Józef Piłsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw

Józef Piłsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw The Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw named after Józef Piłsudski is the largest physical culture academic institution in Poland, and one of the biggest in Europe.

Name in Polish: Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego Józefa Piłsudskiego w Warszawie
Foundation date: 1929
Address: Marymoncka 34; 00-968 Warszawa 45
Tel: (48 22) 865 10 80  
Fax: (48 22) 865 10 80
E-mail: rektor@awf.edu.pl 
Website: http://www.awf.edu.pl/

The Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw named after Józef Piłsudski is the largest physical culture academic institution in Poland, and one of the biggest in Europe. It educates teachers of physical education, coaches and specialists in physiotherapy, recreation and tourism; it is the centre of scientific research in the fields of physical culture, as well as the centre of sport. It plays an important role in the promotion of physical culture.

The Academy of Physical Education – recognised today as a university of physical culture – was founded in 1929, upon the initiative of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, initially as a Central  Institute of Physical Education (CIWF), a vocational school. In 1938 the CIWF was transformed  into an academic establishment – the Academy of Physical Education named after Józef Piłsudski.

The Academy of Physical Education, reconstructed after Second World War destruction, resumed its activities in 1946 and started to develop very dynamically. In the academic year of 1952/53 extra-mural courses were created, and a year later four-year M.A. diploma courses were introduced.

Since 1959, the Academy has had the authority to grant doctor’s degree, and since 1966 it has been authorized to grant the title of an associate professor in the field of physical culture sciences. In 1970 the Division of the Academy in Biała Podlaska was established. In 1984 the Rehabilitation Faculty was founded.

At present, Academy of Physical Education offers three faculties: Physical Education Faculty in Warsaw, Faculty of Physical Education in Biała Podlaska (ZWWF)  and a Faculty of Physiotherapy in Warsaw.

Governance and administration of institution:

  • Rector: Prof. Adrzej Wit
  • Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations: Prof. Roman M. Kalina
  • Vice-Rector for Education: Prof. Tadeusz Maszczak
  • Vice-Rector for the External Education: Prof. Jerzy Sadowski
  • Vice-Rector for Promotion and Sports: Prof. Krzysztof Klukowski
  • Director of Administration: Bogusław Wojciechowski, B.Sc.

Professors - 45, including full professors - 17
Habilitated doctors - 1
Senior lecturers - 152
Teachers (total) - 250 
Total staff - 606

Levels of study offered by institution:
Shorter/intermediate university level qualification
First main university level final qualification
Advanced/postgraduate study

Diplomas and degrees:
Bachelor (B.A.) – physical education; tourism and leisure
Physiotherapist (B.Sc.)
Master of Science in Physical Education (M.Sc.)
Master of Science in Rehabilitation (M.Sc.)
Master of Science in Tourism and Recreation (M.Sc.)
Doctor of Science in Physical Education (Ph.D.)

International cooperation:

  • John Moores University (School of Health and Human Sciences) in Liverpool – United Kingdom
  • Katholieke Universiteit (Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy) in Leuven – Belgium
  • Semmelweis University (Faculty of Physicale Education and Sport Sciences) in Budapest – Hungary
  • German Sport University in Cologne – Germany
  • Palacky University (Faculty of Physical Culture) in Olomouc – Czech Republic
  • Ukrainian University of Physical Culture and Sport in Kiev – Ukraine
  • University of Zagreb (Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences) – Croatia
  • Russian State Academy of Physical Culture, Moscow – Russia
  • Faculty of Sport and Health Sciencis University of Jyvaskyla – Finland
  • Faculty of Human Movement at the Technical University of Lisbon – Portugal

Number of students:  5 584

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