of Silence'   »  California School Officials Win Victory On Transgender Policy   »  Homosexual Activist Reveals Nationwide Strategy On Same-Sex Marriage   »  Memogate May Come Back To Bite Democrats   »  Federalist Society Urges Congressional Resolution On Judges   »  North Korea Freedom Day Scheduled For April 28th   »  Grove City College Launches New E-Mail Publication   »  National Youth Conference Scheduled for July   »  Australian Judge Permits Teen Girl To Get 'Sex Change'   »  Risky Sex Behavior Still High In Uganda   »  AIDS Epidemic Hits Porn Film Industry   »  Fox Studio Pushes Porn Star 'Comedy'   »  Transgender 'Marriage' Emerges In California   »  Polyamorists Push Multiple Marriage   »  Homosexuals Target Youth With 'Day of Silence' On School Campuses   »  Flood Senate Offices April 19th On Marriage Amendment   »  Most Americans Opposed To Homosexual Marriage   »  TVC Threatened By Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network   »  Faith In God Guides President   »  Ex-Kennedy Aide May Face Probe In Memogate Scandal   »  Florida Democrats Call For Assassination Of Defense Chief   »  Homosexual Marriage Threatens Religious Freedom   »  Newsday Issues Apology For Jimmy Breslin Column On Rev. Sheldon   »  Wal-Mart To Sell DVD Machines That Delete Profanity - Sex - Violence - Drug Abus   »  California School Officials Defy Transgender Agenda   »  NEWSDAY SAYS BRESLIN COLUMN NOT ''ACCURATE AND PRECISE''   »  Canadians Will Lose Religious Freedom Once Homosexual Marriage Is Entrenched   »  BRESLIN FORGOT JOURNALISTIC STANDARDS   »  Legislative Aide And State Senator Apologize To TVC   »  Newsday Columnist Jimmy Breslin Ridicules Rev. Sheldon   »  TVC Launches New Site On GLSEN   »  Senate Holds Hearing On Splitting Up 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals   »  Marriage Amendment Project Urges National Call-In Day   »  TVC-Supported Parental Rights Legislation Voted Out Of Committee   »  North Korea Freedom Day Just Weeks Away   »  Council On American-Islamic Relations Sues Anti-CAIR Critic   »  Day Care Group Pushes Homosexuality And Cross-Dressing For Children   »  AIDS On Rise Among Black Women   »  Christian Wins Lawsuit Against Cable Company's Diversity Policy   »  Senate Aide Uses Government Computer To Send Obscene Email To TVC   »  TVC CHAIRMAN SAYS BRESLIN FAKED INTERVIEW   »  Apology to TVC From Mass. State Senator Joan M. Menard   »  Apology of Benjamin Barrett to TVC   »  TVC Asks Mass. State Senator To Reprimand Chief Of Staff For Vulgar Email To TVC   »  Massachusetts Attorney General Refuses To Obey Governor's Request   »  House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Marriage Amendment   »  White House Affirms Pro-Homosexual Policy In Federal Employment   »  John Kerry Gives MTV Interview   »  U.N. Sexual Orientation Proposal Shelved For Now   »  Memogate Story Continues To Boil   »  'The Passion' Inspires Repentance And Confession   »  Journalism Accrediting Group Policy Threatens Christian Colleges   »  Summit Ministry To Hold Worldview Conference   »  North Korea Freedom Coalition Hosts Freedom Day   »  Homosexual 'Fisting' Club Organizes Torture Events   »  Oral Cancer On Rise In Britain   »  Watch These Three Important Races This Year!   »  Don't Forget Texas Rally For Ten Commandments   »  Mass. Senator Should Reprimand Chief Of Staff....   »  House Constitution Subcommittee Hearings on Protecting Traditional Marriage   »  Pledge Of Allegiance Case Heard Before U.S. Supreme Court   »  Senators Hear Testimony On Preserving Traditional Marriage   »  TVC Co-Sponsors Texas Ten Commandments Rally   »  Did Ted Kennedy Obstruct Justice?   »  Transgender Marriage Is Coming   »  Black Clergy Rally To Defend Traditional Marriage   »  TVC Honored By 'Democratic Underground' As One Of Top Ten Conservative Idiots   »  Xxxchurch.com Launches New Anti-Porn Campaign   »  U.S. Muslim Group Condemns Israel For Killing Hamas Terrorist Leader   »  Homosexuals Plan 'Pup And Trainer' Contest In California   »  American/Australian Child Molesters Arrested In Thailand   »  The U.S. Supreme Court Must Reject Pledge Of Allegiance Ban   »  Unborn Victims Of Violence Act Must Be Passed!   »  Senator To Hold Hearing On Traditional Marriage   »  Traditional Marriage Must Be Protected By Constitution   »  California Assemblyman Offers Traditional Marriage Resolution   »  U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Pledge Of Allegiance Case   »  Embryonic Stem Cell Advocates Push For Bad Federal Policy Change   »  No Left Behind Education Law Adequately Funded   »  Urban Outfitters Sells Dress Up Jesus Figures   »  Arizona Homosexual Congressman May Face Pro-Family Challenger   »  Three-Year-Old Sodomized By Homosexual Dies Of Heart Attack   »  ACLU Leaders Disrupts Free Speech Of Terrorism Expert   »  Homosexual Public Restroom Sex Defended In California   »  Three Courageous School Officials Resist Gender Confusion Movement   »  LETTERS IN SUPPORT OF MARRIAGE NEEDED!   »  TVC STATEMENT ON HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE VOTE IN MASSACHUSETTS LEGISLATURE   »  Massachusetts Legislators Moving To Legalize Homosexual Civil Unions   »  Homosexual Marriage: Gateway To Polygamy/Polyamory   »  President Bush Addresses NAE By Satellite   »  More On Memogate And Liberal Obstruction Of Justice   »  Intersex Activists Push Multiple Gender Theory   »  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Has Ties To NOW   »  Lieberman And Santorum Offer Faith-Based Bill As Amendment   »  Supreme Court Refuses To Aid Boy Scouts In Connecticut   »  Senate Ups Fines For Indecent Television   »  John Kerry's Wife Behind Attacks On Bush 9/11 Campaign Ads   »  Homosexual Woman Arrested For Molesting Teen   »  'Dr. Phil' Gets It Wrong On Sexual Orientation Issue   »  'First Things' Journal Details Attacks On Religious Liberty In Academia   »  Illinois Pro-Marriage Activist To Rally On March 31st   »  Black Muslim Killers Sentenced   »  Mel Gibson And Jim Caviezel Face Physical Threats For 'Passion'   »  Help STOP CA Homosexual Marriage Bill!   »  TVC Urges Massachusetts Legislators To Pass Constitutional Amendment Protecting   »  Senator John Cornyn Holds Marriage Hearing   »  NBC's 'West Wing' Takes Swipe At TVC   »  Coalition Pushes Legislation Acknowledging God   »  Constitution Restoration Act Challenges Judicial Tyranny   »  More Facts Democrat Collusion Memos Emerge   »  U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Pledge of Allegiance Case   »  Institute For Youth Development Holds Seminars   »  'Passion Of The Christ' Outsells 'LOTR: Return Of The King'   »  NYPD 'Hate Crime' Unit Sent To View 'Passion'   »  Olympic Committee Avoids Decision On She-Male Athletes   »  TVC Issues New Report On Homosexual Sex Habits   »  Homosexual Arrested For Injecting Boys With Blood   »  Catholic Report Details Homosexual Priest Molestations   »  Judges Violate Protestant And Catholic Freedoms   »  Australian Pastor Persecuted For Views On Islam   »  ''WEST WING'' PORTRAYAL SMEARS TVC - GLOSSES OVER NIH CORRUPTION   »  Activist Judges Redefine Marriage   »  Two Senators Need To Hear From You!   »  President Bush Supports Marriage Amendment   »  Same-Sex Marriages Threaten Cultural Foundations   »  Supreme Court Rules Against Student Scholarship   »  Super Bowl Scandal Prompts Legislative Response   »  Rev. Sheldon And Alan Keyes Urge Action Against CBS!   »  Legislative Aide Disappointed By Lack Of Support   »  Ted Kennedy Plans Lawsuit Over Recess Appointment   »  Colorado Legislator To Introduce Western Civilization Resolution   »  Unborn Victims Of Violence Act Passed   »  'Passion Of Christ' Premieres February 25th   »  Howard Stern Dumped From Clear Channel Radio   »  John Kerry's Wife May Be Worse Than Hillary Clinton   »  TVC Publishes Two New Reports   »  Male May Get To Complete As Woman In The Olympics   »  NEA Recognizes Ex-Homosexual Teacher Caucus   »  Girl Scouts Dumps Planned Parenthood Ties In Texas   »  Atheist Fails In Bid To Stop Inaugural Prayers   »  TVC THANKS BUSH FOR STRONG PRO-MARRIAGE STAND   »  Rev. Sheldon Discusses 'The Passion' On Fox News   »  Massachusetts Lawmakers Reschedule Same-Sex Marriage Debate   »  Two California Judges Stall On Enforcing The Law   »  Howard Dean Says Goodbye To Presidential Bid   »  Senator Zell Miller (D-GA) Delivers 'Deficit Of Decency' Speech   »  VIACOM Head Reportedly Orders Zero Tolerance For Indecency   »  State Family Groups Fight For Traditional Values   »  Newspaper Urges Investigation Of Senate Democrat Memo Scandal   »  Judges Destroy Religious Freedom   »  New Religious Freedom Report Issued By DOJ   »  South Korea Scientists Announce Human Clone Success   »  Welfare Reform Legislation Includes Healthy Marriage Provisions   »  MSNBC Taken Over By Clinton Crony, Rick Caplan   »  Homosexual Media Group Publishes List Of Pro-Homosexual TV Shows   »  She-Male Lobby Wins Victory In New York   »  Republican Leader Announces Voter Registration Week   »  Access The Power Of TVC's News Feeds!   »  Massachusetts Legislators Continue Debate On Homosexual Marriage Ban   »  TVC Participates In Vision New England Conference   »  Massachusetts Judge Invited To Boston Tea Party   »  Black Clergy Oppose Homosexual Marriage   »  NARTH President Issues Statement Opposing Same-Sex Marriage   »  Senate and House Hold Hearings On Broadcast Indecency   »  Senate Majority Leader Loses Top Aide Over Democrat Memos   »  Religious Freedom Still Threatened Overseas   »  No Child Left Behind   »  South Dakota Legislature Passes Tough Pro-Life Bill   »  John Kerry, Jane Fonda, And A Growing Zippergate Scandal   »  Judge Sides With ACLU And Sex Offenders In Iowa   »  Anti-Family Canadian Supreme Court Judge Heads To UN Post   »  Pornography Expert Defends Child Online Protection Act   »  HIV Spreads Among Black Homosexuals In North Carolina   »  TVC ENCOURAGED BY BLACK PASTORS STAND AGAINST HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE   »  TVC Urges Congress Get Tough With Broadcast Indecency   »  Boston Needs Another Tea Party For Activist Judges   »  National Prayer Breakfast Features President Bush And J.C. Watts   »  TVC Responds To Super Bowl Outrage   »  Andrea Lafferty Challenges The National Institutes Of Health   »  Massachusetts Judicial Tyrants Continue Attack Against Marriage   »  Arlington Group And President Issues Statements On Same-Sex Marriage   »  Rev. Sheldon Featured In New Book On Ronald Reagan   »  Homosexuals May Gain United Nations Protection   »  Veteran Porn Fighter Joins Justice Department   »  Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter Attends Homosexual Event   »  America Faces Growing Child Sex Slave Trade   »  MASSACHUSETTS DECISION REQUIRES CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT   »  It's Clear: The Jackson's Need Professional Help   »  Did Top CBS Officials Approve Exposure of Janet Jackson's Breast During Superbow   »  Statement from Rev. Louis P. Sheldon On Homosexual Adoption Decision In Florida   »  Rev. Sheldon Gives Invocation At CPAC   »  Morning After Pill Gets Congressional Attention   »  DemocraticUnderground Activists Distort TVC Marriage Poll   »  Senate Democrats Looking For A Scalp   »  ABC Attacks Pro-Lifers And Ignores March For Life   »  Polygamy Ban Challenged In Utah   »  Unions Support Same-Sex Marriage In Massachusetts   »  Marriage Is Dying In Scandinavian Nations   »  State Legislatures Deal With Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, Parental Rights   »  Nickelodeon Pushes Homosexuality To Teens   »  Transhumanists Look Forward To A Post-Human World   »  Activist Reveals Truth About Homosexual Sex   »  President Bush Outlines Future In State Of The Union Message   »  NIH Hearings Held In Senate   »  Judge Charles Pickering Appointed to Federal Bench In Recess Appointment   »  Unborn Victims Of Violence Act In House Committee   »  Polls Show Rising Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage/Civil Unions   »  NAACP Leader Resigns Over Judiciary Committee Scandal   »  City Councilman Displays Ten Commandments   »  Lord Of The Rings Actor Warns Of Islamic Threat To European Civilization   »  ABC Airs 'Gay Wedding' Of Melissa Etheridge And Partner   »  Liberty Counsel Sponsors Day of Purity For Teens   »  The Ten Commandments Debate Moves From Alabama to North Carolina Today   »  Congress Has A Duty To Pass Unborn Victims Of Violence Act   »  ABC Makes A Mockery of Marriage With Homosexual Wedding Tonight!   »  NATIONAL SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE DAY, 2004   »  Bush Marriage Initiative Under Debate In Legislature   »  Judicial Tyranny Fuels Same-Sex Marriage Controversy   »  NIH Head Defends Grants To Questionable Research Projects   »  CPAC Conference Coming Soon!   »  TVC Publishes New Poll On Web Site   »  Faith-Based Initiative Gets Renewed Push   »  Zogby Poll On Red And Blue States Shows Great Cultural Divide   »  NARTH Responds To Governor Dean On Homosexuality   »  TVC Updates 'Born Gay' Homosexual Urban Legend   »  Homosexual Media Group Tries To Control Coverage   »  Americans Angered Over San Diego's Settlement With ACLU In Boy Scout Case   »  Lawyers Argue For Polygamy In Utah   »  Judicial Tyranny Fuels Same-Sex Marriage Agenda In Massachusetts   »  New Group Launched To Defend Marriage   »  Zogby Poll Shows Opposition To Homosexual Marriage In Massachusetts   »  AgapePress Lists TVC/Patricia Ireland Flap As One Of 2003's Top Stories!   »  Teen Girls Explore ''Bisexual Chic''   »  Women's Health Group Says President Bush Too Christian   »  The Federalist Society Issues Report On Judicial Recess Appointments   »  Jurist And Columnist Challenge Lawless Judicial System   »  Columnist Cites Judge Roy Moore As Man Of The Year   »  Universal Music/Porn Company Plan Explicit Music Sex Videos   »  Radical Muslim Groups Pose As Moderates   »  New Jersey Legalizes Human Embryo Research   »  Dean Argument For Homosexuality Twists Scripture, Science, and Logic   »  The Destruction Of Marriage Precedes The Death Of A Culture   »  TVC Executive Director Speaks Out On Massachusetts Decision   »  NIH Under Increasing Scrutiny   »  Supreme Court Rules Against Free Speech   »  Faith-Based Leader Criticized For Paganism Comments   »  Christmas Under Attack Nationwide   »  American Voters Split Along Religious Lines   »  Catholic Student Wins Free Speech Battle!   »  Father Sues To Teach Child About Polygamy   »  Lesbians Sue Over 'Parental Rights' To In Vitro Twins   »  Abercrombie & Fitch Drops Obscene Catalog   »  British Psychiatrists Report On Homosexual Mental Health   »  Catholic Group Details Homosexual Health Problems   »  Playboy Pornography Empire Celebrates 50th Anniversary   »  TVC Takes On The National Institutes Of Health   »  Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage!   »  Researchers fake AIDS study data   »  TVC Leader Travels To Massachusetts To Defend Marriage   »  Sodomy Decision Is Slippery Slope To Polygamy And More   »  Federal Marriage Amendment Under Attack By Homosexual Group   »  Muslim Group Sues Congressman   »  Senate Lists Conservative Victories This Year   »  Justice Department Trains Agents To Prosecute Pornography   »  TVC Updates Homosexual Diseases Report   »  Only 9% Of Christians Have A Biblical Worldview   »  Abercrombie & Fitch Yanks Pornographic Catalog From Stores   »  Transgender Lunacy Targets Campus Restrooms   »  Homosexual Cannibal Admits To Eating Victim   »  A Report from the Front Lines….   »  Utah Man Uses Sodomy Decision To Push For Polygamy   »  Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Undermines Traditional Marriage   »  AIDS Funding Battle Continues In Congress   »  Patents For Human Embryos?   »  Leftist Clergy Group Forms To Counter Conservatives   »  Kansas Legislator Pushes Resolution On Supreme Court   »  Coalition For A Fair Judiciary Exposes Democrat Memos On Judges   »  Legislators Launch Online Political Magazine   »  MASSACHUSETTS SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT OPENS DOOR TO SAME-SEX MARRIGE   »  An Anglican Bishop Learns A Sobering Lesson About 'Hate Crime' Laws   »  'Justice For Judges' 30-Hour Marathon Began Nov. 12th   »  Kennedy/Hatch Push Pro-Homosexual Hate Crimes Bill   »  Homosexuals Stall Promotion of U.S. Army General In Senate   »  Supreme Court Justice Willing To Base Rulings On Foreign Courts   »  Jerusalem Resolution Needs Co-Sponsors!   »  Reparative Therapy Under Attack In Britain And On Television   »  Amazon.com Still Carries Pro-Pedophile Materials   »  FX Series 'Skin' And NBC's Sleazy 'Coupling' Cancelled!   »  Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore Ousted!   »  Cloning Debate Resources Available!   »  Canadian Group Fights Homosexual Agenda And For Parental Rights   »  Homosexuals and Democratic Senator Block Promotion of U.S. General   »  President Bush Signs Partial-Birth Abortion Ban   »  Democrat Memo Exposes Plot To Smear President On Iraq   »  Stop The Liberal Lynch Mob Against Brown   »  End Judicial Tyranny By Passing S. 1558   »  Liberal Congressman Condemns Christian General   »  Global AIDS Bill Saved From Feinstein Amendment   »  Senator Frist Affirms Faith-based Initiatives In Global AIDS Pandemic   »  NARTH Holds Conference This Weekend In Salt Lake City   »  Is Islamic Terrorism Involved In California Fires?   »  Homosexual Activist Rosie O'Donnell Faces Lawsuit Over Magazine   »  Ronald Reagan Movie Produced By Homosexual Activists   »  Dallas Columnist Criticizes 'Moderate' Islamic Group's Radical Views   »  Group To Challenge 'Born Gay' Theory In Court   »  Family Research Council Debunks New Homosexual Adoption Paper   »  ABC Report Exposes Dangers Of Pornography To Children   »  Michael Schiavo Justifies Starving His Wife On Larry King Live   »  NY TIMES CALLS RELIGIOUS CONSERVATIVES “KNOW-NOTHINGS”   »  NIH Faces Criticism On Grants Coalition Assails 'Smarmy Projects'   »  TVC Response Letter to Congressman Waxman on NIH Grants   »  Coalition Charges NIH “ATM for Grant Traffickers”   »  TVC Credited With Ouster Of Radical Bisexual From YWCA Leadership   »  TVC Leader Honored By Hispanic Pastors   »  HRC's David Smith Hired By Ted Kennedy   »  Religious Freedom Bill Needs Support!   »  Hearing Held On Breaking Up 9th Circuit Court In San Francisco   »  Justice Janice Rogers Brown Smeared By Liberals   »  Terri Schiavo's Life Still In Danger From Husband!   »  High Head Start Salaries Under Federal Scrutiny   »  People For The American Way Attacks U.S. General   »  Pentagon General Under Fire For Islam Comments In Churches   »  Senate Surveys Anti-Porn Efforts At Justice Department   »  New FX Show Mainstreams Pornography   »  'The Health Risks Of Gay Sex' Published By Corporate Resource Council   »  UCLA Genetics Study Touted As 'Proof' That Sexual Orientation Is Fixed   »  Homosexual Child Molester Fled To Thailand   »  The 9th Circuit Court Must Be Split!   »  There's still time to save Terri's life!   »  TVC OFFICIAL CALLS IRELAND FIRING ''LATE BUT WELCOME''   »  Reverend Sheldon Urges Support For Traditional Marriage   »  Senate Holds Hearings On Muslim Chaplains And Terrorism   »  Homosexual ENDA Bill Reintroduced   »  Global AIDS Bill In Jeopardy   »  Charles Pickering Under Attack Again!   »  National Youth Summit Scheduled   »  Judge Roy Moore Speaks Out On Ten Commandments   »  Florida Judge Orders Mentally Handicapped Woman Starved To Death   »  Parents Beware: 'Girls Gone Wild' Videos Sold In Stores!   »  Dan Rather Report Attacks Home Schooling   »  Journalist Exposes 'Los Angeles Times' Anti-Schwarzenegger Campaign   »  'Good Boy!' Children's Movie Features Homosexual Couple   »  Columnist Calls For 'National Please Shut Up Day' For Homosexuals   »  Traditional Marriage Is Worth Protecting!   »  Remember: Marriage Protection Week Is October 12-18!   »  Arnold Schwarzenegger Wins Landslide Victory In California   »  Senator Harkin Stalls Faith-Based Legislation   »  Scouting Defense Fund Launches United Way Effort   »  Catholic University To Hold Pro-Life Gatherings   »  Vision America Schedules 10 Commandment Rallies   »  NARTH and Summit Ministries Plan Conferences   »  'Pastor' Fred Phelps Aids The Homosexual Agenda   »  Drag Queen Profs At Cornell Promote 'Sexual Diversity'   »  Sex Ed Program Designed By Prostitution Advocates   »  Legalized Prostitution Spreads HIV Infection In Senegal   »  U.N. Urges Canada To Ban Corporal Punishment   »  SCHWARZENEGGER CAN BECOME LEADER - MUST REPUDIATE AMORAL POLICIES   »  Please help distribute TVC's Church Bulletin on Marriage Protection Week   »  Why Didn't 'Los Angeles Times' Expose Gray Davis's Violence Against Women?   »  DAVIS SIGNS SB 71 & AB 561!!!   »  Traditional Values Groups Announce 'Marriage Protection Week'   »  TVC's Executive Director Takes On GLSEN With Bill O'Reilly   »  Houses of Worship Free Speech Act Must Be Passed!   »  'No Child Left Behind' Hearing Highlights Safety Provisions   »  Judicial Tyranny Blasted By Congressmen   »  Charles Pickering Faces Vote In Senate Committee   »  Communist Party, USA Sides With Democrats   »  CDC To Encourage HIV Test Kits For Homosexual Orgy Bathhouses   »  Pentagon Must Investigate Muslim Chaplain Credentialing Program   »  TVC Urges Action On Sex Themes In FX's 'Nip/Tuck'   »  Needle Exchange Program Fails In Canada   »  California Culture War Update   »  Traditional Values Coalition Announces Marriage Protection Week   »  Defense Department Must Re-evaluate Muslim Chaplain Program   »  California 2003 LEGISLATIVE ROUNDUP   »  CALIFORNIA VOTER’S GUIDE - Special Recall Election Edition   »  NAMBLA And Homosexual Activism   »  Republican National Committee Ready To Defend Marriage   »  President Addresses UN On War On Terrorism   »  Justice Department Promises More Pornography Prosecutions   »  Congressmen Push For Legislation On Peer-to-Peer Software   »  Senator Brownback Holds Hearing On Fetal Surgery   »  Is General Wesley Clark A Sock Puppet For Hillary Clinton?   »  Legislator Praises Bush Administration For Faith-Based Efforts   »  Three American Islamist Soldiers Arrested For Spying   »  Traditional Values Coalition Adds News Feeds To Web Site!   »  REAL Women Of Canada Exposes Pro-Homosexual Judges   »  Amazon.com Offers Pedophile Books   »  Judicial Tyranny In Action: Students Banned From Giving Religious Gifts   »  Homosexual Molests Boy Scouts At Florida Camp   »  California Culture War Update   »  TVC APPLAUDS LAWSUIT AGAINST RECENT SIGNING OF HOMOSEXUAL ''MARRIAGE'' BILL!!!   »  Amazon.com Faces Moral Choice: Does It Support Or Oppose Child Molestation?   »  GOVERNOR GRAY DAVIS SIGNS HOMOSEXUAL ''MARRIAGE'' LEGISLATION!!!   »  PLANNED SIGNING OF HOMOSEXUAL ''MARRIAGE'' BILL TODAY!!!   »  Faith-Based Giving Act Supported By President   »  Radical Court Postpones California Recall Election   »  Canada On Verge Of Criminalizing Bible As 'Hate Speech'   »  TVC Web Site Faces Cyber Attacks   »  Madonna Launches Kabbalah Crusade For Children   »  Kansas Attorney Fears Sodomy Case Will Abolish Protection For Children   »  Lawyers Seek To Abolish Laws Against Teen Sex   »  San Diego College Group Wants 'Unisex Restrooms' on Campus   »  Morality In Media's ObscenityCrimes.org Site Aids Porn Prosecutions   »  Judicial Tyranny Strikes Again: Federal Judges Block California Recall Election   »  CMG PREVIEWS TELEVISION AD: RECALL POINTLESS IF SCHWARZENEGGER IS GOVERNOR   »  Nation Remembers 9/11 Terror Attack   »  Days of Prayer and Remembrance Set   »  Senate Debates Defense Of Marriage Act   »  TVC Publishes New Report On Same-Sex Marriage   »  Senate Majority Leader Outlines Legislative Agenda   »  Federal Grant Goes To Kinsey Institute   »  Faith-Based Legislation Advances   »  Amazon.com Sells Subscriptions To Pedophile Newsletter   »  CA Governor 'Gay' Davis Signs Pro-Homosexual Foster Care Bill   »  Do Homosexuals Really Want The Right To Marry?   »  Senate Panel Debates Need To Protect Traditional Marriage   »  Will The Real Arnold Schwarzenegger Stand Up?   »  Senators Hold Hearing On Protecting Traditional Marriage   »  Justice Department Takes On Porn Industry   »  Centers For Disease Control-sponsored Sex Ed Promotes Immorality   »  AIDS Spread By Multiple Sex Partners In "Steady" Relationships   »  Scholars Decry Litmus Test For Judges   »  Nashvillians Face Critical Election Linked To Homosexual Agenda   »  Christian School Teacher Faces Sentencing On Molestation Charges   »  California Senate Attacks Boy Scouts   »  LAST STAND FOR TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE   »  Rev. Sheldon Speaks Out On Arnold Schwarzenegger And California Recall Election   »  Amsterdam AIDS Study Adds Fuel To Same-Sex Marriage Debate   »  WILL THE REAL ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER PLEASE STAND UP!   »  TVC's Executive Director Quoted In Los Angeles Times   »  Californians For Moral Government Gets No Answers From Schwarzenegger   »  California Congresswoman Proudly Supports Obscene Bisexual Conference   »  State Department Cuts Funding To Radical AIDS Group   »  Judicial Lunacy Reigns In California   »  Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore Defends Ten Commandments   »  Anti-Porn Lawyer Issues Legal Opinion On Internet Filters For Libraries   »  Two Homosexuals Arrested On Child Molestation Charges   »  God's Eye Is On All Guys   »  Alliance Defense Fund Wins Victory Over 'Southern Decadence Festival'   »  Berkeley Teacher Arrested For Prostitution   »  SCHWARZENEGGER A NO SHOW ON MORAL ISSUES   »  Rev. Sheldon Asks 10 Tough Questions Of Schwarzenegger   »  Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Overruled By Fellow Justices   »  Supreme Court Sodomy Decision Based On Junk Science   »  CDC To Investigate Alleged Misuse Of Federal Grants   »  More Details Emerge On Bisexual Confab And Rep. Susan Davis (D-CA)   »  Courageous Librarians Win Battle Against Internet Pornography   »  TechTV Pushes Pornography With Late Night Show   »  Muslim Rap Group Seeks Influence Over Teens   »  Jewish Writer Sees Evangelicals As Allies   »  North Carolina Homosexual Teacher Arrested On Molestation Charges   »  Liberty Counsel Defends Mother Against Transgender Husband   »  REV. SHELDON LETTER TO CALIFORNIA PASTORS:   »  CONSERVATIVE LEADERS AGREE-- SCHWARZENEGGER NO CONSERVATIVE   »  Rev. Lou Sheldon Takes On The Terminator   »  U.S. Must Deal With Judicial Tyranny   »  Ministry To Homosexuals Plans November Conference   »  Bisexuals Rally In San Diego-California Congresswoman To Attend   »  Penthouse Publisher Files For Bankruptcy   »  TVC Exposes Hugh Hefner's Pro-Pedophile, Pro-Marijuana Agenda   »  Web Site Details Dangers Of Homosexual Sex   »  Pacific Justice Institute Loses Battle Over Cross Display   »  TVC Urges Support Of Native American Ministry   »  Arnold is no Ronald by Cal Thomas   »  CMG ISSUES 10 QUESTIONS THAT MAKE SCHWARZENEGGER HIDE   »  SCHWARZENEGGER CANDIDACY WOULD ''TERMINATE'' MORAL LEADERSHIP IN CALIFORNIA   »  Homosexual Elected as Bishop in Episcopal Church   »  GRAY DAVIS SIGNS BILL & CATERS TO TRANSSEXUALS, CROSS-DRESSERS!   »  Bishop on Hold!   »  President Bush And The Pope Supports Traditional Marriage   »  TVC Publishes Four New Special Reports   »  Democrats Continue Blocking Bush Judicial Appointments   »  House Amendments Take Aim At Renegade Judges   »  FBI Invites Muslim Cleric To Conduct Sensitivity Training Sessions   »  Fox News Airs Two-Part Series On Fetal Homicide Victims   »  Texas Fines Seminaries Issuing Bible Degrees Without State Approval   »  FCC Sets Date For Library Compliance With Anti-Porn Law   »  HIV High Among Homosexuals   »  California Governor May Sign She/Male Bill And Pagan AIDS Memorial Bill   »  Media Pushes Homosexuality-But Backlash May Come   »  University Students Deserve Free Speech   »  Homosexual Former School Teacher Arrested In Virginia   »  TVC Commends President Bush For Support Of Traditional Marriage   »  CALIFORNIA SENATE SENDS TRANSSEXUAL HIRING BILL TO GOVERNOR   »  Bill Bans Funds For Patents On Humans   »  Unborn Victims Of Violence Act Stalled   »  Bill Pryor Voted Out Of Senate Judiciary Committee   »  California Dems Caught Plotting To Prolong Budget Crisis   »  The War On Terrorism: Are We Too Civilized?   »  American Journal Of Public Health Details Homosexual Sex Dangers   »  Pediatric Journal Discusses Sex Change For 13-Year-Old Boy   »  Florida Legal Group Challenges Transgender Decision   »  10 Commandment Judge Appeals To Supreme Court   »  Boston Church Leaders Escape Prosecution   »  Two Homosexual Men Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Boy   »  CA Senate Delays Vote on Homosexual Bills to July 24th!!!   »  Kennedy Reintroduces Pro-SheMale, Homosexual Hate Crime Bill   »  President Bush's Faith Featured In 'The Wall Street Journal'   »  Judicial Nominee Still Faces Tough Challenges In Senate   »  Seven Democrat Presidential Candidates Woo Homosexual Lobby   »  Interior Department Throws Out Bible Verse Plaques At Grand Canyon   »  'Non-judgmental' AIDS Counseling Is Failure In Seattle   »  Religious Beliefs Divide Europe And U.S.   »  Dutch Study Exposes Infidelity Among Homosexual Partners   »  'Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy Under Attack   »  Wahabbi Forces Divide FBI   »  Wal-Mart Petition Urges End To Pro-Homosexual Policy   »  Boston Globe Reveals Its Pro-Sodomy Bias   »  Seattle AIDS Groups Highlight Failure Of 'Non-judgmental' Counseling   »  Congress Holds Hearing On The Unborn Victims Act   »  Battle Continues To Rage Over Bush Judicial Nominees   »  HHS Releases Report On Reducing Out-Of-Wedlock Births   »  Congress Needs To Hear From You!   »  Rev. Sheldon Exposes Another CAIR Terrorist Link   »  Polygamists Rejoice At Supreme Court Sodomy Decision   »  TVC's California Lobbyist Testifies Against Invasive School Questionnaire   »  Scientists Create A 'SheMale' Human Embryo   »  'Queer' TV Shows Push Homosexual Agenda   »  Council On American Islamic Relations Faces A PR Problem   »  Congress Is On Vacation   »  Rev. Sheldon Speaks Out On Texas Sodomy Decision   »  Texas Decision Highlights Homosexual Domestic Violence   »  Senate Majority Leader Supports Federal Marriage Amendment   »  President Appoints Global AIDS Coordinator   »  Prison Rape Reduction Act Should Be Passed   »  Cost Of Government Day Is July 11, 2003   »  Talk Show Host To Challenge Barney Frank   »  Judge Moore Loses 10 Commandments Appeal   »  Former Baptist Deacon And Scout Leader Arrested   »  Canadian Prisoners Get Soft-Core Pornography Access   »  Radical Islamists In Britain Vow To Conquer Nation   »  Welcome To Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's Judicial Tyranny   »  Supreme Court Overturns Texas Homosexual Sodomy Law   »  GenderPac/HRC Face Scrutiny Over She/Male Agenda In Congress   »  TVC's Andrea Lafferty On Fox News To Discuss Patricia Ireland/YWCA   »  Unborn Victims Of Violence Act Needs Passage   »  Republicans Vote To Limit Filibusters In Senate   »  Judicial Nominee Vote Postponed   »  Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Children's Internet Protection Act   »  White House Issues Paper On Civil Rights And Religious Liberty   »  AIDS Epidemic Among Blacks Blamed On Racism   »  Homosexual Marriage Battle Continues In Canada and U.S.   »  Explorer Scouts Sexually Abused By Police Mentors   »  Ministry To Transgenders Scheduled For November   »  Prison Fellowship Success Story!   »  Supreme Court Texas Sodomy Decision   »  African AIDS Pandemic Now Added To The 'Reparations' Scam   »  TVC Commends White House And Congress For Strengthening Head Start Program   »  AMA Endorses Human Cloning   »  CDC To Cut Funding To Obscene AIDS Programs   »  Committee For Justice Publishes Paper On Bush Judicial Nominee   »  Study Committee Publishes Report On Weapons Of Mass Destruction   »  Pro-Family Canadians Battle Back Against Same-Sex Marriage Ruling   »  Exodus International Conference Targets Broader Audience   »  Is 'Pedophilia' The Next Sexual Orientation To Be Normalized?   »  'Teen People' Magazine Pushes Sex Changes For Teens   »  Cinemax Aired Transgender Film For Kids   »  Prison Fellowship Research Findings Issued   »  Arizona Bishop Resigns After Arrest For Hit-And-Run Death   »  Rev. Sheldon Recommends American History Book   »  Is Pedophilia The Next 'Sexual Orientation' To Be Normalized?   »  CALIFORNIA - DECLARING JUNE ''LGBT PRIDE MONTH''   »  CALIFORNIA STATE ASSEMBLY PASSES FATHER'S DAY RESOLUTION HONORING FAMILIES WITH   »  Judicial Nominee Faces Character Assassination   »  Senator Brownback's Iran Bill Needs Support!   »  Internet Gambling Bill Update   »  Child Tax Credit Legislation Up For Vote   »  Sex Trafficking Report Issued By State Department   »  Ten Commandments Defense Act Of 2003 Introduced   »  Children's Hope Act Encourages Scholarships   »  Hillary Clinton Begins Her Presidential Run   »  National Conservative Student Conference Scheduled For July   »  U.C. Davis Students Hold Sex Toy Seminar   »  Canada Court Legalizes Homosexual Marriages   »  Nation of Islam Founder's Great-granddaughter Speaks Out   »  Homosexual Child Molestations Continue   »  A Message From The Unborn Tells Gripping Story!   »  Another Judicial Nominee Faces Character Assassination   »  A Question For Hillary: What About Your Trashing Of Bill's Sexual Conquests?   »  ASSEMBLY DEMOCRATS PASS PRO-HOMOSEXUAL BILLS…BARELY!!!   »  Legislative Roundup   »  Judge Carolyn Kuhl Needs Support!   »  Rev. Sheldon Appeared On Talk Radio On Transgender Confusion   »  Religious Symbol Passes Constitutional Muster   »  Is 'Matrix' Co-Producer Getting A Sex-Change Operation?   »  42% Of Homosexuals Hide HIV Infection Risk From Partners   »  TVC Publishes New Homosexual Urban Legend Report   »  Philadelphia Boy Scouts Caves To Homosexual Agenda   »  Sexually Active Teens Are More Likely To Be Depressed And Suicidal   »  President Bush Signs Global AIDS Bill   »  Another Judicial Nominee Faces Smear Attacks In Senate   »  Senator Rick Santorum Encourages Catholic Students To Resist Popular Culture   »  Interior Department Allows Grants To Churches   »  India Health Minister Urges Abstinence And Fidelity In AIDS Battle   »  TVC's Leaders Speak Out On Bravo Homosexual Dating Show   »  Disney's Animation Department Headed By Homosexual   »  Boston Archdiocese Links Arms With Prostitution Front Group   »  Baby's Life In Question In Florida   »  Texas Pro-Lifers Win Big Victory!   »  Religious Freedom Victory Won In California   »  Transgender Confusion Comes To College Campuses   »  TVC Updates And Expands Transgender Report   »  Gallup Poll Sheds Light On Moral Values   »  Texas Governor Signs Defense Of Marriage Act   »  Here It Comes: Transgender Confusion On Campus   »  Global AIDS Bill Readied For President’s Signature   »  Laci And Conner Peterson Bill Must Be Passed!   »  New Report On Patricia Ireland And YWCA Published   »  New Marriage And Poverty Report Released By Heritage Foundation   »  Transgender Political Agenda Gets Boost From Hollywood   »  Rev. Sheldon Responds To David Horowitz   »  United Way Punishes Boy Scouts In Florida   »  Pacific Justice Institute Takes Christian College Case To Federal Court   »  Parents Television Council Sees Less TV Sex This Year   »  Canada’s Homosexual Totalitarianism Hints At Future Here   »  An Open Letter to David Horowitz   »  TVC Hails Senate Vote On Global AIDS Funding!   »  Filibusters Are Unconstitutional—Say Noted Democrats   »  Democrat Presidential Candidates Pander To Homosexuals   »  House Narrowly Passes Curbs On Internet Gambling   »  Mrs. Lafferty Appears On First Edition Of Fox News’ ‘DaySide’ With Linda Vester   »  Homosexual Urban Legend Paper On Lie That ‘10% Are Gay’ Is Updated!   »  New YWCA Head May Bring ‘Feminist Spirituality’ Into Girl’s Group   »  Global Positioning System For Humans Makes Debut   »  Transgenders To Hold Chicago Networking/Sex Change Conference   »  Baby Organ Ring Busted In Italy   »  Exodus International Holding Florida Conference   »  Access TVC’s Special Reports!   »  TVC Executive Director Attends White House Judicial Independence Event   »  Rev. Sheldon, Pro-Family Leaders Meet GOP Head Over Homosexuality   »  Republicans Hold Conference On Obstruction Of Justice   »  Global AIDS Legislation Goes To Senate   »  Prostitutes Use Public Funds To Teach Solicitation Techniques   »  Unborn Victims Of Violence Must Pass   »  TVC Launches Drive To Remove Patricia Ireland At YWCA   »  New Report Shows Violent Lyrics Increases Aggressive Thoughts   »  WalMart Pulls Sleazy Magazines   »  Homosexual Groups Admit ‘10%’ Figure Is Wrong   »  California Supreme Court Could Soon Legalize Homosexual Adoptions   »  O'Reilly Interview with YWCA CEO Patricia Ireland   »  TVC DIRECTOR ASKS HHS SECRETARY TO REVIEW $114 MILLION IN YWCA GRANTS   »  YWCA Should Reject Patricia Ireland As New Leader   »  House Votes On Global AIDS Legislation   »  President Signs Child Protection Bill   »  Bush Celebrates National Day Of Prayer   »  Attorney General Asks For Ruling On Pledge Ban   »  Senators Seek Expansion Of Hate Crimes Law   »  Senate Democrats Continue To Block Judicial Nominees   »  YWCA Hires Radical Feminist Bisexual To Head Organization   »  May Is Victims Of Pornography Month   »  HIV-Positive Teacher Who Infected Student Resigns Post   »  Kansas University Professor Promotes Pedophilia/Explicit Sex Talk   »  Uganda’s AIDS Program Should Be Model For Congress!   »  NEW HEAD OF YWCA IS ''NONE OF THE ABOVE''   »  AIDS Legislation Still Needs Amendments   »  President Bush Outlines Economic Stimulus Package   »  Louisiana Legislators Rally For Estrada Confirmation   »  Senator Rick Santorum Under Attack From Radical Homosexuals   »  Muslim Group Lobbies Against Presidential Nominee   »  Monica Lewinsky Hosts Fox Channel Show   »  CA Homosexuals Want Phallic Memorial; Others Plan 'Wet 'n Wild' Sex Orgy   »  California Bill Will Force Christian Groups To Hire Cross-Dressers   »  More Homosexual Child Molesters Nabbed   »  'Girls Gone Wild' Porn King Hires O.J. Simpson Lawyer After Florida Arrest   »  NOW Fanatic Wants Scott Peterson To Escape Fetal Homicide Charge   »  Child Custody Protection Act Reintroduced   »  Another Judge Comes Under Attack   »  President Speaks Out On Tax Policies   »  Secretary Of Education Rod Paige And Franklin Graham Deserve Our Support   »  Christianity And The Resurrection Of Christ   »  Saddam Hussein War Atrocities Mount   »  Why Arabs Lose Wars—And Why Freedom Matters!   »  Journalist Exposes ‘Queering’ Of Public Schools   »  Campus Anti-Christian Bigotry Targeted   »  Pre-School Groups Teach Toddler’s Passivism   »  Satellite Radio Caters To Homosexuals   »  Rock For Life Sponsors T-Shirt Day   »  Jewish Professor Provides New Resource For Pro-Israel Christians   »  TVC BILL TO HELP CHURCHES NEEDS YOUR HELP   »  POWs And The Power Of Prayer   »  AIDS Funding Bill Needs Drastic Overhaul   »  Education Secretary Attacked For Urging Christian Values In Schools   »  Iraqis Dance In The Streets And Praise Our Military And President Bush   »  Republican Party Head Meets With Homosexual Group   »  Prayer Amendment Offered By Republican/Democrat House Members   »  CARE Act Under Debate In Senate   »  FCC Cracks Down On Indecency Violations   »  Priscilla Owen May Face A Democrat Filibuster   »  CDC Continues Funding Obscene Homosexual Workshops   »  NIH Issues New Findings On Adult Stem Cells   »  TVC Urges Support Of Upcoming Film Release   »  Report On Sex Crimes In Arizona Hides Gender Of Victim/Perpetrators   »  Traditional Values Coalition Urges Students To Stand Up For Traditional Values!   »  Homosexual Recruitment Programs May Face Legal Challenges   »  BAD AIDS BILL PASSED BY COMMITTEE   »  Faith-Based Plans Are Undermined   »  Senator Joseph Lieberman Pushes Homosexual Agenda   »  Iraqi Troops Continue Committing Atrocities   »  Pornographers Send Magazines To Soldiers   »  Transgender Marxist Rallies Anti-American Forces   »  Rev. Sheldon Urges Support For Family-Friendly Movie   »  Accuracy In Media Details NPR Attack Against TVC   »  Expert Says AIDS Education Is A Failure   »  Ohio Legislators Need Pressure To Defend Marriage   »  San Francisco Police Must Hide American Flag Bandanas   »  PFLAG Refuses Support Of Hate Crimes Bill   »  California Action Alert   »  President Rallies Troops In Florida   »  House Passes Amber Alert Bill With Anti-Child Porn Provision   »  US Agency Fighting AIDS Allies With Anti-Family Groups   »  Supreme Court Hears Texas Sodomy Case   »  Federal Agency Offers Information On Grants   »  New Film Deserves Christian Support   »  British Officer Inspires Troops On Eve Of Battle   »  Black Muslims May Pose Security Threat   »  California Legislature Considers Abstinence Bill   »  Parents Want More Say In Teens’ Sex Lives   »  Black Muslims: A Fifth Column Inside The United States?   »  The Dixie Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost   »  California Action Alert   »  The War Against Iraq Begins   »  Tom Daschle Attacks President’s Foreign Policy   »  Global AIDS Proposals Face Scrutiny   »  Senator Hatch Proposes Flawed Anti-Cloning Bill   »  Another Judicial Nominee Will Be Smeared By Liberals   »  TVC Asks For Equal Time On Academy Awards   »  Bakersfield Expose Reveals Homosexual Murder Conspiracy   »  U.N. Human Rights Commission May Investigate United States   »  Why The Left Hates America—And Supports Terrorists   »  New Mexico Faces Transgender Bill   »  Nashville May Pass Homosexual Ordinance   »  Academy Awards Should Provide Equal Time To War's Supporters   »  A Pastor Responds To Jimmy Carter's Flawed 'Just War' Essay   »  Bush and God   »  Let’s Drive The Snakes From The Senate   »  Latino Pastors Rally With TVC For Miguel Estrada   »  9th Circuit Court Could Be Divided   »  Homosexual Teacher Arrested On Child Molestation Charges   »  Foundation for Individual Rights Launches Web Site For Students   »  Californians Face Legislative Threat From Homosexual Activists   »  Homosexuals Have High Rates Of Domestic Violence   »  Country Singer’s Patriotic Song Gets Airplay   »  We Need St. Patrick To Drive The Snakes From The Senate   »  CALIFORNIA ACTION ALERT   »  LEGISLATIVE ROUND-UP   »  Republicans Demand Cloture Vote On Miguel Estrada   »  Lincoln Memorial Video To Be Modified   »  John McCain’s Campaign Reform Act Will Silence Free Speech   »  Attorney General John Ashcroft Silences Liberals On Homeland Security   »  Labor Department And Small Business Administration Launches Web Site For Women B   »  Why The Sudden Interest In Religion By Secular Journalists?   »  9th U.S. Circuit Court Puts Stay On Pledge Of Allegiance Ban   »  Massachusetts Supreme Court Expected To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage   »  More Homosexual Child Molesters Arrested   »  Internet Baby Porn Becoming The Latest Rage   »  U.S. Senate Has Ethical Duty To Ban All Human Cloning   »  Cloning Ban Vote Passed!   »  Republicans Urged To Play Hardball on Miguel Estrada   »  Virtual Pornography Legislation Has Fatal Flaws   »  Florida Judge Decides To Refine ‘Male’ And ‘Female’ In Law   »  Pony Sneaker Firm Uses Porn Stars Sell Product To Kids   »  Covenant Eyes Service Helps Men Avoid Porn Addiction   »  Homosexual Newspaper Lies About Traditional Values Coalition   »  MSNBC Dumps Phil Donahue After Six Months   »  Florida Judge Redefines 'Male' And 'Female' In Transgender Divorce Case   »  LEGISLATIVE ROUND-UP   »  Miguel Estrada Still Needs Our Support!   »  Stop AIDS Project Still Promoting Obscene Workshops   »  Dolly The Cloned Sheep Is Euthanized   »  Alfred Kinsey Propaganda Film Still In Works   »  Former Boy Scout Leader Arrested—Homosexual Child Molestations Continue   »  Explicit Videogames Encourage Players To Strip Women Naked   »  Psychology Today Editor Learns About Homosexual Intolerance   »  What Is Christian Charity Worth?   »  More Oregon Citizens Turning To Assisted Suicide   »  Tennessee Election Could Turn The Tide   »  Dolly the Sheep's Death Confirms Need For Total Ban On Human Cloning   »  HOMOSEXUAL BILLS SET FOR HEARINGS!   »  Miguel Estrada Faces Democrat Filibuster In Senate   »  House Passes Welfare Reform Bill   »  Ban On Cloning Passes House Committee   »  Department Of Education Issues Prayer Guidelines For Public Schools   »  CDC Heads In Wrong Direction On HIV Prevention Efforts   »  America Goes On Alert Over Terrorist Threat   »  Coalition for Adolescent Sexual Health Issues Shocking Report!   »  Lincoln Memorial Video Under Scrutiny   »  Diaper Fetishists—The Next ‘Sexual Orientation’ To Seek Federal Protection?   »  Morality In Media Comments On TV Show On Women Victimized In Pornography   »  Canadian Court Rules Bible Verses Against Homosexuality Are ‘Hate’ Speech   »  Faith-Based Initiative: There Can Be A Church-State Balance   »  Catholic League Questions Judge's Decision   »  Homosexual Church Splits Over Drugs And All Night Raves   »  Group To Sue Over Religious Freedom Controversy   »  Child Molesters Arrested   »  Homosexuals Hope Cloning Will Undermine Nuclear Family   »  NPR Apologizes To Traditional Values Coalition   »  Cloning Legislation Must Be Passed!   »  Miguel Estrada's Nomination Debated In Senate--Vote Expected Wednesday   »  U.S. Park Service Airs Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual Video   »  Thank President Bush For Pro-Life Comments   »  Bush Administration Targets $300 Million To Strengthen Families In Welfare Refor   »  President Bush’s State Of The Union Speech Wins American Support   »  Senator Frist Asks For Public Input On Cloning   »  Legislators Offer Bills To Ban Human Cloning   »  Liberals Promise Armageddon On Bush Judges   »  Homosexual Priests And Other Child Molesters Face New Troubles   »  Islamic Extremists Pose Threat To Internal Security   »  Children From Single Parent Home Are At Risk   »  9th Circuit Court Rules In Favor Of Religious Freedom   »  Rev. Sheldon Sheds More Light On Bug Chasing Among Homosexuals   »  Homosexuals Attack Religious Freedom In Britain   »  Transgender Occultist Gets Face Time On ‘The O’Reilly Factor’   »  Same-Sex Union Lawsuit Dropped In Connecticut   »  Bug Chasing and Barebacking: Homosexuals Go Looking For Death   »  'Rolling Stone' Bug Chaser Story Disputed   »  President Bush Announces Faith-Based Program To Help Needy   »  Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist May Retire   »  Raelian’s Cloned Baby May Be Hoax   »  Canadian Transgender Cyclist Raises Ire   »  More Homosexual Child Molesters Nabbed   »  Nashville Delays Vote On Sexual Orientation Law   »  Embassy Of Israel Issues Briefing On Muslim Child Martyrs   »  Estimated 25% Of Homosexual Males Seek To Be Infected With HIV   »  Reparative Therapist Yanked From BYU TV Station   »  Summit Ministries Schedules Summer Sessions   »  Few Non-Christians Have Favorable Opinion Of Christians   »  Christian Honor Guard Fired For ‘Blessing’   »  Why Did ‘Variety’ Reject Ad On Alfred Kinsey?   »  President Bush Plans Aid To Churches Helping Needy   »  Why Did 'Variety' Refuse Ad On Alfred Kinsey?   »  Homosexual Allies Resubmit Special Rights Bills   »  All Democrat Presidential Candidates Will Attend Abortion Fundraiser   »  Democrats Finally Give Up Power To Majority Party   »  Liberals Vow To Oppose Bush Judicial Nominees   »  Ramsey Clark Says Jesus Was A Terrorist!   »  Sheryl Crow Tells Us How To Avoid War   »  Mel Gibson Under Attack For Doing Film On Jesus’ Life   »  City Councils Can Ban ‘Jesus’ From Prayers   »  Ramsey Clark Claims Jesus Was A Terrorist!   »  Colorado School Bans Christian Group; Allows Gay Straight Alliance Club   »  Radical Lesbians In California Assembly Pursue Domestic Partnerships   »  California Loses 33,296 Sex Offenders From Monitoring System   »  Cloning Cult Leader Called 'Nincompoop' By Family Members   »  Long-Hidden Report Exposes Assaults Against Nuns   »  Sex Industry Engages In Charitable Acts   »  Cross-Dressing Father Chaperones Child On Field Trip   »  Conservative Political Action Conference Scheduled   »  Black Conservatives Protest Senator Byrd Portraying Confederate General   »  Bush Re-Nominates Defeated Judicial Nominees   »  HHS Issues Grants To Faith-Based Groups   »  Conservative Jewish Commentator Notes Double Standard On Trent Lott   »  House Member Reintroduces Ban On Human Cloning   »  President Bush Offers Economic Stimulus Package   »  Is Cannibalism Next For Reality TV?   »  Trent Lott Apologizes For Off-the-Cuff Remarks   »  Bush Signs Executive Order On Faith-Based Initiatives   »  Catholic Groups Sue Over Christmas Display Discrimination   »  New Homosexual Child Molestations Surface   »  Liam Neeson To Play Alfred Kinsey—The Pedophile Researcher   »  Stanford Students Lobby For Unisex Restrooms   »  Transgenders In Britain Win Right To Change Birth Certificates   »  Boy Scouts Defended In Ventura County, California   »  Supreme Court To Hear Key Sodomy and Pro-Life Cases   »  Democrats Face Minority Status For Generation   »  TVC Executive Director Appears On “The O’Reilly Factor”   »  Planned Parenthood Promotes Bisexuality And Transgenderism   »  Listen To Abortion Clinic Counselor Conversations!   »  Pro-Aborts Lose Effort To Ban “Choose Life” License Plates   »  Pennsylvania Governor Signs Pro-Homosexual, Anti-Free Speech Bill   »  Homosexual Arrested For Molesting Boy Scouts   »  TVC Chairman Exposes Media Bias In Coverage Of Murders   »  Heavy Pot Use Destroys Mental Capacity   »  Gay Marriage Battle Looms In Massachusetts   »  Victim Of Muslim Death Threat Flees To U.S.   »  More Homosexual Priest Allegations Surface In Boston Archdiocese   »  Some Victims Of Hate Murders Are More Equal Than Others   »  Let's Thank God For Our Liberties This Thanksgiving Day   »  TRADITIONAL VALUES DEFINED   »  Boy Scouts Under Attack Again   »  CBS Should Be Condemned For Victoria's Secret Strip Show   »  Transgender Activists Aided By Liberal Media   »  NewsMax Analyzes Republican Victories   »  Two Actors Arrested On Child Porn Charges   »  Homosexual Kills Woman Over Religious Dispute   »  British Sex Offenders May Get Electronic Tags   »  Federal Judge Demands Removal Of Ten Commandments In Alabama   »  Supreme Court To Rule On Library Pornography Law   »  New Missouri Senator Profiled in WORLD Magazine   »  Judge Dennis Shedd Wins Senate Confirmation Vote   »  Justice Department Posts Al Qaeda Training Manual   »  AmeriCorps Pledge Criticized   »  Tom Daschle Blasts Religious Right, Talk Radio   »  Faith-Based Initiative Defeated   »  Homeland Security Legislation Passed   »  Homosexual Activist Returns To Defense Department   »  Trans Gender Confusion Gets Boost From Compliant Liberal Media   »  DC Appeals Court Rules Against Homosexual Scouts   »  New House Majority Leader Is Friend Of Traditional Values   »  New Minority House Leader Has Radical Leftist Record   »  Senate Judiciary Committee Suddenly Wants To Vote On Judges!   »  Poll Shows Americans Favor Republicans On Terrorism/Security Issues   »  Bill Moyers Has A Conniption Over Republican Victories   »  Pornography Declared A ‘Human Right' For British Prisoners   »  Homosexual Sadist Kills Sex Partner   »  New Child Molestation Surfaces   »  Killing Christians: The Unreported Story Of Islamic Terrorism   »  Sextionary From Planned Parenthood Targets Teens   »  San Francisco Chronicle Pushes Transgender Agenda   »  Hate Crime Bill Pending In Pennsylvania Legislature!   »  Bill Moyers Has A Conniption Over Republican Victories   »  It Was A Great Election Day For Republican Party   »  Gay Marriage, Marijuana, Socialized Medicine Initiatives Defeated   »  Daschle Loses Power, Committee Chairs Return To Republicans   »  Anti-Porn Groups Challenge Corporate Sponsorship Of Pornography   »  TVC Challenges Physician's Group On Homosexual Adoption   »  American Christians Experiencing Doctrinal Confusion   »  Oral Sex Not Safe   »  CDC Says Syphilis On Rise-Blames Homosexuals/Bisexuals For Increase   »  Homosexual Child Molesters Face Charges   »  Communist Founder Of Homosexual Movement Dies At 90   »  AIDS ''Safe Sex'' Event Features Live Sex With Porn Star   »  North Carolina Paper Begins Printing Homosexual Union Notices   »  Atheist Boy Scout Fights Ouster In Seattle   »  New York Mayor Appoints Arab Lawyer Associated With Radical Group   »  Rev. Louis Sheldon Quoted In Wall Street Journal   »  Americans Favor Restrictions On Arab Immigration   »  More Facts Emerge About Muslim Sniper And Accomplice   »  WASHINGTON UPDATE   »  Open Letter On Homosexual Adoption To The American Academy Of Family Physicians   »  Does Sodomy Trump Free Speech In America?   »  WASHINGTON UPDATE   »  Muslim And Stepson Arrested In Beltway Sniper Case   »  It’s Voter Fraud Season Again!   »  Pornography Awareness Week: October 27-November 3, 2002   »  Family Physician Group Approves Homosexual Adoption   »  ’Love Won Out’ Conference Comes to Washington, DC Area   »  Transgenders At U of M At Amherst Want Co-Ed Restrooms   »  More Homosexual Child Molesters In The News   »  Christians Continue To Face Persecution In Muslim Lands   »  Californians Urged To Vote!   »  APA Changes Diagnosis Of Pedophilia   »  Kodak Employee Fired For Opposing Homosexuality   »  Jewish Commentator Defends Christians   »  TVC Legislative Wrap Up Report   »  Crucial California Election Alert!   »  It's Voter Fraud Season Again!   »  WASHINGTON UPDATE   »  AIDS Activist Calls For Accountability For Homosexual Groups   »  Legalized Gambling Harms Economy Says Expert   »  Singer Joni Mitchell Ashamed Of Music Business And MTV   »  TVC Urges No Vote On California Supreme Court Judge   »  Viacom Launches AIDS Awareness Campaign   »  Lesbian Babysitter Sentenced For Molesting Girl   »  New Jersey Education Association Dumps Abstinence Experts   »  Thomas More Law Center Wins Victory For Christian Club   »  TVC Movie Picks and Pans   »  Just Say No To Justice Kathryn Werdegar   »  House Votes To Protect Pledge Of Allegiance   »  Major Networks Ignore President Bush's Iraq Speech   »  HHS Makes Faith-Based Grants   »  Home School Children Receive Privacy Rights   »  Legislators Urge HHS To Stop Promoting Ineffective Spermicide   »  Senate Judiciary Committee Dumps Another Bush Nominee   »  Frank Lautenberg's Radical Record Revealed   »  Bush Pro-Life, Christian Appointee Under Attack   »  Sudan Peace Act Signed!   »  More Child Molesters Exposed   »  Miss America Wins Battle To Discuss Abstinence   »  Think Tank Publishes Facts On Homosexual Domestic Partnerships   »  Maryland City Bans Ten Commandments Banner In Parade   »  Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Faces ACLU-Instigated Trial   »  New Poll Indicates Support For Traditional Values   »  October 11 Is 'Coming Out' Day For Homosexual Activists   »  Congressmen Ask HHS To Investigate Nonoxynol-9   »  Congress Refuses To Free Churches From Lyndon Johnson Gag Order   »  Anti-Gambling Measure Passes; Religious Freedom Bill Defeated; Homosexual Bill P   »  House Calls On Senate To Pass Legislation   »  Welfare Reform Still Being Debated   »  President Sponsors Conference On Missing And Exploited Children   »  Unborn Babies Now Covered By Federal Insurance Program   »  Torricelli Resignation May Give Senate Back To Republicans   »  Amazon.com Continues Marketing Pedophile Book   »  Porn Email Spam Worsens   »  Catholic Priests Threatened Over Anti-Homosexual Stance   »  Stand For Israel Urges Day Of Prayer And Solidarity!   »  California Governor Vetoes Pro-Transgender Foster Care Bill   »  Former Pastor Gets 29 Years For Molesting Boys   »  You Bet, You Lose: The Social Costs Of Gambling   »  GOV. GRAY DAVIS SIGNS ABORTION & CLONING BILLS!!   »  Is Nothing Secular? -- The Separation Of Church And State Debate   »  Two Important Votes Next Tuesday   »  Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act Vote Coming   »  La Amistad Calls For Confirmation of Miguel Estrada   »  Sudan Cancels All Humanitarian Flights Into Country   »  New Democrats Analyze November Races   »  Senator Baucus Welfare Reform Bill Is A Fraud   »  Senator Harkin’s Leaks Transcript Of Opponent’s Strategy Meeting   »  Texas Senatorial Candidate Courts Sodomy Lobby   »  Bush Ratings Still High   »  Miss America Promotes Abstinence Education!   »  October is Clergy Appreciation Month; Oct. 27-Nov. 3 Is Porn Awareness Week   »  Lesbian Adult Poses As Boy To Seduce Teenage Girl   »  California Elementary School Teacher Caught Molesting Boys   »  French Hate Crime Law Used Against Man Who Said Islam Was ‘Stupid’   »  Rosie O’Donnell Severs Relationship With Her Magazine   »  Transgender Male Wins Right To Become Beautician   »  California Governor Signs Stem Cell Bill   »  Letter of Support for Internet Gambling Bill   »  Free The Daschle Fifty   »  Governor Signs Death Warrant For Pre-Born Children   »  Stop Playing Games: Confirm Miguel Estrada!   »  Senator Baucus's Welfare Reform Bill Undermines Gains Made Since 1996   »  House Majority Whip Calls On Senate Liberals To Get To Work   »  Judge Defends Military's Right To Ban Pornography   »  Liberal Senator Admits Democrats Playing Politics With Judicial Nominees   »  Social Conservatives Alarmed Over UNESCO Support   »  Help U.S. Attorneys Fight Internet Pornography!   »  Abstinence Education Funding Battle Looms   »  Big Brothers-Big Sisters Faces Homosexual Child Molester Threat   »  Canada May Soon Criminalize The Bible In Favor Of Sodomy   »  Catholic League Exposes Museum Of Sex Perversion   »  Sudan Prayer Vigil Needs Support   »  National Journal Reporter Analyzes November Elections   »  New Bible Translation Is Hit With Homosexual Activists   »  Conservative Churches Continue To Grow!   »  Pennsylvania Attorney General Orders Porn Blocking   »  California Sending Foster Children To Homosexual and Transsexual Homes   »  CALIFORNIA FOSTER PARENT PROGRAM IN JEOPARDY   »  Big Brothers Big Sisters:   »  Support The Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Act (H.R. 556)   »  California Legislative Action Alert   »  Planned Parenthood Action Alert   »  Big Brothers-Big Sisters Organization Faces Homosexual Child Molester Threat   »  Washington Post Condemns Senate Rejection Of Priscilla Owen   »  Bill Simon's Firm Cleared Of Fraud Accusations   »  President Bush Addresses Nation and United Nations   »  Mike McConnell Is Next Liberal Target For Vilification   »  Congressmen Urge Support For Abstinence Programs   »  ANDA Must Be Passed!   »  House To Vote On Education Tax Relief For Low-Income Families   »  TVC Supports The Equity In Education Act Of 2002   »  Congress Debates New Legislation To Fight Pornography   »  Pledge of Allegiance Legislation Proposed   »  U.S. Spends $3.6 Million To Send Federal Workers To AIDS Conference   »  Rev. Sheldon Joins In Call For Prayer & Introspection   »  Former Log Cabin Republican Leader Attacks Rev. Sheldon In LA Times   »  Media Ignores Homosexual Angle In Florida Murder Case   »  Pro-Family Movement Loses Vote in Florida   »  French Fed Up With Pornography On TV   »  Muslim Group’s Educational Campaign May Aid Extremists   »  Mom’s Concern Over Teen Pregnancy Carries Weight With Daughters   »  Alliance To Hold Prayer Vigil For Religious Freedom In Sudan   »  Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Embraces Homosexual Agenda   »  Population Research Institute Sues Over Norplant   »  Hollywood Producers War Against Catholics   »  Pray For the Children!   »  Muslim Group's Educational Campaign May Help Spread Islamist Extremism   »  National Unity Coalition for Israel Calls For Prayer   »  Senate Liberals Vote Down Priscilla Owen For Federal Bench   »  President Declares National Days Of Prayer And Remembrance   »  Pro-Homosexual Legislation Must Be Defeated   »  Abstinence Clearinghouse Needs More Signatures!   »  Pornography Awareness Week: October 27-November 3, 2002   »  Atheist Seeks To Abolish Chaplain Program In Government   »  Homosexual Radicals To Harass Voters In Florida   »  Federal Marriage Amendment Supported By Focus On The Family   »  Man Rapes And Kills Nun After Leaving Strip Show   »  CA Legislature Kills Bad Bill; Homosexual Foster Parenting Still A Threat   »  Bill Simon Disavows Homosexual Campaign Questionnaire   »  Churches And Local Governments Clash On Zoning Issue   »  California Home Schoolers Get Clarification On Parental Rights   »  National Days Of Prayer And Remembrance Proclamation   »  Muslim Extremists Hate Christians, Too   »  Boy Scout Leader Arrested; ‘Big Brothers’ Faces Potential Molestation Increases   »  Churches Lead Battle Against Sodomy In Florida   »  Airlines Continue Promoting Homosexual Agenda   »  Ex-Homosexuals Provide Resources For Healing   »  Montana ‘Hate Crime’ May Have Been Faked By Lesbian Professor   »  La Amistad Supports Hispanic Journalist Targeted By Homosexuals   »  Shock Jocks Fired For Encouraging Desecration of St. Patrick’s Cathedral   »  Pro-Life Group Urges Schools To Report Sexual Exploitation Of Girls   »  Read and Distribute TVC’s Homosexual Urban Legends   »  Congress Returns Next Week   »  America Will Pray And Remember 9-11 This Coming Weekend!   »  Bill Simon clarifies his pro-family position   »  La Amistad Supports Hispanic Media 100 Honoring Of Eladio Jose Armesto   »  TEN THINGS LESBIANS SHOULD DISCUSS WITH THEIR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS   »  TEN THINGS GAY MEN SHOULD DISCUSS WITH THEIR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS   »  HOMOSEXUAL & ABORTION BILLS MAKE IT TO GOVERNOR'S DESK!!!   »  Congressional Races Heat Up!   »  Stop AIDS Project Investigated   »  U.N. Treaty Must Be Defeated-Judges Must Be Confirmed!   »  Pennsylvania Supreme Court Okays Homosexual Second-Parent Adoptions   »  Marriage Helps Men Live Longer   »  National Education Association 'Blames America First'   »  Homosexuals Urge Scorched Earth Policy Against Pro-Family Groups   »  Bishops Choose Pedophile 'Expert' Who Hid Adult/Child Sex   »  New Jersey Supreme Court Hears Same-Sex Marriage Case   »  Liberal Activist Desecrates Prayer At Connecticut Democratic Convention   »  California Legislative Action Alert   »  Senate Must Protect National Sovereignty And Confirm Conservative Judges   »  Boston’s Cardinal Law Admits Keeping Known Child Molesters In Ministry   »  California School Forced By ACLU Suit To Stifle Free Speech   »  New York City Council Seeks To Recognize Same-Sex ‘Marriage’   »  New York City Council Seeks To Recognize Same-Sex ‘Marriage’   »  AIDS Group Under Investigation In San Francisco   »  DNC Chairman Lies About Bill Clinton’s Lies   »  TVC’s Andrea Lafferty Critiques Reality TV On Crossfire   »  Shaman Invited To Rid Town Hall Of ‘Bad Vibes’   »  Homosexuals Protest Orlando Miracle Basketball Exec.   »  DC Comics Pushes Regular Homosexual Character In ‘Green Lantern’   »  TVC Publishes New Homosexual Urban Legend On Web Site   »  San Francisco Health Department Sends The Wrong Message On Syphilis   »  San Francisco Shows Us How To Spread AIDS/STDs Among Homosexuals   »  President Bush Signs Born Alive Infants Protection Act   »  Tom Daschle Continues To Stall Legislation   »  Help Save The Pledge Of Allegiance!   »  Gay And Lesbian Medical Association Lists Homosexual Ailments   »  Pray For The Children Campaign Coming   »  Chicago School Refuses To Allow Boy To Wear High Heels   »  Pastor Wins Right To Hold Bible Study   »  Key Source In ‘Harmful To Minors’ Arrested For Child Porn   »  Prison Employees Win Bible Reading Case   »  Judge Says City Can’t Seize Church Property   »  Sexual Assault Against Animals Criminalized in Illinois   »  Lesbian Kills Son And Self Over Sperm Donor Visitation Rights   »  New British Archbishop-Designate Becomes A Druid   »  CA LEGISLATURE RETURNS, HELP STOP HOMOSEXUAL/ABORTION BILLS!   »  Illinois Lawmakers Criminalize Sexual Assault Against Animals   »  Two Liberal Senators Need To Hear From Their Constituents!   »  Texas Supreme Court Justice Owen Confirmation Hearing Delayed   »  Judge Brooks Smith Finally Confirmed   »  CEDAW Voted Out Of Senate Committee On July 30   »  New 'Born Gay" Homosexual Urban Legend Published By TVC   »  God Blesses Nations That Bless Israel   »  More Homosexual Child Molestations Revealed   »  Company Offers Microchips To Track Children   »  Prayers Credited For Miners' Rescue   »  Report Details Legal Liability Of Teaching Homosexuality To Children   »  Connecticut Bars Boy Scouts As Charity   »  ACLJ Sues Massachusetts School District Over Religious Discrimination   »  Sesame Street May Introduce HIV Muppet in U.S.   »  Homosexual Researchers Debunk ‘Born Gay’ Urban Legend   »  Transgender ''Female'' Biker Angers Canadian Women Athletes   »  Uganda Fights AIDS With Abstinence Programs   »  Conservatives Troubled Over Results of AIDS Conference   »  Rosie O'Donnell's Magazine Faces Hard Times   »  CDC Blocks Obscene Emails Describing Programs CDC Is Funding!   »  Senate Must Not Ratify U.N. Women's Convention!   »  National Endowment For the Arts Update   »  House Majority Leader Armey Lobbies For School Choice For Poor   »  House Considers Splitting Up 9th Circuit Court In San Francisco   »  Traditional Values Coalition Joins Fight For Pledge Of Allegiance   »  Priscilla Owen's Nomination Is Subverted By Liberal Senators   »  TVC Lauds Effort Of Congressman To Protect Pledge Of Allegiance!   »  9th Circuit Court 'Pledge Of Allegiance' Decision Denies America's Christian Roo   »  Vol. 5, Issue 29, July 19, 2002   »  Vol. 5, Issue 28, July 12, 2002   »  TVC Leader Andrea Lafferty Testifies Against NPR At Congressional Hearing   »  TVC Executive Director To Testify In Congress On NPR's Anthrax Smear Against TVC   »  This July 4th, Let's Remember We're Still One Nation Under God   »  Vol. 5, Issue 26, June 28, 2002   »  Outrageous Pledge Of Allegiance Decision Shows Need For Conservative Judges!   »  Spanier Administration Evangelizes For Deviant Sex At Penn State   »  Vol. 5, Issue 25, June 21, 2002   »  It's As Bad As We Thought!   »  Vol. 5, Issue 24, June 14, 2002   »  Martin Burnham 'Died Well' In Philippine Jungle   »  Senate Defeats Effort To Stop Debate On Homosexual 'Hate Crime' Bill   »  Senate Set To Cut Off Debate On Orwellian 'Hate Crime' Bill   »  Nickelodeon To Run Pro-Homosexual Show Without Corporate Sponsors!   »  Vol. 5, Issue 23, June 7, 2002   »  Nickelodeon Ignores Quarter Million Parents Protesting Pro-Homosexual Show!   »  Libraries Remain Red Light Districts Under New Court Ruling   »  Nickelodeon Caught In Lies--Network Will Air Pro-Homosexual Show In Mid-June   »  Vol. 5, Issue 22, May 31, 2002   »  New York Times Promotes Transgender Mental Disorder   »  SEX GROUP LAUNCHES PETITION DRIVE AGAINST HOTEL CHAINS   »  TRYING TO FIND A MODERATE MUSLIM MAY BE IMPOSSIBLE!   »  TEEN LURED TO DEATH IN INTERNET CHAT ROOM ROMANCE   »  PHILADELPHIA EMBRACES TRANSGENDERS   »  WORLDNETDAILY DETAILS PLANNED PARENTHOOD COVER UP   »  VITTER AMENDMENT MUST PASS!   »  WELFARE REFORM LEGISLATION PASSES   »  WHITE HOUSE FAITH-BASED INITIATIVE LEADER OUTLINES FUTURE   »  JUNE IS HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA MONTH!   »  Vol. 5, Issue 21, May 24, 2002   »  Exposing Homosexual Child Molesters   »  Regent University Law Review Analyzes The Marketing Of Homosexuality   »  HOMOSEXUAL PRIEST’S RECORDS MUST BE PUBLIC   »  TEACHER UNION FORCED TO RESPECT RELIGIOUS BELIEFS   »  HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVISM HEATS UP IN MASSACHUSETTS   »  BUSH ADMINISTRATION ISSUED NUMEROUS TERROR WARNINGS   »  COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN WORKS TO CONTINUE THE GAGGING OF CHURCHES AND PASTORS   »  TWO PRO-HOMOSEXUAL BILLS THREATEN RELIGIOUS FREEDOM   »  ALLIANCE FOR MARRIAGE PUSHES CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT   »  SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS SECTION OF ANTI-PORN LAW   »  SENATE JUDICIARY CONTINUES BLOCKING BUSH NOMINEES   »  Vol. 5, Issue 20, May 17, 2002   »  Remarks by the President at National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast   »  ANALYSIS OF EMPLOYMENT NON-DISCRIMINATION ACT (ENDA)   »  ANALYSIS OF EMPLOYMENT NON-DISCRIMINATION ACT   »  Vol. 5, Issue 19, May 10, 2002   »  To Senators Daschle And Leahy: Free The Bush Judges!   »  It's Time To Stop Blocking Miguel Estrada's Judicial Nomination!   »  Nickelodeon Must Not Promote The Homosexual Agenda!   »  'Stonewall' Patrick Leahy Has Created A Judicial Vacancy Crisis!   »  Vol. 5, Issue 18, May 3, 2002   »  Homosexual 'Catholics' Attempt To Spin Same-Sex Child Molester Scandal   »  Vol. 5, Issue 17, April 26, 2002   »  White House Denies Efforts To Redefine ''Family''   »  Bush Administration: Just Say NO To U.S. Funds For Yasser Arafat!   »  Vol. 5, Issue 16, April 19, 2002   »  Vol. 5, Issue 15, April 12, 2002   »  Homosexual ‘Day Of Silence’ Is Day Of Oppression For Critics Of Sodomy   »  Vol. 5, Issue 14, April 5, 2002   »  Hearing Impaired ‘Turkey Baster’ Baby Is Latest Victim Of Homosexual Agenda   »  Vol. 5, Issue 13, March 29, 2002   »  Catholic Church Must Face Its Homosexual Child Molester Problem   »  Protecting Your Child In An X-Rated World   »  Vol. 5, Issue 12, March 22, 2002   »  Resources on Same-Sex Parenting   »  HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVISTS TARGETING CHRISTIAN FOSTER FAMILIES & HOMES!!   »  ACLU And Rosie O’Donnell Seek To Condemn Children To Same-Sex Households   »  TVC Weekly News   »  Networks Push Homosexual Propaganda By Exploiting Death Of Matthew Shepard   »  Rosie O’Donnell Becomes Poster Child For Homosexual Adoptions   »  There's No Need To Kill Unborn Babies For Stem Cells   »  TVC Weekly News   »  Tom Daschle Plays Obstructionist Role On War, Economy, And Judges   »  Vol. 5, Issue 9, March 1, 2002   »  DELETED   »  Employment Non-Discrimination Act Threatens Freedom Of Speech, Religion   »  Vol. 5, Issue 8, February 22, 2002   »  Secretary Colin Powell Misspeaks On Condom Effectiveness   »  NEA And GLSEN Seek To Stifle Free Speech   »  Pediatrician Group Seduced By Homosexual Activists   »  Traditional Values Coalition Media Advisory   »  NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO IMPLICATES CHURCH COALITION   »  TVC Opposes Senator Clinton's Efforts To Transfer 9-11 Funds To Homosexual Sex P   »  DELETED   »  Facing The Truth About Homosexual Behavior   »  Homosexual Activists Seek To Overturn The Will Of The Voters In California   »  National Public Radio Smears Conservative Christians--Accuses TVC Of Mailing Ant   »  TVC Calls Upon Citizens To Encourage A National Day Of Repentance And Reconcilia   »  Wall Street + Foreign Oil = Genocide and Slavery!   »  Jesse: If You Go To Afghanistan, Please Stay There   »  TVC Helps Keep Sanctions Against Sudanese Government   »  The Church Must Go To War   »  No Tax Dollars To Unmarried Sex Partners!   »  Should 9-11 Funds Go To Widows And Orphans Or To NAMBLA And Terrorist Groups?   »  Have A Soft Drink, Fund A Jihad   »  Genocide of Sudanese Must End!   »  Liberal Bishops Blame America And Poverty For Terrorism   »  Homosexuals Exploit 9-11 Victim Funds To Redefine Marriage And Family   »  Human Life Must Be Sacred   »  Surgeon General's Report Filled With Contradictory Statements   »  TVC Encouraged By New Secretary Of Education   »  TVC Asks HHS Secretary Thompson To Release Lost Satcher Sex Report   »  TVC Hails Victory On Mexico City Prolife Vote   »  Let's End The Anti-Christian Bigotry Of The IRS   »  Support 'B.C.' Cartoonist Johnny Hart From Anti-Christian Bigotry   »  Republicans Vote To Against Funding Anti-Christian Bigotry   »  Homosexual Activists Ignore The Poor To Push Their Agenda And Gut The Faith-Base   »  Media Advisory   »  Good News Club Decision Is a Win for Religious Freedom   »  Let's End The Democrat's Anti-Christian Bigotry   »  TVC Calls Upon Democrat Front Group To Stop Attacking Free Speech   »  Anti-Christian Bigotry Targets Cartoonist   »  E-Bay Drops Anti-Catholic Condom Product   »  Democrats Vote To Continue Funding Anti-Christian Bigotry   »  Congress Must Vote Down Anti-Christian Law   »  Homosexual Hit List Targets Leaders For Death   »  Democrat Front Group Stifles Christian Free Speech   »  Professor Wins Lawsuit For Christians and Free Speech   »  Crane Bill Would Create 'Bright-Line' Between Religion and Political Action   »  The Anti-God American Civil Liberties Union Wages Jihad Against God and Children   »  O Little Town Of Bethlehem How Desolate We See Thee Lie   »  Snide Pundit Apparently Seeks 'McWar' Campaign In Afghanistan   »  Thank God For Religious Freedom This Thanksgiving Day!   »  Library Association Board Member Supports Pornography Access for Children   »  The Centerfold Syndrome Threatens Women   »  TVC Urges President Bush To Withdraw SEC Pick   »  New '211' Phone Referral System Needs 'Diversity' in its Selections   »  Victims of Pornography Describe Trauma of Sex Abuse   »  Library Association Board Member Supports Pornography Access for Children   »  Did Our Founding Fathers Fight For Homosexuality and Anti-Christian Bigotry?   »  Pro-Family Virginians Have A Clear Choice: Mark Earley For Governor   »  Why Have Senate Democrats Slammed The Door In God's Face?   »  Rev. Louis Sheldon Responds To Barney Frank/Tammy Baldwin Attack   »  Traditional Values Coalition Urges Defeat of Paul Cellucci Nomination   »  Straighten Out McCollum's Pandering to Gays   »  Congress: Investigate Rep. Maxine Waters And Janet Reno for Obstructing Justice   »  Lieberman Granted Honorary Status As Evangelical Christian   »  Lieberman Discards 'Conscience' To Embrace Racial Quotas   »  Traditional Values Coalition Applauds Jewish Court's Excommunication of US Senat   »  Jesse Jackson's Intemperance May Spark Street Riots   »  Gephardt and TV Stations Kill Federer Ad Ad Spelled Out Gephardt's Homosexual Co   »  Gore Should Reject Adult Film Endorsement And Oust Elton John From Democratic Fu   »  Congressman Phil Crane Is The Best Man For Chair Of Ways and Means Committee   »  ChristiansVote.com Encourages Responsible Citizenship   »  Senator Daschle Supports Homosexual Partnerships And Needles For Drug Addicts   »  Senator Daschle Pushes Homosexual Agenda Betrays South Dakota Values   »  White House Staff Accesses Bestiality, Homosexual, and Teen Sex Sites   »  'Tis The Season For Voter Fraud   »  United Nations Undermines Family, Religion, And Sovereignty   »  Christians Calling for Prayer and Action For Bush/Gore Election   »  Jesse Jackson's Intemperance May Spark Street Riots   »  Humpty Dumpty Teaches Us About Postmodern Politics   »  President Bush's Education Reform Bill Hijacked by Ted Kennedy and George Miller   »  Harvey Pitt Is Bad Choice For SEC Chairmanship   »  What the Gore Victory Means for Traditional Values   »  Pornography: Business As Usual In Clinton/Gore Administration   »  What if the NFL Played By Al Gore's Rules?   »  Does Gore Support Boy Scouts Or Sodomy and Crossdressers?   »  Why is Dick Gephardt Trying To Hide His Promises to Homosexuals?   »  Chicago-Style Politicking Ruins the Electoral Process   »  Congressman Phil Crane Is The Best Man For Chair Of Ways and Means Committee   »  Musings On Puppies, Unborn Babies, And Unequal Justice In Connecticut   »  Bush Faith-Based Initiative Endorsed By Civil Rights Leader And Mayor's Conferen   »  There He Goes Again-- More Lies from Al Gore!   »  Lot 47 Films' 'L.I.E.' Is A NAMBLA Infomercial   »  Justice Served In Jesse Dirkhising Murder Case   »  Hillary Clinton and Democrats Have a Growing Pedophile Problem   »  TVC to Dick Gephardt: Choose Between NAMBLA and the ACLU Or The Boy Scouts   »  New Study Says 95% Of Sexually-Abused Boys Are Molested By Homosexuals   »  Rethinking Child Molestation: The PTA Faces A Moral Dilemma   »  Pedophilia: The Next Civil Right?   »  'L.I.E.' Is Infomercial For North American Man-Boy Love Association   »  Jesse Dirkhising's Death Is Example of Media Double Standard   »  Homosexual Bill Threatens Free Speech and Religion   »  Fox TV Seeks To Lead Singles Into Temptation   »  Ex-Porn Film Screenwriter Roger Ebert Pans Christian Movie Review Site   »  Here We Go Again: More Homosexual Propaganda From PBS   »  New York Times Misinformation On Boy Scouts Is Warning to News Media   »  Religious News Media Vital to Free Speech and Freedom of Religion   »  DELETED   »  Good Versus Evil Clearly Portrayed in 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy   »  'Left Behind' Film Encourages Spiritual Quest   »  Is Harry Potter A Harmless Fantasy Or Wicca Training Program?   »  Media Watchdog Helps Parents Evaluate Films for Children   »  Supreme Court Rejects ACLU Attack On Minute Of Silence!   »  Democrats Contribute To National Security Problems As They Continue to Block Bus   »  Senate Liberals Plan Attack on Bush Judicial Nominees   »  Why Are Liberal Senators Opposing An Hispanic For Federal Bench?   »  The Activist Supreme Court Does It Again!   »  TVC Applauds Ministry's ''Coming Out of Homosexuality Day''   »  Ecumenical Coalition Protests 'Religious Profiling' of John Ashcroft   »  Senate Must Reject Racism And Anti-Christian Bigotry Against John Ashcroft   »  Senators Joe Biden/Kennedy Play the 'Race' Card In Ashcroft's Confirmation Heari   »  TVC Distributes James Hormel Sex Coloring Book To Freshmen Senators   »  Senators Attack Ashcroft On James Hormel Nomination   »  TVC Condemns Senator Kennedy's Filibuster Threat of Ashcroft Nomination   »  John Ashcroft Is Target Of Liberal Lie Machine   »  Ashcroft's Confirmation Hearing Reveals Liberal Senators' Deep Anti-Religious Bi   »  'Women for Justice' Support Ashcroft's Nomination   »  Ashcroft Nomination Under Attack By Homosexuals, Abortionists, and Anti-Christia   »  Senate Liberals Target Bush Judges   »  Justice O'Connor's Eventual Retirement Will Lead To A New 'Borking'   »  Federal Judge Says 'No' To Christian Ad Campaign   »  Here We Go Again: The Borking Of John Ashcroft   »  Senator Ashcroft Should Be Applauded For Opposing James Hormel As Ambassador   »  Senate Must Rebuke Extremist Opposition To Ashcroft And Bush   »  George Orwell Would Be Proud Of The Senate Thought Police   »  Senator Daschle Must Remove 'Leaky Leahy' From Judiciary Committee   »  TVC Condemns Senator Kennedy For Hypocritical Vote On Hate Crimes Legislation   »  TVC Applauds Effort To Introduce 28th Constitutional Amendment   »  Homosexuals Push Their Agenda As America Goes To War   »  Home Depot: Free Your Company From The Homosexual Agenda!   »  TVC Applauds Federal Judge Decision Upholding Homosexual Adoption Ban   »  Presbyterians Vote Against God's Moral Laws   »  TVC Issues Special Report On Homosexual Recruitment of School Children   »  TVC Releases New Report on Homosexual Propaganda Campaign   »  Homosexual Quotas Alive and Well at Democratic Convention   »  Gays first, America Last   »  Noted Psychiatrist Says Homosexuals Can Change!   »  Anne Heche Joins Thousands Turning from Homosexuality   »  Homosexual Hit List Targets Leaders For Death   »  Transgenders Work to Overturn Biology   »  The 'god' Of Tolerance Violates God's Laws   »  Let's End Taxpayer Supported Homosexual Recruitment Programs In Public Schools   »  San Francisco's Sex Change Plan Signals 'Coming Out' for Transgenders   »  Transgenders Will Foment Cultural Chaos   »  Sexual Disorientation   »  Pennsylvania Governor Ridge Should Remove University President   »  NOW Has Found A New Group To Exploit For Political Purposes: Hermaphrodites   »  When Your Sermon Becomes a Hate Crime   »  Yahoo! 'Porn Club' Targets Christian Retailer   »  Homosexual Teacher Group Targets Kindergartners   »  President Bush Must Restore Ban on Gays in Military   »  June Was Gay Shame Month   »  Harvard Homosexual Leader Urges Followers To Lie When Donating Blood   »  Voters Slow Down Homosexual Agenda Nationwide   »  Born Gay? - Not So Fast Say Homosexual Researchers!   »  Homosexual Activists Fight Against Free Speech and Religion   »  New Jersey Lawmaker Should Be Commended For Opposing Homosexual Adoptions   »  Homosexuals Plan 'FistFest' At California Sex Club   »  Don't Believe the Liberal Media See Dr. Laura for Yourself   »  Hillary Clinton Booed By New York Heroes But Applauded By Homosexuals   »  Dr. James Dobson Urges Parents To Fight Against Homosexuals   »  TVC Applauds Ministry's 'National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day'   »  The China Incident and Paul Cellucci: Lessons in Blame-shifting   »  Mass. Gov. Paul Cellucci Should Be Rejected as Ambassador Pick   »  Homosexual Activists Seek To Overturn The Will Of The Voters In California   »  Homosexuals Exploit 9-11 Victim Funds To Redefine Marriage And Family   »  Homosexual Group Misstates Facts On Alleged 'Eruption' Of Hate Crimes   »  New Hate Crime Report Exposes Homosexual Special Rights Agenda   »  TVC Publishes Report On Homosexuals and the Manipulation of Language   »  Moderate Republicans and Pro-Homosexual Liberals Pass Kennedy 'Hate Crimes' Amen   »  TVC Issues Special Report On Hate Crime Laws   »  The Thought Police Are Back: Kennedy/Frank Push Hate Crimes Bill   »  Call to Condemn the Irresponsible Comments of Rev. Jackson   »  Congress Must Vote Down Anti-Christian Law   »  Senators Are Blind To Dangers In Tom Daschle's Hate Crime Bill   »  Hate Crime Law Creates 'Animal Farm' Justice System   »  MTV Misses Opportunity To Document World-Wide Hate   »  Here We Go Again: More Lies From Homosexual Activists   »  New FBI Hate Crime Statistics Expose Homosexual Lies   »  Gallaudet Murders Shed Light On Injustice Of Hate Crime Laws   »  Fake Hate Crime Charges Cast Doubt On Need For Federal Legislation   »  Homosexual Brown Shirts Target Christian Students for Violence and Intolerance   »  Homosexual Orwellian Newspeak   »  The Devil's In The Details Of Daschle's Hate Crime Bill   »  Anti-Christian Bigots Attack Bush   »  A Modest Proposal For a Bush Moral Agenda   »  NEA Drops Anti-Christian Resolution After TVC Protest   »  TVC Urges Congress To Support Educational Choice Amendment to H.R. 1   »  Kansas Evolutionists Reassert Control Over Education   »  TVC Supports President's ''Lessons Of Liberty'' Campaign For The Military   »  TVC Enlists Churches To Help Navy Recruit Chaplains   »  For Americans, Christmas Should Be A Time Of Prayer And Thanksgiving   »  Senate Vote on Boy Scouts Faces Sabotage in Committee   »  Congress Must Defend the Boy Scouts   »  First, They Came For The Boy Scouts -- Churches May Be Next   »  Corporate America Must Choose: Sodomy or the Boy Scouts   »  Clinton/Gore Administration Launches Full-Scale Assault Against Boy Scouts   »  New York City: Don't Destroy Scouting   »  We'll Remember This Outrage in November Says TVC   »  Traditional Values Coalition Hails Victory For Boy Scouts in Florida   »  New '211' Phone Referral System Needs 'Diversity' in its Selections   »  New York Times Misinformation On Boy Scouts Is Warning to News Media   »  Here We Go Again: More Lies From Homosexual Activists   »  The Boy Scouts ''Discriminates'' Against Potential Child Molesters   »  New York Educators: Stand Up to Homo-Fascism   »  Congress Fails To Support Marriage And Boy Scouts   »  A Time To Choose: Sodomy Or The Boy Scouts   »  Boy Scouts Target Of Homosexual Child Molesters   »  Attack Against Boy Scouts is An Assault Against Freedom   »  CDC Must Stop Funding Homosexual Agenda To Focus on Bioterrorism   »  TVC Leader Troubled By Homosexual Activists Recruited by Bush Administration   »  Federal AIDS Funding Fuels AIDS Epidemic   »  Let's Sue the Sex Lobby for Lack of Full Disclosure Over Condom Safety   »  Get Ready for a Teen AIDS Epidemic   »  CDC Condom Report Is Good News For Abstinence Education   »  Do We Fight AIDS By Spreading It?   »  'AIDS Education' Has Failed: HIV Infections Are On The Rise Again   »  The Church Must Go To War   »  New Study Says 95% Of Sexually-Abused Boys Are Molested By Homosexuals   »  TVC Enlists Churches To Help Navy Recruit Chaplains   »  TVC Condemns PBS For Tax-Payer Funded Attack Against Boy Scouts   »  Anne Heche Joins Thousands Turning from Homosexuality   »  AIDS Funding Investigation Is Long Overdue   »  The Church Must Go To War   »  The Anti-God American Civil Liberties Union Wages Jihad Against God And Children    

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Traditional Values Coalition is an inter-denominational
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